No Quarter - Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded

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Performing with the London Metropolitan Orchestra in 1994, Unledded documents the much-heralded reunion of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Among the songs performed are reworked versions of many Zeppelin favorites, including "The Battle of Evermore," "Gallows Pole," and "Kashmir," along with four new songs, such as "Yallah" and "Wonderful One." The platinum-selling Unledded cd heralded a new era or renewed popularity. Released now for the very first time on DVD, Unledded is the DVD Led Zeppelin fans have been waiting for.

Track Listing:
No Quarter
Thank You
What is And What Should Never Be
The Battle of Evermore
Gallows Pole
Nobody's Fault But Mine
City Don't Cry
The Truth Explodes
Wah Wah
When the Levee Breaks
Wonderful One
Since I've Been Loving You
The Rain Song
That's The Way
Four Sticks

Decades after the death of drummer John Bonham and, for all intents and purposes, the demise of the group, Led Zeppelin's popularity continues unabated--and why not, as long as they keep coming up with offerings as worthy as No Quarter: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded. Originally released on CD in 1994 and then in a remastered version simultaneously with this DVD, the 115-minute program (including bonus footage) was recorded on a London soundstage, in the hills of Snowdonia, Wales, and outdoors in Marrakech, Morocco. It finds guitarist Page, vocalist Plant, and an array of other musicians performing some new material, but for the most part, the repertoire focuses on their Led Zep legacy--not a surprise, considering that what they did together in that group was better than anything they've done separately, including some pretty good Plant solo efforts and Page's regrettable stint as a member of the Firm. Yet instead of simply parroting their Zeppelin period (and relying on tired warhorses like "Stairway to Heaven" and "Whole Lotta Love"), they've given the music new life, adding exotic instruments like the bodhran (an Irish drum) and the hurdy-gurdy (played by cranking a rosined wheel against a set of strings) to less familiar fare like "The Battle of Evermore" and "Gallow's Pole." Add to that three brilliant new songs performed with a quartet of Moroccan players, a full complement of strings from the London Metropolitan Orchestra (on "Since I've Been Loving You" and others), and a host of Egyptian percussion and strings on an epic version of "Kashmir" (also from the London session), and you've got a world music blend that is at times genuinely thrilling--especially for those with 5.1 Surround Sound capability. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • One Of the Best
    If you were around during the Zeppelin era or if your a new fan you'll love this video. One of the best bands to ever come out of the '70's and still rock. A must to have in any music video collection. Only one question.....WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN RELEASED ON DVD??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????...more info
    Hey who ever is this S. Sholly person who wrote the bad review should really pay attention. Jimmy Page always mixes and masters all the Zep recordings, so you must not know anything as you claim these mixes were good on the CD and VHS, but not on this new DVD. Guess what, it was the same person who did all these releases. Folks who do not work in the music business should stay home and not write bad reviews about sound quality because they must have a cheap $5.00 mono player!...more info
  • Page and Plant should be ashamed of themselves
    First off, this is a must have for fans of Zepp as this DVD includes near perfect renditions of all of the classics that were not included on the recent 2 DVD set. Great acoustic stuff here. Not to be missed...

    Secondly, Page and Plant should be ashamed of themselves for not inviting John Paul Jones' participation. It goes against everything that Zeppelin stands for. Not only did he contribute his solid bass and keyboard skills he was also the single entity that kept the band together in their later years. Explainable for no other reason but sheer Greed.

    Shortly after this was filmed, Zepp was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Page, Plant and Jones all accepted the award together along with Bonhams son. Jones approached the mike and made the public comment when accepting "I'd like to thank my mates(looking at Page/Plant) for remembering my phone number this time." Page and Plant immediately look at each other with embarrassment and shame. Plant then glances back at Jones while mimmicking that he was searching his jacket and trouser pockets for a pen. An all time low for this mighty band and their stellar reputation......more info
  • A good value package , lacking only an electric show
    This DVD is in the 'Unplugged ' format , though the word isn't used in the title because these guys are presumably more important than most other acts and seem to deserve their own category !

    Fans of Led Zeppelin will both like this and also wish that there had been an electric set from their reunion tour included as well . I saw the guys in Birmingham in 1994 and it was a great gig .

    What with the great package of the Led Zeppelin DVD live material being available , I only wish they'd gone that extra yard and offered a little bit more .

    I think those people who are interested in a different side to music will enjoy this , as it shows some folky influences , though the rock and blues is always there in the groove .
    There is even a country feeling to some of the material .

    These guys are still good at the dynamics of live performance and they took time to present the music in the right setting visually .

    The sound options have been updated and the extra features are worthwhile .

    I recommend those interested in acoustic music with a rock influence pick this up . ...more info
  • Brilliant
    I saw this concert when it came to Australia and Page & Plant were amazing they seem to both have Auras, this dvd is brilliant. This is one of the best DTS soundtracks i have heard.There is a lot of surround sound activity going in the speakers who ever mixed this did a great job the sound is great if only all music DVD's sounded this good.Please Jimmy and Robert please get to gether again real soon and remember to tour Australia again.
    ...more info
  • GREAT remastering of sound and picture!
    Let me join the band wagon of people who have all versions...previous vhs and laserdisc and import DVD and say that this is AMAZING in the upgraded sound (as is the CD). I was a fan of the performance but never so big on the previous version sonically which was not very crisp or clean ...quite mushy actually. This new version sounds wonderful in the acoustic moments and powerful plugged in....a dream come true for true fans.
    The picture is also spectacular with none of the digital artifacts and pixelations which plague most projects transfered to DVD.....extra care was obviously taken on this project to upgrade all areas...and YES, the bonus interview and performance/video is an awesome bonus....KUDOS! and at such a just may wear out the first copy...
    ...more info
  • Thank You 2
    I can't disagree more with the guy who said the DVD was distorted - their system must be set up very incorrectly or they blew some cones. In fact I'd agree with the review that said it should be a sonic reference disc (eg. like The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over... but a lot cooler)- eg. the surround mix is used to great effect on What Is & What Should Never Be.
    It's a great package. You get;
    A surreal vid of No Quarter, intimate concert footage including with Egyptian ensembles, & classical light orchestra. It is definately not all unplugged - Page cranks the Les Paul quite a lot & the drums are loud at times. Then if you were bored by all this - the middle section transports you to exotic Morocco for a few live songs - then back again to the original concert. You have lots of classic Zep (OK no Stairway - but you don't need it) & new songs like Wonderful One which is er, wonderful. Not to mention the extras of Black Dog, weird vid for Most High & a street interview.
    You couldn't make a better DVD of this type. Thank You Page/Plant & all those other musicians & staff involved....more info
  • Page & Plant - No Quarter
    Yea where are you? You got to be on DVD. Why in the hay are you on this world-wide format. Sincerely Joe Beranek KCMO...more info
  • WOW
    Well what can I say? This is the best music ever made! Why isnt it on DVD????? Page & Plant are in great shape and look like theyve been rehearsing for this the last 15 years. But now i`ve heard rumours of them breaking up and that Page are to play with The Black Crowes. Well TBC are great, but they are NOT Zep....more info
  • It's All About The Music!

    From Lyrica: I bought the "No Quarter" DVD, gift to me, tonight, <present niche>
    I'm watchin' it by violet flame candlelight, imbues the twilight, ! <dimmer switch>
    Rustic scenic route, pristine, soundscape music done here is...well...sublime... <congratulations!>
    Backdrop is a bluey 3D holographic mosaic lens shine... <lucid vision sensation!>

    Pretending I'm with the tribe, chillaxin', \air-drummer/, <thumpin'> <ta-dah!>
    As I'm sittin' in my corvette-red rocker-recliner, <rumpin'> <ah yeah!>
    (DVD) stagelights (aura) eyes...alchemy amber golden, <shone in> <ooo ah!>
    :: groovin' :: ' Watcher' Algiz rune [ V ] symbol to you, peace-in... <token for yah!>

    "Some Kind Of "Wonderful"One", they met~first time~in a romsong, <*rispetto*> <colorature>
    The accompaniment is top-notch professionally done, <~organic flow~> <constructure>
    Guitar intro looped, meditation Om drone; band of angels, <enraptured> <healing syrum>
    But Bubblegum...I'm still "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered!" *:/ <conundrum> <contexture> ...

    Jimmy's knack knows just what to play now, improvising? <orche torque> <pick'in'>
    Knows his ambient way around that thang! comprising, <to the 9's! fore> <lick'in'>
    :: tickled pink :: Glory riffs he's teachin'; art of noise 'toy'... <!!!sky rockets in flight!!!>
    Talkin' so blue...sooo beautiful Baby! BOY! .... <"Afternoon Delight!"> LoL

    "Kashmir's" more than a place, a stream rite of passage, <tantra looms>
    You send me, there now, I believe in the adage, <mantra oomms>
    Splendid singing duet in "Evermore" legend, <portamento>
    Blish he'd do some more twosomes, oh the harmony! <grazioso>

    Happy Hippy sings, :: get pretty for me Baby ::, <'pitch'in' woo>
    Hands wave direction, Flower-child's lullababy, <c-c# coo>
    Grrru-gged good looks ~&~ musical body guru, <where it's happenin'>
    TechKnkOut, they so love what they do! We too! <arms go up clappin'!> \qp/ ... (continued)

    "Since I've Been Loving You" among my favourites, <<<echoplexes>>>
    "Rain Song" Room's in my head when I cry private, <folk complexes>
    C D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C#, incandescence, <<chakra mandolin strum>>
    ((In the Zo glow of silent luminescence.)) <<universal 0 hummm>>

    ::wonder:: "Stairway" DNA here, anew music's not leaven...sokay... <seventh string> <ethereal>
    Song itself is a stairway to heaven; <walk up steps to bleachers heaven:)> <eleventh ping> <nak-"id" ideal>
    Unified field, thread spun in the web, we're lightbulb glow, what's said is not said, <wellspring!> <wide appeal>
    Tribute: Millennium Song, six million plays,...even in my silly head *:) <upswing!> <empyreal(awesome!)>

    Master Listener's re'turn'~ing CD track for a second round... <spiccato> <in a heartbeat!>
    Multi-cultural dichotomies; montage; can't put it down!... <crescendo~> <ethnic peeps> ...
    "Marrakech Express "...bring us back to where they've led...", <a CSN song to>
    ::Muse:: "...without love...where would {I} be right now?...", she said... <"and (you) too?"> (H+TBF)

    Though I'm really not a clinging vine, I'd like to mention, <inflectin'> <purdy purdy>
    I'm basking in the sun's warmth, woodwinds, and their lay session, <reflectin'> <hurdy gurdy>
    She's gettin' into the poem/song; and their commotion momentum... <^glissando^> <winning streak!>
    Bodhran drum soothe poms!!! cymbal thunder rolls!!!, to entertain notion... <expressivo!> <I love speed!> ...(poem continued)

    Abridged: 10 of 32 verses
    (went back to {music appreciation} schoolin'!!) ((OHBTW RE: EMS, IJWTS TUFTBOMH*)). 031204 (my friends'ship' say to put to sea here}: C Copyright Lyrica H------- Dec 2004 ARR...more info
  • Fantastic (especially The Rain Song)
    This DVD would be worth the purchase even if The Rain Song was the only song you ever watched. This acoustic version of Zeppelin's most beautiful song (in my opinion) is at least the equal of the studio version. The strings are awesome, and Plant's performance is great, even though his voice is not what it was. It may seem odd to see Jimmy Page sitting and playing acoustic guitar, but nevertheless you will be awed for 7.5 minutes by his mastery. Plant was as well, to judge by his reaction at the end of the song.

    The rest of the DVD is of varying quality, although I definitely enjoy more of the songs than not. Jimmy Page is stellar throughout. The second half (from Wonderful One on) is better than the first. Highlights besides The Rain Song include excellent renditions of Since I've Been Loving You and Kashmir. The version of Kashmir is amazing (with a snippet from Black Dog at the end), and the number of musicians required to pull it off showcases the complexity and achievement of the song. The integration of the string section with the blues of Since I've Been Loving You is also well done, and again you will be amazed by Page's guitar prowess, although Plant's performance is not quite as good.

    The other songs from Zeppelin III (Gallows Pole, That's the Way, Friends) are all nice, especially That's the Way. Thank You and the new creation Wonderful One are also very enjoyable, featuring some of Plants best vocal work on the DVD.

    The rendition of No Quarter is only ok - I enjoy the studio version much more. That song in particular just doesn't work without John Paul Jones. I also don't like What is and What Should Never Be or The Battle of Evermore (the backup singer is too shrill) very much, although the studio versions are wonderful songs.

    All in all, it's a great DVD, with only a few songs not up to my (admittedly high) standards. And please buy it for The Rain Song....more info
  • Musical Genius
    I was not born yet when Zeppelin broke up, and I didn't even know who they were when they did the "Unledded" segment and the tour (nor was I old enough to go if I wanted to-I was in middle school at the time), but since I've hit my early 20's, I've really appreciated their music. For someone like me, they are almost like mythical gods, because I can only see them via video. I bought this dvd for both my mom, and my aunt and uncle (who were all at the Zeppelin riot show in '77 at Tampa Stadium). While Plant's voice unfortunately can't handle the strain of the chorus of "What is and What Should Never Be" or "Black Dog", he is amazing on "Thank You" and "The Battle of Evermore." Also, one song on this dvd made the purchase price well worth it- "Gallow's Pole"- this live version blows the studio recording out of the water. Would have liked to see some "Going to California" on here....more info
  • How is this rated so high???
    Just because it is Paige and Plant, you cannot give it 5 stars. This DVD is horrible. Until around the last few songs, where thanks to the orchestra and semi decent drummer, they pull off a few good numbers. Kashmir is the highlight of the dvd, nice and long, orchestra meshes really well with the song, and plant is least annoying in it.

    The dvd starts off in the wrong track. What the hell are Paige and Plant doin with a guitar and mic in the middle of a forest? Is this some kind of a joke? Then there is an absolutely ear bleeding, annoying version of Battle of Evermore with one of the worst backup singers I have ever heard. Someone should just staple her mouth before any more ppl go deaf.

    And whats with the tempo of when the levee breaks, they play it like a punk rock song instead of a classic rock n roll song. And all of a sudden, they are sitting with some dudes in the middle of some middle eastern city, playing with local instruments, its just not there...theres no life, its just lame to see plant acting like he is all into their music n stuff.

    I dont know what they were trying to pull with this DVD, I had a completely different picture in mind when I bought it. Kashmir kinda comforted me a bit, but it is still just worthy of a rental and no more....more info
  • All I can say.......
    All I can say is its GREAT......!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not just good..............ITS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best DVD released since the "Led Zeppelin" DVD which was released in 2003!!!!!!! If you are a Zep fan this is a must have...........also a must have would be the "Led Zeppelin" DVD!!!!! They are just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I could have given it more than 5 stars I would have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Un-quartered
    From the offset, this is probably the least impressive Led Zeppelin product that I own. Opening scenes are of scenery and nature, eagles crying, rivers; then, at the top of a waterfall, there appear Robert Plant and Jimmy Page performing "No Quarter." Robert looks okay - a little old, perhaps - but Jimmy is sprawled out in a suit that looks an acre wide, and were it not for the trademark hair he would seems more like the ghost of Peter Grant than Jimmy Page. But despite all of the mock enchantment, the song seems a bit naked without the monster drums and riffs. I'm disappointed, of course - it's one of Led Zeppelin's best songs and probably the most drastically underestimated composition in their playbook, and they lost the opportunity to make an impact; on top of all this, it's also a song that John Paul Jones had a large part in (so much so that it becomes the track in The Song Remains The Same that was incorporated with Jones' fantasy sequence), which makes his non-inclusion in a project named after one of his main songs a bit of a tacky decision on the part of Robert and Jimmy.

    From this slow start, the video switches to a live stage setting and the band goes into a great version of "Thank You" and the painful "What Is And What Should Never Be." Seeing Robert and Jimmy onstage with a drummer who is not John Bonham (and who is the bass player who is NOT John Paul Jones?) is a bit odd, but you get over it soon when you hear the cornucopia of North African musicians who are playing along with them. Great, great, great. The drummer does a fine job, playing "Four Sticks" with four drumsticks (two in each hand), and other drum jams bare-handed. Besides Robert and Jimmy, the band has Charlie Jones (Robert Plant's son-in-law) on bass, and Porl Thomson, formerly of the Cure, on guitar. One of the surprises of the set was when the band played "The Battle of Evermore" with Najma Akhtar, an Indian singer, doing the part sung by the late Sandy Denny of Fairport Convention - it works, partially because you can't be sure if she's singing in English or another language. A few of the songs are performed on a hill with Welsh musicians, giving "Nobody's Fault But Mine" an amazing Celtic feeling (probably the reworked number that turns out the best). Present at the filming is an actual black dog.

    Jimmy played a couple of shiny new Les Pauls, but also a double-neck Ovation as well as a weird custom-made three-neck object (6-string, 12-string, mandolin). With these heavy instruments, he's often seated. This adds to the appearance that he is in poor health, although for some songs when he does get up and swing the Ovation around it looks pretty awkward - maybe it's better that he stay seated. Like The Song Remains The Same, the camera lingers perhaps a bit too long on Robert Plant... but since he is by far the most dynamic person onstage, I guess it doesn't make sense to complain too much about this point.

    One interesting thing about the DVD is that it contains songs that don't appear on other Led Zeppelin DVDs, songs such as "Thank You", "The Battle of Evermore," "Gallows Pole," "When the Levee Breaks," "The Rain Song", "Four Sticks", and "Friends". There are also some cool new songs. "City Don't Cry" features Robert and Jimmy jamming with four Moroccan musicians in a courtyard; "The Truth Explodes" is done MTV-style ("Where The Streets Have No Name" perhaps?) in a Moroccan parking lot with some amps, and lots of local people of all ages having a great time. "Wah Wah" is more courtyard folk drone, the Moroccan musicians sing along too. "Wonderful One" is probably the best of the new songs, it's very soulful and beautiful.

    Besides the disappointing "No Quarter", another song that disappointed was "When the Levee Breaks", which was remarkably tuneless. Others were much better: "Since I've Been Loving You" was so good that Jimmy cheered up and gave a big baby-faced grin (finally - it was only 58 minutes into the 93-minute video); "Rain Song" with Jimmy's acoustic guitar and a full orchestra was lush and beautiful; and "Four Sticks" with the Moroccan orchestra and the snake charmer flute was great, the song is truly amenable to Eastern rhythms and the musicians don't feel tacked on here the way they do on some songs. "Kashmir" was... all right, nothing special. They messed around with it a bit, giving it a quiet intro before getting into the two monster riffs that dominate the song. Nice Moroccan rock 'n' roll reprise at the end, which included a bit of "Rock 'n' Roll".

    The DVD has four extras, including an interview with Robert and Jimmy on a traffic island in London that mirrors a bit the interview between Robert and Peter Grant in The Song Remains The Same extras. Porl Thompson seems to be the interviewer (which would mean it was quite scripted), but I may be wrong. Robert is expressive, but Jimmy stutters a bit and doesn't seem confident. They point out that "Since I've Been Loving You" is their best live song, and the evidence on Unledded seems to back this up (the song appears on all three of their DVD releases). "Moroccan Montage" is just that, a delightful series of video scenes from Morocco of the guys hanging out with people. "Black Dog" was performed at the ABC American Music Awards, it's energetic but a bit cheezy as well - check out Robert's "captain" jacket. They also tack on the video for "Most High" from Robert and Jimmy's poorly-received "Walking into Clarksdale" (1998), a song which wasn't performed on Unledded. The video is a by-the-numbers spooky freak show that is sort of a blend of Heironymous Bosch (see also Metallica's "Until It Sleeps" video of 1994) and the Sadako scenes in Nakata Hideo's 1998 Ring movie. Not something you'd expect two music legends to be happy to have their names associated with. ...more info
  • I wish I could give it 5 stars
    Very well put together and enjoying to see. 1 star missing is due to the fact that John Paul Jones isn't in it. The other star missing is due to their new songs on there which are, in my opinion, sloppy. But besides that, it was a good film!...more info
  • Sublime
    Three places, three atmospheres, but only one powerful musical experience. Balanced and beautiful Moroccan and Indian elements interact with Jimmy Page's guitar and Robert Plant's voice in these incredible live performances of Led Zeppelin's best, and Page y Plant's beginnings. ...more info
  • Change is good
    Now, dear reader, this is Page & Plant, not Led Zeppelin. The world has moved on since 1980 and so have they - thankfully. They've taken the lesser known Led Zep songs and reinvented them as world music classics. I love the locations, the slate mine in Snowdonia, the Moroccan Casbah - what a laugh to see the little kid there covering his ears when Jimmy goes to town on the feedback machine - and the studio stuff of course. Jimmy is still a genius on guitar and deserves his place as one of the 5 best rock guitarists of the 20th century.

    I grew up with Zep and these guys are personal heros of mine. Great they didn't stick to the same old thing. Reinvention and change is the key to longevity in music and in life......more info
  • Zep At Their BEST
    I bought the DVD and played it using DTS sound.
    It was so fantastic and exciting emotionally, and it sounded SO incredible (the instruments sounded like the guys were in the room) that I kept getting tremmers (as Jimmy Page calls goosebumps). The Black Dog video and the interview with Page/Plant that are in the extras just makes this DVD even more way beyond incredible.
    If you like them you HAVE to experience this DVD....more info
  • Page and Plant Deliver with Style
    Well, Sir Robert and James Page have done it again!

    This time, in a re-release of MTV's 1994 Special UnLedded Page and Plant video, the full beauty of Robert's voice, and Jimmy Page and his mastery of guitar legend abound.

    It is replete with wonderful moments, such as Gallows Pole, featuring Jimmy playing one of his own BlackMountainside Brand custom acoustic guitars, Friends, a fabulous, exotic song from Zep III, and a heavy version of THE song, Kashmir, replete with cello phenom Caroline Dale, her entire ensemble of British cellists, Giles, Milne, et al, an Egyptian string ensemble, (with monstrously talented Egyptian violin soloist Wael Abu Bakr) doing lead violin solo, and Jimmy playing the 50,000$, multi computerized GIbson Les Paul Transperformance guitar - capable of instantaneously moving and retuning to nearly 100 different modal tunings real time- with relish. Jimmy has that device down to a science. Kashmir is simply still astonishing and brings tears to the eyes delivered like this. Power and glory abound here.

    There is EVEN Page/Plant/Jones and Lee, doing a parody of Dred Zeppelins' (Nobody's Fault) doing a parody of Led Zep. How about that for turnabout? All in good fun of course. It's even dumbed down to Dreds level for extra gusto.

    The other piec de resistanc' is No Quarter, the beginning song, filmed outdoors, in the woods, in Wales, with Jimmy doing a totally re-worked No quarter in modal 12 string, acoustic, and Robert handling his own array of black boxes (on his lap) through which he does misty mountain hopping special FX for his voice, in real time. THIS is priceless.

    There are a few (very few) weak spots here and there, but after all, these guys are middle aged fellows, like many of us, here, and none of us are what we were when we were 25. And Bonham's presence is noticable at times. Thank You could have been a better take.

    But on the whole, this is thrilling music, with enormous scope, big time arrangements, TOP talent doing backup roles. The hurdy gurdy, rich mandolins, and violas and Bodhran add especially flavorful ethnic mixes to the final product. It is exciting, fresh, and full of new twists. I loved the jam with the musicians in Morrocco. And in Marrackech, that anthem, with Pagey doing the moonwalk, is just plain loud fun.

    Where Pagey gets these special effects is anyones' guess. He never runs out of new ideas, or new gear. No one, save perhaps Gilmour, knows more about the technical end of guitar, electronics, FX, cutting edge tech, and the like. These two fellows have pushed the state of the guitar ahead 100 years... if only there were people behind them picking up where they left off. As long as that is not the case, WE need JP showing us the way..

    SIBLY is again, great. If you liked Led Zep, I dare say you will probably love this video. It is worth watching and keeping. You won't find another live rock band like this for another hundred years or more. And with this high calibre of musicians backing them up, you won't see a show like this again. That much is assured. Guaranteed. ...more info
    JIMMY PAGE and ROBERT PLANT have once again, put together a musical MASTERPIECE.

    I am watching this DVD "NO QUARTER - JIMMY PAGE & ROBERT PLANT UNLEADED" absolutely THRILLED with the talent, unique versions of classics, and how genuinely EXCEPTIONAL this DVD truly is.

    This was recorded in 1994 and if you loved Page and Plant back in the 70's you are going to LOVE this DVD. I'm actually AMAZED at how EXCEPTIONAL the music is! Their performances, along with the addition of extremely talented people filmed on location from Morocco and Snowdonia are such a gift to watch,
    *****THIS DVD IS AWESOME***** The rich cultural musicians and added scenery truly make THIS DVD the most unique I have EVER seen.

    *****I LOVE IT***** I'm watching this with the biggest smile on my face. There is not one boring moment - every song is phenomenal - it's the quality of the music, ALL of the additional elements - watching it all takes my breath away.

    One thing is certain, the incomparable talent of Page and Plant has only GROWN richer, deeper, more unique and passionate over time - they are TRULY TIMELESS AND LEGENDARY GIFTS.

    I'm loving every nanosecond of this DVD. NO QUARTER - JIMMY PAGE & ROBERT PLANT UNLEADED IS A MUST BUY, MUST OWN, MUST ENJOY AND TREASURE GIFT you will be giving yourself.

    The orchestra back-up in "The Rain Song" is superior, but it's not fair to single out one song - they are ALL so touching, each in their own unique way, which is what makes THIS DVD so special.

    The digitally mastered sound and video quality is amazing.

    I only gave this DVD 5 stars because I couldn't give it 5 Million Stars.
    It IS TRULY PHENOMENAL, and I mean this with all of my heart.

    Barbara Rose, Ph.D. author of If God Was Like Man, Stop Being the String Along, and If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!

    PS: The personal interviews after the music are very interesting, bringing a great perspective to their musical choices - which are truly outstanding. The footage filmed in Morocco is just a delightful gift to watch. It's really a whole lot more than just a DVD - this is a real experience, and a great one that I'll be watching many, many more times. Outstanding!...more info
  • Jimmy Page on xanax
    Very disapointed. Couldn't even watch the whole thing. Led Z moves me, this tapes left me cold. ...more info
  • They havent lost it!!!!!!
    Whoever things Robert Plant and Jimmy Page have lost their touch this dvd proves them wrong. Im only 19 but have been listening to Zeppelin for a while now because of Jimmy Page I have my own Gibson Les Paul. When I was watching the dvd I was cracking up because it was kind of funny watching Robert hit some of his trademark notes because of his age but none the less he was doing it. Some people thing Jimmy has lost his touch. Those people must be mentally retarded or something like that. His guitar playing is amazing. The sound quality is amazing on the dvd. I also purchased the cd too and the quality is good on that too. Nobody's Fault But Mine is amazing, No Quarter is Amazing, Since I've Been Loving You sounds like it was just recorded, Four Sticks is off the hook and I cant forget Kashmir; it sounded amazing with all the middle eastern influences in it. You guys have to remember that this was meant for MTV Unplugged. Thats why all the songs are toned down, nothing heavy here. It would be great if Robert and Jimmy came together and wrote some new material...I would be the first to buy it....more info
  • Finally, the two legends rejoin, captured in concert.
    A must have for any Led Zeppelin fan, No Quarter displays the long-awaited reunion of guitarist Jimmy Page and vocalist Robert Plant, members of arguably the greatest rock and roll band ever. Backed by an Egyptian orchestra on several tracks and talents Michael Lee, on drums, and Charlie Jones, on bass, the two legends revisit and revise such classics as Kashmir, The Rain Song, and Thank You, and also introduce new material, including standouts like Wonderful One and City Don't Cry. Both nostalgic and ground breaking, it is no wonder this performance broke rating records with it's MTV debut....more info
  • Fantastic!
    This DVD is an essential for all fans of Led Zeppelin, and of rock music in general. It includes the full Unledded performance with additional tracks such as The Rain Song, along with extras such as a Page & Plant interview from 1994, and an alternative version of Black Dog from the ABC American Music Awards. It also includes the video for "Most High", from the Walking Into Clarksdale album from '98.

    The MTV Unledded performance from Page & Plant is truly magical. The reworking of Led Zep classics such as Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, When The Levee Breaks and Kashmir, add a whole new dimension to these classic songs. It shows an admirable willingness to roll the dice on the part of Page & Plant. Songs like Thank You, What Is And What Should Never Be stay pretty much true to the original arrangements. Plant's voice is incredible, although he's not able to reach the high notes like he used to, and Page's guitar playing is also fantastic. Witness the solo on Since I've Been Loving You - he's lost none of his magic!

    The new tracks that came from the Unledded project are also well worth their place in the set. Page & Plant really seem to enjoy the challence of playing with the local Morroccan musicians. Wonderful One and The Truth Explodes are both fantastic tracks.

    All in all, an essential purchase. Highly recommended!...more info
  • I Beg to Differ ....
    No Quarter on DVD, as released in October 2004 by Atlantic, is a sonic disaster area. I own the VHS version of No Quarter, as well as the 14-track CD. After awaiting the release of No Quarter, Unledded on DVD, I was appalled to hear it! Whoever mixed this disaster should be thrown up againt the wall and horsewhipped - and Jimmy Page and Robert Plant should get first dibs with the whips of their choice. The mix is loud to the point of distortion. That might be acceptable if this was 1967, but this is 2004 and Atlantic should be ashamed of itself putting out such a sonic disaster in this day and age. Both the CD and the VHS versions sound much, much better. Atlantic should get on the stick and withdraw this DVD before more of its customers realize what a clinker they have issued. Then Atlantic should hire somebody who doesn't have tin ears to remaster it and release a proper product. Never mind two thumbs down (with apologies to Siskel & Ebert) - this is ten fingers and ten toes down....more info
  • Awesome all around
    video, audio quality are extreamly clean, on a good system this dvd will be ultra engaging. Song selection and location is very neat. This dvd and Roger Waters in the Flesh will leave you drooling...more info
  • Come On!
    Come on... why the hell isn't this on DVD?...more info
  • The Song Remains the Same only this time it's Unledded
    Finally, page and plant reunite to do an MTV unledded...I would not have missed this for the world. Led Zeppelin was gone before I every had a chance to see them, this allowed me that oppertunity. Like everyone else, I too was waiting. The egyptian players are fantastic, and page and plate are great. Gallow Pole is a rocker, and you will find that the part you never heard in Thank You is original, it is on BBC release. I am excited to add info to one of the greatest rock bands ever. I too wish JPJ and Jason could have been there. scott Humphrey...more info
  • Outstanding DVD with great sound
    Being a LZ fan, I bought this long-awaited DVD when it first came out and I'm very pleased with it. The remastered sound and picture are a vast improvement over the video and the audio CD. The vocal singing of Plant and the guitar of Page are much clearer and resonant. In the video and original CD, Page's guitar sounded muddled at times but here it comes out very clearly, especially in the acoustic guitar numbers ("Rain Song," "Wonderful One," "That's the Way," "Friends", etc.). This performance of Page and Plant is much better than their reunion in 1988 during the Atlantic Records Anniversary. Here, Page and Plant seem to be enjoying themselves, they work well together, and are supported by outstanding musicians and sound crew.

    Charlie Jones and Michael Lee do a great job of filling in on bass and drums (even though no one can fully sub for John Bonham but Lee does the best that he can). They are backed up by an excellent orchestra (London Metropolitan) and the full orchestra sound resonates in numbers such as "Friends" and "Kashmir."

    There are 2 numbers that come off especially well. The "Battle of Evermore" features an outstanding performance by Najma Akhtar singing alongside Plant. She sings way better than Sandy Denny in the studio version. The "Rain Song" (featuring Page on acoustic guitar) is beautifully done and the orchestral back-up is a nice touch.

    Besides the vastly improved sound and picture quality, I was delighted to see the inclusion of several special features: an interview with Plant and Page, a stirring new version of "Blackdog" performed during the ABC American Music Awards, and the MTV music video of "Most High."

    If you're a Zep fan, you'll love this DVD. Highly recommended! ...more info
  • Kevin Shirley is a genius
    He is the guy who mixed & mastered this dvd conversion & with extraordinary results. This is rock 'n' roll, kids; it's gonna be loud so forget that other review. The audio on this is so much improved it's not funny. I always found that the vhs release never had any bass, even through my home theater system with a powered sub. This release corrects that & follows through on the possibilities with a great DTS mix! The audio is sharp & clear & I found that after watching this for the first time in quite awhile that I enjoyed it even more than before. That's probably because of the upgrade in quality. Kevin Shirley for those of you who don't know has been doing excellent work producing for the likes of The Black Crowes, Dream Theater, & Iron Maiden for years as well as the phenomenal job he did restoring last year's Zeppelin double dvd. Cheers, Caveman! ...more info
  • Love it!
    Excellent in all respects, as pointed out by other reviewers. I particularly enjoyed the new songs ("Wonderful One", etc). On all the tracks the accompanying musicians do an exemplary job supporting Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. The standout track for me on this DVD is a pulsating rendition of "Since I've been loving you" - Jimmy Page at his absolute best!

    The performance and the selection of tracks alone makes this DVD one of the best in my collection, but I have to make special mention of the sound quality - the Dolby 5.1 mix is absolutely superb. Didn't know my home theater setup could sound this good!...more info
    This DVD of Led Zeppelin shows the TRUE GENIUS of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Kashmir and Four Sticks will give you chills.........more info
  • Wonderful one
    I am just back from seeing this DVD on the big screen and enjoyed it quite a bit. Though most of the tracks are the same as in No Quarter cd, there is one important difference -- Plant's voice has been fixed. It had sounded quite horrible on the cd (apparently he had a cold during the MTV performance) but here, the tracks sounds as they were meant to. And every one of them is a little gem in its own right. I was particularly pleased to hear "the rain song", my favourite led zeppelin track, which was left out on the CD.

    The downside is that there is not a whole lot in the DVD on the visual front. They try to intersperse tracks from different concerts & settings to avoid the visual monotony but the last four or five tracks are all from the same concert and it shows. What would have made real sense is if the tracks on this DVD had been released as the original cd, then there would have been no need for this DVD. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way....more info
  • Oh my....! This DVD is amazing!!!
    Some days ago I was working at home and listening to the radio when they began to comment this DVD. When they began to play the Kashmir version I paralized and could not move till the end of the song while my heart beated harder and harder. I wanted to run away to buy the DVD to listen and view it all in the middle of that night. Finally, I bought this DVD about 7 days ago and I have viewed it about 15 or 20 times since then, and that, considering that I work and study and usually have no free time other than my radio in the background.
    This DVD is amazing. Its a combination of the old hard rock of the good Zeppelins, a folk music, middle eastern culture and music, a string classical orchestra and two monsters in the middle of all that. Unfortunatelly, Plants voice is not the same as in the old time and if you pay close attention, those highest notes of his cries are substituted by an electronic echo. But the experiment mixing hard rock, arab music and a string orchestra is amazing with a climax in Kashmir, the final song, where you can see most of the musicians smile proudly while they play their music, stop and start all together in a wonderful performance. The classical celo players look happy and applaud, the egiptian violinist feels so proud during his solo, one egiptian player cant avoid walk ahead and smile while playing. All they know they are making what will always be remembered as a masterpiece of art.
    Other nice versions as "Nobodys fault but mine" and "The Battle of Evermore" are really to stand up and take the hat off. The unplugged versions, the noisy electronic ones (i laught as hell during that maroccan market guitar solo), the scenes with the Maroccan musicians, the go back and forward from one concert to the other, from the mountain to the patio, and from the market to the stage, make the exact combination for a masterpiece of art. If you want to know what good music is about you should buy this DVD. It is a most have for every zeppelin fan, for every rocker, for every good music lover, for every serious musician and of course, for you. Go out and buy it....more info
  • Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
    The quality of the transfer and the audio are so good that I feel like I'm seeing this for the first time. This DVD will go down as one of the "benchmark" disks to compare others to. In short, if you haven't seen this, and you're a Zep fan, it's a must have. Anyone who has seen it already has it. From the the quietest accoustic moments of Rain Song to the thunder of Kashmir, everything is crystal clear. And even if Jimmy himself wasn't involved directly in the mastering, he was still there to make sure we get a quality product. As long as he's involved, we'll always get our money's worth. Thanks again Mr. Page!...more info
  • No Quarter- Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded
    The music and pictures on this DVD are outstanding! We play it at work 3 or 4 times a week. I have shared it with many people, taken it to the beach on vacation and played it day & night. It is a great work!...more info
  • No Reason to be Ashamed! Thrilling DVD. :)


  • how do you wear out a CD
    I've got a question for the the reviewer who claims that he wore out a cd. I've got cd's that I purchased 18 years ago and they still play like their brand new. Anyways, this show and cd are great, but it's only half of Led Zeppelin and to rewrite history and act like Page and Plant were the band is an insult to Bonham and Jones. It's a nice show but compare it to live DVD and you'll know what I mean. I would rather they released the full concerts on DVD that are represented in edited form on last years package (Earls Court and Knebworth)....more info
    That would be Kevin Shirley. Page and Plant offered a few suggestions, but never touched a thing....more info
  • Worth the wait!!!!!!!!!
    Let's put it this way; We never thought it would happen. And sure it would of been nice to see John Paul Jones in there, but nonetheless, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are not only back, they are back in style. From the Morracan ensemble to the new bassist and drummer, Unledded is what any Zep fan has been waiting 15 years for. If you haven't seen this tape, GET IT!...more info
  • This ain't no nostalgia act kids!!!!!
    This ain't no nostalgia act kids!..Jimmy and Robert deliver on all counts on this amazing piece of rock & roll history.The big bonus here is an outstanding version of The Rain Song, not available on the cd....worth the price of admission!!!!!get it fellow Zeppers!!!!...more info
  • unledded

    I saw this on a t.v. special and just had to have it.
    When they played Kasmir I just stopped in my tracks. It was amazing. They still got it. They new boys in the band a very talented. Especially the drummer when he plays four sticks. It's awsome. I like all the Egyptian flavor the added to it.
    It is really enjoyable. It just sucks you in. Enjoy!!...more info
  • Bow down to the Gods of Rock
    Face it children, there is no one better. This is pure bliss. Even just having half of the legendary Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant and Jimmy Page) this is better than virtually any concert DVD you will ever view. The two rework virtually all of the 13 Zeppelin classics into stirring orchestral versions that sometimes are entirely different from the original (take a look at the bonus video of Black Dog from the American Music Awards where the only thing similar to the original is the lyrics). Some songs work extremely well such as the Rain Song which, if you never gave the song a chance, this version with its powerful string arangements coupled with Jimmy's soft acoustic strummings and the drummer Michael Lee (who plays his balls off to help himself remotely compare to John Bonham which I respect him for) plays lightly with jazz brushes and strongly in the heavier parts of the song. The Battle of Evermore has Jimmy playing mandolin and some Indian lady singing with Robert. The song is superior to the studio version. Gallows Pole rocks it out acoustically with the orchestral arrangements.
    The reworked version of No Quarter that intros the DVD is a stirring new version of Jonesy's old keyboard based classic except there's no keys this time. You get to watch Jimmy and Robert in the woods as Jimmy strums away on an acoustic 12-string and Robert doing effects on his voice LIVE! Look at his lap and you'll notice. Thank You, What Is And What Should Never Be, and Since I've Been Loving You all stay faithful to the originals except for Jimmy's new shredding solos that he's tacked onto Thank You and of course his always visionary work on Since I've Been Loving You.
    Now onto the stuff in foreign lands and the boys themselves. Robert, for his age, blew my mind. At age 50 he can still sing better than most people half his age which is a real tribute to his blatant vocal talent. Jimmy seems to really enjoy himself inspite of looking much older. He still plays amazingly it's just he just looks so freakin old its shocking. It doesn't matter though because he rocks that much. The new songs, City Don't Cry, The Truth Explodes, and Wah Wah are all recorded outdoors in Morocco with local musicians and really show the ability of Jimmy and Robert to be extremely eclectic. Wonderful One is taken from the show itself and is also a new song. It is a stirring acoustic song with some great acoustic work by Jimmy. Nobody's Fault But Mine really didn't do it for me maybe because it just doesn't work acoustically but that's a small gripe. When The Levee Breaks is also rerecorded on a Misty Mountain Top just like Nobody's Fault But Mine and actually works quite well acoustically.
    That's The Way stays true to its roots aside from the kongas and bongos and whatnot as well as the drums which are nonexistent on the original. Four Sticks is loaded with lotsa crazy percussion from a Moroccan Orchestra. Friends is filled with violins and is a generally good moving song. Then comes the grand finale. The best 10 minutes of the show. Kashmir. This version surpasses all. The orchestra melds beautifully with the band and fits like a hand in a glove. Just having the live strings as compared to just having Jonesy do it all through keyboards back in the day give it a step up. The song starts slowly and at various times stops for a violin solo as well as some crazy bongos stuff. Jimmy Page plays this $50,000 guitar that is more like a computer for this song. He makes millions of sounds somehow throughout this song and towards the end gives everyone a teaser of Black Dog. The song and show ends with everyone jamming around Black Dog for about two minutes and then everyone leaves as the orchestra finishes out.
    The bonuses rock. The interview is cool. Most High is a good Kashmir like song off of Walking Into Clarksdale the collaboration between Plant and Page. The song is cool but the middle eastern-esque keyboard breaks get annoying when we all know that Jimmy Page could be soloing. Black Dog is great as explained above.
    Overall, buy this piece of history. I know, I know you'r unsure but trust me it rules. Sure it's mostly acoustic and that was one of the reasons I wasn't going to buy it but still it's amazing. You're mind will be blown....more info
  • A Wonderfully Creative Take on Legendary Music
    These gyus are great! Kinda miss Jones in it - but Page and Plant are at it again. Thanx guys! If you're ever up in Pennsylvania - look me up.

    I wore it out and need to buy another. Where's the DVD?!...more info

    For all Zeppelin fans, any CDs, DVDs relating to them will always be worth having....more info
  • Read this review for a minute...
    When I first saw this in 1994 on MTV when I was 14, I knew what I wanted to do with my life right then and there. I can honestly say that it changed the course of things for me, since I am hooked in more ways than one. I always listen to the Unledded album. I wore out my first CD, so I bought another one, the Australian version. The Australian version is on its way to being worn down, but I also bought the singles that came out around the time of its release, not to mention the fact that since I liked it so much, I decided to learn how to play guitar, hence "life-changing." I can now play entire songs off this album. Learning how to play the songs gives you even more of an insight as to why and how Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (as well as John Paul Jones) are held in high regard by people who really know their music. If there is one highlight of the DVD, it is at 4:23 into "That's The Way," the outro guitar part. Watch that part, and you'll see what I'm talking about....more info


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