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Product Description

Norton GoBack 4.0 handles PC troubles by rolling back your system to a healthy state. Retrieve deleted files, recover data in an emergency and take care of maintenance & troubleshooting. Recovering curcial information has never been easier! Retrieve deleted files easily -- even if they've been overwritten

  • Restore system to healthy state after system problem or user error
  • Retrieve deleted files easily; recover individual files or an entire hard drive
  • Quickly find files or folders to restore with search bar
  • Simple click rolls back disk drive to original state with SafeTry mode
  • AutoBack for scheduling regular system resets

Customer Reviews:

  • Chance of working/destruction is random. High risk product.
    GoBack worked great for me (5 stars) on my Dell XPS laptop for 3 years.
    I removed the stock 60 gig drive, put in a 230 gig drive partitioned into 30 and 200 gigs. After installing goback, I got the "not bootable" error. This makes it a 0 star.

    Overall review: Great product when it works, but due to the risk of wiping out your system, 1 star (the minimum). Do not install, no not even think about trying this unless it is free and you have everything backed up first.

    I've tried all the solutions.
    * Reinstalled goback with Symantec AV uninstalled. Same failure.
    * Having a Dell, I went into the BIOS "Security" area called "CPU XD Support". This is "Execute Disable Bit Capability". Someone above mentioned the solution was to turn of this capability in the Dell bios, and everything was great for them after that. Didn't work for me.
    * Ctrl-Alt-G doesn't work when I can't even boot the HD.
    * Pulled HD out, replaced with good hard drive with GoBack on it. Everything is fine. Put "bad" drive in external case and plugged it in. Blue screen that said the problem was GoBack.sys or something like that. Tried booting with drive plugged in, same error. A physical connection to the drive jacked up my system.

    From what I can see, it is random if this program works for you or not. It has some issue to do with hard drives for me. It's great if it works, but if it doesn't you have to "go back" and use your windows boot disk to wipe and re-partition your hard drive, or use the UBCD (ultimate boot CD) and a bunch of work to see your data again (see earlier reviews for two methods of being able to see your drive data again after a goback destruction)....more info
  • DANGER: Stay away from this software
    The only reason i assigned 1 star to this product is because you can't give less than this.

    I've now spent the better part of 8 hours trying to uninstall this software from my machine. Right now i'm trapped where GoBack has hijacked my machine and prevents me from even booting the system.

    I've a PhD in computing, and 20+ years of development experience, and i'm seriously considering buying a new computer right now so i can get some critical work accomplished rather than to try to fix this Symantic screw up. This is crazy.

    I spent more than two hours on online chat with Symantec's india service center; they were useless. They knew about the problem (my computer continually cycles between a GoBack error diagnostic screen #155 and a status screen that dumps back into the error diagnostic screen), but they had no meaningful strategies for helping me to resolve the problem.

    The Symantec web site offers poor solution suggestions. Their solution requires a boot disk, but with only a CD drive on my computer to boot from, they offer no suggestions on how to construct a bootable CD with the tools necessary to correct the problem.

    I have an option of calling their support line (@ $30 per incidence) TO FIND OUT HOW TO UNINSTALL THEIR SOFTWARE. This is more than i paid for it (which gives me an idea of how they're making money on this product).

    Although they used to produce good products, Symantec has severely failed as a software company. They have cost me hundreds of dollars in lost productivity. I would be pleased to join a class action suit to make thems accountable for the malware they sell as "tools to help your computer run better"....more info
  • Norton GoBack 4.0
    Being the computer age, we all make mistakes.
    The GoBack has saved me, many times!
    Highly recommend!...more info
  • GoBack 4 is a Go!!!
    I just started this software almost two weeks now. I had lost everything on my PC before but luckly I had a backup. So I decided to give GoBack a try. I am loving it!!! It's especially great if you have the hard disk space. Drives are cheap now so there's no excuse. I allocated more than the 10% (the more the better) and I have 3 disks installed with different partitions. GoBack has been awsome when I install a software that is not working properly; or if a spyware hijacked my pc, etc. It's very easy to use (reading the manual is a most). The only problem I've had was using Partition Magic only because I didn't read the manual beforehand. I now know that I have to disable GoBack in order to use Partition Magic. This is not a perfect software. I don't like the uninstall when upgrading OS or installing service packs. Overall if you have important information on your PC and you are constantly doing work, I highly recommend it. For those of you who had trouble with the software I would go back and rethink the purpose you bought this software. For the GoBack fans, Enjoy it and Smile when you are able to recover without doing a backup. Note: Backups are still important. You just don't have to do it as frequent....more info
  • suspicions confirmed!
    I'm rating GoBack two stars because I've used it for years, and it saved my bacon many's the time. However, it seems that Roxio sold its best product to Norton, and to judge by the reviews on Amazon, the result was a disaster. I'm ready to believe them because Norton SystemWorks destroyed my computer a few years ago: once SystemWorks was installed, it became so unstable that I could no longer use it. Since there was stuff on there that I valued, I bought a new computer and laboriously moved everything over by using 3.5 inch diskettes. Then I F-disked the old computer, reintstalled Windows 98, and gave it to my daughter, who has used it ever since.

    The new computer was Windows ME, and I was able to get a Roxio patch for GoBack, which has served me well for five years. Now however I am upgrading to Windows XP, only to discover that GoBack is now owned by Norton (the current release is 4, while mine was 2, patched to 2.22). So I came to Amazon, prepared to buy it, only to read this series of howls. Guys, I'm sorry for your troubles, but thank you for taking the time to post your experiences here. And thank you, Amazon, for providing this wonderful service....more info
  • Will Badly Mess Up Dual Processor PC's
    It would have been nice if it was made clear that GoBack doesn't work on dual processor PC's. Especially before it corrupted my hard drive. The fine print in the support section mentions it; this should be openly stated up front....more info
  • Used it for years.
    I can't understand the problems people have had with GoBack. Can you imagine what would have happened when I messed around with my color schemes and everything on the desktop turned the same shade of green, even the Start bar, if I hadn't pressed Alt, F4 then turned the computer off and used GoBack to revert to before my dumb move? I always install software in a clean boot and highly recommend it. I just ordered a new copy of GoBack because it came preinstalled on my computer and I had to uninstall all Norton products before installing the System Works Upgrade. As a double-safety measure I also regularly set up Restore Points with Windows Restore. Yes, Norton products require special procedures but then they always work perfectly for me, alhough I sometimes have to iron out difficulties first....more info
  • I'm planning on suing Symantec in small claims court over this
    This product destroyed over 40+G on my third internal drive when I loaded it. There was no reason for it to even access that drive, but it retooled it and left my other 2 drives alone. It cost me $500 to try to repair the drive and eventually I replaced it. I have that drive sitting in a box, waiting until I have $2000 to have it "slow read" to see if I can get the data back. This product is a nightmare and I intend on making Symantec pay for the money out of my pocket. No amount could ever pay for the data that I lost, which was all family photos and videos. This program is a disaster....more info
  • Won't Go Back from Norton GoBack ...
    After installing Norton GoBack my system could not boot any longer and could not "Go Back" not even the restore functionality of XP solved the problem. In conclusion had to fix the problem using the XP installation CD.

    - I had a fresh XP system installed (OEM from DELL)
    - No previous Norton software installed
    - Everything working fine until, I made the mistake of
    installing this Norton GoBack.
    - Had to do lot of post XP installation work, fixing
    several applications that did not longer work.

    Technical support? they sent me such a huge list of changes including many uninstall/install and restarts i.e. uninstall/install/uninstall/install/uninstall/install and then if you get whatever issue in the middle just start all over again.

    Sorry I do not like this Norton game of uninstall/install ... have more interesting things to do.

    ...more info
  • Danger, Will Robinson, Danger...
    Let me join the chorus of folks who have been burned by this dangerous product. The fact that Norton would even have anything to do with it does not reflect well on the company. My hard drive basically locked me out of Windows one fine day and many months later I'm still trying to get my data back (and it's likely I may never). If you look at the drive under PartitionMagic, what you find is that the entire partition is now called 'GoBack' (no drive letter or anything) and, literally, when you boot from that disk about the only thing you get is the Go Back intro but it leads to nowhere and the drive is inaccessable other than to repartition or reformat and that means the loss of all data.

    As a result of this and other bugs in Norton products, this long time Norton user is finished with the kind of sloppy software that can cause this kind of damage. As you've read, this is not an isolated instance and if you travel around the newsgroups you will see plenty more instances of crash and burns resulting from this terrible product.

    Norton, be ashamed, very ashamed...oh yeah, and goodbye to your trashy software....more info
  • Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
    Norton blithely touts this program as the end all and be all of saving your a** if something goes wrong goes wrong goes wrong.... It's even patented- whoopee. If something happens they say you can go back to a known good configuration. The problem with this is when it works its fine and when it doesn't it destroys your hard disk's readability. Ever hear of the Norton go back Blue screen of death- look it up on the web to make you never want to touch this with a 20 foot USB cable. I am halfway through a $1500 data recovery because these idiots release software that almost works. They even have the temerity to ask us to help them debug it. How about they pay me for 2 weeks down time and lost data....more info
  • Saved again
    Over the years I have used Go Back numerous times, especially when the restore utility would not or could not reproduce earlier files. Go Back has never failed me, I just have to remember to back data files such as Quicken before using Go Back as newer, unbacked files will be erased and replaced with old data files....more info
  • It really works!
    I've had this product installed on my desktop for years. It's the only reason my old computer is still in use today. Unlike system restore, this program works for me every single time...and I have had to use it too many times to count. It sure has saved me numerous calls to tech support and the repair shop. Now I need to install it on my laptop!...more info
  • What a waste of money
    I installed Norton Go Back on my older pc years ago (never used it), it crashed and had a message, "Go Back Internal Error Failure Code 9b_UI_Support (1147)", which wouldn't let me get into the pc, so I took it to the computer doctor. When I received it back, I was able to get into the computer, but still had problems with the hard drive (kept rebooting as soon as windows appeared). I decided to buy a new pc and to stay away from all the norton software's. I wouldn't recommended this product to anyone....more info
  • Best $50 you will spend in your life
    I am a computer reseller. Every computer I provide a client (150+) gets a copy of Norton Goback.

    This program has saved both my clients and me countless troubleshooting hours; as long as they catch a problem in about 3 days or so. We just restore the entire system back to a working point in time.

    I cannot recommend this program enough.

    I install this program on the computer right out of the box, and I use the custom setup during installtion to make the file size a full 8MB. I have never had any problems with this software.

    I use this program on all of my personal and families computer's.

    I could not live without this program. It is a real life saver.

    ...more info
  • GoBack - does it cause hard disk churning (?)
    After I installed GoBack 4 on my new computer, the hard disk spent all its time churning away non-stop. I managed to "disable" GoBack. It took three hours to remove its "history". But now my hard disk is back to normal. It sits quietly, doing nothing unless I'm accessing it. Is it possible GoBack was keeping the hard disk in action, searching for changes, and saving constantly?...more info
  • Don't load this product.
    I recently purchased Norton Internet Security 2006 that came with a complimentary copy of Norton GoBack 4.0. After installing NIS 2006 with some problems I finally got it working and was pretty happy with it.

    Unfortunately, I then decided to install GoBack 4.0. I was prompted to restart windows, and then my computer was gone. Just a black screen from that point.

    I spent three hours on the phone with Symantec and then decided HP could better help me. Luckily, my computer was under warrantee and will be sent in for re-formatting. Unfortunately, to recover my data I had to take it in and have no guarantees of getting anything back.

    I would definitely avoid this product. A couple hundred dollars in data recovery, and I still ahve not found out whether I will be getting any data back. Add to that a 3 days for the recovery process and another 5 or so for re-formatting; loading this program can become a pretty expensive proposition. Hope this helps....more info
  • go back 4
    I used verson 2.2 on a Windows ME install, and it was great: rock solid security, guarding your entire hard drive.

    Then I upgraded to XP, and couldnt get either version 2.2 or version 3 to work - fortunately, I learnt how to uninstall it cleanly, because it was trashing the boot-up and everything else.

    Now they've released V 4.
    And I have to say, the reviews I'm reading here make me very angry.
    Everyone knows what GoBack does - great!
    But this is serious, boot level, DOS level surgery that SOMETIMES GOES WRONG. So why can't they test, test, and test a hundred times again, and write a manual telling you all about it - WHEN you can use this, and when you CAN'T.

    I'd like to have the Go Back protection agian, its a great utility, but what I'm reading here just confirms the old XP install problems.

  • GoBack tip
    Have been using GoBack since it was sold by WildFiles, and that's a loooong time. It's saved me more times than I can count. If you're using it and then have to restore your OS, be aware that GoBack hooks itself into the MBR with its own version and your drive will then appear unrestorable. T'ain't so. Go find another computer and download the lastest version of UBCD4Win and burn it to a disk. Set your BIOS to boot from CD-ROM if it isn't already so set, insert UBCD4Win and look for the "Unhook GoBack" tool. Run it and then you'll be good to go with your restoration. You'll want to keep the UBCD4Win disk around anyhow - tons of good tools on it; you can be your own guru. I've been running GoBack for years on a PATA IDE RAID 0 setup; no problems. ...more info
  • Problem with GoBack is Hardware (bios) related to Intel processor on Dell Laptop
    I've been using GoBack since version 2. I upgraded to version 3 for WinXP. In the last 5 or 6 years I'd only come across 2 hardware related problems that caused a problem for GoBack: I had a problem with a computer that had a GeForce2 video card, and I had a problem with a Sony Vaio computer because the mbr had been changed by GoBack and this didn't allow the Sony to run the program to burn the System and Software recovery backup discs that you need if the actual hard drive dies. I didn't find a work around for the video card problem and just changed the video card to a GeForce 4. For the Sony I uninstalled GoBack, ran the recovery disc creation software, and reinstalled GoBack. The Recovery Disc program is a run once program anyway...

    Last week, a client that is using the Sony desktop bought a DEll Inspiron 6000 laptop and wanted it set up like his Sony as far as GoBack and another program called CasperXP which he uses to create a bootable copy of his whole system with all files, programs, etc. Every once in awhile his voice dictation software (Dragon) trashes his sound drivers on the Sony and he simply uses GoBack to restore to a complete working system again. Occasionally, something he does to his system has happened far enough in the past, usually due to DVD files using up the GoBack buffer and he can't GoBack far enough to fix a problem, so he uses CasperXP to copy his backup OS from a second drive that we installed. He backs up his entire drive to a second drive every week, and it's bootable!

    Anyway, after installing GoBack on the Dell laptop, the machine would no longer boot. I suspected the problem was with the Dell hidden partitions they install for system recovery (as of July 15, 2005 Dell no longer ships the recovery discs and there is no program on the machine to burn them).

    I told my client to call Dell as I think these discs should be included as he bought the system and shouldn't have to worry about getting them later if the hard drive fails. After being passed around to 4 or 5 people they finally decided to send him the discs and we reinstalled XP Pro after first removing the hidden partitions from the drive. We gained about 5 gigs back on a 80 gig drive, but we loose the Cntrl+F11 automatic system restore function from Dell.

    We installed GoBack and damn! the program still wouldn't allow the OS to boot (We were getting a Blue Screen with an IRQ_ problem. After exploring the bios on the Dell laptop I noticed a setting in the "Security" area called "CPU XD Support". OK, what's this? Not much on Google, so the bios gives a description like "Execute Disable Bit Capability".


    Searching this pdf file for "Execute Disable" lets you find out a little more about the function and the fact that this is a known problem with Intel processors and there is a planned fix. Apparently this is some sort of hardware solution in the processor for some type of "buffer overrun" error or attack.

    The solution was to turn of this capability in the Dell bios. GoBack and all other features of XP pro are running fine.

    To be fair to GoBack, Adaptec, then Roxio, and now Norton can not control a buggy CPU setting and I'm afraid that many manufacturers that are using this obsure setting in the bios for the Celeron chipset are going to have problems with GoBack and probably other softwares that will get branded as "crap" due to hardware changes....more info
  • Phenomenal Love-Hate effect with GoBack
    Ok, folks.

    There's something truly wrong with the GoBack scene. Among the planted fake reviews, are some truly pleased people. On my old Win2000 machine, I was one. It ate YukkyWare by rolling back to before it existed. Done right, that's an amazing thing.

    I investigate some software options for my company. LUCKILY I bought GoBack with my OWN credit card, and decided to install it on a test basis in privacy. Norton doesn't install. "Needs this much contiguous space." Ok, I ran Start/Programs/Acessories/System Tools/Defragmenter TWICE.
    GoBack decides this is enough, and installs.

    BOOM! I too, met the dreaded BlackScreen. 6 Month old XP machine with basically nothing wrong. Unbelievable. The Downloaded version doesn't have a manual readily available (!) , so I had to get lucky to first disable, followed by Last Good Configuration, and then uninstall GoBack, with two reboots. Scary. I chose not to recommend this to my boss. :/

    I called Symantec (after wasting an hour with their information screen and technique of hiding support numbers.) Rep tells me "maybe your hard drive has problems." (You mean BEFORE, or AFTER installing GoBack?) Enough of Symantec Tech.
    So I turn off System restore, turn off 3/4 of the preloads, disable Norton Internet and Norton AntiVirus, and try again. Same BlackScreen. Disable GoBack, Last Good Configuration, Uninstall GoBack. Tried to look at the invoice I saved. The webpage contains Java elements. Internet explorer crashed so hard "End Now" ... didn't end it. Rebooted Windows.

    Right. I damn nearly annihilated my work computer. (I'd love to explain that one!)

    So I get this brilliant idea. "Look! Since I nearly ruined my work computer, maybe it will work at home!!!!" Drumroll....
    ... Which it does. << Smacks Forehead >>

    This is too much. So I went reseaching. See the amazon reviews. Someone BlackScreened on Win XP1, so it's not the infamous Destruction Pack 2. Someone reported a problem at the Bios level. (GoBack conflicts with OEM Bios installs?? GREAT.)
    Someone else mentioned Dell. The comp I nearly blew up was a dell. It works on an E-Machine.

    Network Connections? RAID drives? Wireless networks? Dell Proprietary software at the setup level? I don't have a $100,000 budget to do the research report with. Symantec seemed unimpressed when Windows wouldn't boot. (Isn't that what usually gets a supervisor involved?)

    Result is, when this thing works, it's really incredible.

    "Said Medicine makes you impervious to Earthquakes, Floods, and Fires. Side effects include Coma."

    If you're brave and you get lucky, fine. If not, there's something in Windows XP and/or Version 4.0 that annihilates 60% of computers. So what's the average temperature between the interior of the Sun and Absolute Zero? 3 Stars.

    --TaoPhoenix...more info
  • Stay Away from this junk!
    Believe the bad press about this software - it is evil. It killed my disc which now won't boot or slave. I'm looking at a rather large bill to recover my data and have little hope of even a refund from Norton.

    Until now I had good luck with Norton software but apparently GoBack eats drives with partitions. This must be a fairly well known problem yet they do nothing to warn anyone. I got this junk as an upgrade to System Works. In any case, Norton will never see another dime from me. DO NOT LOAD THIS SOFTWARE!...more info
    I recently purchased a new computer for my mom and asked my tech to install Go Back because my brother has been using it for years and loves it. I didn't know it is now a Symantec product or I would have thought twice.

    Well, do not install Go Back if you only have a SATA board as it require IDE. Some of the new computers have SATA only and Go Back caused the computer to crash (blue screen). You'd think you might be a message about incompatibility before a crash but NO. That's Symantec for you. It took him several hours to figure out what had happened. You actually have to make changes in your BIOS to use it with a SATA.

    So, no GO BACK for me. And for all your Symantec haters out there I'm with you, although I do have simple Norton Antivirus installed on my computer with none of the tentacles of Norton's other anti virus programs. Keep it simple, keep it safe.

    Glad some of you have made it through the shark infested waters with the product....more info
  • Nightmare Product
    Because of this horrible piece of software I had to wipe my hard drive. System hanged.No way to remove the software or get back to windows xp. Lost everything. ...more info
  • Be very careful using Go Back
    After installing Go Back, I rebooted to complete the installation, as instructed. My computer would not reboot. Long story short: According to the tech who finally figured out the problem, the program made my hard drive unrecognizable on start up. After three hours of work, he fixed the error, and uninstalled Go Back. A cursory search on the Internet shows that this is a common problem. Norton should provide a fix for this, but I'm not aware of one....more info
  • Very good program.
    I have been using GoBack for years starting with Adaptec, Roxio, and now Norton version 4.0 and never had a problem.
    I bought Windows XP Pro and the stand alone version of GoBack at the same time and installed them on a new hard drive. This works just as it did in the past with no problems. Just like the versions that came before it GoBack has saved my rear end many times over the years.
    I have never used it in the internet package that may have been the trouble the other people have had with it, but I would recommend GoBack to anyone using it as I did ...more info
  • Good, but one major drawback
    I had to uninstall the first 4.0 and go back to the last Roxio version until Norton fixed a few bugs, but it has since worked as well as the 3.x versions. On WinMe, it has saved me countless times; instead of wasting hours figuring out what the problem was, you simply restore the computer. If you come home and suddenly can't connect to the internet, or if you installed a program with unexpected consequences, all you have to do is restore the computer to, say, yesterday, and this will fix 99.9% of all software related problems.
    Except for its own virtual partition, the rest of your protected hard drive(s) will be EXACTLY as before (unlike system restore) with the opportunity to import any changed files (text, photo, etc.) from the virtual partition. The PROBLEM is that instead of saving a drive image, it seems to save a record of all changes instead, which means if you process many files, like sound files, the GoBack buffer will fill up rapidly, even if you are using a non-protected removeable drive to store such files, because GoBack monitors ALL changes, including changes to tmp or bak files. GoBack will then suspend "logging" and you will lose all your restore points. Even the "Auto back" option to save a particular restore point will get overwritten by what it calls "massive file activity," which could consist of digitizing a few tapes or cds. The program is wonderful as long as you don't do any significant file processing. One other drawback: Norton's tech support is worse than Roxio's; they do not seem to understand college level English....more info
  • GoBack is worth its cost -- free
    GoBack was included when I bought Norton Internet Security. I am security aware and have never had to repair seriouss problems caused by virus etc. This GoBack took several hours of starting and stopping, defrag sessions, and still ended with a message that it was unable to complete whatever it needed to do. It gave no direction from that point, but I feel lucky that it didn't screw up my hard drive. Avoid it....more info
  • Piece Of S*&t
    This software will become a nightmare for you one day when your computer won't boot check that problem online ...more info
  • DON'T BUY!
    Worst program I've ever used. Caused me to have to reinstall windows.

    You will be very sorry if you use this program!...more info
  • Too much of a headache for the average user, great for me
    I've been using GoBack since early v3. It has saved me innumerable times from random viruses and misplaced files/accidental deletions. As such, when v4 came out, I assumed it must be better. Not necessarily!

    When I upgraded to version 4, things started to go wacko. My computer wouldn't boot past the BIOS screens. After uninstalling it, the computer booted fine. Re-installing v3 however, caused the same strange BIOS freezes. I was pretty bummed that GoBack might be lost to me forever, as it had actually become a valued "security blanket" for my system and my Windows tinkering.

    I finally isolated the problem to the changes it was making in the boot sector of the hard drive. My Asus motherboard was picking it up as virus activity and halting the system! After deactivating the viral scan in the motherboard BIOS settings, it ran like a champ. No clue why reinstalling v3 did not fix this.

    In summary, GoBack alters and loads at the master boot record of the main hard disk so that even changes made outside of Windows are logged (or are attempted to be logged). My guess is that many problems occur when users unknowingly perform disk activities that are outside of Goback's "normal?" range of logging abilities. Or assume that Symantec has fully tested their product (Yikes, fatal error). Or install it on a computer with a slightly modified boot sequence/BIOS.

    You really need to be EXTREMELY vigilant with what you're doing to avoid Goback issues. Essentially, any type of low-level activity (DOS boot-disks, disk partition activity, Spinrite) has the potential to really screw up GoBack as I doubt Symantec has spent the time to really investigate all permutations of disk activity. Anytime I run Spinrite, or defragment (causes ridiculous amounts of disc activity as Goback attempts to log every byte rearrangement), I disable Goback.

    When it works, it's a lifesaver. After it screws up, you will hate and curse its name forever!...more info
  • There are no stars to rank this software
    I have wasted more time and money trying to fix the boot problem created by this software in the past week than would have been imaginable. At this point I have resigned to paying someone to attempt recovering the data on my drive (if possible) and purchasing a new computer. Check the reviews, Google it.....this is the consensus and I couldn't agree more:

    1. A Class Action Lawsuit is warranted;
    2. Everyone I have consulted and contacted, including Symantec, has requested money for some part of a theoretical 'Solution' to this matter....there does not appear to be one;
    3. I have fruitlessly paid for some of these parts, and no sum of parts will render a solution (check the reviews and rants all over the web, Google it);
    3. Symantec online support and phone support is a classic case of spinning your wheels....they are not helpful, tend be rude and are uninterested in the matter. Both online and on the phone, the tech assistance wanted nothing more than to get the session over with (perhaps they are already well aware that a solution does not exist and do not want their time wasted);
    4. Symantec products are not what they use to be and have declined substantially in reliability;
    5. Symantec has no regard for its customers; and

    ps - the positive reviews you see, that is corporate propaganda...any fool can see that
    ...more info


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