Hunter Fan Company 44360 7-Day Energy Star Programmable Thermostat

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Product Description

Up to 33% Year Round Savings on Energy Costs, Compatible with most furnaces & cooling systems (24 volt, millivolt & Single Stage Heat Pump, INDIGLO backlit display, Energy Star Compliant, Pre-programmed, Daylight Savings Key, Programmable Hold, Energy Monitor, Home Today, Up Opening Door for easy reference to instructions, Soft touch key pad, Temp. & Vacation Overrides, Filter Monitor, 2 Stage Low Battery warning, Battery Powered- 2 AA. Front access.

Create the ideal indoor climate for a particular household's daily needs while conserving energy with this Energy Star-compliant programmable thermostat from Hunter. Users program for each day of the week, enabling the thermostat to automatically heat up at dawn on a cold morning or to run the air conditioner for longer hours over a summer weekend. By adjusting the thermostat to operate primarily when household members are home, the device reduces wasted energy and minimizes the size of the electric bill in addition to maximizing comfort.

The programmable thermostat accommodates most any 24-volt and millivolt furnace and cooling system that features a single-stage heat pump. Temperatures range from 32 to 99 degrees F and are conveyed with exactitude on an easy-to-read Indiglo display. For sudden or fleeting weather changes, users may opt to temporarily override programmed settings for increased comfort. Likewise, the thermostat program includes a hold option to conserve energy while dwellers vacation. A daylight savings key assists users make seasonal time adjustments. A flip-open door conceals the keypad and includes quick reference instructions on the door's interior. Two AA batteries power the thermostat. A two-stage light indicates low battery levels. Batteries must be purchased separately. Hunter offers a limited one-year warranty for this product. The thermostat measures 5 by 6 by 1-1/4 inches and weighs 1 pound upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Energy Star-compliant programmable thermostat from Hunter Fan
  • Programs for each day of the week; accommodates most 24-volt, millivolt, and single-stage heat pump furnaces and cooling systems
  • Thermostat temperature ranges from 32 to 99 degrees F; Indiglo backlit display
  • Low-battery indication features 2-stage light; unit requires separate purchase of 2 AA batteries
  • Thermostat measures 5 by 6 by 1-1/4 inches and weighs 1 pound upon shipping; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Cheaply made
    The one piece that keeps this unit attached firmly to the mounting plate on the wall is a very flimsy piece of plastic. As soon as I tried to mount it for the first time, the piece snapped. Now my fancy new thermostat is accented by some fancy new duct tape. I have a hard time believing this model tested for physical quality....more info
  • Therostat Makes an Annoying Noise
    This thermostat installs easily and functions as advertised.It does make a noise each time it turns the furnace on AND off. It is a clicking sound with a twang sound at the end. It is attention getting in a room with people in it. I talked to customer support and a technician at Hunter and they admit that this is a relay noise in this model thermostat. The thermostat that I was replacing was a 10+ year old Hunter digital unit that operated silently! The reason that I was replacing it was that it had a temperature span of 4 degrees and the new one has a span of 2 degrees and would make the house more comfortable. Hunter knows all of this. I don't know why they went backwords from solid state electronics to a mechanical relay (a poor one at that)! Also be wary of their ceiling fans! I have a 5 year old fan that runs quietly and two new ones that have a bothersome humming noise. Hunter sent me new fans and they do the same thing. This issue is currently pending with me and Hunter Tech support....more info
  • Highly Recommended
    I like this model with the backlit display and the 'at home' feature. I have owned four different Hunter models and this one is the best. I installed it in minutes, but living way up in the snowbound north, we have a very simple heat-only system, so there were only two wires to hook up. The manual is straight forward, but if you are technically challenged you may want to have a friend install it or have a plumber do the job for you. This one is far cheaper with the same functions as the more mainstream heating companies.
    My plumber said that one of his biggest requests from customers is the removal of programmable thermostats. He said that his clients get frustrated with the programming and that the temperature keeps resetting to a cooler temperature (the default setting). Take a few minutes to read the manual on programming and to play with the programmable settings to get comfortable with it. Save the manual in a safe place for future reference. I find that they are truly money savers....more info
  • Excellent device
    We have had it about a month and no problems. It keeps track of our energy usage and easy to use. Nice indigo backlight, easy to read. Would highly recommend especially at $33 per thermostat....more info
  • Just The Thermostats We Needed
    We purchased two of these thermostats to use with our baseboard hot water heat system, due to the huge increases in heating oil costs. We do not have central a/c. We work varied hours/days so we wanted the 7-day programmable model. We are very happy with how effortlessly this thermostat works, though setting it can be a bit tedious. But, once you get it where you want it, there is nothing to do but push the "home today" button when we're unexpectedly home or increase/decrease the set temperature with a quick keypad push. Overall, we are very satisfied with this unit. We do notice the "click" mentioned by another reviewer, but find that it is not objectionable. It's one of those noises that you stop hearing after awhile like any other repetitive household noise. For the price and the tighter control of your energy usage this is a good thermostat to purchase. ...more info
  • Best $50 I've Spent
    This thermostat is worth every penny! It does exactly what it should do, and the instructions were perfect for my heating/cooling system. I didn't have any problems putting it in.

    What the other review didn't mention is that this thermostat has extra features over the other Hunter models. The big difference is the Energy usage information. It tracks the amount of time that the system was on today, yesterday, this week, last week, and total since you installed it. It's neat being able to come home and see that the air conditioning was on for only 30 minutes, or on for 2 hours. This helps you figure out how your thermostat settings are affecting your real energy usage. It also has a filter reset reminder, which tracks the number of hours that the system has been used with the current filter. This is useful, since most filters say they last 3 months. But the real lifetime of the filter is based on how much air has been blown through it. You could run it for 12 hours a day, and it might only last one month. On the other hand, you could run it only 10 minutes a day, and it would probably last 6 months. With the filter reminder, it's able to tell you when you truly need to replace the filter.

    Also, the backlight works perfectly in my opinion. It only stays on for 5 seconds after you stop pushing any buttons. So if you are programming things, then it continually stays on until you are done programming. Plus, if you are just checking the current temperature or setting, 5 seconds is more than enough time to read a 2-digit number. I love this thermostat, and recommended it to a friend who loves it as well. It's much lower-priced compared to other competitors like Honeywell, and has a nice, simple interface. The blue backlight is gorgeous as well, and other brands don't all offer an indiglo backlight like this one does. There really isn't anything I don't like about this product. I HIGHLY recommend it!

    ...more info
  • Bad news
    It is too complicated to set up, and I have it stored in my garage in case a GENIUS wants to buy it from me....more info
  • The thermostat will not work with a 2 stage heat pump with emergency heat.
    Careful - The thermostat will not work with a 2 stage heat pump with emergency heat, which I have. There was nothing in the product description which stated that. (Ignore my star rating since I never got it hooked up. However, I had to put something in.)
    ...more info
  • Mark
    Unit has worked perfectly. Easy to install and easy to program. The one option that really stands out is the energy monitor button that allows you to see how long the system has run today, yesterday, last week, and the entire season. No more suprises at the end of the month when my bill comes. I am very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • works great!
    I have been using this for about 2 months now and have had no problems at all. It was easy to install and easy to program. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Product
    I love this thermostat, i am waiting to see the saving on my heating bill soon. I was able to program the thermostat to heat the house before my family awake in the morning and before we return home in the evening. Otherwise the temperature is decreased dramatically.

    I only had one problem though, I forgot to set the setting for the weekend. So my weekends were cold for a minute. But now they have been set. If you are interested in purchasing this thermostat, you will not be disappointed....more info
  • Works Great, asy to install, saves you money.
    I have used mine for over a year and noticed a big drop in my energy bills. This unit is easy to install and set. ...more info
  • Great Value
    Easy to follow and accurate instructions. Mark your wires and read instructions - easy does it. Nice price for a 7 day programable thermostat. You can spend more but why?...more info
  • keeping warm
    gave it a four star rating because I'm not sure what a five should or could be! For the price, this puppy has done what I've asked it to do. I like it. It's relatively simple once you've gleaned the manual. Had the boyfriend install it; make sure you pay attention to the coloured stickers before unplugging your old therostat. Once those are on, it's a cake walk. Seems to be saving me money on the bill, waiting for the next one to know for sure. But then, I don't know if I can really know. This is the coldest and snowiest it's been in Colorado this month since the 80s! (or so they are saying.) The boyfriend is jealous. I bought mine because he bought one and likes it. He thinks mine is better than his. He got his at Home Depot for close to the same price and it's not as fancy electrically speaking. I'm happy with my hunter fan coompany 44360 7-day energy star programmable thermostat....more info
  • Install was easy, as is programming the unit
    Works great so far. Instruction manual is detailed and, for me, well written. Lots of features, seems well made, looks nice, and a good value....more info
  • easy install, works fine
    Not sure what's up with the other reviews... I had 4 colored wires that Just went right to the terminals w/ the first letter of the color on it. Not rocket science! took 10 minutes or less to have installed and programmed....more info
  • Good product good value
    I received my order and hooked it up last night in less than an hour (mostly because I had a buzz and hooked all the wires up the first time backwards, my fault completely) and I can say without a doubt anyone should be able to hook this thing up. The only way I could see it being difficult is if you unhook the old thermostat without looking at the hookups first and even then my wires were the same color as the posts they matched so that should not create problems. I am pleased with both the thermostat and the fact I paid $50 less than I was going to for another brand. As for the clicking noise another review mentioned, I don't recall ever haveing a thermostat that didn't make some sort of noise when it switches on and I guess if you were standing next to it and no one was talking or making much noise it would grab everyones attention but come on I have had TV's make more noise when you turn them on. Great value.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Product does the Job!
    This product fit the description and works perfectly. I can program seven days, override is a piece of cake and I am looking forward to saving money on my energy costs!...more info
  • Couldn't be happier
    Easy to install, works perfectly, no complaints. If you're looking for a digital programmable thermostat, is by far the best value for the price. I love the more detailed 7-day programmability rather than the simple weekday/weekend programming thats available on most other thermostats....more info
  • GREAT Product, definately worth the money
    This is not a particularly expensive thermostat, but it might as well be because you get a lot more than you pay for. It was so easy to install that my not-particularly-handy husband was able to do it (he DID have to read the directions, but he did NOT have to ask for help). It works really well, we love the indigo glow, and the program is really easy to use and really convenient for people who don't work the standard 9-5 M-F that some thermostats limit their programs to. The energy-saver programs are also really nice. All in all, I think this was a great buy....more info
  • Best Thermostat Value on the Market!
    This is the most full featured thermostat on the market as far as I can tell. And the best part is it is very affordable!...more info
  • Not a Replacement
    Be careful if you are trying to buy a replacement. Hunter Fan Co told me that they do not have a replacement for my old thermostat. My old one has a 7-pin (wires) connection coming out of the wall & this thermostat (44360) has 6 pins. My old one works, but I wanted to buy an luck. I guess I'm stuck with my old one and mailing back the new one. ...more info
  • All is great except...
    The thermostat works great. The only beef I have with it is that the batteries fall out relatively easily. There isn't a guard that keeps them in, only a couple of 'teeth' on one and the pressure of the spring holding the other. It's a pain when you spend 10 minutes programing it, the batteries pop out and then you have to reprogram the entire thing over again.

    As a thermostat it works as advertised, just a design issue. ...more info
  • Programmable Thermostat for Model 44360
    Easy to install but took a little time to program. Overall I am pleased with my purchase....more info
  • Wiring labeling confusing.
    I concurr with the previous post. Not only is the wiring label incorrect, but the scheme is also confusing to the self-installer. I ended up returning this thermostat and purchasing a Honeywell model #183788, which had extremely straightforward wiring with easy to understand instructions.

    My advice: Spend the extra money and buy a Honeywell....more info
  • Nice... Once It's Installed Correctly
    This is a nice thermostat. It does have a few issues I discovered now that it has been in use about a week.

    1) The wiring instructions are not correct, at least not for my AC unit. I wound up calling an AC company who was nice enough to walk me through the wiring over the phone for free (there are a few good people left out there). Only two of the five wires actually went to where the instructions said they should.

    2) The backlighting only stays on for about five seconds, its kind of a let down considering I paid $25 more for the version that is backlit over the same one without the backlighting option.

    Now that it is installed, it is easy to program and works fine.

    I gave this item two stars due to the 40% extra I paid for a disapointing backlighting feature and the incorrect instalation instructions. I almost had to pay a $100 service call to have someone install a $60 thermostat!

    One piece of advice, make sure its not hot out when you do the instalation. I live in Arizona, it was 113 degrees outside and 78 inside when I started this, thinking it would only take a minute. When I was done two hours later, after the phone call with the AC guy, it was 98 degrees inside my house. ...more info
  • unintuitive --- I don't recommend
    I've owned many programmables over the years and I have to say this is the most unintuitive model I've ever had. I bought it because of the hours usage feature, which most other brands lack. However, that feature is not enough to make up for the difficulty of use. The principal issue is entering a "hold" mode. For starters, you have to go inside the cover to access "hold". Then it's easy to exit the mode as you're trying to adjust the temp.

    Also, the "set" temperature is not displayed on the default display. You have to briefly hit the up or down button button to make it flash up on the display. But of course, if you press and hold it too long, you start to change the actual set temperature. And this is just a partial list of nuances that I expect will bug the average user.

    If you're on top of it and tech savvy, you can navigate these issues. But when my parents visit and I need to deviate from the standard program, for instance, it's hopeless to instruct them on these nuances, so I have to take on all programming responsibility.

    But to be fair, it's not particularly difficult to initially program and install. It's just the other day-to-day interaction that is lacking.

    I highly recommend the Honeywell Electronic Focus Programmable Thermostat #YRTH6300B1007 (a 5/2, but I'm sure a 7-day model exists). It is much more user friendly than the Hunter.

    Too bad, as I'm generally a fan of Hunter products. But this one just isn't up to the task....more info


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