Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

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Product Description

You spend approximately 1/3 of your life sleeping. Are you getting the most out of your sleep? Use the #1 NECK PILLOW. The Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow can help restore the normal neck C- curve, help you improve your posture, and relieve back and neck pain. The Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow offers superior comfort, and provides the proper ergonomic support while you sleep- there is nothing like it on the market. It is non-allergenic, machine machine washable, latex free and fits most standard pillow cases. Used by chiropractors and health professionals all over the world! The special V shape in the neck pillow cradles your head and gently lifts your head away from your shoulders (much like a massage therapist would do for you). At the same time, the neck roll underneath supports your neck. While sleeping on your side, the generous, soft wings keep your head at the right height from the mattress, to relieve strain on your neck and shoulders. It works for you, sleeping on your back or side.The pressure releases, muscles relax and pain goes away. Designed to work for back and side sleepers. Flip top to bottom to use the neck roll support only. You can use the pillow every night and for the whole time you sleep. The more you can use it the better. However, some individuals may need to gradually increase the usage in stages because of some muscle soreness from such a change from their previous pillow. The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow is comfortable-it is hand stuffed with the best polyester fiber available- its non allergenic and calibrated to the most universally accepted firmness for balance of softness and effectiveness. Use the traction side for sleeping- thus giving your cervical spine a gentle stretch or the support side for sleeping.

  • Wake up Free of Neck and Muscle Pain because pressure is relieved when your head and neck are supported correctly.
  • Experience Deep Sound Sleep because your body relaxes.
  • Breathe easier and reduce snoring because your air passage is unrestricted
  • Enhance Circulation because blood flows better through relaxed muscles.
  • Enjoy Better Posture because your spine is aligned in a natural way.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not Impressed
    This pillow really gave me the worst stiff neck and headache. I am glad it works for some people, but it seems that it is a very expensive lesson to find that it does not work for you!...more info
  • Too Firm
    I found this pillow uncomfortable to use. I was unable to rest on it for even 30 minutes. I generally find traction helpful for the neck but the V angle of the traction portion didn't appear to do anything. It was so narrow i wonder if most heads could rest in it....more info
  • Good Idea but a pain in the Neck..............
    I ordered this pillow because I suffer from chronic neck pain in the cervical area. With frequent visits to the chiropractor I was hoping this would help limit them. But unfortunately it didn't....the pillow is way to over stuffed and firm its a one size fits all and I am a small person with a long skinny neck. I woke with the most terrible migraine-like headache after half a night of using this pillow. Tried it again later but no difference...its just too high. So it was back to the chiropractor to straighten me out again....more info
  • The answer to my prayers!
    I was diagnosed years ago with a "military neck", that is, with no c-curve in my neck. It has caused a variety of problems with my head and upper back. I've tried every cervical-type pillow I've come across in the last 10 years; some very good, some really awful. I slept on this pillow for the first time last night; I do not intend to look any further.

    I moved very slowly when I woke up this morning fully expecting some aches & soreness until I get used to my new pillow. There were none! I was in awe! My neck and upper back feel better today than they've felt in years. This is truly an amazing product. A night's sleep like I had last night is priceless! It's well worth the cost! ...more info
  • Surprisingly Amazing
    I purchased two pillows - one for me and one for my snoring husband. Here is how the pillow stacked up:

    Me: I traded in my Tempur-Pedic contoured pillow for this one. I was scared, but willing to try a new one, since the other one had started to go flat. I had suffered a shoulder injury about two months ago and it had been causing severe pain in my right shoulder, upper back, neck, and jaw. No amount of manipulation, massage or medication helped the pain. I swear, one night on this pillow (I didn't even do the break-in as suggested, I just used it the entire night through and slept soundly), and the pain was gone for an entire day. I did not even need one advil. Oh, and I was not able to crack my neck, probably because it was properly aligned for once. I was shocked. I have used it nightly ever since, and each day, my shoulder improves. I am able to do more and more. The pain is still gone. I am a believer. Bye-bye Tempur-Pedic pillow!

    My husband: Long time (jet-engine) snorer. He traded in his Sona Pillow for Snoring and Mild Sleep Apnea ($129) for this one. The other pillow cut back the snoring about 75% for a short time. My husband has been so uncomfortable on his old pillow, he doesn't use it properly, and it doesn't work. He didn't want to use this new pillow either and was upset when he found out it was more expensive than a standard pillow, until he tried it out. He loved how it felt when he was on his back and side. So far, he has not snored at all on his back or side. That in itself is a miracle. His back pain has also decreased greatly.

    I highly recommend giving this pillow a try. I love mine so much I lugged it on vacation with me....more info
  • My neck actually stopped hurting!
    I cannot recommend this pillow highly enough. I have severe neck problems that often radiates pain through my shoulder blades & arms. The day after I slept using this pillow the pain literally stopped. I was completely shocked. If you have any neck or shoulder pains try this pillow - it is really comfortable (both on your back & side) and really works....more info
  • Great!
    I have had problems with my neck for over thirty years, and I have wasted a lot of money on neck pillows in that time. This is the best neck pillow that I have ever tried! It supports the neck, while not being to hard or too soft. It supports the head when you roll on to your side. It provides very gentle traction, so that it is comfortable. I have had some pillows that were too uncomfortable to sleep on. I imagine that people with different sized heads and necks might have a different experience, but I think it is great!...more info
  • Not for me!
    I give it two stars only because the service I received was prompt and well documented. But the pillow itself has now rendered me unable to move properly.

    I woke up in the middle of the night on the first night I used it with a searing pain shooting down my shoulder. Now, I have chronic neck and shoulder issues anyway, (hence the purchase of this pillow to begin with,) but this was completely off the scale. I was unable to drop my head, turn my head to the right or raise my right arm above the level of my shoulder. I tried it again last night using the other, slightly less supportive side and was fine as long as I did *not move* from my back. Once I was on my side, everything hurt. Sorry, but I just don't sleep like that... I roll and shift positions and and my pillow needs to shift with me. This is only a useful product if you are strictly a back sleeper and do not move. If you are more active, this is not the product for you. Alas, these are unreturnable due to hygiene reasons, so do your homeowork and try one out, if possible, *before* you buy it.
    ...more info
    I contacted Amazon via email about their policy on refunds for this item.
    They responded with Yes they will refund for it in the 30 day refund time limit. And if you feel the item is not as described (which would be the case if it is not helping you) then the shipping cost is refunded too).

    This is their policy for items sold by them or fulfilled by them.
    Check the website for this and call or email them.
    I could be wrong, but I do not think so.
    Amazon has a great refund policy which I have used several times.
    And I love their customer service via their toll-free phone number.

    Good luck!...more info
  • This is THE ONE
    I've had issues with sleeping ever since I broke my neck several decades ago. It has been virtually impossible to have a comfortable night's sleep since then. Recently I went on a mission to find a pillow that let's me sleep better, and I ordered several good pillows from Amazon. I like each of them, but THIS ONE is the best of all. It felt like my whole body went, "AHHHHHH!" when I put my head down on it. This is the one I've been needing, and I'm so glad it was here!...more info
  • Best Neck Pillow I have tried
    The first time I lay on the pillow, I could actually feel my sinuses drain immediately. My breathing during the night has improved substantially.

    Most importantly, the effect it has on my neck pain has been dramatic. I wake up with my neck completely relaxed. I am sleeping better than I have in months. My range of motion has improved. Everything just feels better.

    Another great thing about this pillow is its standard size and shape. It actually looks like a "normal" pillow on the bed (unlike all the other neck pillows I have tried)....more info
  • I love this pillow
    I have have been diagnosed with military neck (loss of curvature in the neck) for over 15 years. The chiropractor wants me to lie on a rolled up towel periodically but who has the time. Often, I will wake with a stiff neck making it difficult to rotate my head. I spend all my time at work seated and looking down which could be the cause of my troubles.

    I looked at a number of products and finally settled on the Arc4life traction pillow. I'm very pleased with the quality of the product and it's gentle action. From day one I've slept very comfortably with it and highly recommend it to others experience neck discomfort.

    Only negative experience is that my mother in law tried it out when she came to visit and she liked it so much I gave it to her and ordered 2 more for myself. The pillows aren't cheap, but when compared to therapy and even high end pillows, they are a bargain.

    ...more info
  • This pillow is great!
    I have been having "Stiff Necks" on and off for several years. Each time they were more painful and lasting longer. I have purchased lots of pillows, expensive and not. I came across this pillow and thought I'd give it a try. I have not had a stiff neck since I started using it about 9 months ago. The first 2 nights it was uncomfortable and I thought I wouldn't like it. The pillow keeps your neck in proper alingment so it's awkward, but after a couple of nights, it becomes very comfortable. I take this pillow when I travel, I can't sleep without it now. I am ordering another one for my DH.....excellent product!...more info


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