Delonghi 3M Electrostatic Replacement Filter for DAP50 and DAP70 Air Purifier

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Product Description

The Delonghi Genuine Replacement Air Purifier 3M Electrostatic Filter # DAP50F3M fits models DAP50

  • Delonghi DAP50F3M Air Filter For Dap71
Customer Reviews:
  • great place to buy hard to find 3M air-purifier filter !
    this item was sent right away and is a perfect replacement filter ! Thanks !...more info
  • It's Great!
    We are very happy with this product. I am able to sleep at night and not wake up with a "stuffy nose." The price was right as it used to be more pricey when it first came out. I am thankful that Amazon had this product listed and that I was able to obtain two of the same item in a very fast time frame....more info
  • Great for the availability and price
    Not the best filter but does the job quite well. You will need to replace this filer more often than the one that came with the unit. ...more info
  • Less expensive than replacement HEPA filter--if you can even find the HEPA replacement
    I like the Delonghi DAP70 air purifier we bought for our nursery. The low setting is very quiet; the medium and high settings provide the perfect amount of white noise for a sleeping baby.

    The only downside to the air purifier was that the replacement HEPA filters were rather expensive--usually priced in the $23-25 range if I recall correctly. Nonetheless, I was prepared to spend the money and went online to shop for a replacement filter a few weeks ago.

    I was very surprised to find that the product was either "out of stock" or "discontinued" everywhere I looked! The one store that appeared to have the HEPA filter in stock emailed me after I placed the order to let me know that it had actually been discontinued there as well.

    I'm giving this product three stars because I haven't been using it long enough to truly evaluate it. I like the price, and we use the air purifier for white noise as much as the health benefits.

    So, if you need a HEPA replacement filter for the DAP70 this product is not for you. Furthermore, you may be out of luck regardless unless or until something changes with the availability of the HEPA replacement filters.

    For us, no one in the family has allergies or asthma, so HEPA vs. electrostatic is not critical. The price is of this filter is very appealing compared to the HEPA, and we still get the invaluable white noise to keep the baby asleep!
    ...more info
  • Replacement Filter
    We are disappointed to discover that this Delonghi replacement filter is not exactly the same as the closely pleated air filter as the one that originally came with the air purifier....more info