Surround Air Car Ionizer XJ-800 - Fragrance LavenderXJ-800-LAV

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Product Description

XJ-800 Surround Air Car Ionizer - "Beetle" Vehicle Air Purifier and Air Freshener The air freshener that actually cleans the air in your vehicle. Eliminates Cigarette Smoke. Even if you smoke in your car, your car can smell brand new inside with the Beetle car air ionizer/air freshener. The ionizer eliminates the particulate and odor from cigarette smoke, while the fragrance adds a pleasing scent to your car. Remove Pollution and Allergens. The ionization will effectively remove pollution from the roadways that enters your vehicle, as well as allergens, reducing allergies and other health problems that can occur while driving. Five Fragrances to Choose From. The "Beetle" XJ-800 car ionizer comes with your choice of the following fragrance packets: Vanilla, Apple, Pine, Forest and Lavender. Ultra-High Ion Output. The "Beetle" XJ-800 car ionizer is one of the few vehicle air purifiers that uses "Needlepoint" ionization, which is the highest ion-producing method available, making it more effective than other car ionizers. Ultra-Low Power Consumption. Using only 3W of electricity, the "Beetle" auto ionizer can be left running in your vehicle all night long without draining the battery. Place It Anywhere. Due to its compact size, the 5-foot long cord, and the adhesive pads that are included, the "Beetle" auto ionizer can be placed just about anywhere in your car. Surround Air XJ-800 Car Air Ionizer - Advantages Effectively Removes Allergens and Other Pollutants. The high negative ion concentration produced by the XJ-800 effectively removes just about any type of airborne pollutant (list of pollutants removed). This includes allergens, chemicals, odors, bacteria, viruses, and other types of compounds. High-Density Negative Ion Output. The XJ-800 uses 3 stainless steel needle points to generate a high concentration of negative ions. The needlepoint ionization method produces a higher level of negative ions than any other method. Long Lasting, Durable. Since the needle

  • Eliminates cigarette smoke
  • Five fragrances to choose from
  • Remove pollution and allergens
  • Vehicle air purifier and air freshener
Customer Reviews:
  • NOT a filter, but lots of ions
    Bottom line: Doesn't filter the air, generates lots of ozone/ions, sleek attractive look, hard to mount on non-horizontal surfaces, fragrance overpowered by ionized air smell.

    This product has a very sleek, attractive appearance. However, it does not filter the air. It has an ozone/ion generator, a small fan, and a small container in which you can put scent beads. It has 3 settings, High ionization, Low ionization, and fan only. It comes with velcro strips, which are not useful unless you are mounting the unit on a horizontal surface, as the adhesive on the strips is rather goopy and weak. After running the unit for a while, you can definitely taste the ozone and ionized air. On the high setting overnight, this can be rather strong and might be objectionable to some people. I recommend rolling down the windows for a few minutes before driving to vent out some of the ionization. In fact, the ionized smell overpowers the scent of the fragrance. If you just want fragrance, you should get a different unit or even some cheap air fresheners. ...more info