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Zuma Deluxe

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Product Description

Zuma is the game where use your reflexes to uncover an ancient secret! The hidden temples of the Zuma are filled with traps and secrets. Uncover them without losing a life, by preventing the multicolored balls from touching the Zuma idol.

  • Eliminate balls by grouping 3 or more so they explode
  • Use a quick hand and a sharp eye to keep any balls from reaching the skull
  • Practice your aim to make sets as quickly as possible, and avoid the anger of the Frog Gods
  • This version of the game [Zuma Deluxe] is identical to the product called [Zuma].

Customer Reviews:

  • Most addictive game I ever played! Super fun!
    I have been playing Zuma for months and I have to tell you it is the first thing I do in the morning and the last I do at night before going to bed. It is by far the best PC game I have ever played! In the beginning I had a hard time getting to work on time or going to bed on time in the evening. It is also the first thing I do when getting home from work. I have had to discipline myself to get my housework done first and then play Zuma. Highly highly recommend this game. If you like arcade type games this is the best!...more info
    It is said that a good chef is one that can cook-up miracles with scraps. This is such a miracle: enclosed within only a few MBs the MUMBO-JUMBO team has enclosed a game you ENJOY GREATLY!!

    A series of colored balls (with the number of different colors increasing every few levels) gets pushed and you have to match them in sets of three or more in order to remove them - and prevent them from reaching the end zone. There are two different modes: numbered balls per level and endless ball-trains in a specific level. Both are exceptional addictive!!

    This is a perfect example of what has come to be known as Casual Gaming. It would be a good idea to download the 60-min trial version from a site, such as REFLEXIVE (you can Google it), and decide for yourself whether this is indeed your cup of tea.

    Everybody can make a good game that will run only on a super-computer. This is an example of pure programming genius!

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!...more info
  • A good game
    a good game to play. it really gets hard in level 6 and 7. Ican't seem to make it past those levels. but it's a good game to pass time....more info
  • Zuma Deluxe
    Husband loves this game. Plays it all the time. Totally addictive. One try and you'll be hooked!...more info
  • Too Much Fun
    This game has kept me up way too late at night. Too addictive and too much fun to be healthy. The levels just keep on going!!!!...more info
  • My first game of Pop Cap and one of the best in my opinion.
    This game was introduced to me by my aunt last year. After that, all of my families began to play this game. Especially we teenagers in the family, we often compete with each other.
    This game is really wonderful. The color is plentiful but not glare at all. The movement of both the frog and the balls is so smooth. The image that come up between 2 levels is great and creative. I think the sound of the game was what attracted all of us most. The sounds when the balls are bombing, the balls knocking together, and passing a level, are so great. All the sounds and the images always make us so excited, and we can't help playing! I think playing this game is a good training of observation, it's good to people of all ages. So all parents in my family love children to play this game.
    I didn't like playing computer game before, but this game made me felt that there is such a wonderful game exists! I love this game very much, and it's fit for your children, you can also have a good time with this game of course! ...more info
  • I keep wondering when I will get bored of this.
    I have beat the last level 13 many times, but I still enjoy playing to see if I can beat my high scores. There is a "gauntlet" mode of play that I find is great for practice. If you complete all the gauntlets with a "sungod" mastery, your little frog in the main menu gets a top hat!! I don't know how far the game will let you go. I have gotten up to "sungod level 21" and the balls are moving so fast it seems impossible to me to go much faster. So I don't know if there is a point where you can actually "beat" the gauntlet. I think that is part of the reason I keep trying. You never know if there is some other little hidden level or trinket they may give you....more info
  • Fun game.
    Very addictive. Found it quite exciting. Have finished it many many times so that just goes to show that once you've beat it, you can still enjoy it. You can try to beat times, scores, etc, so there is more than just one game here. ...more info
  • highly addictive
    This game really sucks you in. There are many levels if you play the adventure version. Once you've made it to a level you can start any game at that level or any of the lower ones. This is really nice since you'd be playing all day if you had to restart at Stage 1 every time you died on Stage 12-4. It's fun and addictive and the final stage has an unexpected and challenging componet....more info
  • No.1 Time Waster
    Very easy to play, hard to master, weirdly addictive.
    I play it for months, couldn't finish level 13 and -thankfully- I got bored.
    Available at Realplayer website for download at the same price.
    ...more info
  • I finally won - and still can't stop playing!
    Ok - FYI - there are 13 levels (last level is super-long and track is invisible). I play this all the time trying to beat previous scores LOL - most addictive!...more info
  • Driving me nuts!
    I guess I should't feel too bad...I'm on level 12 and can't get past it! This game is way too addictive and drives you crazy! Does anyone know how many levels there actually are???? By the way buy it...you'll love it!...more info
  • Zuma Deluxe
    This game rocks. I am addicted to it. This is the only game I've found that comes close to Snood....more info
  • Dont follow the ball
    This game is an arcade style shoot the ball at others of matching color type. The balls travel in mazes. There are many ways to earn bonus points. The balls travel faster at higher levels and they add more colors making it harder to get a match before the balls get past you and through the exit of the maze. This is one of those games where its easy to lose track of time. Thats the bad news. The good news is that for those days where you need a bit of mindless escapism, this game is excellent. One thing I have learned is to not watch the ball. I have made it all the way through level 13. There is an ending to this game so the writer does allow you that win. Before I was doing well I would set up and shot, watch the ball travel, then watch it blow up other balls. Then I realized, once you let the ball go, you should move on to the next shot. If you KNOW if the ball landed (you saw it land), you are watching the old ball travel instead of setting up the new shot. Your wasting time. The game sucks you into that because its so gratifying to watch something you shot blow something else up. Resist the temptation. Learn on the lower levels to make gap shots. You must be able to blow a hole through a closer level, then shoot through that to objects further away for bonus points. This bonus will slow things down enough to allow you to win up to the last level. The game goes up to one board of level 13. For those that havent bought the game yet, do so. This game is good clean fun for not much money. Once you buy it make sure you read the writing in between boards outloud. Its pretty amusing. This is a game that you will play for several days, forget about, and then rediscover again and again on your computer. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed every time I have run through this game. ...more info
  • ridiculously addictive
    great game, a tetris for the 00's. Can't get past level 8. a very fun game...more info
  • Satan's Invention to Waste Human Time on Earth
    This game is the most additive game I have ever played. Tetris on steriods. Gets progressively harder and most find that they "reach a wall" on the eighth level (at least I did).

    I renounce thee, Satan that is Zuma....more info
  • Great game and you can try it free online
    Awesome and addictive game and you can try it for free at this web site to see if you like it first. You can't go wrong with zuma...

    [...]...more info
  • Delightfully Fun!
    I love this game it is a lot of fun. The colors in the game remind me of fruit colored cereal. I thoroughly enjoy the subtle encouragement that the game gives me whenever I climb to each new level. It quickly proclaims a quick . . . "ZUMA". I don't know whether or not I live for that sound or I just love the game. You should try this game its incredibly delightful!...more info
  • Annoying Yet Addicting!
    Zuma was first shown to me by one of my friends. I was watching them play it for a while, and I asked them for a turn. I was so facinated I had to get it! After I had the game for a few days, I realized that I wasn't getting anywhere with the game and I got extremely bored. I picked it up the next day and tried again. This game is very fun, but it gets easily annoying and boring. It is a very challenging game, but not in the sense where you feel like you must defeat it. There's no real motivation to this game, it just absorbs your mind. That's why overall, I only give it four stars, but in fun I give it 5....more info
  • Zuma Deluxe - Addiction Alert
    This game is awesome. Although I've completed the game (through level 13-1), I find myself going back to some of the harder levels, say starting at level 9, and reworking them (!) because the intensity level is so high, and the game is very addictive.

    I eagerly await an update or version 2.0.

    This is the best $20 I ever laid out for a piece of software. I even bought a separate copy for my mother, who agrees with everything in this review!

    Enjoy - and be prepared to set aside a couple of hours or so per week.

    ...more info
  • Incredibly Addicting!
    Zuma Deluxe is like several PC games in that the goal is to eliminate balls by shooting balls of the same color at the chain. For example, with Luxor, the shooter is at the bottom of the screen and your goal is to eliminate all of the balls.

    In Zuma Deluxe, the goal is the same except that the frog shooter is at the *center* of the board and rotates 360 degrees. Chains of various colored balls snake towards an opening. If the balls reach that opening, you lose a life. (You get 3 lives per game, but can accrue additional lives if you score 30,000 + points if I recall).

    There are quite a few puzzles within each Level; however, you have to complete ALL the stages in order to reach the next Level. For example, I'm on Level 6 which happens to have 6 Stages. I can't get past this tricky Stage 6, so I keep getting knocked back down to Stage 1 of Level 6.

    Random balls will light up during gameplay and if you eliminate the chain that contains these particular balls, you get special temporary perks. For example, there are balls that will create a laser shot for accuracy, slow down the balls, stop the balls, reverse the balls, or fry all the surrounding balls (this one is my fave!).

    Also, there is a coin that shows up randomly on the outskirts of the maze and if you hit the coin, you get extra points. You also get extra points for shooting chains in the middle of "gaps".

    There are triangular mazes, circuituous square mazes, and even mazes with two openings. Perhaps the most tricky, however, are those that snake under one another, making it difficult to track the balls.

    You can play two versions: Gauntlet and Adventure. You can choose to make the game full screen or small screen.

    My only complaint is that I bought this game in the store and like Bookworm (another Pop Cap game), I had to re-download a game using a universal .exe patch in order to get the game to work. Without it, the game starts with a 60 minute "trial period" that won't allow you to play beyond it. This is a serious glitch that Pop Cap Games needs to deal with, because it affects other games, too (such as Insaniquarium). If you need the patch, un-install Zuma Deluxe and re-install using http://beta.popcap.com/pubfiles/PopCDFix.exe

    I highly recommend this addictive PC game!...more info
  • Zuma Deluxe is a fun game!
    I am very happy with my recent purchase of Zuma Deluxe from Amazon.com. Service was fast and shipped very quickly. Zuma is a fun game and recommended by my family, even our grand kids love playing it. ...more info
  • Do not play if you can't afford to be addicted
    I have played free trial versions of this game so many times that it makes my head spin. This is one of my all time favorite puzzle games because of it's addictive qualities. You will literally spend hours playing this game and trying to get through all the levels. If these people ever produce a Zuma 2, I'll buy it in two seconds. This game is a lot of fun....more info
  • Addictive for non-gamer grownups
    Zuma is a great game, even for a non-gamer, over-20-something. I think I started playing around the summer of 2006 and I've finally reached what I thought was the last level, level 9. I'm devastated to find out from the reviews that it goes up to at least level 13! I won't reach the end until I'm on Social Security! I've convinced myself that I'm improving my hand-eye coordination, while filling time between work projects. Sometimes, when I go to bed and close my eyes, I can still see the balls rolling on the track. One tip I can give is to use the Gauntlet mode for practice, especially if you have a level that's giving you trouble. I agree with the term "computer crack!"...more info


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