Holmes HM6000-U 3-1/2-Gallon Cool Mist Humidifier

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Product Description

The HM6000U 1 Gallon 1-Touch Tower Humidifer offers a more pleasant personal environment for any room in your home or office. The advanced Carbon X system also eliminates household odors, while keeping the humidity at a comfortable level. Its slim design makes it easy to place it in an unobtrusve corner, for easier use & storage. Humidifies Area Up To 800 Sq. Ft. Up to 3.5 gallon daily throughput at maximum speed Size(LxWxH) - 11.6 x 11.6 x 29.2 Weight - 11.020 lbs.

  • Ionizer helps freshen the air
  • 1-Touch humidistat with clearview
  • Carbon X helps eliminate household odors
  • Easy fill tank
  • Microban antimicrobial protection
Customer Reviews:
  • Another bad review
    I'm so relieved to read all the negative reviews on this humidifier. We just got ours from Home Depot and will be returning it immediatley. It doesn't work!! I was bewildered when the humidity gauge kept jumping from 29 to 39 every few seconds and would cycle on and off when in automatic mode. It seemed to be producing some humidity, but the LED display never told me accurately what the room humidity was or how much it increased. Shame on you, Holmes, for allowing such a poor product on the market. I may not buy another Holmes product in the future....more info
  • Designer should get a swift kick in the pants
    I can't give this a negative star as it's not an option. It is a negative star and my money went into the blackhole of Holmes coffers. Yes it is too loud but I tried to get past this as white noise. Daily cleaning has you removing the plastic filter door/metal screws. Won't last long. Does not get past 25% humidity. Does not cover 800 sq foot. Take it off the market immediately and issue an apology to the customers....more info
  • the worst humidifier ever!!!!!
    The noise is unbearable!!! It's like having an airplane engine in your house... plus it doesn't really add enough humidity to the room and the water container is not properly designed. The filter does not work and the ionizing feature is a joke - -do not waste your money on this product!!!...more info
  • Awful product!
    The fan is exceedingly loud even on low. Forget about sleeping, or even holding a conversation. Not sure if the electronic humidistat is working, since it never reached 45% humidity even after two days of basically continuous use. ...more info
  • no good
    I was so disappointed by this humidifier that I felt compelled to write my first online review. I couldn't help but laugh when every other review had noted the same problems I had. The packaging touts some proprietary fan design that is supposed to make the unit relatively quite, it was not. After 24 hours my wife jokingly started to refer to it as "the monster that lives in our bedroom". There is both the deafening sound of turbulent wind coming out of the top and an annoying rattling coming from the fan. The "filter check gage" never seemed to move much and hovered around the position that is supposed to denote the machine is off. The ionization feature made no detectable change in the air, I believe all it actually did was turn the yellow "ionizer" LED on. Today when I picked it up to return it (after only 2 ½ days) I noticed the carpet underneath the unit was soaked. One terribly designed product! I returned it and got a cheaper humidifier from another manufacturer that is so quiet it is inaudible when on....more info
  • Buyer beware!!!
    This has got to be THE LOUDEST humidifier in the world. It is almost unbearably noisy. The fan runs so hard that the ground around my unit actually vibrates! But it does its job I guess, and one could never claim that this humidifier isn't a hard worker. *smile*...more info
  • Broken?!?!
    Bought this last night. Thought it looked nice and had a lot of nice features. When I plugged in and turned it on, it was so loud that I thought there was something slapping against the fan blade. My girlfriend and I spent about half an hour trying to figure out if we forgot to take something out. While we were trying to figure out the problem, our downstair neighbor rang our door bell and complained that the vibration was making a constant buzzing sound downstairs. TRUE STORY. I wish I read the reviews prior to the purchase. Now I'll have to waste more time returning this POS....more info
  • Ditto
    I have to agree with every other review. Just bought this at a store near us and when we plugged it in we just figured it must be defective. It couldn't possibly run that loud normally! Then I saw all these reviews...Don't be fooled by the neat design!...more info
    This humidifier sounds like an airplane about to take off. We turned it on and every piece inside rattled. We thought we'd still give it a chance. The automatic humidity sensor is nice, but when it started up at 5am it scared me out of my sleep. I've owned many humidifiers and NONE were this loud. I agree with the rest of the reviews. Nice options but you'll hear it turn on a block down the street! Save your time and money don't get this one....more info
  • Noisey
    This product is noisey and the pieces do not snap in place, any movement the tank falls out and the tray (which is not fully explained in the instructions)falls out when you pick unit up. The result, water all over the floor. Poorly designed and so noisey it is disturbing.

    As for the return policy...unopened and in original condition. Had to use it before knowing what a piece of crap this thing is. So, unless there is something Amazon will do past their written return policy, we are stuck with this piece of junk....more info
  • Prepare for takeoff
    I really wish I'd read the reviews for this product before I purchased it. This thing is LOUD. The 1-touch mode or whatever it's called is a joke. When the unit decides the room is at the correct humididty level it will go into some horrible repeating on-off cycle. It is not possible to sleep with this thing on. The fan is loud and bulky and poor design contributes to lots of plastic rattles. I would recommend flushing my money down the toilet before purchasing this product. ...more info
  • The worst product on the market
    I wish I read these terrible reviews before I spend $79 at Home Depot for this POS.

    We have forced hot air at our house and desparately needed a humidifier. I decided to spend a lot to buy the most expensive one assuming that would get us the best quality. Boy was I wrong.

    The thing is SO loud. We can only stand the low setting and even that is ridiculous. Forget even trying a higher setting.

    It LEAKED! The container is fine, but somehow the unit has been leaking night after night. Our entire carpet got soaked and the ceiling below the unit is all yellow with water damage!

    I can't believe a product like this can even be sold. I've had the unit for over a month and I'm not sure what to do.

    I'm definitely going to contact Holmes, but I'm expecting to get nowhere with them. I'm not sure if Home Depot will take it back either.

    DO NOT BUY THIS!! Trust me, it's terrible.
    ...more info
  • total looser
    bought it few hours ago at Home Depot... and it is going back... what a looser product, makes you wonder if anyone has tested the noise level, it's like running a vacuum 24 x7, too bad there are no zero stars this one deserves it. After doing a bit of research, it seems as long as you have forced air, the best is to spend about $250 and get a whole house system that is hooked up to your water system... no daily refilling and weekly cleaning, annual maintenance and whole house humidification, save yourself trouble...more info
  • If you like planes you'll love this humidifier!!
    I too must add to the loud chorus of disappointed purchasers of this humidifier that sounds like a small jet engine. The instruction booklet proudly proclaims that the fan motor is made by GE, well GE also makes jet engines and I think someone got a little confused when they designed this one. Listen to all the reviews and don't waste your time or money!
    ...more info
  • I was fooled by nice tower design
    This thing deserves a 0 Star. This humidifier is terribly noisy. The noise is not unlike that of a small tractor or jet engine. No kidding! I thought that perhaps I incorrectly reattached the water tank, tray, or something... There's no way you can sleep at night with this thing running. Bought at Target for $60. Expensive but thought that "you get what you paid" for. Apparently not in this case. Used it for only one day and is very annoyed by the loud noise. Water tray and parts are awkwardly designed also. Attachment assembly seems unsafe. Fire the design team that came up with this model! Gonna return it....more info
  • A total rip-off.
    I wanted to give 0 star, but I didn't have that choice. This simply does not work at all. The filter is in bad shape from day 1, and it is very loud and squeaky. Most importantly, it can not even humidify our tiny little apartment, which is about 350sqft.-it is supposed to work for 800sqft. I used to own a cheaper humidifier by Holmes, and it didn't work either, but then I thought I got what I paid for. This time, I am so disappointed in this company that I will never buy any of their products. How can they sell products that don't work?...more info
  • 4 strikes and your out
    We tried 3 of these Holmes models from Target --- each one loud and squeaky. Also, 2 out of the 3 seemed to look refurbished or used. We tried one of the Bionaire models that is made by the same manufacturer. Loud and this time LEAKY -- the canister leaked all over the floor. Took this model back to Bed, Bath & Beyond to find out that these models are on recall by the manufacturer. We loved the idea of the tower design with the remote control, but this design is still very flawed. ...more info
  • Loud as a jet engine
    Turned it on for 15 minutes....hoped the rumble and turbulance of the fan noise would stop, no matter what speedit was on, this thing was annoying to have in a near by room. Returned to Walmart the following day....recommend skipping this model....more info
  • Buy something else.... Not this piece of junk
    My wife purchased one for our 2 year old... It worked great for the first 3 nights. We wanted one that had a rumble to it ( powerful fan ). However after night three it began to squeak. This squeak was so loud that it woke us all up and my wife and I are 40 feet away behind a closed door. We thought that wa just had a defective unit so we returned it to our local Walmart and got another one.
    Go figure the next one was the exact same way... I'll be contacting Holmes about this P.O.S....more info