Ramsey IG7 Ion Generator Kit

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Product Description

This nifty kit includes a pre-made high voltage ion generator potted for your protection, and probably the best one available for the price. It also includes a neat experiment called an "ion wind generator". This generator works great for pollution removal in small areas (Imagine after Grandpa gets done in the bathroom!), and moves the air through the filter simply by the force of ion repulsion! No fan blades, no noise, just swiftly moving, charged air. Learn how modern spacecraft use ions to accelerate through space. Use the Ion Generator to pump your VanDeGraff generator to a faster charge time, and generate negative ions for health and healing! Includes ion power supply, 7 ion wind tubes, and mounting hardware for the ion wind generator. (Caution...do not grab the output of the transformer, all the ions may be sucked out of your body! And don't you just hate it when that happens!)

  • Generate a breath of fresh air...Without a fan!
  • Generate negative ions along with a blast of fresh air, without any noise!
  • Generates a steady state DC voltage at a constant current, not pulsed!
  • Generates 7.5kV DC negative, 400uA. That's a lot of ions!
  • Electronic kit, assembly required