Safety 1st Grip 'N Go Walker

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Product Description

The lightweight Grip 'n Go Animal Geo Walker is the only plastic walker that features an innovative tri-leg design and folds easily for storage and portability. Gripping handles encourage baby to "grip and go" for safe exploration.


  • Innovative folding tri-leg design
  • Two oversized interactive toys with sounds and lights
  • Large snack/play tray
  • Peek-a-boo tray window
  • Three-level seat design
  • Removable cloth seat
  • Safety brakes
  • JPMA- and ASTM-certified
  • Holds up to 30 pounds
  • Measures 23"H x 24"W x 31"D

So your baby has finally reached the stage where your lap is not the most exciting place to be anymore, and she's itching to get around and see new things! The only problem is that even though she's practically climbing out of your arms, she can't crawl or walk yet. Ease your baby's need to explore the world with the Safety 1st Grip'n Go Walker.

Your baby is old enough to use this walker if she is able to sit without assistance; weighs less than 30 pounds; is less than 32 inches tall; and is not yet able to walk. If you baby fits these criteria, then keep on reading if you want your child to enjoy all the health and play benefits this walker has to offer.

Whimsical characters surrounded by blinking lights and sounds will keep your baby entertained. View larger.

The walker seat features machine-washable fabric for easy clean up.

Special safety grips are designed to reduce sudden movement and prevent tipping. View larger.
Designed with Safety in Mind
Not only does the Safety 1st Grip'n Go Walker meet all JPMA and ASTM safety standards, but this fun and colorful walker is also specially designed with several extra safety measures that will ensure your baby's safety as he or she moves around your house. For starters, the Grip'n Go features special safety grips located on the bottom of the walker that are designed to reduce sudden movement and the risk of tipping should your baby roam to an uneven surface in your house. Another special feature includes the safety brakes on the walker's back wheels that will keep the walker stationary during those times when you need to answer the phone or turn your back momentarily. And finally, special gripping handles are built into the walker that are designed to make your baby feel more secure.

Easy to Construct, Easy to Use, and Easy to Maintain
Constructed from durable, molded plastic, the Safety 1st Grip'n Go Walker is both lightweight -- essential, of course, for your baby to navigate easily -- and extremely easy to clean. The seat features machine-washable fabric for easy clean up, while the walker itself folds down in a few simple steps for quick and convenient storage. The walker's seat is also easily adjustable to three different heights, making this the ideal walker as your child grows. And best of all, the Grip'n Go Walker takes only minutes to assemble and requires no additional tools or special skills.

The Ultimate Test Drive
Our 9-month-old "test baby" learned to get around in the walker fairly quickly and was absolutely delighted with her newfound mobility. It's so mobile, in fact, that once you strap your baby into the walker, grown-ups and small pets will need to keep on their toes if they don't want to get run over! Our child, who is only now learning to crawl, suddenly became a fun-filled terror on wheels! We were also pleasantly surprised to discover that this walker makes a great stationary play station: simply put on the brakes and let your little one enjoy the attached toys to her heart's content. The included toys, with their whimsical, friendly faces, bendable bodies and fun blinking lights and sounds, provided our baby with loads of interactive, tactile fun. The front tray can easily serve as a spot for finger foods, or as a place to attach more toys to keep your child entertained safely in one spot while you attend to household chores or dinner. Also, we were relieved to find a toy that provided our child with tactile fun and exercise that required no batteries.

The walker folds down in a few simple steps for quick, and convenient storage. View larger.
A Brief Note on your Child's Safety
While the Grip'n Go Walker is built to provide your child with as healthy and safe an experience as she will ever experience in any walker, it's important to remember that these security measures do not replace adult supervision. Providing your baby with mobility requires constant parental supervision, so make certain never leave your baby unattended. Also, make sure that she is always on an even surface free of obstacles, and never allow your baby to use her walker near any stairs or steps. The Safety 1st Grip'n Go Walker addresses several issues that older-model walkers neglected. The advanced safety features of the Grip'n Go Walker, combined with vigilant parental supervision, will give your child -- and yourself -- all the rewards that newfound mobility in a fun and playful setting can offer. In short, with vigilant parental supervision, the Safety 1st Grip'n Go Walker can offer both parents and children the best of all worlds: it offers your child a safe and secure way to explore the world, while it gives you a safe and secure -- and stationary -- place to set your baby for those few moments you need a break.


  • Provides infants with the exciting ability to explore the world
  • Doubles as a safe and secure stationary play station
  • Durable, lightweight, easy to use and maintain
  • Requires constant and vigilant adult supervision to ensure your child's safety

  • Innovative folding tri-leg design
  • Large snack/play tray
  • 3 level seat design
  • Safety brakes
  • 4 months until child begins walking

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice, but too high
    Very beautiful product, great price, however, it is too high for my daughter. I think it's perfect for a very TALL baby. ...more info
  • Don't bother
    This item is useless as baby can't touch ground nor reach any of the toys. Ours is sitting in the garage as we couldn't take it apart to return....more info
  • Wrong parts, not operatable
    I just purchased this walker for my grandson and had it shipped to my daughter's address. It had 2 left feet and it can not be assembled. My daughter has contacted the company and she has to return the seat, and was told then they would ship another walker. Very disappointing and who knows how long this will take. ...more info
  • Baby Walker
    The item has a design flaw, it's well documented (front legs do not snap and lock in a position). Amazon should not sell this until it's corrected....more info
  • Safety First? More Like COMPLETELY UNSAFE
    I purchased this walker for my six month old daughter. The first one I received, the "legs" of the walker wouldn't stay snapped into place. They would actually spring out and the whole thing would collapse even without the walker having any weight or being touched at all. I exchanged that item thinking that it just must have been defective, and the next walker I received had the exact same problem- except this time, it stayed together long enough for me to put my daughter in it until it collapsed and dumped her facefirst onto the floor, terrified and screaming. Needless to say, I don't recommend this item. ...more info
  • Baby Walker
    Shipped very quickly. Really easy to put together. AT 9 months my granddaughter is petit and it's too high for her to get any traction on carpet but she loves to bounce in it and loves the toys on it. She can get it going on our wood floor. Easy to pick up and move around. We have 4 large dogs so it gives her a better position to be in rather than on the floor when the dogs are in the room.
    I would recommend this walker to others....more info
  • Terrific Walker
    First of all, the product was received only a few days after ordering it which was very surprising! Most importantly, the baby (9 months old) LOVES it. Before she had the walker, she was frustrated and cranky, we guess because she couldn't get where she wanted to (after all, crawling is so slow to a curious baby who has places to go and things to discover). Now, the minute she wakes up she wants to get in the walker. She loves chewing on and playing with the attached toys and she loves to zoom around the house smashing into furniture and walls and just laughing and having a ball. I don't think a more expensive walker could possibly be any better than this one. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Baby likes it!
    My 7 month old boy loves to be in his walker! I like it because it's not overloaded with toys, so I can put his toys on the tray. He likes the clear tray so he can see the floor. He only walks backward in it so far, but that's just the way he likes to do it. He can walk forward. He got the hang of it after just a couple of days! It gives me a little bit of time to do what I need to do while he's entertained and close by. Beware. the back wheels don't turn, but it's easy to lift it up and turn it if need be....more info
  • Safety 1st Grip 'N Go Walker Surprisingly Wonderful!
    The Safety 1st Grip 'N Go Walker we bought for our grandson has been a great tool for him, beginning at 4 1/2 months. He's now 6 months and can really get around well in this walker. It is less expensive than many we saw. We are buying multiple items to have at our home for when we provide care. I was concerned, at first, that since we paid considerably less, the safety features might not be as good, but it is extremely safe. Of course, we are always there and supervising his play. The sense of freedom he has supports his growing independence as he is able to 'get around' on his own without being in a stroller or some other device manipulated by an adult! We have had a great experience with this purchase and would recommend it, based on performance of this item!...more info
  • Pleasant walker for my son, but is it safe?
    This was a gift for my 5 month old son. He was mesmerized with it at first sight, even while we were taking it out of the package! He enjoys playing with the toys and is able to scoot around backwards (so far).

    The drawbacks are that the colors are sort of bland. The height is not adjustable, so babies will either not fit in it or grow out of it fast. And lastly, I have the same problem with the walker simply falling apart. So far, the right leg is strong enough to keep the walker up, but the left leg collapses no matter how little pressure you put on it. Yes, it was assembled with care and the leg snaps into place, but it falls anyway.

    The only thing that I like is the seat is small enough for his long and skinny body. He is not able to sit up by himself yet, so this offers good support. I had another where the seat was large and he would fall forward and hit his face on the front of the seat.

    It gets 3 stars only because my son loves it (but what toys do babies not love?) and it fits his little body, for now....more info
  • Excellent Walker
    I got this for my grandson. My daughter loves it and said that it is very well built. She loves the see through tray on the front. He can look through it and see what is in front of him. GREAT IDEA!!!...more info
  • Serves the purpose
    It serves the purpose in getting my little one going, but if you pick it up to move from one place to another the parts will seperate....more info
  • Good to make the baby exercise, get tired and fall asleep
    Used it sparingly to keep my 6 month old son entertained while we caught up with chores. He loved to hit the frog on its head. Good thing is it doesn't need any batteries. Easy to clean and easy to disassemble....more info
  • Ok, for a moment
    Received this as a gift and only used it a few times with one child, and the seat broke. Called Saftey 1st and they want $20+ to replace the seat. ...more info
  • Baby Walker
    This is by far the best walker I have found for the cost. I have looked at several. It is easy to assemble. Can be lowered for little legs. The babies at my house love the tray and the attached toys. So far three relatives have ordered this same item!...more info
  • Walker
    This walker is light and easy to maneuver, my grand-daughter is free to roam now, and she likes the toys on the tray too. The clear tray fascinates her when shes parked...resting...more info
  • hard to collapse when you want it too
    This walker was hard to assemble. It falls apart easy. At the same time, when we take it to the babysitters house, we cant get it to collapse properly, and end up re-attaching the legs when we get there. The legs are constantly popping off when Baby is playing in it. This walker is so giant, there is no way for Baby to walk around in it. She mostly scoots a few inches around. She does enjoy looking at her feet thru the see-thru plastic tray. This walker is truly a mess and I dont recommend it....more info
  • The safest walker on the market, I think
    I was a bit skeptical to buy this walker after the video review that someone had posted but I went ahead and bought it anyway after checking it out in the store.

    When it arrived, we did have some trouble putting it together (the same problem area as the guy in the video). However, my husband was able to snap it in (it took some maneuvering, some tools, and a few choice swear words) and has been fabulous ever since then. We've put all our weight on it, pulled and pushed, carried it by the problem leg and it hasn't budged. So it is secure once you snap it in correctly.

    What I love most about this walker is how safe it is. The base is wide enough so that it can't tip forward and the best part is that if the wheels are off kilter even a tiny bit, the walker stops dead in it's tracks and can't be moved. Even going from the kitchen tile to the living room carpet (there is about an inch height difference), it stops and has to be physically lifted off the ground and carried into the next room. As with everything, you should always supervise your child when in a walker, but it makes me feel safe that if I turn my back to throw something out, I know he isn't going to go flying.

    It doesn't roll so good on the carpet, but then again what does? I know there is some debate about the use of walkers, but since my son can't walk yet without holding on (he cruises like a pro), this is a really great way for him to be independent of us. I'm glad I bought it....more info
  • excellent product
    This has been a life saver for my kids......they get to play & move around safely...more info
    Safety 1st & Doral Juvenile Products do not support their products. We have a walker (not this exact model) which is 13 months old (based on their own manuf date code!) One of the back weeks fell off and is lost. When contacted about replacement, they only replace the FRONT coaster wheels. When pressed for a reason, they could only say that rear wheels are manufacturer installed and are not meant to be replaced by consumers. So I guess that means - WE ARE SCREWED. Stay away from this company and their products...more info
  • awesome!!
    My daughter loved this from the moment we got it!! When we first assembled it her toes barely touched the floor, but all the toys kept her entertained and active. She especially enjoys the little alien with the mirror and ball rattle. The gender neutral theme gives this more bang for your buck, as it can be used when our friends bring over their sons (and in case we have another child!!). We love this so much and highly recommend this very sturdy, entertaining walker/ activity center....more info
  • My granson loves this walker!
    My granson has the time of his life with this walker. He loves the toys and the challenge that he has to grab them because they are placed a little further away. We use this in the house and our front deck. It works well in both places. The adjustable height makes it easier for him to reach the ground. I have taken the seat off and cleaned it in the washer. It came out smelling and looking really good. All in all a great walker for a good price. ...more info
  • Great walker.. my son loves it!
    This walker is great and my son loves it.. he can maneuver around in it very easily.. and the tray is great for letting him snack on cheereos. The only reason I took a star away is because getting the seat and seat cushion in and out in order to wash is a pain. It is so hard getting the straps inside and under the seat and reattached.. last time I broke a nail! Other than that, it's a great walker! ...more info
  • Good buy for the money
    We purchased this walker for our daughter who was five months at the time. We didn't want to spend much money and we wanted something that could act as both an exersaucer and walker. The locks on the wheels are great, so our daughter is unable to go anywhere. There's not a ton of toys, but we keep her entertained with other toys on her tray. I also appreciate that there's only one noise that can be made, and it's a mild one at that. We don't collapse it to put away much, but that is another feature we like as well. Her feet don't reach the ground yet, but a telephone book takes care of that.

    I know other reviewers have expressed concerns about its durability and assembly. I was a little nervous after reading those reviews. I had nothing to worry about--it was REALLY easy and the product seems very sturdy and well put together....more info
  • Too high for 4 months
    The walker is advertised for 4 months and up. Our little one is 5 months old, normal height and is still not close to reaching the floor. Maybe it should be call the hovercraft- because that's all baby can do on this. To add insult to injury, it was difficult to fold up when we realized we had to put it away for a couple more months. If your 4-5 month old baby is Wilt Chamberlain Jr., go for it, otherwise hold off. Boo!!!...more info
  • My son doesnt like this !
    I got this as a present from my friend. I was more excited to use this than my son. He did not like it much from 5-6 months. I feel, he did not like to be caught in a circle - instead he wanted to be free & explore more. I have hardly used this like 10 times in 5 months and mostly in 2-3 minutes he will start crying asking me to take him out of it.
    He liked to explore this from outside, try to climb it,touch the toys- but did not like to sit on it.
    Few kids may like this- but not a one for my son who is hyperactive and a deep explorer of the world. :-)
    Thank god ,I did not buy this and wasted my money- it was a gift !!...more info
  • not good
    Under the lid you have the two legs that hold it up well the right one wouldn't snap so it kept on falling while the baby was sitting in it. ...more info
  • Great product
    I love it and most importantly my 7 month old loves it!! it's a bit high so i don't know how they recommend for 4 month olds... she still can't move it around but loves to play in it...more info
  • Not a bad walker
    Walker does not get low enough. My daughter is 6mo. she can hardly touch the floor. ...more info
  • Grip 'N Go Walker Satisfied Customer

    My Grandson took immediately to this Walker. It was easy to assemble and seems sturdy and safe. He gets lots of exercise--we have wood floors and he moves well on them. I am very satisfied--good value. ...more info
  • Great for the price
    I purchased this particular walker because of the price. I wanted one for my daughter but knew that she would only be using it for a few months. The price was very reasonable and it is a great product. Very sturdy and you can adjust the height. There are plenty of toys attached and the tray area is just the right size for additional toys or snacks....more info
  • fantastic
    my granddaughter is one year old. she absolutly loves her new walker. she is small for her age so the adjustable height is perfect....more info


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