Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater introduces new depth and thrilling gameplay. It's a new level of gaming, with all the detailed levels, thrilling gameplay and stunning plot twists players crave. Set in the 1960s, you become a legendary soldier sent to uncover the secret behind Metal Gear, a top-secret superweapon with nuclear capability. You are all alone in hostile territory -- but you will complete this mission, to secure the continued existence of human life.

  • Use camouflage wisely to survive deep in hostile territory
  • Infiltrate and survive by paying attention to your hunting skills and instincts
  • Use the interactive environments to your advantage -- creating traps to catch enemies and prey
  • Features a blockbuster musical score composed by Harry Gregson-Williams

Customer Reviews:

  • Best video game in existence
    Metal Gear Solid is not for your typical video game and is especially not for the typical video game player, I know because I find 90% of all modern day video games too repetitive. You played Halo you've played every single FPS that will ever be made, if they can slather on new graphics and resale the rotten corpse of Doom to you again and again then have fun.

    This game all comes down to say one stage, there is an enemy compound with a couple of buildings, some trenches surrounding it, electric fences, wooden sheds with ammo and food, M60s on tripods, a massive helicopter and dozens of enemy soldiers patrolling the area. You can get down and crawl around the edge of the screen until you reach the other side and you're done. Or you can slowly sneak behind trees around the perimeter of the compound and off every soldier one by one. Or you can off a soldier, drag him to where the most enemies will notice the body, rig it with TNT then detonate when they come to check on him. Or you can sneak to the right around every single enemy, make your way to the ammo shed, rig it with TNT, put claymore mines around perimeter of the shed, sneak under the helicopter rigging it with TNT, then climb on a ladder to the top of a building, detonate the ammo shed, and watch as enemies approaching the smoldering rubble step on your claymore mines (blowing up ammo sheds enemies further down the line will start to run out of ammo during firefights). Or you can take out your AK47 and run straight into everyone enemy shooting them point blank tossing grenades every where. OR....

    See the idea is, in most video games you play a stage and its over, MGS3 it seems there are endless ways to run through every screen. Your character Snake has what at first seems an impossible amount of moves to master and that is probably the main turnoff for people who just want to flip a game on and blow everyone up. To become good and get the most out of this game you need to completely immerse yourself into it and I have to say this is the most involving game I've ever played. The story is amazingly cheesy, but it feels like the makers knew that any video game cinematic will be cheesy no matter what so they just went as over the top as they could every scene. Completely surreal and certainly grabs everyones attention in the room, it seems Hideo Kojima has an personally goofy and distinctly Japanese edge that is completely missing in every other video game who's idea of weird is falling back on bad cliches without any irony or anything indicating intelligence. Feel the dull stupidity of the cut scenes of Resident Evil 4 or take your pick from any game really. I understand for most games it just propels stage to stage but MGS3 is such a unique tightly constructed world its far more of an experience than most games without being a hopelessly crappy RPG.

    Dunno what to add, I love this game, its one of those you either "get it" or you don't, I am so glad I got it.

    ...more info
  • Good but you should get MGS3 Subsistence instead
    MGS3 Snake Eater was one of THE best games of '04 along with XBox's Halo 2, I gotta say GTA:San Andreas was good but the story sucks hell and let me down

    MGS3 goes back 40 years before the other 2 games and puts you in the boots of a man known as Jack who has been codenamed Naked Snake for his stealth-survival mission in which he has to resque a Soviet scientist from being forced to work on a weapon which could be used to deterr the US and its allies which would result in the USSR winning the Cold War.

    Snake is flown over Soviet airspace by an Air Force plane and he has to parachute out of the plane which to me looks like an RAF Hercules varient but above Earths atmosphere(30,000 feet in the air) so he performs a HALO jump into the Russian jungle

    yes and all this but really you shouldn't get Snake Eater, just go for the updated version, Subsistence because it has fixed many issues and has Online play...more info
  • Metal Gear Solid 3
    Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 were amazing games with basically the same scenory but amazing scenes that were well done with a dramatic touch and great voice acting. Snake Eater takes the gameplay to a whole new level with a change of scenory to more of a jungle feel. If you enjoyed the first two games, then you will definately enjoy this game....more info
  • This "Snake" guy is a babe
    I think this game is the best ever!! It's got everyting, or should I say, Snake's got everything!! I'm going to be completely honest. My brother bought this game, and when I saw him playing as Solid Snake, I immediately became attracted. The only reason I gave this stupid game 4 stars is because Snake takes his shirt off. Yeah, baby!! He's HOT !!! I just wish he would take off his shirt more often, though!! So this game is for other girls like me who like to see nothing but sweaty, hot video game guys. Boo yah !!!...more info
  • metal gear solid 3 snake eater
    i ordered this for my son but it was lost in the mail & he never got it & amazon was out of them but my money was refunded promply . thats why i like ordering from amazon becaue if there is a problem they refund or send anther one out ...more info
  • THE Best One Player game
    I could not put this game down. I loved the dialogue, story line, characters, cut scenes, graphics, game play, enviornments, slicing of thoarts, eating of animals.... I fell in love with this game. I loved MGS 1 and 2 was okay but 3 just blew me away!!!...more info
  • mgs= great, mgs2= bad, mgs3= bad
    the reasons for the low rating have been covered: horrible camera angles, etc. just not a very good game. mgs was great but the last two have been horrible and not a lot of fun.

    avoid...more info
  • The Camera ruins the experience...and some other things.
    I am never this picky about my games. If its fun, I like it. But in this case, the camera ruined parts of the game for me.

    Before I make a list of complaints, let me first praise the game on its finer qualities. I have never before played a game in which I got so involved. I would obsess over stealth. In some instances when I was playing cat and mouse with enemy guards hidden in the woods, I would sit for ten or fifteen minutes try to find them. I found great joy sneaking up on unsuspecting victims and interrogating them or slitting their throat on a whim. I would watch with amused fascination I shot a guards flamethrower and see him explode into a firey ball. I would blend seamlessly into my surroundings and dissappear. In one level, I was completely surrounded by snipers, with no idea where they were, until, after I few minutes of looking through my own scope, saw the glint of the sun off one of the snipers scope. Priceless.

    Dispite all this, the camera angles were god-awful. Too many times I would realize the guard I was stalking was RIGHT in front of me because the camera wouldn't show where he was. I really cannot discribe how bad it was.

    Another thing that irked me slightly was the ability for your character to heal himself. Its a cool concept, but the way it was done took away from the game. You can perform surgery on yourself right in the middle of battle, which I thought was rediculous. And say you had been shot five times, you would only have to remove about two bullets. Minor details, I know, but I thought it was stupid.

    The most dissappointing thing in the game was the bosses. I HATED THE BOSSES. This game would have been SOOOO much better without them. They were too comic-bookish. The game faces you off against a angry hornet throwing guy, an invisible guy, a guy in a wheelchair, a guy who sends ghosts to get you, and an astronaut(?) with a jet pack and flamethrower. I hated the bosses.

    All in all, the game is great...If you can deal with bad camera angles and stupid bosses. It's a great buy....more info
  • Naked Snake! CQC - Close Quarter Combat Advanced A+
    To think I almost gave this 1 star! "Metal Gear Solid 1" October 1998 designed to save the Playstation1 from the Ninento64 "Golden Eye" (released in September 1997) was a new type of `cinematics' game that the N64 cartridge could not do (playback of movie scenes on a disc is "MGS1"), MGS1 is about 4 stars at best or five if you really thought it was the bee's knees, maybe the preferred "Golden Eye" for 5 star treatment. Playstation2 hype, Christmas 2001 "MGS2: Sons of Liberty", created a big five star stomping fan base (see the reviews), but most of us could see how phoney "MGS2" was. I gave "MGS2: Sons of Liberty" 3 stars back then (maybe much less now considering), boring cinematics and constant in-game radio stops made it horribly annoying; flat game play often simply unplayable out of restriction. Quite limited in movement considering the excitement, the character of Raiden was also not Solid Snake either. The oil tanker was cool as a map for the first hour but not the whole game! In 2005 I played "MGS3" for thirty minutes and boxed it shaking my head. I went back to it again for another attempt last week. Let me explain. All is forgiven... and then more some.

    "MGS3: Snake Eater" is a Solid Five star game, the best MGS experience besides not even being MGS at all at times (this is why it is better), maybe as good as the experience of playing "Half-life 2" till the end, I am not a MGS fan (still not; skipped `MGS2.5: Substance' totally) but I played this like it was the best thing since "GTA: San Andreas" or slice bread. The video cut-scenes are the finest on the PS2 yet (or any game for that matter; some elements are PS2 rendered; wear the zombie mask camouflage for best cut-scene effect!), "MGS2" had great graphics, but MGS3 is all about the all-too-very real jungle and wildlife around you (Yes PS2 graphics are nothing compared to a PC ATI 256mb pro card, but Snake Eater lives!) LISTEN NEXT - William Ewart Fairbairn, General List, was born February 28, 1885 in Rickmansworth, Herts, England. Prior to the Second World War, Fairbairn was the Chief Instructor at the Shanghai Municipal Police from October 1907 to March 1940. Fairbairn joined SOE in March 1942 with the rank of Captain, having previously been an instructor at the War Office Special Training Centre in Scotland in July of 1940. He founded CQC (see review title). CQC is employed in MGS3 as a means to effectively fight and ground the enemy with Judo type throws and holds and "Tenchu" style executions, use him as a human shield or interrogate the enemy for mission information (yes you heard right), you can also select several types of camouflage (play `Barbie' every other new area you explore, but still come out feeling more like a man) MGS3 has the most realistic jungle terrain accomplished in a game since "Far Cry", as you crawl your way very slowly through miles of Russian woodland for a few days (literally), also hunting the wildlife to feed yourself and a self-administered x-ray medical scan system that allows you to select treat various wounds with different medic tools, I came out the other side of this EPIC INSTANT CLASSIC thinking that there is a future revolution in gaming waiting to happen as a result of Solid Snake, you should support this game! Why? Solid Snake gets you doing things in the jungle that you have never done before in a `game'. At one stage I could see my own vomit on infrared because of a bad animal I killed and ate. This hot zone gave me away to a sniper called `The End' who eradicated me because of it. Towards the end of the game things get more urban. I hope MGS4 is in Tokyo City but just like the jungle here! I find the following most logical. You must find your own way but - see map, camouflage gear (check halfway through map again), first-person quick look, infrared look, sonar ping, crawl, kill rat food, ping again, crawl slowly to bad guy, CQC grab (Choose CQC mode), interrogate, kill, CQC ground smash three other enemies there and then, hide in bushes, set TNT, crawl away, detonate if bad guys come, eat hunted food, try CQC three more enemy, accidentally fail with CQC on one who alerts six other enemy, take them out with up to twenty weapons of various types or CQC them all, blend into the jungle and run away, the choice is yours until you get to the other end of the map where a video will play and although the story is ten times better than MGS2, it is still Japanese, so these things will always remain illogical to us Westerners, still works better than most PS2 attempts, at times Manga quality, this is one of the most memorable games I have played in my lifetime.

    Set game to `easy' and learn CQC before weapon's culture. Use your sonar, map and equipment and play the game SLOWLY (not GTA madness!) as in crawl for miles and miles in the right frame of mind and you will appreciate how significant things really are. I just hope that we see MGS3 PC with huge MULTIPLAYER jungles for many players! Get that going and it will 0WN MY BROADBAND! Developers, do you hear? Take note.

    - The first true stealth game you will ever play.
    - Likely the last true stealth game you will play in 2005 until MG4... maybe.
    - CQC.
    - Russian Jungle
    - Can actually take on HL2 and Halo 2.

    - HIGHEST PS2 LEARNING CURVE. Takes hours to break in properly. Intro does not appear until a few hours.
    - Does not last forever....more info
  • so freakin' amazing
    this is THE best game in world history this is the 4th time i've beaten it so I know it inside out it has made me decide to go into the CIA someday later in life. i decided to try it out because my friend kevin told me how great it was he was right i reccomend it to everyone interested in action/strategy/stealth games....more info
  • Wanted to love it
    Loving the first 'Solid' games, I figured that the third would be a shoe-in. Sad, sad, sad...

    The camera has become a problem, and its very hard to plan your stealthy movements across the wide spaces of the jungle. However, theres no real point in being stealthy, because you can stand out in the open, be pulverized by enemy fire, and only lose a tiny fraction of your health, even on the Hard difficulty.

    My main gripe is the controls and the sluggish frame rate. Snake just doesn't want to do what you want him to. Combat has gone from intriguing to frustrating, and it wasn't long before I got tried of trying to shoot and just rolled over people again and again. It wasn't very fun, but it was the only way to knock out enemies beyond the over-sensitive 1st person aiming, and the delayed reaction timing of the CQC system.

    Also, many buttons have multiple functions thanks to pressure sensitivity. However, the accident-prone line between one command or another (crouching and crawling, for example) will often make you do something you didn't mean to do. Ducking against a wall has never been harder.

    The game does have its virtues. Great graphics, sound, presentation and atmosphere, along with a super writing team. However, the main priority of any game is to make it fun to play, and Metal Gear Solid 3 is incredibly tedious to work with. I couldn't be arsed with it anymore....more info
  • Gifts
    The games were purchased for my grandsons & they were very pleased & happy that the games arrived on time...more info
  • Hideo Kojima does it again
    This Japenese game which hit the scene as one of the early must have playstation has come along way through the ages. Purchasing metal gear solid as my first playstaion game was a wise move though with my parents buyin me more i jus wanted metal gear solid to be completed.

    Now into 2005 when i purchased this game with tight graphics a well kept storyline and some real characters along the journey kept me like i was a child wanting more. However as i am 13 and could hold a control properly unlike my early age i found this game slightly easy. Completed this game in a week was sad for me and i wished i hadn't played it non stop.

    Now onto the game. With its jungle atmosphere it brought a whole knew element into the metal gear solid series. Having to eat to survive and having to camoflauge to survive being shot it brought a different feel to the game. The story which some of my mates found CONFUZZLING!! was in fact quite simple. You were snake and u had to avoid Dying and do whatever you were told over the walkie talkie. The boss had failed her task and was forced to give her life for her country. However the real mind blower of the storyline was that of EVA and what everyone is waiting to see is if this storyline will be continued throughout the next game and u surely hope so. Another blower was knowing that ocelot would not die because of his apperence in metal gear solid 2.

    All in all this was a very anticapeted game and it lived up to the standards the two before have set and snake still is without a doubt the coolest non-superhero ever!!

    Kyle....more info
  • could of been better more evelountionary
    they made a big deal about this game being the jungle..i was hoping it would bring aspects of socom mixed in with mgs wonderful, story characters and gameplay...the gamplay though hasnt alwasy been the best, exceot for the boss fights...the major thing that brings this game down is the camera angels...i dont like to concentrat on the goods of the assuming u people who r intrested in this game already know the good games so i like to talk about the bad stuff..ok, the camera angels...really affect gameplay, sometimes u cant see the guy ur trying to sneak up on..i was hoping since u were in a open area the camera could be manually conroled with right analog or something...but they do improve fighting and u can slice people throats and i heard interagate but i didnt do that..the best thing about thisn game is the boss favorite was the end..a old sniper guy...u have this huge area and u battle with this will take a while but its a great fight...... oh and did i mention the story...superb story and the thing i loved about mgs is that it has some funny poking fun at its self..or just weired u dress up as a russian officer who looks just like raiden form mgs2 and snake is like "i think this look will make me more popular" and the major says "huh? watever"... a true metal gear fan will get this and laugh...i laughed my ass off because its soo true,..and atkeat hideo relized his mistake.......oh and theres this chick named "the boss" who i freaking cant stand!! the boss battle she hits u and throws ur weapons out so u have to get up and look for themm..grr..i was happy when that wench died....sorry for being all over the palce in my review...more info
  • A true masterpiece
    Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater to me is probably in my top 5 list on the ps2. The game had extraordinary graphics, cutscenes and gameplay. Combine all the previous elements in the last sentence with an excellent soundtrack and this game is simply a masterpiece. The difficulty was done just right. The boss battles were what made this game such a rewarding experience. The game also has about the perfect length to it. ...more info
  • Great prequel!
    INTRO: They say the third time's a charm. For the MGS series, it couldn't be any truer.
    MGS3 takes place in the 60's. You play as Naked Snake, who is Big Boss.

    GAMEPLAY: This time you can camouflage yourself to hide from enemies. You can change your clothes and face paint.

    You also now have a stamina bar. You have to catch and eat different types of food to stay alive.

    You also can grab enemies and either slam them on the ground, make them talk, or slit their throats!

    If you get injured, you will have to "Cure" yourself. You will have to perform surgery on yourself using different items.

    Boss fights are fun. I like the fight with The End. It's challenging.

    There is a bunch of weapons. I mean a BUNCH!

    You also can play a mini-game called, "Snake vs. Monkey." It's an amusing Ape Escape parody. You can win prizes for the game, too.

    GRAPHICS: Like always, the graphics are great. Great cut scenes where you can sometimes change the view by pressing R1. And the torture scene is painful to watch.

    MUSIC: You're in the jungle most of the time, so there's not much music. But, when there is, it's great.

    SOUND/VOICES: David Hayter once again voices as the main character. The sounds are nice, too.

    OVERALL: A great entry in the series. MGS3: Subsistence is coming soon, too!
    ...more info
  • The beginning
    Yeah I know, it's called "Metal Gear Solid THREE" but it's actually the first story of the ENTIRE Metal Gear Series - you play as Naked Snake who is actually Big Boss, the father of Liquid, Solid, and Solidus Snake. But he looks JUST like Solid Snake and even has his voice.

    Gameplay is very-slightly different with the addition of "Close Quarters Combat" which adds depth into fighting rather than the throwing/punch-punch-kick from the first MGs. There's no radar in this game, which gives it a more realistic feel having the player rely on different uniforms of camo and face paint along with motion detectors and sensors to avoid being caught by guards. There's also a stamina bar which can be replenished by eating animals and plants you take down (the stamina bar is basically energy - calories and as it decreases, Snake will not be as physically "in shape" (harder time moving, difficulty to aim a gun - because he's hungry!). Typical Alert-Evasion modes are still present, but I have to say there are parts in the game where it can be rather difficult to get out of Alert mode, but when that happens I just run the whole way through to get to the next destination. Controls are the same for the most part but you're forced to use the analog stick to run, and grabbing enemies is the O button which is the CQC button. Metal Gear veterans will definitely enjoy this game, I personally like it the best out of the first 3 MGS (can't judge with the 4th yet as I'm still playing it on the PS3). After a week or so I've already beaten it 5 times!

    Personally I say don't play it on "Very Easy" because it's amazingly easy and there's almost no challenge with the "EZ Gun." I suggest MGS veterans start playing it on normal mode.

    Story-wise, I loved this story better than the previous Metal Gear titles , it's a bit more real-ish (it takes place in 1964 during the Cold War), and has less of that philosophical babble and convoluted dialog from Metal Gear Solid 2, and has a simpler storyline perhaps easier to understand than the first Metal Gear Solid.

    Overall, I give this game 5 stars, an A+, 100%, whatever - just to me it's an excellent game, and Metal Gear fans are bound to like this one and I give a "Highly Recommended" to Metal Gear Solid 3.

    ...more info
  • Greatest prequel to the Metal Gear Solid Saga!
    Ok, I have been a fan of the MGS seires since 1998 (the first MGS1), so I know what I'm talking about...this is one of the greatest prequels I have yet to play, I purchased this back then in 2004 when it was released. It is fun, entertaining and a great storyline - and the game keeps that whole stealth feel to it in the jungle. Kojima surely didn't entirely disappoint with this one. However as I played this game more and more over the past years, it occurred to me the more I play it, the more un-realistic the game feels and how "silly" it was overall the other MGS games, here are some of the flaws / disappointments:

    1. The Cobra Unit: Which was simply the worst boss unit / characters in the MGS saga. The unit was so superhuman and unreal I didn't even who to begin to criticize. Probably the worst of them all was "The Pain" who has the ability to control bees at his will. During the boss fight, he does the most idiotic movements ever. The game lacked any background information about them, all we know is that they are unit of "The Boss" and fought a long side with her. And none of the "special abilities" were explained in the game at all. Probably the only decent "cool" that I actually liked was "The Sorrow", who appears from time to time in the game and helps Snake throughout the game.

    2. Simple Storyline: Ok, I liked the storyline it was "ok"...but it was too simple. It was somewhat predictable of what happened in the end so it wasn't a shocker when It happened. I will not spoil it here, but it wasn't a huge plot twist like the previous games. It was just straight forward.

    3. Cheesy cut-scenes: There was some crappy / lame and unnecessary cut-scenes, for instance there was some about EVA doing stupid "Evil Knievel" like stunts with her motorcycle.

    4. The Boss: I really hated her, never liked her from the beginning to end, she was overrated and unbelievable. A woman at that time in the 40's could have never join the Army and become a elite-soldier and do special Op missions in the 60s, but I'm glad you get to blast her in the game.

    But overall, the game was absolutely fantastic. That is why I'm still giving it 5 stars. Not as strong or as powerful as the first, but still up there.

    5 out of 5!...more info
  • Good game
    For anyone that said the sucks...scratch them-scratch their opinion-and scratch their Review!

    Just as good as the other two games. The only two faults would be that You get lost easily(Jungle-of course you will)and the Insane bosses is kind of a let down(The fear VS. Vamp-Vamp would win) Otherwise Buy it. It has, I believe the best storiline out of the three and very good music....more info
  • The wierdest thing You have to hear Period!
    The biggest surprise for this game Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater was that the person who helped write or Produced it was actually working for Godzilla Final Wars was that he decided to honor the 50th Birthday of Godzilla in Metal Gear Solid 3. ...more info
  • Simply amazing...
    Metal Gear Solid 3 is an incredible masterpiece. From its stealth action, camoflauge and food system to its amazingly crafted boss battles, Snake Eater is amazing. I'd have to say that the best part is the story. The final boss battle is incredible, and the ending is simply heartbreaking. Wait till you find out the truth. It's devestating, and it makes complete sense. MGS3's ending clicks with all the other game endings. It's as if Kojima had planned to make this game 20 years ago. It all ends up making sense. The game ranges around 20 hours and don't worry because there is no shortage of action with a good amount of interesting cutscenes to gawk at. If only for that dang camera that makes it so hard! Also, I miss the radar from the previous games. Still, it makes sense with the new jungle settings. No other game offers this level of gameplay. Splinter Cell can't give you any of this, not the gameplay, story, characters, or anything like that. This is a memorable adventure that will leave you exhilirated....more info
  • If you love Video Games You'll Love MSG 3
    This game has it all amazing boss battles, moments that will have you asking you friend "Did you see that part when Snake did this?" The Graphics are Beautifully done the music mixes pergectly with the game. The cut scenes are long but they are worth watching. The only bad thing about this game is the camera can be a little quirky but they are workable. Can't wait to check out the new Camera in Metal Gear Solid 3 Substance. You can really see the thought and love that Hideo Kojima and his team has put into this game. I love the fact that you can actually off one the bosses "The End" before you square off against him.

    If call yourself a gamer you have to pick up MGS 3 snake eater...more info
  • great cinematics, really bad angles....
    im gonna have to go against all mgs fans....the games very frustating...while the graphics and storyline are really great ,,its a very difficult game...while the object of the game is to stay invicible to the eye of the enemy,,i had to drag myself thru the whole game,cause as soon as i got on my knees, i was spotted....i think the a.i was overdone,,i know its important in games,but this is ridiculous...not to the point of draging my a## thru the whole stages....the camouflage doesn't work to well either....the angles are really really terrible...enemies come from all over the place yes 360 degrees...sometimes youre laying down and you dont have time to even turn around , and once you do its all over ( spotted!!)enemies are really hard to grab as me this is a dissapointment ,,and for sure nothing compare to sons of liberty......dont waste your money on this puppy, just rent if anything..... ...more info
  • the same as the others
    all the metal gear solid games are the same ive played them all iam not even going to explain how this game was, this game was just the same....more info
  • Terrible.
    I'd never played a MGS game before, started with this one. This game is god awful. I won't bother going into detail; it's already covered in the negative reviews here....more info
  • Rise of the Big Boss: A Snake Eater Review
    Unknown to many gamers the Metal Gear series has been running since the NES days with the release of Metal Gear and Snake's Revenge. In 2004 we got the latest release of the series- MGS 3: Snake Eater- that shows that Kojima and company are still hard at work with these great games.
    Interesting enough the story in MGS 3 takes place before any of the games in the series. It tells how a fairly ordinary but extremely well-skilled special forces/cia agent guy rose to the top of the American government's special forces. After his rise to the top, he gets a new name- "Big Boss" and will eventually form Fox Hound: a highly-skilled special forces group which his son: "solid snake" (see Metal Gear Solid Greatest Hits) is initially a part of.
    Later on in the series "solid snake" is forced to kill big boss in one of his missions (I believe it is in Metal Gear 2: Snake's Revenge). MGS 3 doesn't tell you how big boss became a bad guy but instead paints a picture of his nature being quite similar to solid snake's; He's just a special forces guy doing his job. To use an analogy, it's like in star wars when they explain how Anakin Skywalker became the top jedi and how he was trained after explaining the details of Luke's life when they decided to release episodes 1-3 after 4-6. Kojima and co. are kind of following a similar formula here.
    The story in this game also helps explain the beginning of the development of the Metal Gear machine and the beginning of the Patriots. Thus if you have played any of the metal gear games- old or newer- this game will help explain alot, without being teribbly confusing (unlike MGS 2).

    Gameplay: 8.5/10
    Snake Eater plays real great and it seems to take full advantage of the PS2 controller. There's plenty of variety in the gameplay, especially with the new moves in this game. It's nice that they incorporated the whole eating aspect to the game along with using your environment to your advantage. However, its worse fault is that the game (on normal mode at least) is a bit easy and it doesn't penalize you as much as the other games in the series for getting caught. Thus it seems that stealth is not entirely necessary. This is unfortunate as the MGS games are some of the best stealth games around and most people buy them with this in mind. However even if you use stealth the game is still fun and rewarding. I recommend playing it at least on hard.

    Sound: 9.9/10
    Everything is great here except the "snake eater" theme song. The song just sounds too james bondish and repeats "snake eater" way too much. Come up with with some better lyrics next time for the main theme song if you're going to have one with lyrics.

    Graphics: 9.5/10
    There's some unbelievable graphics in the game, like the character/weapon models and alot of the scenery. Only if you are really, really looking will you find some minor graphical shortcomings.

    Morality Rating: 8
    There's plenty of killing you can do with potentially graphical results. You can slit throats, break necks, shotgun blast to the face, snipe enemies in the head, etc. The throat slitting- which is new- is the most graphic. However you can alternatively go about without using much force at all and when you do you can resort to a tranquilizer gun that resembles a real handgun (but obviously is not lethal). You can also turn all of the blood off. Finally, when you come to meet the character "the Sorrow" he will point out how violent you have been and sort of (in an implied manner) recommend that you cause less pain/death. This really stood out and I whole-heartily commend the developers for this. I would however justify lethal weapons as that way you don't have to worry about the guard waking up when you are trying to sneak around. However I still did use a tranquilizer alot as there seemed to be more ammo for it in many areas than for many other weapons.
    Also (for all who may be concerned) there's quite a bit of suggestive themes in the cinematics. However there's never any sex. There's also some open references to bi-sexual behavior. Overall, I would say this game is not for children.

    Value: 9.5/10
    The game is great and the story is very powerful and moving. Few games out there really explain what true patriotism is about as well as this game does. Plus the graphics, sound, and gameplay are all great and justify a rent or purchase.
    If you are really into these games though I would recommend that you buy MGS 3: Subsistence and not Snake Eater as it has alot more goodies that will expand the replay value much further than Snake Eater itself is capable of. Snake Eater in of itself though is very cheap and worth the purchase.

    Metal Gear and Snake's Revenge for the NES were NOT made by Hideo Kojima and thus are not considered canonical (storywise) in the series by many. If you want to play the original games produced by Kojima- (the MSX) Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake- and get the authoritative story buy Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, which has these games packaged with it (or you can get them for the MSX video game console too). Snake Eater does not have these games packaged with it.
    ...more info
  • Same Old But A Bit Tedious
    The first Metal Gear Solid was revolutionary. The second Sons of Liberty was a cinematic experience coupled with excellent gameplay. Snake Eater, however, is much of the same but gets a little tedious. You will do much of the same, except the tedious part is that you have to keep eating to maintain your health, and you have to heal certain wounds. These elements made the game somewhat more "real" at first, but ended up being quite tedious and unnecessary as the game progresses. Towards the end, I found the gaming experience to be more of a chore than a giddy action experience. Play this game if you love Metal Gear and want more scenarios to exercise your Metal Gear maneuvaribility, but otherwise, just replay Solid or Sons of Liberty in more advanced modes....more info
  • Best game for ps2
    I own the first Metal Gear Solid and the second. I bought this game the day after it came out. I loved the jungle scene and catching food. I played through the game and just thought it was amazing. The graphics are beautiful and the story is awsome I think this is the greatest ps2 game ever....more info
  • One of the finest on PS2, and the "beginning" of a superb series!
    I'm not very good at reviewing, but I've gotta say, this is one of the best games I've ever played on the PS2. It's absorbing and emotional all the way to the end. I played MGS2 SOL a few years ago and enjoyed that a lot, but Snake Eater made the character Snake shine, and his arch nemesis Ocelot. The cinematics and music score were awesome in their execution, and for this particular game, the cinematics really draw the gamer in. I think I just might play MGS2 all over again since Snake is now my favorite virtual hero. A+++++...more info
  • This is pac man
    I liked the other Solid games a lot, but I just couldn't enjoy playing this one. The number one reason, like other reviewers have said, is the camera angles. All the enemy soldiers have such an advantage over you, as they are walking around AND can see everything in front of them, while you can only see above you when moving. It's like the enemy soldiers are playing Doom, and you're playing Pac-Man.

    Oh, and the controls... who's idea was it to make, like, every button do two or three different funtions, depending on the length of the press, the force of the press, or the friggin temperature of your thumb, I suppose? Go ahead and try to grab that soldier you just snuck up on and interrogate him. See if you can do it and not slit his throat or throw him to the ground.

    And Snake can't auto-target with the handguns anymore? Didn't he used to adjust his aim if the enemy was a foot or two to the left or right? Not any more, pal. You gotta go into first person now, making it very easy to be snuck up on from behind.

    The enemy soldiers will always find you. The camo is crap and a waste of time. You either just go guns blazing through an area, or find a nice spot in the weeds and wait in case MAYBE there's an enemy somewhere nearby. You never know. But you DO know that if they're there, they'll sure see you before you can do much else.

    I couldn't even make myself get that far in the story, the gameplay was such a turn off. ...more info
  • Good, but not all good
    A good game, but not a great game. It has a lot of replayability, but I played it through once and won't be playing it through again. It's fun in spots, but then there are so many other parts that just aren't that much fun. You've got to have patience to play this and that doesn't seem good trait for a game - shouldn't it just be plain fun?? Good story, unlike Metal Gear Solid 2, and overall better than MGS2, so if you like MGS2 you'll like MGS3. All the annoyances are still there though (like the long boring radio conversations) and now more, like needing to find and "eat" food, change camo, and the ever restrictive camera which can get very frustrating!...more info
  • Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater
    I'll start off by saying that if you are a gamer who does not like to watch cut scenes or skips them whenever you play a game, do not buy this game; you will hate it. I think there is more cutscene time than actual gameplay time.

    Consider this more as an interactive movie than a game where you take controls once in a while. Most of the game is centered around cutscenes rather than gameplay but I personally found the cutscences rewarding enough. Throughout the game I found myself playing just to see what happens next. The story is gripping and the cutscences, which are the longest I've ever scence, are amazing in terms of directing and appearance (a truely beautiful look to them).

    The Gameplay:
    -I found that I became quite frustrated sometimes due to the load times. Throughout the game, your character is subject to burns, bullet wounds, broken limbs, etc., changes camoflauge quite often, and needs to recover stamina. Also looking at the map is sometimes necessary as some of the layouts are not always so clear. All this invovles pressing start, then selecting the proper option to address these problems in which case you do this frequently and load time is noticably annoying.
    -The shooting in this game is also done very poorly. You may only shoot accurately in the first person view (seeing from the eyes of the main character) and you may not move while in this view.
    -The camera angles in this game are also quite confusing. Often times you cannot see 5 meters in front of your character and often times you cannot find an enemy who is shooting at you.
    -However, the difficulty of the game is quite easy all throughout. You can choose to run and gun through your enemies or sneak by doing either one, the other, or both. The layout of the game basically involves you running from area to area. Each area is just a small chunk of the game. The weapons in this game, for the most part, are usefull. There aren't that many guns that you just find and never need to shoot off.
    -One thing of note is that there is no tutorial or training, therefore, if you are a newcomer to the series like I am, prepare to figure it all out, or spend time looking at the list of moves in the main menu.
    -The sounds and the music are simply perfect. The game has its own theme song that actually matches the game.

    Bottom line: The gameplay is somewhat lacking but the cutscences and sounds are brilliant. If you don't like cutscenes, don't buy the game. If you're looking for an immersive game and fascinated by little details, buy this game. If you like to watch beautiful cutscenes and a listen to a great story, buy this game. This is something you will either love or hate. I strongly recommend Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater if you answered 'yes' to either of the last to questions.

    If you do get this game, I STRONGLY recommend that you play it to the end even if you don't like it right away. I started playing it and didn't find it very fun at first but it got VERY good later on and the best parts of the game are near the end (which is very long and gripping!)...more info
  • Snake is back
    A great game. The basic rundown:
    1) Graphics - mouth-watering. The graphics are as good as it is going to get on this platform (PS2) and for that reason if you love graphics, this is a good game.
    2) Gameplay- the radar, as we once knew it, is gone in MGS3! Now there is a new system called CQC- or close quarters combat. Though some classic aspects of gameplay have changed in the series, it still is a complex and challenging game for all the right reasons.
    3) Excitement- A stealth game is still a medium of gaming that no one has shown to master as thoroughly as Kojima.
    4) Plot and cinematics- A good story, and a neat ending. Cannot say more without spoiling it.

    Great game!...more info
  • Not a Flaw
    While many Loved metal gear solid for addicting gameplay and great storyline and disliked metal gear solid 2:sons of liberty for its bad storyline and endless cutscenes(I liked both of these games)Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater exceeds all games in graphics,gameplay,and storyline.No game comes close.Not then and not now.Hideo Kojima really impressed me woth this game.I had thought that it wouldn't have been as good as sons of liberty but i was gladly wrong.If you own a ps2 and haven't played snake eater there is some thing wrong with you. The game is now only $30.00.I payed 50 and got my moneys worth.I don't think I could ever give a game 5 stars now after playing this game....more info
  • Huge letdown
    Metal Gear Solid for the PSX was a mindblowing cinematic expeirence. I featured cutting edge graphics (for the time), revolutionary stealth-based gameplay, powerful musical score, excellent voicework and so fourth. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the PS2 in 2001 stood the test of time. While it did receive mixed results from critics and fans alike, it was interepreted as a game more so than art. It sported in-game cinematics that sometimes went over 10 minutes and an intricate storyline to follow with many twists. I still find it to be the one of the greatest video gmaes of all time and definently the best MGS game so far in the franchise.

    Now on with Metal Gear Solid 3, let me tell you that this game is the biggest letdown I have ever come across. I don't know where to even begin with the major flaws of this game but I will start with the gameplay. The last two games played marvelously, this one was a poor excuse for anything to be considered as "highly polished gameplay" as said by The controls are outdated, the game sues the exact same control scheme from MGS2, and it does not work for the setting in the game. The camera angles are horrid allowing you to see very few guards within off sighto f your camera, so you must constantly go into first person view to check for any guards. The overall gameplay is just sllloooowww... Some new features sported in this game include hunting for animals/plants to regain your stamina as represneted in a bar (no more "rations"). Now this may be realistic but it was tedious and frusterating. You are in the middle of jungle and guards are surrounding you, you are cleverly hidden in patches of grass and then all of sudden your stomach makes an obsurdly loud growl. The guards catch you and you die. Food should be the least concern in this game, but nooo the developers ha to make this a survival experience. A new feature is also the abililty to heal your wounds, sounds cool huh? It's cool until after you get tired of having to press the start button go through a plephora of menu screens and sub options to apply ointments and bandages every time you get hit with a bullet. Becuase of how complex this systme is, it laso makes savign the game take unusually looooong. This is by far the hugest flaw in the game, it takes out the fun in the experience and makes you run at a very unstable pace. Not fluid at all... The boss fights are not very fun with the exception of "The Fury" which very well resembles a classic MGS boss fight.

    The Graphics are of course astounding and one of the few pros of this game. The attention of detail is amamzing and the amount of foliage is unsuprassed. The sound effects are pretty standard and typical, and the voice work is exceptional for this game. Definently no hwere near as good as thel ast two but exceptional. The cinematics and overall plot = great. It's just too bad you have to play the friggin' game to get through the story. Memorable characters alike from the past games are present here but still kind of lame and cheesy. Ocelot in this game sounds like a 16 year old American boy which was very aggravating considering he is a young Russian adult. The musical score is not so great, the theme song isn't as good as people say it is. Like always, Hideo's trademark subtle references appear thorughout the game and are cleverly funny.

    Really, it's a shame that so much work and money was put into creating this game but it played horribly. I beat it once, played through it a second time and TRIED to love it like the previous games. I just couldn't do it. The only reason I am keeping my copy of the game is becuase I am an MGS fanatic. I plan to never tocuh the game for quite awhile and I have no desire to play it again. Let's all hope MGS4 will be good....more info
  • kinda disappointed...
    i love metal gear solid... metal gear solid 2 is my favourite game ever... and im dissappointed with this... VERY disappointed... ok... the graphics r nice... sometimes... the framerate is kinda stupid... it chops and changes so much... and *sobs* i want raiden back!!! this new snake is crap as!! his voice acting is crap... his peronality is aboslutely crap and so is his costume... raidon was a full on bishi... and everyone hated him!!!???? raid over snake any day!! the story is pretty dull... and the gameplay... interesting... i have to admit... i rushed through it the first play through... and rushed even furtur on my second play... but im playing it for a third time... and im trying to use differnt play styles... its just that... its so damn easy to blast youir way through the whole entire game??!!! i gotta say... im a metal gear fanboy... and i expect to be oing some sneakin... bring back the radar... no amter how cheap it was... its a game... its meant to be fun... although this is fun ((the sniper battle is brilliant!! 5/5 stars for that!!!)) it just sint what i expected it to be... so for there next installment... im prove the framerate... bring back a bishi with interesting charecter dynamics and costumes... bring back the ninjas and bring back the fun... its a game konami... and although its deffinately fun when played PROPERLY (ie. do NOT blast your way through... no matter how easy that is) and sneak your way through the game... bloody hell i wish they would kill snake off <___< or at least change his chaerecter......more info
  • Say what you will about Metal Gear, but I think this is the greatest game of all time.
    I have been playing video games since the SNES, and in my years of gaming this is the greatest game I have ever come across.It is so epic, and exciting and it just has a certain charm to it. I've beaten this game over 18 times(on all modes) and I still have a desire to play through this game, in fact,I just recently rented subsistence and beat it again!I have always been a big fan of the MGS series. I've beaten all three games in the series multiple times,and I'm looking forward MGS4, but I think It will be very hard for MGS4 to trump on to find out!

    Graphics; The graphics in this game are incredible, both for 2004 standards and today's standards. using only the ps2 limited technology, Konami has made a game that stands up to highly advanced games on the PC like half life 2, and Doom 3.Not to mention that the art style in this game is absolute incredible, it portrays the jungle in extremely realistic looking way, without resorting to the bland style of graphics you see in most military games these days.

    Sound/Music; At first the opening theme may sound ridiculous and hackneyed, but delve deeper into the game, and you soon realize that the music in this game is actually better then most score for Hollywood movies.Composed by Harry Gregson Williamson.(who composes a lot of Hollywood movies and did the soundtrack for mgs2.)The soundtrack for MGS3 truley captures whatever your doing in the game. Whether your sneaking around an enemy encampment, or blasting away guards with a shotgun, The music will fit what you are doing.

    Gameplay; The gameplay in MGS3 is amazing.(just like everything else in the game!)This game gives you a lot of choices. You can walk up behind a guard and slit his throat,you can take him hostage by pointing your gun at him, or you can go Rambo and shoot him in the face with an AK! It's up to you in MGS3. other interesting implementations in the gameplay is the camo system and the cure system. With the camo system there is a little gauge at the top of the screen that tells you how well hidden you are, and what camouflage you are wearing determines how well hid you are. The cure system is another new implementation in the MGS series. It ads realism and depth to the game in the fact that you actually have to heal your own wounds rather then just take a health pack.

    Story; I won't spoil it for you, all I can tell you is that it's the best story you'll see in a game, ever.

    Closing Statements; Hideo Kojima has created yet another masterpiece, You must buy this game, If you can't buy it,borrow it, and if you can't do either of those,steal it. This is gaming at it's peak.You must play this game.

    ...more info
  • Jaw-droppingly Good!
    This is one of my favorite games of all time. I have been a metal gear solid fan since the first 'solid' game on the ps1, even when I was just watching someone play it! This game takes all the good parts of the past games, adds new stuff, and gets rid of all the annoying parts. First, the story isn't nearly as convoluted as in the past. No warring covert factions that might be the same one or whatever. However, you still need to pay attention, as there are a few surprising twists near the end,but no real head-scratchers for anyone whose IQ is higher than that of 2-ply toilet paper. The cutscenes are still very long, but ridiculously well-directed and genuinely fun to watch. Also, there are times (in the cutscenes) the game will tell you to push R1, and if you're fast enough, you can see something hidden, surprising, or just plain fun to look at. (I'll say this: it involves a woman and a surprise look at something fun)
    Also, the gameplay has been revamped. You must decide what camo pattern will hide you the best, hunt your food, and you can even blow up enemy storehouses to weaken their weapons, or make them less aggressive from hunger. There is a boss fight can easily take over an hour. (The End is his name. Small hint: Keep moving. Don't stay in one spot for too long.) Close-quarters combat with the knife is just amazing and really tests your controller-wielding skills. The music, especially the main theme, is just amazing, and will blow you away. Some people have been complaining that, at at least 24 hours, the game is too long, but they don't know what they're talking about. REAL gamers WANT their games to be long. Spendng $50 on a game that you can beat in 2 days is just ridiculous, especially for us teenagers that don't have jobs and need to wait a while to get ahold of that money. Here's the bottom line: (took long enough to get to the end, right?) This is one of the best games I have ever played. You don't just play it. You EXPERIENCE it. Do yourself a favor and buy this game. Now. What are you doing? Go buy it, right this second! Sorry this review was so long. (Hint: Once you get a cardboard box, get in it and call your equipment guy on your radio. (the black guy whose name I can't remember.) You'll hear a funny conversation that fans of the Metal Gear Solid series will definitely understand.)...more info
  • Amazing Game, But Recommend Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
    The visuals in this game are amazing! Since this game takes place in the jungle, you see everything from snakes to rats. And unlike the first two Metal Gear games, this game requires a lot of stealth. The very helpful radar is not available throughout the game, but the game does give you a human sensor that detects life forms for a few seconds. This is also by far the most complex Metal Gear game made.

    Is game is great, but the camera angle is terrible for this game. I would recommend Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence for better camera angles, and possibility a more enjoyable game....more info
  • Amazing Game!!
    I have played all mgs games since nintendo, i would dare to say that this saga it's the best action game ever made, because of the history, the characters, the music, scenarios, action. etc.. in my own opinion i prefer mgs 1 for ps1 i think that's the best game, this one is very good but i think the history in mgs1 was really impresive like if you were playing a real good action movie, but still this game is also one of the best, the controls are great, the dificulty is good, you have to think a lot to complete your mission, it's not that you're going killing everybody in your way, it's very strategic to complete your objectives. ...more info
  • HD help
    This is in response to David Maurer's problem...

    Hey Dave. What you're describing is a phenomenon known as "scaling". If your monitor is 1900 x 1200 native, it's HD. Snake Eater plays in 480i which is SD (standard definition). When you feed your TV (or monitor) a video of this size it will try to "scale" it to its native resolution resulting in these weird "artifacts", so far I don't know why monitors don't properly upscale this. This happens on my brother's HDTV too, so you're not alone. Your best option right now would be to play it on an SDTV with a component cable. I've seen it on my friend's, trust me it looks nice! But keep in mind this IS the PS2 hardware we're talking about so it won't look as amazing as games running on your monsterous box.

    Your other, probably out of the question, option would be to wait for PS3 which is supposed to PROPERLY upscale PS2 games.

    Another HD tip: DVDs DON'T play in HD!! (This is a common misconception) For proper DVD upscaling please see the Oppo player at

    I hope this helps.

    You can thank me by removing your negative review of the game....more info
  • It just keeps getting better...
    I own each of the current-gen consoles for one reason: exclusives. For xbox, it's the Halo series. For Gamecube, it's Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, and (recently) Resident Evil. And for Sony, it's the Metal Gear Solid series. The original MGS was the reason I bought a PlayStation. MGS 2: SoL was the reason I bought a PS2. The Twin Snakes was just another reason to buy a Gamecube. And now I'm here with the greatest game in the series, Snake Eater. This is one of those few games that lives up and often surpasses the hype before it. Snake Eater takes everything you know about the MGS series, and totally mixes it up. No radar anymore, you have to rely on your eyes and ears this time. You better shoot that bird and eat it, because your stamina is getting low. Make sure you're wearing the right camo, because if you get spotted, there is no running to an old area and back to reset the spotted timer. This takes the realism of the series to an all new high. But that's just the beginning.

    Any MGS fan will tell you they play the game for the cinematic style the game possesses. Yes, you will still sit through 10 minute cut scenes, but that's part of the beauty of the game. It immerses you into the world instead of over it. Kojima and co. have definitely done it this time with the story, as well. If you don't feel SOMETHING at the end of this game, there is definitely something wrong with you.

    Another wonderful aspect of the MGS series is the bosses. You will experience everything from invisible tree leaping bosses to (possibly) an hour long sniper battle that covers various areas of the game. And the final battle is perhaps one of the most memorable, not to mention beautiful final boss battles. Ever.

    If you call yourself a MGS fan, you need to own this game....more info
  • One of my favorite PS2 games
    Back when I bought Metal Gear Solid 2, I thought the game was awesome even though they made me play as Raiden. The story, boss fights and the whole espionage theme were great. Then when I heard they were releasing Metal Gear Solid 3, I couldn't wait for it to come out. I got it for christmas last year (2004) and have played it through three times so far because I have nothing better to do and it's an awesome game. The storyline is great, basically you play as Naked Snake and have to destroy a weapon that can launch nuclear missles anywhere in the world. Throughout the game you have to sneak past enemy soldiers, change your camoflauge according to the enviroment you're in, heal gunshot wounds and other medical related injuries and hunt for food. The whole camoflauge system was a good idea. You obtain different camos with different patterns and colors to adjust to your enviroment, which becomes nescessary in the jungle. Hunting for food isn't too much of a challenge. Basically all you do is shoot an animal thats right infront of you and you get to eat it to recover stamina. But it isn't that big of a deal. I read alot of reviews about how the game sucks because the radar isn't included. Well its like in the freaking early 80's those radars havent been invented yet. The camera angles do get annoying at times, I will admit. CQC (close quarters combat) is an awesome addition where you can take enemys down. It has alot of extras and bonuses including the amusing game, Snake vs Monkey. Basically this game is awesome, alot better than Metal Gear Solid 2 and is one of the greatest stealth games ever. If you own a PS2, you should buy this game....more info
  • Freakin Brilliant but.....
    WOW! WHAT AN AMAZING GAME!!! Thanks Konami. I loved it. I myself am a "Big" Metal Gear Solid fan and personally I think the gameplay isn't really the whole point of this game. Sure its wot makes any game but really I think its just a lot of cutscenes that all click together and make sense to join up to the other Metal Gears out there that makes this fantastic game stand out from the rest of the stealth games on the shelf next to it! But I loved the gameplay just as much too anyway. It really does make you think that Hideo Kojima had been planning Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater 20 years ago, according to how perfect the whole game finshes to make the beginning of the Metal Gear Triology. My favourite charactor is 'Obvoiusly' Snake. He'! He takes a great deal of pain when captured! Man I feel sorry for him! David Hayter only makes Snake even cooler and tougher by being his voice. Ocelot was funny too. Everything always happended to his face (Gettin burnt, slapped twice and tire marks ects!lol) Overall 'nearly' brilliant game!...........
    ....But I have made up some points and game techniques of my own that could make MGS 3 SE even better!
    I think guards are the stars of the show, besides Snake, cause what would be Metal Gear without guards to fight? eh?!?! Im gettin bored of the TWO guys that are in MGS 3SE, yeah 2! The one who says "Something there!?" in a girlish voice and the guy with a rough voice who says "Whats Wrong?!". It'd be way cooler if guards had PERSONALITIES! U know....some are mean, some are friendly, others pussies and mabye some are over aggressive and cocky! It'd also be cool if guards had their own personal fears and Disabilties.
    E.g. Mabye you hear a guard talkin to another guard (FACT!;U know in real life guards talk once in a while mabye to themselves or others!!) sayin that 'so an so' is afraid of heights and he cant hear very well... u could use that as a funny advantage. All Im sayin is mabye more VARIETY in guards could make the game more amusing, playable and enjoyable! Not that eveythings wrong with MGS guards but it could use sum variety. Wot i was sayin is that it'd be well cool is some guards had fears like snakes, close spaces ect. and disabilties for instance they might be part blind, death, assma (dunno if thats spelt right) ect. cause not everyones perfect u know!! In the 60s they'd take any able bodied man into war, even if they are death they'd still give them a gun and make them fight! It'd also be cool 2 if u could take off the balaclva and see who your actully up against And have better control in hostage situations. Mabye throw the guys gun down a cliff or disguise yourself as that guard ect.! NOW THAT'D b cool! And the gun doesn't somehow appear again when you let him go. All these ideas could and probally would make the game much more entertaining! Not being big headed there.....!
    The mousetrap bugs me as well I mean how can a mousetrap catch snakes, crabs and for godsakes a bird as big as a vulture... ALIVE!?! I thought they were made to KILL small rodents!? Anyway Snake making his own traps ,snares or pitfalls, to catch his own food and guards would be totally awesome! u know, just leaving them there hagning! lol.
    That's about it for this game but just more variety in the guards and changing the mousetrap could make this excellent game even better. I finish off this big review with a couple of questions i'd like to know> 1) "Why do the guards all speak ENGLISH in Russia?" 2) "Why does Ocelot like Naked Snake but not Solid Snake?" 3) "Why does Big Boss change from good to evil in the 1st place?" 4) "If Liquid and Solid Snake are both twin brothers why do they both have a different voice actors... each?!?" and finally> 5) "Who are the Patriots!?!?!??? Really?"!
    I really don't know that last one and probally the only person who I think does is Kojima!! ;)
    ...more info
  • The best of the series
    Man, my head is still spinning from the storyline. This game is an amazing cinematic experience. The camera angles, as always in Metal Gear games, are awful, but that alone cannot keep me from rating this game as high as possible. I didn't think it got any better than Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty... until now. I only hope that Mr.Kojima has it in him to make a 4th installment. ...more info
  • An incredible achievement
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is an intense and memorable experience with an interesting yet somewhat complex storyline, tons of cool gameplay and some of the best graphics ever seen on the PS2. It's easily one of the best overall games out on the PS2, and if you don't have it already, it's definitely worth getting.

    The Metal Gear Solid series is one of the most popular series of games, and it deserves all of its praise. The best part of MGS is easily the storyline. Some people play MGS for the storyline alone. MGS's storyline is one of the most complex storylines in gaming, if not the most. It's just packed with so many interesting plot twists and unexpected moments. Metal Gear Solid 3 maintains MGS's awesome storyline with new characters, breathtaking boss battles and dramatic confrontations.

    Metal Gear Solid 3 is a whole lot of fun to play. It's a stealth game, but I've found that it's significantly easier to shoot enemy soldiers than in Metal Gear Solid 2. Backup teams are quite limited, even on the Hard and Extreme game modes. Anyway, half the game is playing and half the game is watching radio conversations and cutscenes (since the game has a great story). The cutscenes and radio conversations are very interesting, plus they're interactive so you won't just watch and not play.

    Other than that, the gameplay is pretty much the same as previous MGS games, but with a new survival feel. If you've never played an MGS game before, the gameplay pretty much involves the player infiltrating the enemy base with lots of items, weapons and the ability to remain undetected. Lots of the moves from previous MGS games are intact, such as breaking necks, flipping off railings, holding up enemy soldiers for items and hiding corpses in lockers. There's a hell of a lot of new stuff though.

    When you start off playing Metal Gear Solid 3, you'll notice the new jungle setting. MGS isn't mostly interior buildings anymore. You'll have to learn to survive in the jungle in order to complete your mission. I think the survival feeling was done exceptionally well.

    One big innovation in MGS3 is the use of camouflage. Snake (the main character) can choose from a variety of face paints and uniforms to blend in with his surroundings. The game also encourages you to crawl more and move slowly. It gives the game a slower pace but really adds to the survival feel.

    Snake will also have to eat to maintain a high stamina gauge (which affects Snake's actions). You'll have to hunt for food and capture them dead or alive. Dead food spoils over time, but spoiled food can be used as a distraction when thrown at hungry soldiers.

    Another cool aspect adding to the survival feel is how Snake must cure himself using medicine and surgery whenever he's seriously injured. You'll find many medical supplies during your mission, and if you get a burn, a gunshot wound, a leech or something, you'll have to treat it using kits and bandages to stay in good shape. Although curing yourself adds to the atmosphere, it gets annoying and interrupts the pacing at times.

    Even though there's a lot of survival elements, MGS3 will surely appeal to long time fans of the MGS series as well as those new to the series. The traditional gameplay is here. The storyline, the expertly directed cutscenes and the item boxes are all still here. MGS3 truly feels like an MGS game.

    The graphics in MGS3 are amazing. They won't shock you like MGS2's did, but they are an improvement and look absolutely gorgeous. The jungle looks very believable, and the ambient sound adds to the effect. The individual blades of grass are very nice, and the character models are also very detailed. The entire game looks great; the characters' movements are very lifelike. As I said earlier, these are some of the best graphics ever seen on the PS2.

    The sound is great. The music is very well done, especially in boss battles and cutscenes. There isn't much music during regular gameplay, but the jungle sounds are quite cool.

    MGS3 will last for a very long time. It's got five different difficulty modes with one that likely suits your skill (from Very Easy to Extreme). There are endless amounts of cool easter eggs to find, just like any MGS game. There are secrets and unlockables that will keep you coming back to the game, including stealth camouflage, infinity face paint and more. There are a huge amount of rankings as well. There's definitely a lot to come back for after finishing the game's 15-25 hour experience your first time.

    In the end, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is simply phenomenal. Its storyline will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Its gameplay is brilliant. The survival feeling is done extremely well. Its graphics are some of the best ever on PS2. The game will last a while and stay in your memory forever. If you haven't experienced Metal Gear Solid 3, do yourself a favor and do so....more info
  • An amazing game
    This is game is very very good and soars in all areas it is just a blast to play. Amazing graphics, gameplay, story, just great. There isn't much wrong with this game other than the camera angles and the fact you can't move in FPS mode. MGS3 is challenging and has some amazing boss fights go buy this game it really is something else....more info
  • Best Stealth game on the market.
    Don't even try to play MGS copycats like splinter cell. This game is the real deal! Great graphics, gameplay, story, characters, everything. Buy this game now!...more info
  • MGS3-MGS4(a review of MGS4 and MGS3)
    MGS3 is great, except for the camera angles.Basically u have to keep looking in 1st person view to see if there is any enemy soldiers,traps,etc.The best way to beat the hardest boss(they weren't really that hard)in my opinion is the End.It is a long battle in the jungle.
    WWWWAAAARRRRNNNIIINNNGGG:This next tip spoils The fighting The End part of the game and reveals who ocelot really is.
    okay,here goes.
    If u wanna skip the fighting the End part follow these steps.
    On ure way to the lab(after meeting Eva for the 1st time)you will enter a cutscene showing The end rolling out in a wheel chair and and ocelot(who is really the Adam who was the spy that was supposed to show up instead of eva) scaring sokolov to the point that he pi$$es his pants.
    ANYWAY After the cutscene The volgin walks bac in and a soldier is pushing the end back into the warehouse.Quick take out ure sniper rifle(can get in the place with the helecopter on way to the lab) and shout the End in the HHHHHEEEEAAAADDDD!! otherwise it will not work.When u come to the fighting the end part u will be able to scip it and continue on with the game.

    Here is a quick review of MGS4. One think that kinda sucks is that since the big shell mission snake has aged years and know is a old man exhausted of battle. Even those hes old he had learn more CQC moves and will snap a neck without a second opinion.
    ANYWAY snake is a old man navigating a war-torn city.Everything in shades of brown and dust permeates as explosions occur everywhere.The new metal gear solid wep. a huge warfare machine that has 2 huge high tech animilistic legs.
    hoped yall likes this summary of MGS3-MGS4
    This is no FPS!! THIS IS MGS!!"...more info
  • It can be hard sometimes, controller breaking hard
    I have been a fan of the metal gear world since the NES days. That being said Snake Eater is a bit different compared to everything that came before it. It is also built with the very Japanese way of playing in mind, which means collection. You collect animals and plants to keep you fit and healthy, you collect camouflage patterns to help you hide. There is nothing wrong with this of course, it is just best to know before you buy that large portions of the game revolve around this.

    The story is fantastic, its not as far fetched as MGS2, and it has a real gritty 70s feel to it, without being too over the top. Playing through for the story itself is worth ride. The enemies are classic MGS, but some of the best in the series. Some of the boss fights, the End for example, are pure genius. It really shows how you can push game design when so many people are just worried about graphics.

    The game play can be frustrating at times, even on easy, until you find the right way to go about things. Every boss has some sort of weakness or strategy that works and once you find it you are generally fine. The weapons and equipment are great. They do very well in capturing the era and setting the game is trying to capture.

    Metal Gear Solid 3 is pure MGS, without being a carbon copy of the previous installments. You will feel comfortable right of the start if you are a veteran of the series and even if new the learning curb isn't too steep....more info
  • Part Game, Part DVD - Sum of the parts = GREAT GAME!
    The game starts VERY slowly, with a lot of LOOOOOOONG cut scenes, cut scenes that make the first 20 - 30 minutes border on the unplayable side. In fact, I was close to throwing in the towel 20 minutes in, I'm glad I held on to keep playing.

    If you're into stealth/strategy - war games, this is the one for you. I often talk about how in today's time, developers need to not only create a great 'gaming' experience, the underlying story has to keep the player engaged. Snake Eater is unusual in that most developers focus on the gameplay first and the story second. This one's all about the story first, then the gaming experience. Both by the way are excellent!

    The Boss Battles are tough and original, but not impossible. The weapons upgrades and 'eating' add depth to the experience. The camera angle is a bit tricky and takes time getting used to but is effective overall.

    If you liked Metal Gear Solid 2, you'll love number 3, it's also a prequel, so if you haven't played '2' it actually makes sense to play this one first, sort of like Star Wars... Solid, solid effort! ...more info
  • Best MGS to date
    I've had MGS3 since it came out, but finally came around to write the review. Let me tell you this game is incredible. Everything is completly amazing. The graphics, plot, well everything. Well the only downside is the notorious bad camera. Everybody has been complaing about that since the first one. But if you look past that you will immerse yourself in one of the best games to date to grace any system.
    pros: graphics
    its MGS
    cons: camera
    sometimes chuggs in big spaces...more info


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