Dawson's Creek - The Complete Fourth Season

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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 12/20/2005 Run time: 999 minutes Rating: Nr

The fourth season of Dawson's Creek is dominated by two themes. The first is senior year at Capeside High, as high achievers Joey (Katie Holmes) and Andie (Meredith Monroe) have as much pressure to deal with as low achiever Pacey (Joshua Jackson). The second is the constant love triangle following Joey and Pacey's return from their summer of bliss, threatening to destroy anyone's chance of having a healthy, functional relationship. Pacey's insecurity doesn't let him believe he's actually the lucky one, even as he proves with his actions that he deserves it. Fortunately for Dawson (James Van Der Beek), he finds a sympathetic ear in Pacey's older sister, Gretchen (Sasha Alexander), though he also has to enter an "indentured servitude" relationship with an old curmudgeon (Harve Presnell). Joey takes a job waiting tables at the yacht club, where she has to deal with the heir apparent to Abby Morgan's evil shoes, Drue Valentine (Mark Matkevitch), who also turns out to have a shadowy history with one of the friends. Meanwhile Andie and Jack (Kerr Smith) coach a youth soccer team, and Jen (Michelle Williams), having suddenly lost her boyfriend from season 3, cements her best-friendship with Jack and drags him to a gay coalition group where he spars with the activist leader (David Monahan). Look for cameos by Andy Griffith as a retired movie actor and by frequent soundtrack contributor Mary Beth Maziarz as a club singer.

Toward the end of the season, Dawson asks, "Is it just me, or did things get suddenly bigger in the last year?" It's true that as the characters have grown up--even Dawson, sort of--situations turn more serious, whether it's an afternoon sail on the cape or a rave that leads to the abrupt departure of one of the regular cast. After a prom from hell, the final phase is the graduation ceremony, and for Dawson's Creek it marked the end of an era, which the characters themselves felt deeply in the season-closing "Coda." The series would run for two more years, but it would never be the same again.

As with previous DVD sets, the background music has been changed significantly, including replacing the Paula Cole theme song. On the bright side, some of the linchpin songs--Shawn Colvin's "Blue Like That," Eva Cassidy's "Fields of Gold," Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You"--have been preserved. Executive producer Paul Stupin contributes his usual (and increasingly unnecessary) commentary on two episodes, joined on the second by a "mystery guest," consulting producer Alan Cross. --David Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Season 4
    For those of you who were raving like lunatics over the music changes in season 3. Get a Grip!!! This is not the place to be venting. Like I said email the people at sony, and they will direct you to the right people. The New Theme song does, however, not fit with the credit, and I to would like the original put back in. But the changes in season 3, music wise, were microscopic compared to the butchery of season 2. But I digress, this is a whole new ballgame, Season 4.

    This is the Season the the torrid love affair between Pacey and Joey goes full boar, and I love it. There is so much passion and very little analyzing of their relationship, that it is a much better storyline than the Dawson and Joey story line. The best episodes are the ones that deal with the steaming couple, and lead Dawson into a different relationship with Gretchen, Pacey's older sister. The only music request that I have is that they please keep the song entitled "This Year's Love" by David Gray in the very first episode of the season. It is without a doubt the best placed song in the entire 6 season run of the show. The growing plot between Jen and Drew is another pleasant surprise as it brings back Jen's insecurities, and finally opens the door into the complex motivation in sending Jen to live with Gram's.

    The marquis moment for me in season 4, is when Pacey and Joey, go on the Senior trip, and in a very unique and passionate moment they give themselves to each other sexually. You get to see once again how Pacey, is insecure about himself and his relationship throughout the season, but it is a truely gripping and ripping moment when that insecurity blows out and is released onto Joey.

    On the other side you get to see how Pacey's family life has shaped the man. The producers give us a look at the life of Pacey Witter. How his parents under value him, how his brother Doug, secretly admires him, and how in return Pacey admires Doug. But you also see how he is the quint esential brother that will always look out for his sisters.

    Some enjoyable sidenotes of season 4 are when Grams starts going out with Mr. Brooks, and the Leery clan making room for another member of the family.

    The 4th season of Dawson's Creek, is a must have....more info
  • A really good season
    In this season a lot happend good and bad I am so glad pacey and Joey got together finally I did not think Joey and Dawson make a good couple, towards the middle Dawson and Pacey were becoming friends again and I'm glad this is one of the best seasons there are my favorite episodes that I can watch over and over like Failing down, the tao of Dawson, coming home, Gaduation, and you had me at goodbye. These are some of my favorite episodes I have more in this season but it all comes to this this season rocks!!!...more info
  • Better than Season 3
    I am a huge Dawson and Joey fan, but while watching season 3 I could see why there are pacey and joey fans cause their story is a sweet story, but I still prefer Dawson and Joey, their relationship is much deeper. I've been able to watch seasons 1 and 2 all the way through, but season 3 I only watched the first few episodes and the last few, it just couldn't hold my attention. Season 4 woke me back up. Yeah, p/j are still together, but there were great D/J moments where you could still feel the love between them and it wasn't a surprise that in the last episode for the season they were pulled back together. Pacey is very insecure and has every reason to be cause joey will never feel for him they she feels about dawson. It's funny how joey was always running away from dawson then right back to him and never did that with Pacey, but at the end of the series it's Pacey she was always running from, I don't get it. I guess it would have been the obvious thing to have her end up with dawson so they had to do something different for the show's end. N-e-ways, I'm rambling, but I would recommend season 4 whether you're a D/J or p/j fan. But what D/J have "goes beyond friendship, beyond lovers, it's FOREVER."...more info
  • Season 4..wowie
    I can't even begin to describe to you how much I love Dawson's Creek. I've been watching it since the pilot episode and since then...I've been hooked. Every moment has been magnificent to me. The first 4 seasons of the show had me bracing myself every Wednesday night at 8pm for four years. I waited and watched and as the characters grew (as corny as this sounds) I was growing myself.

    Season 4 was remarkable. So was Season 3. And Season 2. Season 1... I find corny everytime i watch it, but I still love it too.

    I must say, if you're a Pacey/Joey fan, this is the season for you. So is Season 3. Definitely Season 3. But this season just completely fulfills every P&J's fans dreams. I remember craving for another Pacey/Joey moment...

    I can't wait to recieve this in my mailbox. Ahh.. another season to add to my collection. Pre-order it!


    Trust me...you won't be disappointed. At least not til the last 4 episodes or so...starting at Prom. :( Poor Pacey...poor Joey.

    -Heather (hlserpico@tlu.edu)

    P.S. The show should've ended at this season, but I'm not gonna lie...I cried tears of pure joy at the end of Season 6. Amazing ending to an amazing show. ...more info
  • Totally rocks- best season by far!
    I am a huge fan of Dawson's Creek- from the writers to the actors to the "unsung actor" which is the town of Wilmington, NC where the episodes were filmed. The beautiful scenery which is Capeside, MA- doesn't it just make you want to live there? Gorgeous!

    Anyway, this season brought Joey and Pacey home to confront Dawson's teen angst. I loved "Coming Home"- especially the scenes at the dive in. I want to go to a "dive-in". Does anyone know if they really have those? That looked so fun! Andie was hilarious in that episode too.

    I thought Drew was a pretty good stand in for Abby, although not quite as diabolical, he still was a convincing troublemaker.

    My other favorite episode? What made me cry buckets? GRADUATION! What a fitting end to their high school years. It was so well done. Loved that they played "Fields of Gold" - a very emotional, superbly acted installment.

    I love this show and miss it sooooooo much!!!!!
    It's too bad we have lost it, but at least we have the DVDs.

    Everyone who worked on Dawson's Creek should be extremely proud!

    ...more info
  • the best DC season
    who doesn't love Joey and Pacey? this is definitely the best DC season out there, it's nice to see Joey wasn't just hanging around for dawson, this season is all about change of plot, come on now, I'm sure DC fans were bored with the whole joey and dawson relationship on the past 3 season. great memorable season....more info
  • The end of something simple.
    Season 4 was a major year for Dawson's Creek. Not only was the show the WB's #1 powerhouse show, but it was also the most story driven season of the series.

    The season picks up 3 months after the end of season 3, and finds the gang starting to get ready for their final year of highschool. The gang is broken up with Joey and Pacey's summer of fun, and with Dawson-Jen-Jack-Andie outcast bonding. But this gang can never stay apart from each other for too long.

    During this season friends leave (Andie leaves to attend school in france, after the producers felt that her character has fun its coure) and new faces surraface (Such as the return of Pacey's older sister, an old grumpy film producer that Dawson befriends, and Jacks first boyfriend).

    This is the finale season of High School, but that doesn't mean that it was the final year of the show that most believe....more info
    This one was outstanding! I watched this whole season through twice! I was attached to the understanding between awkwardness between two best friends that each betrayed each other. Being in high school currently everything that was shown in this movie was completely understandable and you can relate to everything that high school involves. Even though the times are different the ways that friends treat each other has remained the same....more info
  • The best season of the show!
    After watching "Dawson's Creek" for the second time (first, on TV), I came to the conclusion that the forth season is the best of the show. The plot is interesting and the conflicts between the main characters increase. The season starts with Joey and Pacey returning from their summer trip, when they spent a few weeks at the sea. Dawson is hurt, feels betrayed by his friends, and does not accept Joey and Pacey relationship. Joey struggles to conquer Dawson's friendship again, while her long time friend gets involved with an older girl, Gretchen, who is Pacey's sister. Jen tries to feel free from the ghosts of her New York's past, making an effort to forgive her parents. Jack starts dealing with his choices, getting involved with a guy he meets on a gay reunion.

    It's the senior year for the characters, who get ready to face new challenges, going to college. At the time the show was aired on TV, people were wondering how the characters would get along on the upcoming season, considering that each character was going to an university located in different cities of US. The answer for this can be found on fifth season, which will be released on DVD soon.

    Season four is very important to the show plot, because it explores the relationship between Joey and Pacey, which came to an unexpected ending, despite the fact that they still loved each other. Pacey could not deal with the fact that his girlfriend was brilliant, while he felt dumb, not belonging to her new college environment. Very touching and realistic!

    There are also other relevant changes on the show plot: Andie says goodbye to the gang, going to Italy and then to Harvard. Joey loses her virginity with Pacey, letting Dawson completed disappointed. At the end, there's the graduation episode, filled with tears, goodbyes and well written dialogues.

    According to many fans, after season four, "Dawson's Creek" started to decline, with uninteresting plots. I do not agree with this, but I must admit that seasons 5 and 6 were not as exciting as the previous ones, especially this fourth.

    Anyway, I can't wait to put my hands on season 5! ...more info
  • Wishy Washy beginning, Fantastic end DAWSONS CREEK SEASON 4
    I was sooooooooooo excited to pop the Season 4 DVD in after I finished Season 3, the first episodes were good then to me they got really boring! They were ok, to say the least. So I Stopped watching for nearly 2 months. I put the DVD in on disc 2 were I last finished the show, I really tried to get into it and I did! They just got better and better as the show went on, this season is the season before the whole series takes a major change so all the characters have to finish off any anger they had with each other before they left, Pacey and Dawson are best friends again, but Pacey and Joey end their relationship with a simple "Goodbye Pacey/Goodbye Joey" end. that was a bit sad, Jack finally accepts who he is, and Jen gets back on track after discovering her pain that was her Father, when she goes back to New York to confront him. This season is sad in many ways, The lines are sad some episodes are really sad and yeah, Gretchen Paceys sister comes back to Capeside for the most of the season ut of course leaves near the end! I really liked her relationshi pwith Dawson, it was also another sad moment when she left the note for him, that she had left. Overall a terrific season, even though it took me awhile to like it, it turned out someof the shows best episodes near the end.
    The best two episodes on this set for me has to be The Graduate and Coda, they are great to watch, even thoughits a season full of heartbreak and sadness, they do go on to bigger and better things, as some would call this season , The last Great Dawsons Creek season.
    Its Great....more info
  • The Evolution of the Creek
    The teenage drama series is remade time and again. But Dawson's Creek has something that really sticks with you. The first 2 seasons were a little rough around the edges (as was the acting at times.)
    With season 3, we seen the fine tuning has been paying off. The acting is better and the plots are more intriguing. Although, the foreshadowing is almost painful at times.
    Season 4 is the epitome of Dawson's Creek. Pacey and Joey are together, although their relationship is strained as they get into their senior year. And Dawson starts dating an older woman... College applications (and the lack thereof in some cases) keep the stress levels high. This season has unexpected twists and turns that are exciting if you are watching it for the first or fifth time!
    ...more info
  • Joey plus Pacey equals a good good show
    Alright! Finally, my favorite season of DC to come out of DVD yet! Dawson's Creek was staple viewing on wednesday nights for me during my ever changing teenage years- and when you are stuck in a high school that makes you think you live the same day over and over again...DC was a huge pick me up. This show is one of kind... riding the wake of 90210 DC took every corny element of teenage drama and made an amazing television experience. Season four is no exception. For all the D/J fans out there, yes they were the star couple to begin with but things change... change is fresh...change is good. Josh Jackson and Katie Holmes have electrifying chemistry! Their presence on the TV is enough to make me drop whatever I am doing to watch... I drop homework mainly. Season four tells the story of Pacey and Joey's relationship and is a must own for any DC fan. All the sets are but this really sets up the series finale. Thanks for reading my review and enjoy Dawson's Creek... it is a fun ride through the teenage years.
    ...more info
  • Probably the the finest TV show ever made
    Im a professional actor and I'm particuraly critical of most of the "product" that's churned out by the Movie and TV industry, and I can tell you, this series Dawson's Creek is truly exceptional.
    I purchased the whole series from Amazon, and although Dawson's Creek has had it's not so great moments; 'the occasional episode was fairly mediocre', overall each season ended on a fine note. The writing is superb, the acting, especially by James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson is flawless, and the overall atmosphere enhanced by the superb music and directing is captivating. The series is universal, in that any age range will find it fascinating. Dawson's creek will leave an unforgettable impression on you.
    One down side is the end of the series. It's almost as if the producers and writers literally gave up at the last episode. As a result don't expect a series conclusion where the series ends with a bang, instead expect it to end with a whimper, because it ends that way.
    As to why that happened is beyond me, and very dissapointing. That aside you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don't see this show. ...more info
  • Must Have for Creek Fans!!
    The 4th Season of Dawson's Creek is by far one of the best. Not only is it the start of one of the best TV series relationships between Joey and Pacey, but the other characters go through a lot of changes. Jack finally starts to come to terms with being gay after dancing around for two seasons. Dawson finds his life's passion of film making again after meeting A I Brooks. Jen comes to terms with why she hates her parents and Drew helps her realize this. All in all the senior year was exciting for the gang. Basically this was the last season that everyone was together on the creek as all were headed off to school. One of the best things about this season was how Dawson and Pacey were able to slowly start rebuilding their friendship which was a large part of the reason Dawson's Creek was a success. The great group of cast members and the chemistry they had on screen will make this series a treasure to own. So don't miss this season or the other five. Go ahead spend a few hours hanging out in Capeside with the gang you won't regret it!!!!...more info
  • the best seson ever
    the 4th seson of Dawsons's creak is the best of all of them, we finaly get to see some true love. i just hate how it ends but we all know they get to be together at the end anyways. ...more info
  • The last good season.
    Dawson's Creek - The Complete Fourth Season in my opinion is the last great season of this much criticized show. Joey and Pacey's passionate but troubled relationship is the main focus, the prom episode is my favorite of the season, when Pacey yells at Joey - just gets to me everytime. Dawson falls for Pacey's older sis which is hard to believe and the gang graduate from high school. This show really suffered in seasons 5 and 6, but at least seasons 1-4 were close to perfection, ahh the memories....more info
  • Dawson's Creek Rules
    Ok I bought season 3 and I bought season 4 and watched them both and I have to say it wasn't all that bad to have to listen to "Run like mad". Of course it's not "I don't want to wait" but the show is so great itself nothing could ruin it or even come close. Sure it would have been nice to have it with the song we've all come to love, or love to hate as the case may be but all seasons no matter what the theme song are worth the buy.
    Also I gotta say it's about time i got to see Joey and Pacey together and finally find out what happened after they got back from their summer sailing =) And it was GREAT.

    Don't miss this one!!
    Dawson's Creek rules!!!...more info
    As always the release of this dvd was much anticipated and I was not let down. Season 3 and 4 are my all time favorites because of the Joey/Pacey love fest that is adorable beyond words. I could not wait to pop this entire season into my DVD player and settle in for days of Dawson's. Any show that can continue to pull at my emotions even after I have seen the episodes over and over again is a winner with me. I even got my sister and mother hooked and looked over to see tears running down her face. I only have 2 complaints...1)There will soon be no more releases for me to look forward to (sad times)2)I HATE the new song that has been added to the credits...I mean we all got sick of the infamous I don't wanta wait for our lives to be over but this new song is 100 times worse. Sony please change it back, for the love of all that is sacred in sitcom syndication change it back!!!!...more info
  • Dawson's Creek is a great buy
    Whether you are a "die hard" Dawson's Creek fan or you are just looking for something new, buying the Dawson's Creek series is a great purchase.

    I was a fan of the Dawson and Joey relationship in the first season, mainly because Dawson was so oblivious of Joey's feelings so it was great to see them finally get together.

    In season three I became a fan of the Pacey and Joey relationship because of the same reason. Joey was so oblivious about Pacey's feelings for her.

    I remember Season Four and it was a great interaction with Joey and Pacey. I love them together and it was a preface of the Series End.

    Unlike Dawson, Pacey challanges Joey. He allows her to be her own person and doesn't agree with everything she does. That's why I think there relationship works so well.

    I can't wait tell I have all the seasons. The fourth one was by far the best one. It definitely kept me interested....more info
  • OC for the 20th century
    This is an awesome show, definitely OC for the previous century. The songs were, and still are, like a soundtrack of my life. The only gripe I have with this DVD is that in 'Eastern Standard time', i think its called that, where Jen confronts her dad with her issues, she starts the episode talking about the song 'SWEET JANE' by 'COWBOY JUNKIES' which is an absolutely awesome song .. stupidly, they've changed the significance of the song playing at the end of the episode with some crappy 'soon to be out of date contempo pop' tune. I was incredibly angry. Season 3 is better, but this is probably the last of the great seasons of dawsons. Season 5 and 6 go downhill, I didn't even bother to watch them (except the finale which was awesome)....more info
  • The Best
    I cannot wait until this comes out. I have seen every episode ever made from the Dawson's Creek series...this is a must have...for a real and true Dawson's creek Fan...my all time favorite season is Season 6...but my second favorite is four...I will be one of the firsts to buy this...i can gaureentee you that...i strongly recomend this! even if you havent seen Dawson's Creek before...buy all the seasons avalible and watch them...I love Dawson's Creek...its so easy to relate too...and is one of the greatest shows ever created...more info
    Yes folks believe it or not, this installment of Dawson's Creek includes deleted scenes. If your wondering where it's at the end of the trivia game. The trivia game has seven sections that each have five questions. If you get all the questions right it will show you a deleted scene from season four! Which is awsome.

    Now about the season, this is to me one of the two best seasons of this show, season two being the best. In this season, the viewer gets the priviliage of watching pacey and joey fucntion as a couple and then crash and burn. There's also come great story lines about Jenn's past, and a interesting relationship between Dawson and Pacey's sister Gretchen.

    Now the reason this DVD has four stars as opposed to five is the same thing everyone else has complained about, THE MUSIC. I'm sorry but as disgusting as that Paula Cole song is, it is just essential when you put in a episode of Dawson's Creek. Even Though Jann Arden is talented, "Run Like Mad," is definatly not the high point in her career. You just can't mess with the music when it comes to a show like Dawson's Creek is so important. However, a positive music change was the addition of the Fisher song's. Fisher is a very talented artist that had a moderate hit with, "I will Love You," and the song just meshes perfect with the series.

    All in all a great season, just please people leave the music alone!...more info
  • My Favourite Season Ever!! Sooo Freakin' Good!
    *FYI-This is MY review! If it helps you great. If not, oh well, get over it loser!! ; )* Season 3 was a great set-up and preparation for this season, but Season 4 is THE BEST SEASON OF DAWSON'S CREEK HANDS DOWN!!!! Period, the end. Well, it's not the end of my review. This is my personal favourite season because Joey and Pacey FINALLY have sex! But, it's about so much more than that. It's the crew's senior year, where you just let loose, have fun, and don't give a s**t about the consequences. They're trying to figure out where to go to college, what to do with the rest of their lives, who to fall in love with, whose heart to break, all that good stuff. I just love watching the relationship between the characters of Joey and Pacey cuz they're so great for each other. Katie and Josh have a natural chemistry that permeates through the screen. You almost feel like you're watching a real couple's intimate moments. The series probably should've wrapped things up with this season, but I thought the college years weren't that bad. But, the show did go downhill after this season, for sure. Please go buy this DVD. You won't regret it at all!!...more info
  • Probably the last really good season of Dawson's Creek
    Season 4 of DAWSON'S CREEK begins with Pacey and Joey returning from their summer together on Pacey's boat. Last season they built up the relationship, and it finally happened. This of course left Dawson out, but not for long, as he started a relationship with Pacey's sister Gretchen who came to town with a secret (played by the wonderful Sasha Alexander). I think one of the more interesting characters this season was Jenn, who the viewers finally got to understand a little more as we learned about her past in New York and what happened to her. She entered therapy, and that was probably one of my favorite storylines this season. Jack still came to terms with being gay, and I think they did a great job with this storyline as well. One of the sadder things this season was that we lost Andie! Andie had always been one of my favorite characters. After she dabbled in ecstacy, she decided to move to Italy for a few months. Luckily she came back near the end of the season. Pacey was another character that was well written this season. I enjoyed the Pacey/Joey relationship, and Dawson/Gretchen was sweet too. Unfortunately this was one of the last good seasons of Dawson's Creek. In the next two, the characters hardly have any interaction with each other, as they move onto college....more info
  • Dawson's Creek la mejor serie
    Definitivamente es de las mejores series de drama que se han realizado
    esta 4ta temporada es muy buena. Lo unico que no me agrado fue la salida de Andie McPhee (Meredith Monroe) debio seguir hasta el final de la temporada 6... En fin...more info
  • Bets season of them all!
    I loved this season. I got it for my birthday, and was done in about 5 days. It was that good! I love Pacey and Joey toghether, so that's one of the main reasons I loved the season. I didn't like the episode "Promicide" because it ended their relationship (because Pacey thought he wasn't good enough). Anyway, my favorite episode was "A Winter's Tale". My second favorite episode was "Coda". In "Coda" I wasn't thrilled of the Dawson-Joey relationship, but the ending was the best. After Pacey broke Joey's heart, I liked the Dawson-Joey relationship more and more (compared to before when I liked the Pacey-Joey relationship). All in all, this season is the best season....more info
  • THE BEST SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Teen angst at its best (could use original music though)
    The fourth season of Dawson's Creek was the second season of the show that I watched while it was still running on the WB. The third season drew me in with its storyline, and the fourth season proved to surpass the previous one. I love how the show manages to incorporate some good morals into the story without making it sound like it's preaching to the audience. Coupled with a great soundtrack (the ORIGINAL soundtrack), it made for a delightfully entertaining show. What I love best about this season is the show's foray into the relationship territory with Joey and Pacey. Their relationship had its ups and downs, and through it all, we got to see some amazing chemistry between the actors.

    My most favorite episode of the set would have to be "The Tao of Dawson." Those of you who have watched it on TV would know the letter scene very well and be somewhat disappointed that they yanked the Splender song. Yes, they did, and it took away from the episode.. But nonetheless, the magic of the vignette-ish scene cannot be denied, and still makes for one of the best episodes. I wish Columbia/Sony wouldn't change the songs because it would be cheaper to produce. They already know they have a fan base, so they should keep the original music and help us all capture a little more of the magic that is known as Dawson's Creek. :)...more info
  • Disappointing
    This season of Dawson's Creek was a huge turning point for the characters. It was a great one, however, I can't get over the fact that they changed all of the music. The music is a huge part of this show for me and it really doesn't feel like much thought was put into the changes. In several parts you can really tell the music just doesn't fit. The worst part is that the theme song has changed - the one thing people know this show by. It's just not the same without it. ...more info
  • The End of the Good Part
    GREAT BUT WRONG ENDING - This is one of the best seasons, leaving first position to third season. We really enjoy "the couple of the year" Joey&Pacey together, and we do Gretchen& Dawson. But the end...Why did Andie have to leave? For what, to wellcome Audrey in season 5?? Can anybody take it??
    The last episode really sucks!! And from here, the serie falls down. And don't misunderstand me, I love DC, seasons 1 to 4 are amazing, but the two next... I'm not hurry for them to come.
    At least, the series finale shows the real thing. ...more info
  • loved the show
    Love Pacey and Joey. Their love story was far better than the soulmate story with Dawson.

    Recommend it to all....more info
  • This is the best season ever!..............COOL!
    This is a must have season for a true dawson's creek fan because of so many reasons. I'll be one of the first people to get this season on dvd for sure. If anyone hasnt seen dawson's creek before the time to start is now. I can't wait till this season comes out and the rest that follows. ...more info
  • Joey Good; Dawson Poor
    The actor who plays Dawson, the male lead, doesn't seem to ever use his facial expression, voice or body language to convey any part of the plot activity. He must rely totally on his appearance to teenage girls.
    Katie Holmes is very enjoyable simply to watch but also is an actress. The other cast members are very good.
    Maybe Dawson simply needs to drown in the creek for the sake of the show....more info
  • information
    hi, i want to know the characteristics from the next product of you: Dawson's Creek - The Complete Fourth Season

    information like, languajes, subtitles, etc.

    thanks a lot!

    Have a nice day.!

    Karina Salazar...more info
  • It really bugs me...
    ...that they changed most of the music in these DVD's. I grew up with this show and I was deeply affected by how they would pick out songs with lyrics that matched the scene that was happening. The music was a strong focus of mine for this show and to change over most of the catalog was entirely disappointing. I have also read that they do not intend on ever releasing a collection with all the original music due to legal reasons. So I have no intention of owning this collection again, which is a shame, since I adored this show. You can still catch re-runs on TV, though, and I would recommend, if sampling this show, to catch the high school episodes as opposed to the college episodes. The writing is better in the high school episodes and the characters are more enjoyable, especially Pacey, (my favorite).

    If you put as much stock in the music of this show as I have, I would not suggest purchasing these DVD sets....more info
  • The last truly decent season before the nosedive
    After the high point of Season 3, Dawson's Creek was living on borrowed time. Those of us who had already been hooked LOVED the show and these characters, and so there was no way we'd ever stop watching it. And yet there was a sense that these characters needed to move on with the rest of their lives, and that it was going to be tough for the writers to dream up reasons for them to bump into eachother out there in the real world.

    And yet before that happened, we have this Senior Year. Season 4 doesn't quite reach the heights of its previous two seasons, but it's still an entertaining ride all the same.

    Can I add my support to the ongoing complaints about the music changes? DVD producers, if you're reading this (and if you're not, WHY not?.. this is your core market!), then PLEASE can you recognise that fans of this show don't mind paying another few bucks if we can have the show in its original televised form. Songs and all. And at the very least, we must have the Paula Cole theme song back. I'm sure Paula is grateful for the exposure the show gave her and her music, so make some calls!

    Also, I'm not 100% sure which season you started transmitting in widescreen, but suspect it was the fifth. I will therefore be VERY peeved if that's not represented on the Season 5 and 6 discs when they emerge... Thanks!...more info
  • Arguably the best season of the show...
    I never really got into this show until the DVD's came out because I never watched them when they were on television. I fell in love with this show at first because of the relationship between Dawson and Joey, but by season 3 I fell even more because of the relationship between Joey and Pacey. This couple was definitely one of the best on television and is what kept me wanting to continue watching the show. Season 4 is arguably the best season because we get to see Joey and Pacey attempt to make their relationship work despite all of the outside forces acting on them, like Dawson, Andie, Joey's college career, etc. I think that I really liked this couple so much because they were so realistic, and the relationship reminded me of my high school boyfriend and our relationship. Even though I thought the relationship between Gretchen and Dawson was interesting I really didn't feel chemistry between them and it made me bored when they were on screen. Jack and Jen were great this season, especially Jen who eventually comes closer to finding herself after some sessions with a shrink! I especially loved when these two characters made out, but stopped themselves because they knew they couldn't really go any further. I'd have to say my two favorite episodes are "A Winter's Tale" and "Coming Home". I was not very impressed by the final episode, although I did like all of the references to the very first season. This season was great overall, especially for us Joey and Pacey fans! ...more info
  • The "switch" season
    I think of season 4 as the one where Dawson's Creek began to transform itself into Joey's Creek.
    The very first scene already hints at this switch by showing Joey and Pacey returning from their boat trip after escaping a broken-hearted Dawson and inquiring friends. The trend of having Joey in the opening scenes of new seasons would continue for seasons 5 and 6. Season 6 even more blatantly so by having her do a voice-over. It was not a bad change, but I would have appreciated a memo.

    Most of this season focuses on how Dawson, Joey, and Pacey could ever go back to being friends. Dawson must somehow accept that both of his best friends are now an item. Dawson and Pacey are proud, they won't admit they're wrong, and Joey is caught between her boyfriend and her best friend. It's a great conflict that in real life could have destroyed a friendship for good. But there's a reason why the audience roots for Dawson and Pacey to be friends again and that's because we know they have shared too much and still care for each other. We know they are both good boys!

    Of course, Joey's relationship with Pacey is serious and commited. She helps him with school, with his family on his birthday, and even later, trying to get him into college. In return, Pacey also makes sure she studies, helps her babysit, makes sure she doesn't get too drunk at parties and, even though he has mixed feelings about it, he does want her to succeed by getting into a good college even if it means he'll have to stay behind. They make one of the best TV couples ever, and you get to wonder if Dawson would have been as good a boyfriend as Pacey was.

    But Dawson meanwhile has his own life to worry about, although his life is far less interesting. He falls for an older girl who happens to be Pacey's sister. It's a relationship that, in true Dawson-form, takes forever to develop with unfortunate results. He also gets stuck with Mr. Brooks, the mentor from hell. The old man is annoying but he helps Dawson go back to his dreams of being a filmmaker.

    Here's where you know Dawson's life is getting too serious for a kid. In the episode "A Winter's Tale," (one of my personal fav) his entire class is living it up on their senior trip, not to mention Pacey and Joey, and he's stuck in Capeside in a hospital with a bedridden Mr. Brooks. It's like punishing Dawson for being too good. And the worst part is, the audience is far more interested in what's going on in Pacey's and Joey's lodge than seeing Dawson praying along Jen's grandma. Dawson is officially made boring.

    Jack and Jen provide with excellent side stories. Andie's early departure was not so welcomed, but at least she made a great after school special about drugs and rave parties before leaving.

    I'm being sarcastic but this was a really great, entertaining season. My only beef was the "Promicide" episode because it was atypical for Pacey to act so jealous and cause such a scene. If Joey can forgive that, then we can forgive him too. Overall it's the best season of Dawson's Creek. ...more info
  • What can I say,
    It's Dawson's Creek, you either love it or hate it. The second half of the series is just not as memorable as the first three seasons, but they develop and grow with new twists and plots which is why we stick around... of course the inevitable question who will Joey pick... however we all know that already, but since we love this show we just wanna watch the reruns over and over again haha. My only question is, when will Paula Cole's theme song come back?? I was disappointed they stuck with Run Like Mad for season four, but hopefully, really, I Don't Wanna Wait will come back for season five....more info
  • Can't Wait!
    I have bought Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of Dawson's Creek and I was so excited when I found when Season 4 is coming out. I LOVE THIS SHOW!! It's full of drama, comedy, and suspense. It also reminds me of when I was in high school and everything I had to put up with. I'm really looking forward to Oct 5!!!

    Oh...and BTW...Jack is so HOT in Season 3...and I bet he's even hotter in Season 4!!!...more info
  • happy with selection
    I bought two of the Dawson Creek seasons for my daughter for Christmas, I bought two for the price of one @ nearby stores. So the price was great, and I think they were shipped the next day. I received them so quickly. I would definately recommend purchasing from Amazon.com...more info
  • And the Series Continues
    The 4th Season is the last great season before the forgetable college years. People tend to love this season since we see Pacey and Joey's relationship grow. I have personally always been and will always be a Dawson and Joey fan. That's what the whole show was about. But this season does generate reason for me to question that theory. This season helped me understand why Pacey and Joey ended up together. They are cute and more affectionate on screen. I think that has a lot to do with Josh Jackson's and Katie Holmes natural chemistry. This is a sure buy for me!...more info
  • Two guys, a girl, but no pizza place
    Dawson's Creek was not a show that I watched during it's regular network airing. Friends of mine recommended that I check it out, but it was never something that interested me. Then one evening while watching another show on The WB, I saw a commercial for the reairing of the very first episode of the show, prior to the final episodes as the series wound down. I watched the reairing of the Pilot and from that moment on was hooked on the lives of Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen.
    The fourth season of Dawson's Creek is mostly about the relationship between Pacey and Joey and the problems and issues it causes among their friends. While Dawson and Joey have long considered themselves soul mates, they spend much of this season questioning that as Joey explores her relationship with Dawson's former best friend Pacey.
    This season was also the final season for the group in Capeside, Mass. The kids graduate high school and move on to other things. In some cases, college is the answer, but not for all. The goodbyes to Capeside provided a solid emotional end to the season as the lifelong friends prepared for life beyond their sleepy Cape Cod town.
    Katie Holmes, as tomboy turned beauty Joey Potter is perhaps the star of this season. Her relationship with Pacey and her attempts at keeping her friendship with Dawson alive completely turn her in many different directions, often unsure of where she is going or why she is going where she's going.
    Joshua Jackson as Pacey gives a great performance, once again, giving good reason for the producers and writers to have him end up with Joey in the series finale. While their relationship ends before the end of the season, you always know how happy she makes him, yet he himself never really feels like he deserves someone liker her. In his mind, she is too good for him and that eventually breaks their relationship apart, in fine fashion at the prom I might add.
    Michelle Williams as Jen didn't have as big of a role in this season, simply because she wasn't in the love triangle that blossomed at the end of season three. She did, however, have some great moments of her own, most memorably her trip to New York to see her father. In that episode we find out so much about her character and what has happened to her in her life. It allows the viewers to appreciate just how lucky she is to have Grams. Speaking of Grams, Mary Beth Piel is phenomenal in the role, serving as a role model for Jen, guiding her along life's paths in the best way she possibly can.
    Kerr Smith is also solid as Jack, the gay football star, although in this season the football is downplayed thanks to an injury. Jack does get to explore his first real serious gay relationship, with Toby, and also spends a lot of time helping Jen through many of her issues.
    James Van Der Beek leads the cast as Dawson, a young man torn between his love for films and his love for Joey, the girl that got away. Everyone knows that he is bound to head to California to pursue his movie career, but at the same time, people are rooting for him to go to Boston to be with Joey. In this season, something important happens to Dawson though, as he falls in love with someone else, a huge step in getting over Joey. His relationship with Gretchen is a nice divergence, yet something viewers know will never work out.
    This show thrives on the ability to find different stories for each of the young stars. Sadly in this season we see the departure of Andie, played wonderfully by Meredith Monroe. Her character just wasn't left enough room to develop and midway through the season the decision was made for her to move to Italy. She reappears in the graduation episode and again in the series finale, but it is sad to see her go. She was a good part of the group.
    A new baby in the family changes Dawson's life, while college applications weigh heavily on everyone's mind. This is the beginning of the end of Dawson's Creek, as once the group left Capeside it became hard to follow them all in the different directions their lives were going. While the show lasted two more seasons, this was the last Capeside season of Dawson's Creek.
    The one drawback to this show, as was the case in the third season, is the replacement of the theme song. While the new song isn't necessarily bad, it isn't the song that belongs there and any fan knows that. Money issues rear their ugly head again.
    All in all though, this is a great set of a show that helped to define the genre of teen soaps for many years and is highly recommended, as are the first three seasons....more info
  • Dawson's Creek - Season 4
    I have been a big fan of Dawson's Creek. I watched the re-runs on TV over and over. I have Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 on DVD. I could watch them many times over and over. It was a great program....more info
  • The BEST
    This season of DC is without a doubt the best one EVER!!! It is the DC's crew's senior year, and this season houses some of the best episodes of the show. A Winter's Tale where Joey loses her virginity to Pacey, The Unusual Suspects where the guys pull off a senior prank never to be forgotten, and much more. But this is the best season in my eyes, and it is coming to DVD YAY!!!...more info
  • Dawson's Creek, season 3 and 4
    I bought these two seasons for my daughter for her birthday. She was so happy to get them! The purchasing of them was easy and fast! Thank you Amazon and best-price-dvd....more info


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