Metro Vacuum VNB-83BA Vac N'Blo Auto Vac

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Product Description

HANDHELD VACUUM BLOWER Lightweight At Less Than 9 Lbs. For Easy Handheld Use. Features steel body with enclosed 4.0 HP, twin-fan industrial motor that produces 95 water lift. Filtration includes permanent cloth dust bag and easy-change foam filter. Tool kit includes 6L flexible hose, shoulder strap, upholstery tool, crevice nozzle, dust brush, inflator nozzle, 4-piece detailing kit and two 20 extensions. 12L, 120V grounded power cord.

  • 4.0 peak horsepower
  • All steel construciton
  • Vacuum/blower capabilities
  • Complete set of accessories
  • 4 piece detailing kit
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Vacuum
    Works great. Get the dolly, otherwise there is no way to conveniently set it down because it rolls around....more info
  • the best car vaccum!
    Needed a gr8 vacuum for my car. Hooked up with some detailing pro's online and this was recommended.

    Wow. Have used the blower to dry my car. and cleans my black interior of all dog hair (dang kids are a dog hair magnet).

    My wife even is stealing this for the house. It is light,made of steel (no plastic feel, sits on your shoulder with the strap and is so small it is easy to store.

    Highly Recommended for people who love their cars. ...more info
  • The Great, the Good, and the Bad
    This vacuum has a lot going for it. I bought it to keep my brand-new car looking sharp on the inside. Having kids, I am no stranger to crumbs and mud making their way into our cars, even though we are very careful about that.

    The "great" is the workmanship. It appears that this vacuum is extremely well-made. It's made like things used to be made. The tools are just about the same as any other vacuum cleaner attachments. The suction is very strong. This is such a high-powered vacuum that I'm sure I would use in on my new car's carpets, but when I used it on the seat upholstery, the suction was so strong that I was afraid one could actually harm their upholstery with that kind of intense pulling.

    When I took off the upholstery attachment and used the crevice attachment, I felt much better about using it on the seats.

    The "good" is the warm air that is produced by using it as a blower. This would be perfect for blow-drying parts of the car that are hard to towel dry after a car wash.

    The bad is the weight. It has no feet on the vacuum, and it doesn't come with a dolly, but you can order one for about $25. I lugged this vacuum while I used it, and it weighs about eight or nine pounds. (Think of carrying a bowling ball in one hand while you vacuum with another.)

    I was originally going to send this back and order a less powerful car vacuum that would be easier to carry around. Now, I'm thinking about ordering the dolly. The concern I have is that I don't know how high this would make the vacuum as it rolls around the garage. This vacuum could easily damage a car if it was rolling on the ground and got pulled into the fender or car door. It would be great if this dolly kept the height of the vacuum below that of the bottom of the car.

    The last comment is similar to that made by another reviewer. This item is listed on Amazon as Model VNB 83, and the nameplate attached to the machine says VNB 73. It is evident that someone tried to pull that nameplate off and gave up.

    All in all, I will probably keep this vacuum and use it very gingerly. There are great things about it, and there are bad things that concern me.
    ...more info
  • Wrong model number...............Again!!!
    Had the same experience as another reviewer here. Purchased this model number, but received a different model number.

    Called Amazon customer service and they shipped me another one. Same problem - the box is labeled with the correct model number, but the model number on the product is different. It's not Amazon's fault, but the company's.

    I now question the integrity of MetroVac as this seems to NOT be an isolated incident. What an easy way for a company to embarrass itself....more info
  • my review
    I received and have used my vacuum and am pretty happy with it except for the vacuum attachments. The attachment head provided with the Metro to vacuum the floor of my car sucks, there is no opening on the attachment fitting and there is so much sucking power
    that it's hard to pull it off the carpet, so I couldn't use it and had to resort to just the hose opening. The other thing is the length of the hose, it absolutely needs 3 more feet. Other wise I'm very happy with it, this vacuum has more suck power than you can imagine, maybe too much.
    ...more info
  • Great Machine, it really sucks!!!!
    You can't beat this model Vac n blo!!! It has way more power than you could ever expect out of such as little machine. The blower feature is very nice for blowing water out of door jams, mirrors etc after you wash your vehicle. This thing actually torques in your hand when you turn it on. I'm sure I'll get many, many years of use out of this thing, but if something happened and it broke tomorrow, I'd order another one immediately!!! ...more info
  • great little vac
    Have used this small but powerful vacuum in the house, shed and garage. It is fantastic - beats my home upright for its sucking power! Haven't yet used the blower function, but it's good to have when you need it. Great product....more info
    This is a very powerful vac that reaches all the little crevices in my's also a great pet vac, (dogs and horses). I mounted it on a cart with compartments for the tools and added a retracting extension cord. Great purchase....more info
  • Doesn't seem to be new.
    I purchased this item as "new" from Amazon. When i received it, it was in the box with label "VNB-83BA". However, the box looked like it was restapled as if it was previously opened. Mind you, this is the second box received from Amazon because the first box was the same. The accessories all seem to be there, but the vacuum itself had a label that said "VNB-73" and the plastice ring where the lid goes on one end had many scratches as if it was used. I read that the 73 model had a short 3' cord or but this one had like a 12' chord as 83 model should. What i think happened is that this is a refurbed or unused 73 model and they made the specs to match the 83 model, such as the longer chord. They couldn't remove the sticker so they left the sticker. This unit should be sold as refurbed or other status but not as new. I am very happy with amazon's customer service, but disatisfied that they are selling remanufactured/refurbed units as new. I will avoid buying from amazon in the future unless i find an incredible price. This was my first purchase experience from amazon....more info
  • Best / handiest dual operation system yet!!!
    METRO VAC' N BLO... this is THE IDEAL TOOL for cleaning any automobile!!! It'll suck up anything just as the manufacturer promises. It more than blows, IT JET BLASTS warm DRY AIR that'll blow my wifes long hair back at over 10ft away!!! This is great for cleaning automotive air ducts. And if you really care about [your] vehicle (inside as well as out) and want to keep it running cool at its best AND easy to work on then I highly recommend the Vac' N Blo. Carefully wash your [cooled] engine, then BLO it dry. Do this quarterly [or more frequently for heavy use vehicles] and you wont regret it. Just use common sense and be sure to dry every engine part after rinsing, especially the electronic components Before starting the engine.
    ------------------------------ Now the reason for ranking 4 out of 5. ---------------------------------------------
    The hoses and accessory tools are not pliable damage free plastics! In my opinion the standard hose length should be 12ft.. The included 6' is too short for some locations and the optional 24' is overkill. I think METRO could afford better quality in every step of manufacturing - not just in the main motor and cannister.
    I think this product would be an easier sell if the total quality were addressed.
    It should also include a resting platform (not at an additional price for one with wheels) or better still (and cheaper) weld a couple of simple stoppers to the underbelly...
    That's my opinion -- Excuse my enthusiasm. NO REGRETS !!!!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is the best car vacuum I have used. This product comes with plenty of accessories to reach even the smallest crevices. Don't bother getting home vacuums and wheeling them outside!...more info
  • As a car vacuum it's pretty good
    I've been using one of these small powerful vacuum cleaners for years on my cars. I like the 4 hp. 5 or 6 hp would be even nicer.

    Pros: Small, easy to take apart and clean. Easy to carry. Reliable.

    Cons: The power cord is way too short. Also it needs a dolly or cradle.
    It would be nice to have a longer flex hose so that the vacuum can
    be on the ground, outside of the car instead of being on the seat.
    I also feel that it is extremely overpriced. The problem is...
    there is little market competition for this style of vacuum cleaner....more info