Hunter 30027 HEPAtech Air Purifier and Ionizer, White

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Product Description

HEPAtech? 99.97% Effective to 0.1 Microns Changes the Air up to 6 Times Per Hour 30% Better Odor Reduction Separate Ionizer Enhances Air Cleaning and Freshens Air Mechanical Filter Change Indicator 3-Speed Whisper-Quiet Hunter Fan Room size 10' x 11' CADR Smoke: 72 Dust: 62 Pollen: 65

  • Air purifier designed for room sizes up to 10 by 11 feet
  • CADR 72 smoke, 62 dust, and 65 pollen; changes air up to 6 times per hour
  • HEPAtech technology; separate carbon pre-filter; ionizer with on/off switch
  • Top-mounted controls; portable, slim-line styling; whisper-quiet, 3-speed fan
  • Measures approximately 14 by 7-3/4 by 14-1/2 inches; 5-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Hunter 30027 HEPAtech Air Purifier and Ionizer, White
    This air purifier works great. It is quiet, looks good; takes up little desk space; and is easy to setup/use (out of the box). I would recommend it to anyone looking for a desktop air purifier....more info
  • Great value and great results
    I love this filter! After one week I was shocked at how much dirt it cleaned up from our air. You do have to replace the filters but it is totally worth it.

    This unit has 3 setting plus the ionizer on/off setting, though I leave the ionizer on all the time. We use this one in our bedroom, and would be great in a small office. It is not noisey at all and I don't know why one reviewer rated this unit so low. Even on the high setting it is no louder than a small fan. If you wanted to talk or watch tv or other activity you could always turn it down without turning it off. I highly recommend this air cleaner for the price and for the quality....more info
  • complete waste of money
    I bought this for a very small bedroom where I keep a variety of rodents as pets, hoping to reduce dust and pet odors. Even on the lowest setting, without the ionizer, the room smelled distinctly of ozone, which is awful for human lungs and even worse for the tiny lungs of my pets. Ozone also smells worse, in my opinion, than the smells I was trying to get rid of. If you leave it on all day in the size of room they recommend, even on the lowest setting, your room will smell like nasty ozone chemicals. Read up on ozone and the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze lawsuits before you buy this; I wish I had. The filter collected some dust, but I would have to change the filter daily in order to reduce the extent of my dust problem. The noise isn't too bad on the lowest setting, but anything higher and I would have to turn it off if I wanted to talk on the phone. Unless you can afford one of the super expensive air purifiers without the ozone problem, you're better off with fresh air and scented candles. Save your money and open a window!...more info
  • Great!
    I have had 2 of these units for over 2 years now, and they have both been working non-stop since then. They work wonderfully, and boy, is the air cleaner! I used them for over a year in Bakersfield, California, and they removed so much desert sand and dust. I moved to Central Florida 8 months ago, and they get rid of the dust. I buy the filters from HSN, never had a problem. I love this machine!...more info
  • Does not work well
    This purifier does not pick up any odors, such as smoke or animal hair as it purports and you are forced to buy the filters on line. I am not satisfied with this product at all....more info
  • Very happy with my Hunter
    I have used my air purifier for about three months and love it. I have used and researched many air purifying technologies and have found the only two safe and effective methods to be HEPA and or UV Light units. As previously stated by others in this review the unit is noisy on high setting. However, it has a soothing white noise sound on medium and low. In one of the reviews it was mentioned that this unit did not produce a smell like the Sharper Image products. The smell that they were talking about is actually ozone which is a harmful pollutant and is believed to cause lung problems and even increase chances of lung cancer. That is something not to be taken lightly. The Hunter does not produce that awful stuff....more info
  • Good Air Purifier For The Money
    I like my Hunter Air Purifier. It cleans the air and makes my room smell good. I do agree that on high it is noisy but on low and medium mine is quiet. On high too, the air can smell unusual so I only use the high setting when I vacuum or on high smog days otherwise I keep it on low or medium. I think it is a good value for the price....more info
  • Isn't what I expected
    It's not exactly "whisper-quiet"; we located it in the study, off the master bedroom, and it's very loud. After running for about a month, the lowest fan setting broke and we were forced to run it on "medium" which is even louder. Even though it has an ionizer, it never smelled like our Sharper Image ionizers do. I don't think it was doing anything!...more info