Hunter 30251 HEPAtech Air Purifier

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Product Description

Hunter Quiet Flo AirTech Air Purifier for healthier air! Your current air purifier... a hulking, noisy, sullen machine. Is it even cleaning the air... or just sitting there blowing out warm, dusty air and using up your electricity? For real results, you'll be blown away by this Hunter Quiet Flo. Effective, subtle, and with a small footprint that won't get in the way. Removes 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores, pet dander and other nasty particulate matter. And it even reduces common household odors 30% better than other leading brands. You'll definitely see the difference. Hunter put together the better Air Purifier: High-impact polished ABS case contains handy carry recesses; Vertical design fits against any wall, and stays out of the way of other household activities; Rated by CADR for rooms up to 17 x 19'; Interlock safety switch prevents operation if the grill is removed; Ionizer with separate on / off switch; Mechanical filter change reminders so you never forget Ultra-quiet 3-speed Hunter Fan; Interlock safety switch prevents operation if the grill is removed; Circular air flow... clean air exits at the top, preventing dust on the floor from being stirred up; 90" cord with a polarized plug; Measures 17 x 8 3/4 x 18" high. Weighs 13 lbs., 11 ozs. Your home and family deserve this... order yours today at this discount price! Hunter Quiet Flo AirTech Air Purifier

  • CADR 210/Smoke, 210/Dust,200/Pollen
  • Separate carbon pre-filter 30% better odor reduction
  • Mechanical filter change reminders
  • Changes the air up to 6 times per hour
  • Ionizer with separate on/off switch
Customer Reviews:
  • Very Happy
    I just purchased my second Hunter Air Purifier. I gave my old one which I had for about 5-6 years to my mother as I was moving out of state and thought it was a good time to upgrade. (The old one is still working perfectly and I can't believe how old it is!) My new one which is a little bit bigger than the old one has been working wonderfully for the last 3 weeks since it arrived. I've been running it almost continuously, 24 hours a day, and the filter is almost ready to be replaced! I moved from a relatively clean environment to a very polluted one and it has really made a difference. It is practically vacuuming the floors as I am finding bits of feathers and things that were in the carpet in the pre-filter. I'm sure after this initial clean up, the next filter will last a lot longer. (My old filters in my old environment always lasted more than 6 months) My boyfriend and I keep it in the bedroom (on high and with the ionizer on)and we really can tell the air is cleaner and we have been sleeping great. It is quiet (quieter than my old one) and has a soothing sound, yet the wind out of the top is powerful and circulates the air nicely. It's idiot proof to operate. I did a lot of research before purchasing and I don't think you can find a better machine in this price range. ...more info
  • It's working great!
    I bought this purifier in order to help clean up my art studio's air. I usually get to feeling a bit off after being there for four hours or so. Now that I have the purifier right next to my workstation, I find I can work longer and with a clearer mind. I don't go home feeling ill anymore! (I'm a bit chemically sensitive and the windows don't open in the studio.) More good news, I only run it when I'm there, so I shouldn't have to replace the filters as quickly, but it still cleans the air well enough to help me stay healthy!

    Yesterday I brought it home in an effort to help stymie the sinus migraine that my husband and I were getting after the rain. It worked fabulously and seemed to bring us back to life. We live in Texas and a lot of stuff grows after a storm. So, I expect we'll be buying a few more for the house....more info
  • Very happy with mine, give them a decent break-in period
    I've read reviews here and on shopping network sites where people complain about the smell. That is a new product smell that dissipates within a day or two. However, the ionizer is what causes it, and it has an on/off switch. So if the smell bothers you don't use it! I have bad allergies and these have helped me tremendously. Also, when you're comparing prices with Amazon and other sites, pay attention to how many items you get. For example, someone stated the filters were really cheap here, but the price is for one, when the "more expensive" site was offering a two-pack....more info
  • Good solid product
    I purchased this product because I suffer from severe allergies during the pollen season. I would have trouble breathing inside my house because the pollen level in GA reached in 4000s. After starting this purifier I noticed an almost immediate improvement in the air in my room. I definitely can breath much easier. Running it for over an hour in a closed room will totally clean the air and make the environment almost allergen free....more info
  • Wonderful Air Purifier but be Prepared for Filter Price Shock!
    Absolutely wonderful filter that takes tons of crap out of the air with its double filtering system but Hunter definitely makes their money on the sale of filters and prefilters. Be sure to check the prices of filters for units and remember that they usually need to be changed 3 or 4 times per year. You will quickly find out that a year's worth of filters will cost more than the air purifier unit itself. Good unit though!...more info
  • YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought this particluar item and it was "lost" and it has been two months and I have not received a replacement. They have my money and I have nothing. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE people to deal with. DO NOT BUY unless you want them to steal from you!!!...more info
  • Helped dramatically with son's cat allergy/asthma!!
    Shortly after adopting a cat from a local humane society, my son developed asthma as the result of an undiagnosed cat allergy. I purchased this air purifier and Hunter air purifier #30067 and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my son's allergy and asthma symptoms(he is also taking medication). My older son unplugged the purifiers on two different occasions and within minutes, my allergic son's symptoms returned! I would highly recommend this product. ...more info