Hunter 30067 HEPAtech Air Purifier

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CADR Certified Rating For Rooms Up To 13' x 16' 136/Smoke, 151/Dust, 151/Pollen Separate Carbon Pre-Filter For 30% Better Odor Reduction Ionizer With Separate On/Off Switch Mechanical Filter & Pre-Filter Change Reminders Changes The Air Up To 6 Times Per Hour Whisper-Quiet, 3-Speed Hunter Fan Uses Replacement Filters: 30901Pre-Filter / 30928 Filter

  • 136 CADR certified for 14'x15' rooms
  • Changes air up to 6x per hour
  • 3 speed whisper quiet hunter fan
  • Filter change calendar
  • Separate activated carbon pre-filter for 30% better odor reduction
Customer Reviews:
  • Hunter 30067 HEPAtech Air Purifier
    An effective odor filter set next to my boy's mouse cage.

    Quiet on the low setting. Compact design....more info
  • Motor sounds
    I ordered 2 of these for our bedrooms. On the low speed the motor just whines and sounds like it wants to get started but just can't get up enough steam, if you get my drift. Too annoying to use in a bedroom for sure !!! I notice this model is now discontinued. No wonder....Other Hunter models do not seem to suffer this particular problem altho I can assure you they are all LOUD on anything but the lowest speed. And Hunter calls them "whisper quiet"....NOT !!!...more info
  • Not impressive
    The first purifier I had to return because it started smelling like something was smoldering. The replacement is working ok as of now,but I don't see any difference in the air. Everything seems the same as far as my breathing is concerned. Just a waste of money in my opinion.Replacement filters are too expensive....more info
  • Helped dramatically with son's cat allergy/asthma!!
    Shortly after adopting a cat from a local humane society, my son developed asthma as a direct result of an undiagnosed cat allergy. An allergist advised us to remove the cat from our home (some friends adopted it) and as much of the cat hair and dander as we possibly could. I did some online research and decided that an indoor air purifier would probably help us out and relieve my son's asthma and allergy symptoms. I purchased this Hunter air purifier #30067 and model #30251 also made by Hunter and placed this one in my son's room and the other one in the kitchen. Within about an hour of plugging the air purifiers in, my son's itchy/red eyes and sneezing and coughing were almost gone. On two different occasions, my older son turned the purifiers off and within a short time, my allergic son's symptoms returned!! These two units have been wonderful for my son's allergies. I have had the purifiers for about a month and I just cleaned the pre-filters with the vacuum cleaner. I was amazed at the amount of dust and cat hair I could see on the pre-filter. The replaceable filters are looking a little gray in color, but I don't think they need replacing just yet. I have found several online companies that stock the replacement filters. My only complaints with the air purifiers are that they are a little loud. You will get used to the sound after awhile. And, I am having trouble figuring out what replacement filters to buy. This isn't real clear. But other than these two minor complaints, I am very pleased with the price of both Hunter air purifiers and the job they are doing in easing my son's troublesome allergy/asthma symptoms. I would highly recommend this product! ...more info