Progressive International Microwavable Four Egg Poacher

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Product Description

Make four quick and healthy poached eggs in 2 minutes. Nonstick. Limited 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • Poaches up to 4 eggs at once in the microwave
  • Round shape is perfect to cook eggs for breakfast sandwiches
  • Non-stick surface makes for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews:

  • So Simple...
    It took me about 4 batches to get the eggs just the way we liked them, but all of the other batches were completely edible, just varying degrees of doneness. Even the most cooked I made were not rubbery. Just a matter of personal preference.

    Cleanup goes just as smoothly as the cooking. No sticking, no scrubbing. So far, I've just used hot water and a sponge.

    I'll probably never cook another poached egg in water. Too much trouble and mess. ...more info
  • I love microwave cookware
    It is hard to get the eggs just right, but once you find the key to the cookware and your microwave, they come out perfectly. Fast and easy way to get breakfast on the table. Safe in the dishwasher if you need to, our rince clean easily. Makes cooking fun to have little gadgets that work....more info
  • Works but no bells and whistles
    This works perfectly for poaching an egg. It's simple to use and the eggs come out as intended.

    I am taking away a star because the quality and build aren't top notch even for such a cheap item. I overheated the thing in my microwave once by mistake and one of the eggs actually burned itself through the poacher. leaving me with just a 3 egg thing.

    Still, for this price it's great!...more info
  • A CLEAN egg poacher
    I've tried other poachers, and this item does a better job than others,
    This is GREAT for anyone who wants to cook more than one egg at one time. Others work well for single-egg serving, but this one permits microwaving up to four eggs at once, without significantly juggling cooking times.
    It also cleans up very well, and very quickly, and the ease of both has led me to use it on a regular basis.
    The ease of use, and quick clean-up, both promote better nutrition for older and/or disabled persons, who often must choose cooking methods and foods based on those considerations rather than what one would actually like to eat....more info
  • Progessive egg poaching!
    The Progressive microwable four egg poacher is an ideal remedy to a risking task of poaching eggs just right. Perfect for Sunday breakfast -Fail save results. Perfect for eggs benedict. Again this is a must for people on the go cooking 4/2. Eggs come out just right everytime.

    Easy clean - Fast - Perfect Results. This is a must purchase if you are a poached egg lover. ...more info
  • Microwave egg poacher
    I absolutely love this egg poacher. It poaches the eggs very quickly and they turn out right every time and the clean up is SO easy....more info
  • Works really well
    Makes great eggs if you follow the instructions! I can finally make breakfast quickly without worrying about that nasty skin eggs can sometimes get when you fry them....more info
  • Great Egg Poacher!
    I thought this was a really great egg poacher. It promised to be stick-free, and it was true! I have never had to grease the poacher, add butter, or anything to prevent sticking. The product comes with very simple instructions to create your perfect egg. I usually only make one egg at a time, but it is handy even for one egg. I would definitely buy this again. ...more info
  • Good micro
    Good micro poacher.

    Pros: Works great

    Cons: none so far

    Be sure to poke the yokes and whites with a fork before cooking to keep the explosions to a minimum. ;-)
    Also add half a teaspoon of water under and on top of eggs before cooking.
    30 seconds per egg on med-high (7 out of 10 setting) Adjust time + or - 10 sec for desired yokeage liquidity. ;-) Ya know what i'm talkin' bout....more info
  • Great Eggs!
    Easy way to get some protein in my kids in the morning -- a minute in the microwave and they're done. I can't scramble that fast! Easier to clean than the two-egg version I had before, but clean it right away!...more info
  • Simple yet effective
    I bought this device also based on the other reviews. The best way (at least allowed from a culinary point if view is obviously the traditional way that involves turning boiling water) is not the most easy, and that is where this device come to play: it is dead easy to use.
    The result looks a 7 out of 10, however it tastes a 9 out of 10. And it takes no time; some water in the bowls, break and hop in the eggs, a bit of water on the top, and 60 sec per egg added, a short wait, and there you are!

    I wish there is such a device to roast a turkey!!...more info
  • Really works
    It really works as described. Unusual, now days! Perfect eggs! Easy clean-up. Good price!! ...and.. it really works!...more info
  • Perfectly poached eggs!
    ...We also use this to cook eggs quickly, for egg salads. Just let the time extend
    on the cooking, until the whole egg is hard, then slice or chop for the salad. Poacher easily cleans, with no sticking, and NO TEFLON! A great value--I bought one for my sister, also...more info