Hunter 30124 HEPAtech 124 Air Purifier

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Product Description

Hunter 30124 HEPAtech 124 Air Purifier

  • Air purifier with permanently charged HEPAtech Electret filter and whisper-quiet 3-speed fan
  • Designed for rooms up to 15 by 16 feet; changes the air up to 6 times per hour
  • Built-in ionizer with separate "on/off" switch; separate carbon pre-filter; filter-change indicator
  • CADR-certified rating of 165 for dust, smoke, and pollen; portable, space-saving design
  • Measures 12-1/5 by 17-8/9 by 18-1/5 inches; 5-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • This is the one you need. Here's why.
    I am completely impressed with this machine. I did a lot of research of air purifiers and finally settled on the HunterFan 30124. This item was intended to help clear an 11x11 bedroom from allergens as well as refresh stagnate air. It does not disappoint. The air is clean and odorless in just a few hours of initial use. There is a very natural feel to the room as well. My allergies have considerably improved as a result of running this machine on low. How does it sound? Well I can't even hear it from six feet away on the low setting. On it's medium setting you definitely hear it running, but it isn't a motor sound or a hum, it's just like a box fan. The high setting is the same as the medium only a bit more forceful. You begin to hear the hum. It doesn't rattle. I bought mine at and had an amazing experience. It's $94.00 shipping included. I had two day delivery and prompt friendly phone and email service. I'm particularly impressed with the high CADR ratings. A note on this though...This particular air purifier works in a 15x17 room, and I have mine in an 11x11. What this does is allow you to run the machine at low and avoid any noise on the medium setting (not that it is overly bothersome at that speed). Also, when you kick it up to medium or high, the refresh rate is super fast. Now, GO GET ONE and make your lungs happy!...more info
  • does it really work?
    Seems to create more dust and pet dander flying around than before. I wake up feeling congested and I am not even keeping it on all night. It also creates very, very cold air. May not need the air conditioning this summer. Pleased with the sleek design and that it is portable and not heavy. The fan is very loud on the hightest setting and very quiet on the lowest setting. Overall, not sure if this one or any of them actually work....more info
  • hunter 30124 is a good air scrubber and quiet
    I find this unit quiet even at fan speed 2. I like the slim design of it that makes it well suited to place right up against the wall where it is out of the way in the room. One day I used this to help scrub the air in a room I was sanding the walls in. There was very little sanding dust that settled on the cabinets and furniture. I cleaned the unit up after that use and put it back in my livingroom were it has helped aleviate allergy problems from pollen this time of year. No problems after daily use of this for 3 months now. I like the ability to wash the pre-filter that helps extend the life of the real Hepa filter. ...more info
  • I should use it more than I do.
    This air purifier does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have had no problems with it. It helps one sleep as a white noise source. I do not find it too loud but a light sleeper may have a problem. There is very little dust in the bedroom and I assume the ionization feature is performing wonders, but who knows? ...more info
  • Big difference in quality of air
    The Hunter system I own looks a tad different cosmetically but has the same specifications. It came in a three pack, with two smaller units.

    I did a little shopping before setting on this system. Of course I have to admit that I also own several Hunter ceiling fans. I found I could get filters on line and in local home improvement stores locally.

    I have a thundering hurdy of cats so I have to deal with litter, food, fur, and several obscure smells. So I needed something that would suck it out of the air, not just catch particles as they pass. And this animal claims to turn the whole room over at approximately 6 times an hour.

    Well you could imagine my surprise when I found that I did not have to leave it on high or all day to have the clean air effect. Just strategically placed where I stay and near the cat areas, the systems does their magic using the minimum speed setting.

    Even though I leave them in standing up to have maximum walking space they can also be laid on their side like on a shelf. I still have to watch where I walk as the cats like to lay in front of them to catch the breeze.

    In an emergency you can crank the system up to the top speed; which in general is not that noisy but it defiantly puts out white noise.

    You hear pluses and minuses about ionized air. With a separate ionizer you can test it for yourself. I found that it did make everything seem fresher, yet I felt I smelled ionized air for the rest of the day so I use it sparingly for extraordinarily smelling times. The system works just fine at cleaning the air without it.

    I had had to read the manual for recommended filter change times. I suggested the carbon filter every three months and the other filter about twice a year.

    A real and surprising added plus is that I can sleep better with the system on.
    ...more info