Oral B S-320 Sonic Complete Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

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Product Description

Includes: 2 CrissCross heads, charger base (with space for 4 toothbrush heads, wall mount w/ screws,&travel case.Braun Oral B Sonic Complete -This electronic toothbrush uses sonic technology to clean your teeth better than manual brushing. In addition to cleaning, the Sonic Complete can massage and treat your gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Giving you a complete oral hygiene solution in one handy device!

Get ready for a new level of clean with the Oral B Sonic Complete toothbrush system. Sonic Complete is the first sonic toothbrush from Oral-B that is specifically designed to offer you complete mouth care. Key benefits include effective plaque removal to help prevent tooth decay, plus promotion of firmer, healthier gums. The toothbrush also removes harmful, odor-causing bacteria from your tongue.

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With the Sonic Complete toothbrush, you can choose from three brushing modes for a customized clean. Using sonic technology, you can effectively remove plaque, gently stimulate your gums and naturally whiten your teeth.

Oral B has the clinical proof to back up their claims about the power of the Sonic Complete system. According to clinical studies, use the toothbrush twice daily to:

  • Help improve the health of your teeth and gums
  • Effectively remove plaque without irritating gums
  • Reverse gingivitis for firmer, healthier gums
  • Whiten your teeth 25 percent better than Sonicare Elite by removing more coffee, tea, and tobacco stains
The Sonic Complete S-320 system has a number of great features that make it a powerful solution for oral health. First, multiple brushing modes-- clean, soft and massage-- offer you a customized clean that targets the needs of your entire mouth. Next, two types of bristles help provide maximum cleaning power. The "CrissCross" bristles are angled to reach deep and clean between teeth, while "Power Tip" bristles are longer to reach more difficult spots. There's also a professional timer that indicates when the recommended two-minute brushing time has been reached. The timer signals every 30 seconds, encouraging a complete cleaning of the four quadrants of your mouth. The Sonic Complete toothbrush also features great battery life from its internal rechargeable battery-- up to two weeks under normal, twice-daily use. Lastly, the toothbrush is compatible with Sonic Complete brushhead refills.

The Sonic Complete S-320 comes with the following items:

  • Two Oral-B Sonic Complete brushheads
  • Charger stand with refill storage
  • Deluxe travel case
  • Three modes offer consumers unmatched versatility: Clean mode - Side to side vibrational movements offer superior tooth/gumline cleaning! Soft mode - Reduced speed vibrational movements for cleaning sensitive teeth, gum tissue and tongue.
  • Advance Brush Head Technology include the following key features: Power Tip Bristles - longer bristles for hard to reach areas, CrissCross Bristles - angled bristles to reach deep and clean between teeth & Indicator Bristles
  • Two-minute professional timer to ensure thorough brushing with thirty-second pacer to encourage complete mouth coverage.
  • Charger stand and refill storage tower with deluxe travel case included.
  • Lasts up to two weeks when used two minutes twice a day

Customer Reviews:

  • a good clean!
    works great! love the different levels-WAYYYYY BETTER than the newest Oral-B (the "Ultimate" i think it's called) which is retail price 140.00. ...more info
  • Great product
    This is a great tootbrush with good controls. I highly recommend it and my dentist thinks it's a good idea to use....more info
  • Great Investment in yourself
    I recently received this and I love it. I had a power toothbrush that was inferior to this one, and I shopped reviews to find one that I know would not disappoint me. This one fits the bill. First, it's nice to look at. It is sleek and fits in a corner of the bath counter top. It comes with it's own carry case so I can take it on road trips with me; it holds a charge for a couple of weeks so I don't need to drag the charger every where I go. Now, the good stuff. It feels so good ! I am a "brusher". This makes me a better brusher. It has a timer for the 4x quads at 30x seconds each...and then has a timer when the full 2x minute recommended brushing time is done. I like going over, I am a brusher ! And it cleans stains you didn't know you had ! This combined with my water pik and I think I have a good handle on my almost 50y pearly whites. It even helps with periodontic issues that we seem to get with age. My dentist is impressed ! I would recommend everyone to try it. If you want a great brush with great results, try it. Oh, bonus: It comes with a $10 mail in rebate..so I get this for next to nothing (compared to the costs of other power brushes of this quality). ...more info
  • Great Product
    This is my 2nd since my last one kicked the bucket after 5 years. Love it....more info
  • Poor Reliability
    This sonic toothbrush gave us very poor reliability and service life. It barely made it through the warrantly period. We had problems with the on/off switch not working after using it for a couple of months. Barely 2 years and it stopped working. My hygentist also told me my tartar build up has been much worse since I changed to to the sonic.

    Our much cheaper Oral-B 3D is still going after 5 years of hard use and cleaned my teeth better. No more sonics for us....more info
  • Died after 1.5 yrs
    It's a great product while it will last. After 1.5 years the thing died. I guess I will not be getting this brand again....more info
  • Excellent product
    This is the best toothbrush we have ever owned. Highly recommned. It cleans your teeth and has a massage setting for your gums. We love it!!...more info
  • Highly Recommended
    What convinced me to buy this toothbrush was the great price I found only here at Amazon.com, and also the other high user recommendations. Now that I've had mine for a few weeks I can join the chorus and tell you that this toothbrush will leave your teeth and tongue spotless, with that smooth-teeth feeling that only normally comes after a dentist visit. You won't be sorry with this toothbrush!...more info
  • Dental Appointment went great!
    Short story: Feb 2006 - Dental Cleaning. Jun 2006 - Got this brush. Dec 2006 - Dental Cleaning 4 months late. My hygenist asked if I had changed to a sonic brush. I said I had. She was so impressed with my snags that I bought this same brush for my sister. She loves it already. The extended battery life is awesome....more info
  • Oral B Sonic Care Compleat
    The oral B Sonic Care Complete is a great toothbrush. My teeth feel like I came from the dentist getting a professional clean every time I use it. I have not used the Philips Sonicare, but I do believe that I would not like it as well....more info
  • Short battery life
    I liked this product but the battery only lasted a year. Now it won't hold a charge and I have to buy a new one. Disappointing considering the price. ...more info
  • Best Toothbrush I have ever use !!! Period !!!
    Best Toothbrush I have ever use !!! Period !!!...more info
  • Bad dentist appointment
    So I am 26 years old and up until I bought this toothbrush I had never had any cavaties in my entire life. Well after about 6 mos of using this toothbrush I went to my first dentist appt. I always get complimented on my teeth cleaning and the dentist always says that I am a model patient and he enjoys seeing someone who cares about their teeth so much. Well last week I went in and as soon as the hygienist looked into my mouth she started in on me. She said that there was serious build-up and wanted to know if I smoked!! I do not. Then she had to spend quite a while scraping my teeth . She did say that my gums looked healthy, but that was the only positive thing. Then the dentist came in and found my very first cavity!!! I was shocked! He said it was a little one, but I was still very upset. Then to top it all off they recomended that I try an electric toothbrush!! Hello! SO You are probably wondering why I still gave this product 3 stars. Well the reason is because I have to be fair. I do like the toothbrush. I like how it has the three different settings and the little warning signals that let you know when it's time to stop or channge sides of you mouth. I also have to say that my teeth always felt much cleaner than when I used the manual toothbrush. I really don't understand why I had the worst dentist appt. of my life after using it. It could be that I wasn't pressing on my teeth hard enough with the brush head. The vibrations kind of fool you into thinking you are pushing harder than you you really are. So the whole problem could be my fault. So I am not giving up on this toothbrush. I will brush a bit harder and see what my next appt. brings. It quite possibly could have just been user error....more info
  • Excellent toothbrush!
    I have been very pleased with this product. This is my second purchase after the rechargeable battery finally died after 5 years. I have owned others promoted by my former dentist that were much more expensive, didn't work nearly as well, and lasted only slightly longer than their warranty.
    Quality and function are superb and is a great value. ...more info
  • It has a life of it's own
    This toothbrust turns itself on randomly. I purchased it 10/7/05. Sometimes, not for weeks, and then other times intermittently it turns itself on. I've found it on the floor with the battery dischanged. I've had to get out of bed multiple times in the middle of the night to turn it off. One night last week, I ended up groggily bringing into bed so I could shut it off whenever it turned itself on. My mother-in-law said she had the same problem with hers.

    I emailed Oral B - no response. I've checked to see if there were recalls but I haven't found any. I'm going to telephone 800-566-7252 to ask for a replacement even though it was bought many years ago. This should not be happening. ...more info
  • my second one
    had one for several years and when it died i got the same one. love it...more info
  • Happy teeth
    Our teeth are feeling very clean and gums very tingly. Love the massage and tongue cleaning speed features. Two problems: [1]If you do not hold the main handle correctly [lower than I feel comfortable with], you inadvertently turn the action off by pushing the control button [2] Somehow the flip to cover over the brush head storage compartment came off and I had to reassemble the plastic post, spring, and push the cover back onto the compartment....more info
  • Great Toothbrush but the 30 sec timer can be annoying.
    It's a great electric toothbrush, comes with a hard case for travel. I keep it on the charger all the time and have no worries when going on a week trip, I just bring the toothbrush, no charger necessary.

    I like the smaller head, allows great access to every nook and cranny in your mouth. I like the criss-cross design of the bristles.

    There are different modes to choose from, but I almost always just use the first (normal brush) one - I don't have any need for the softer/massaging modes, but it's nice that it's there.

    There is a 30 second and 2 minute timer on it. So as it's vibrating along, after 30 seconds, the vibrations pulse a few times to let you know that 30 seconds are up - then the steady vibration continues. After 2 minutes, there is another set of break in vibrations to let you know that 2 minutes are up. Although it's kind of a nice feature to let you know how much time has elapsed and make sure you brush in all quadrants of your mouth - I wish I could just turn this feature off. Reason is, every time there's an interruption in the steady vibrating brush, I pause and wait until the pulses pass and it goes steady again. This breaks my whole momentum and is slightly annoying.

    Other than that one minor issue, this toothbrush has not failed me in any other way. I recommend it....more info
  • 3+ years and still going!
    I have had this toothbrush for 3+ years and it still works great! It holds a great charge (gets me through weekend trips with no problems). My teeth always feel clean after I use it. The only down side is that it is getting a little harder nowadays to find replacement heads for it. I have had good success online finding them though. ...more info
  • Great Braun Product
    I have owned this product for about a year now. Best electric toothbrush I have ever owned! My dentist thought I started flossing! (did I really admit that?)

    Battery lasts about two weeks on a charge. Travel kit holds 2 brushes and base....more info
  • I love it
    I tried all kinds of electric tooth brushes, and this by far is the best.
    The three speeds is a real winner....more info
  • Recommended by my dentist
    I was using another Oral B power toothbrush (that comes with 3 or 4 different brush styles) until my dentist highly recommended the sonic by Oral B. Teeth feel cleaner, and by brushing properly, it improves gum health too. Get the advice from your dentist; here's what mine recommends: angle it against the gums and the little bubbles created by the sonic action will shoot up into the gums and ferret out more bacteria which is, of course, a good thing....more info
  • The Best Sonic Toothbrush
    My husband and I used the Sonicare Toothbrush for years. However, keeping the brush heads clean was a major problem. They need to be taken apart to do so.

    When Braun introduced its "sonic" version we bought one and are very pleased with the major difference that made us unhappy with the Sonicare... the brush head tip is sealed making cleanliness so very much easier with the Braun Sonic.

    The Braun does a great job and we love it!

    I would recommend the Braun Sonic without hesitation!...more info
  • Great for your gums & easy to use
    Purchased 2 in May 07 and our family loves them. Takes a few days to get use to but after that you ask yourself why didn't I do this sooner? Getting the area where the teeth meet the gum clean is easy and healthy (especially for those that suffer from gum problems -- like I do). I am brushing more often than I have ever done because it is that simple and comfortable. Takes some getting use to as I stated and forgetting to turn it on/off while in your mouth will make way for a light mist (the sonic vibration does not allow for liquid to remain still on the brush). After the first week of use by my sons (who are terrible at brushing) I knew a great choice had been made. I'm seeing an improvement in their gums already. Only complaint I have is that I would have liked to see tapering at the tip, I find it a little difficult to get to the back of my mouth where the molars end; but then again it may just take me a little more time to get the hang of that. The ease of holding the toothbrush and letting it do the work makes it a great item for children. Just be careful where you decide to place the charger, we are not keeping ours in the bathroom. ...more info
  • the best toothbrush in the world!
    My dentist says he's "very impressed" with my dental hygene. I mean, I brush, floss and rinse 3 times a day (at work is with a manual), but I really think this toothbrush has made all the difference. It's amazing how much cleaner your teeth will feel. Ditch the manual (but use one at work after lunch!) and get a Sonic Complete! There's even a setting to brush your tounge and gums!

    I LOVE IT!...more info
  • Good, but dies after 10 months
    Everything needs to be said had been said. Good brush, but it completely died on me after 10 months of normal usage.

    10 months for a electronic is not really an acceptable amount of usage. Maybe Sonics just expected everyone to get a new one every 6 months like an ipod....more info
  • Sonic is the best I've used
    I've tried other brands, but for the best cleaning action the Sonic is far superior. It's worth the extra money. ...more info
  • Braun toothbrush
    This is a great and versitle toothbrush, with three settings. My only hang up is that when it is recharging, it blinks a strong light-I woke up and thought there was a police car in the house. Easily solved by closing the bathroom door!...more info
  • Nice product
    This electric tooth brush is a terrific product. I cannot imagine ever using anything else....more info
  • Fantastic toothbrush
    This is a great electric toothbrush, especially for the price. Cleans extremely well, quiet, holds it's charge for a very long time, and comes with a wonderful travel case. Highly recommended to anyone considering getting an electric unit....more info
  • oralb sonic care
    Great product, for teeth cleaning. noticeable difference at the dentist in plaque reduction. Will never go back to regular brushing...more info
  • oral B S-320 sonic complete rechargeable toothbrush
    This is a great toothbrush, easy to use....more info
  • Very good but so long for delivery
    Very good price
    good product, effcient
    but by USpostal then PostCanada, 3 weeks......

    ...more info
  • Toothbrush so great, I've given 5 others as gifts!
    My dental hygenist recommended the Oral-B Sonicare Complete 320 over two years ago. I was so impressed with how well it cleaned my teeth, that I gave the same unit to 5 other people. All have been extremely pleased with their gifts, especially since it has helped their oral hygiene. When I keep my toothbrush continually charged, it has never failed to do a great job! ...more info
  • Great Toothbrush
    My husband and I really like this tooth brush. It makes our teeth feel clean and it helps to focus on all the teeth! The shipping process was complicated because I have an APO address. I had to have the product shipped to someone in the states and they had to send it to me. ...more info
  • review

    This tootbruth is great. Cleans extremely well, and was recommended by my dentist b/c he felt the "sonic" would be gentler on my gums....more info
  • Great toothbrush for a year or so
    I've been using this toothbrush for 3-4 years. I absolutely love this brush. But the truth is, in 3 to 4 years that I've used it, I had to replace it 3 times.

    It just stops working properly after about 12 months. I called the company each time it broke, and they offered to send me a free replacement in exchange of my broken toothbrush. Yesterday my toothbrush stopped working again. I guess I will be calling OralB tomorrow.
    ...more info
  • Really holds a charge
    I've been using this for 2 weeks, twice a day, and it's still holding the charge I gave it when it first arrived. By the way, instructions say it is fully charged out of the box but mine wasn't so don't worry it's not broken! It also definitely encourages you to brush for the full 2 minutes with the 30-second reminders. It's much better than the battery-operated brushes I had gotten as a step-up from standards brushes, and I'm never going back. ...more info
  • Worked great, while it worked
    Bought this in October, 2005. Really liked the cleaning action and appreciated the "buzzer" feature telling you when to switch sections of your mouth. Up until about a week ago (late May, 2006) I would have given it a four, possibly a five, star rating. Then, the switch just stopped working. It will either not turn on the brush or will turn it on for a few seconds and then it will go off.

    I'm sorry, but when I pay nearly a $100.00 (inc. shipping) for something, I actually expect it to last more than seven months.

    Not recommended.

    Now I have to buy a replacement and am stuck with the three extra heads I so foolishly purchased, thinking it would last that long.

    Its predecessor, a plain old Braun Oral B, lasted me over five years. Will NOT be replacing it with a Braun product, for sure....more info
  • Recently switched to Oral B Sonic Complete from Sonicare
    I had two Sonicare Elite 7300 toothbrushes over the last 4 years. Sonicare works great and cleans your teeth well. It is a bit bulky, noisy and vibrates a lot but you get used to that. If you don't remove the brush head from the base after each use to clean the interior mold starts to build. Not good.

    Besides, both Sonicare units I owned had the same problem. After around 18 months the battery took less and less of a charge until after around 26 months I could only brush my teeth 4 to 5 times per charge. Big problem if you travel a lot or when several people use the same base. I called Sonicare about it and was told the base should last for up to 5 years. Whatever, the warranty is only two years.

    So I looked at other products and found the Oral B S-320 Sonic Complete system. The base is made by Braun in Germany. I have owned 4 Braun electric shavers over the past 24 years. The last one still worked fine when I replaced it 5 years ago but I wanted to upgrade to the new Activator. So my experience with Braun products "made in Germany" and their reliability had been very good.

    The Oral B S-320 Sonic Complete is lighter than the Sonicare Elite. The Oral B toothbrush head is designed a bit different than the Sonicare. After using the Oral B now for about 2 month I have the feeling that the Oral B cleans my teeth better and I think it is due to the difference in toothbrush design.

    The Oral B sits essentially on a vibrating stick vs. the screw cap method used by Sonicare. The vibrating stick seems better from a hygiene standpoint and creates a similar amount of vibration.

    Another big difference between both systems is the cost of the brush heads. 3 replacement heads for Oral B Sonic Complete are $18 on Amazon; 2 brush heads for the Sonicare system are between $23 and $28 on Amazon. Since the price for the base systems is similar the savings from the toothbrushes for the Oral B is quite substantial, especially if several people are using the system.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the Oral B system and even my dentist thinks there is no difference in terms of effectiveness between both systems. Based on my experience with the Braun shavers I am hopeful the Oral B will last longer than the Sonicare.
    ...more info
  • Oral B Sonic Complete Toothbrush
    For the first time my teeth looks whiter. My dental technician tells me that my teeth are cleaner. My friends are noticing my teeth are looking good. This is a toothbrush of the future....more info
  • cleans well
    I realize you can clean your teeth just as well with a manual toothbrush as an electric one, but I like the way the electric one forces discourages you from rushing through your brushing. I particularly like how this model beeps every 30 seconds, so you can pace yourself. It also cleans well, particularly along the gum line. Replacement heads are dreadfully expensive, though....more info
  • Great Toothbrush with just minor flaws
    After many years of manual brushing I decided to take the plunge and buy an electric toothbrush, my only stipulation being it had to be a sonic one. I researched on the net and it came down to two choices, the Oral B S-320 Sonic Complete and one of the Sonicare brushes. I chose the Oral B X-320 not only because of it's cheaper price, the smaller brush also appealed.

    I've been using the Oral B now for over a month. It does clean my teeth extremely well and I feel quite guilty having put my poor little ivory whites through manual brushing for as long as I did. My teeth feel cleaner and are gradually improving in whiteness. Years of tea drinking and 10 years of smoking had left their marks too and those stains are gradually being removed. I could see the difference in my bottom front incisors within two weeks, which really impressed me. My teeth look and feel great.

    The brush takes some getting used to. The high setting is incredibly vigorous at first. When I first started using I used the softer setting then moved up to the high setting. The softer setting is great for sensitive teeth and the massage setting does a good job cleaning the tongue.

    There are two minor negative points to this brush though, which irritated me enough to only give it four stars. First of all, there is no indicator to let you know the brush is low battery. It just stops working as I found out to my annoyance one morning mid brush. I had to finish off my brush with a MANUAL toothbrush, oh the horror. Seriously Braun, you could have fitted something in to let us know it needs recharging. The other one is the bad location of the on/off button, it's very easy to run one's finger over it and switch modes mid cycle.

    Other than that, great brush and a great price. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of buying their first electric toothbrush, the value is great....more info
  • Electronic brush is effective but don't enjoy using it
    I know electronic toothbrushes do a more effective job than manual brushing but don't love this. It is my 1st so can't compare to others but I would like one not to remind me of a dentist's drill. Also every time I use that I accidentally hit the power button and either change the speed or tune it off completely before I finish the 2 minute session and I've used it at least 30 times. Good price through Amazon....more info
  • Works like a charm
    It helps you brush enough and in the right way. Once you get used to the vibration (after a brushing or two), it's very nice....more info
  • AHHHHhhh......clean as a whistle
    I don't know if its mental or what, but I seriously feel like my teeth are getting cleaner and cleaner. It cleans the surface of your teeth with no problem and with ease, but its a bit awkward cleaning the insides of your teeth(the part you dont see when you smile)....but you get used to.

    Overall, i'd recommend and its affordable. You don't need all those other bells and whistles. This is more than enough to get your teeth feeling super clean....more info
  • Dumb charger
    The charger is so large, heavy and cumbersome that it is terrible for travel. No reason for this, since it only holds an extra brush. Really user unfriendly. I am sorry I bought it. Dumb and thoughtless design. ...more info
  • Trustable dentist recommendation
    Oral-B's aren't cheap products but it is already the 2nd product that I buy from them and both are really good. My dentist (the same since more than 10 years) has been recommending both of them. Now using Sonic Complete I can feel my teeth as clean as when coming out of the doctor lab....more info
  • Great toothbrush
    This is a fantastic toothbrush. I've used several power brushes and this is by far the best one. The brushes do a good job and I like the timer features that tell me when to move on to another part of my mouth. I also like the different brush speeds. The 'slow' mode is good when I need to brush quietly. ...more info
  • Had used Sonicare for years
    The Oral-B brush is stiffer than the Sonicare brush. This, and the fact that the brush vibrates in place instead of back and forth like the Sonicare's, makes the Oral-B more effective for cleaning teeth with braces. Also, the handle is lighter and thinner than the Sonicare's, making it easier and more comfortable to hold....more info
  • In the future.....
    In the future, this is how people will be brushing their teeth !
    Wonderful ! I love it !...more info
  • Poor Durability
    I've bought two of these toothbrushes and they are terrific at cleaning teeth. However, both toothbrushes stopped working within a year. For those considering this product, see the other reviews which give a low rating for similar reasons. Buyer beware !!...more info
  • Wow! I'm Impressed!
    About six months ago we bought this toothbrush--I remember my mom's dentist recommending an electric toothbrush when she started having tooth and gum problems at around 40 and thought I'd give one a try. Felt foolish spending $100 on a toothbrush but boy was I in for a surprise. Initially had a little trouble adjusting but after about a week I got used to it and the improvement in my teeth and gums has been amazing! Teeth feel cleaner and dull yellow color from tea/coffee drinking started to disappear. After six months I'm delighted I spent the money and don't know how I lived without one this long. Never going back....more info
  • Braun Oral-B Sonic Complete
    This is my first electric toothbrush and I probably won't go back to regular toothbrushes ever again. My dentist suggested getting an electric toothbrush and my dentist has noticed the difference. My only complaint is that if you take it out of your mouth while it is operating it shoots toothpaste all over the place. You can't stop it without resetting the 2 minute timer, so this is annoying if you need to spit. The travel case is nice and the container itself is handy with spots to put up to four brush heads. I would recommend this item to anyone....more info
  • toothbrush design
    This works well- I prefer to use it without toothpaste! (their literature never mentions toothpaste, incidentally).
    The one drawback in my opinion is that the control for changing speed, etc (really not a necessary feature, either,i.m.o.) can be activated in just the process of toothbrushing- bad design....more info
  • Clean teeth in minutes
    I owned a older version of this before I upgraded. It has the 30 second interval timers which is great. It does what it's supposed to do, clean teeth. It is a little larger than my old version which is good for my large hands. It also comes with a little travel case which is convenient.

    I don't like the battery level notification. Or to put more aptly, the lack of. I only like to charge it after the batteries are drained because of space issues. It'll just be working one day and the next day it'll just stop. No indication whatsoever....more info
  • Good brush, Bad battery
    I bought the Sonic Complete in late 2005. I used it every day twice a day for the time recommended. In the beginning, it would hold a charge for two weeks as advertised. In October 2006 I moved abroad for 6 months and was unable to charge the toothbrush for a month before finding an adapter & converter.

    The brush did fine until two weeks ago when it randomly cut out mid-way through a brush after being charged for 12+ hours. I was on vacation and was pretty annoyed. I went home and when I put it on the charger, it wouldn't even blink as if it were charged! The light stayed steadily as if it were fully charged. Since then it's been totally sporadic. I sometimes get a full 2 minute brush, other times it cuts out every 2 seconds (which is super annoying). I'm checking out some Sonicare brushes now but I'm taking careful note of the battery reviews.

    In checking out the online service guide it says that the battery can be removed for disposal but cannot be replaced. I guess Oral B wants you to buy a new $100+ brush every two years? I don't think so!

    It's a great brush when it works, though I found the brush heads to be hard to find and expensive. The battery was what really made me think poorly of the brush. For the amount of money spent on it, I would have expected it to last 5+ years not 2 years max.!...more info


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