BaBylissPro Carrera Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

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Product Description

A quiet professional dryer with unsurpassed weight to power ratio, BabylissPro Carrera will give the most sought after salon results of shiny, silky and manageable hair with its combined ionic and ceramic technology.

  • 25% Less Weight - Weights less and delivers more air pressure and higher heat than standard full size dryer; 25% More Compact - Smaller housing design with ergonomically designed handle offers more styling control and comfort; 50% More Power - Based on Similar Professional Dryers with AC motor and a minimum 1900 watt performance.
  • Ionic Technology - Negative ions will leave hair shiny, silky and more manageable as well as will help to break apart water molecules, in turn reducing drying time.
  • Ceramic Technology - Increases heat distribution to eliminate the damaging hot spots found with other dryers. Ceramic is known to emit ion reflectives that assists in the breakdown of bacteria buildup, renews and enhances the vitality of your hair. The result is smooth, silky hair with exceptional shine.
  • Extended Life Professional AC Motor; 3 Heat Settings and 2 Speed Settings; cool Shot Button; 9' Professional Power Cord; power source: 110V 60Hz for use in US/Canada.
  • Model: BAB6685; 2-Year Limited Warranty.
Customer Reviews:
  • Speedy drying, but HEAVY.
    I am a licensed stylist and have had my Carerra for about three years.

    Pros: It's ceramic AND ionic, so it dries the hair in half the time and seals the cuticle leaving a gorgeous shine even on damaged hair. I've never had a client complain about the high heat setting feeling too hot on their tender scalps. The filter is metal so you can clean it instead of buying a new one.

    Cons: If you are a stylist I do not suggest hanging the dryer by its hook because it is made of a thin piece of rubber that will break off. Don't tie a knot in the cord either because it is also made of the same rubber and will tear a hole in the cord. I suggest tying a ribbon around the cord to hang it. The high heat setting just stopped working, but that is understandable for this industry's use. It is heavy and I find myself accidentally pushing all the buttons on the handle (neck), but most stylists hold dryers at the nose instead of the neck (which I would do if it wasn't so heavy)....more info
  • Avoid this at all costs
    This hairdryer absolutely FRIED my hair in 6 months of use. My hairdresser was horrified. If you like the way straw feels, this is for you, otherwise get a regular hairdryer and use Citre Shine anti-Friz hair serum....more info
  • Impressed!
    After years of torturing myself with cheaper products, I dug through the internet and peer reviews for this model, and I'm SO happy with my decision to buy in December of 2004. This dryer has been beaten up, stuffed in suitcases for travel, knocked around on every flight I take, dropped off bathroom counters, and at some point, squished to the point that the casing cracked, and IT STILL WORKED. Just days before the expiration of the 2 year manufacturer's warranty, I was shuffling around a hotel carpet, grabbed a round brush with a metal barrel, flipped the dryer on and pointed at my hair. One blue static electricity arc later, it wouldn't do anything but blow cold air.

    Conair's customer service is fantastic! I spoke with a rep over the phone to start the RMA process; they had me mail it back to them (at my expense), and they shipped me a brand new replacement dryer through FedEx! I was so impressed, and will not hesitate to buy from these guys again.

    I have thick, frizzy, wavy/curly hair that used to take forever to dry even after rough towel-drying. With this blow dryer, I have cut my drying time in half at LEAST. This dryer is powerful, relatively quiet, and gets just the right amount of heat without damaging my hair. Some days, as long as I blow dry at a downward angle and follow up with the cold-shot button, I can get an enviable amount of shine in my hair with absolutely zero product.

    This blow dryer was a fantastic purchase, the warranty service was easy, and I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Great Dryer, Short Life Span
    I bought this dryer about a year ago and it was fantastic, no complaints until a few days ago when it blew a fuse. I thought for the price it should have laster longer than a year. Life of dryer March 06-March 07, exactly a year later. ...more info
  • WOW!
    I received this item today as a Christmas present and I couldn't be happier!.. I used it after I got out of the shower this morning and was extremely impressed

    I bought a relatively inexpensive dryer last year from a local store and it has already blown a fuse. I no longer get hot (or even warm) air... And drying my hair has been taking 30 min or more!

    The BaByLissPro Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer blows all others away... The rubberized outer shell makes it really easy to grip, you can set it on the counter and not worry about it sliding off and it's quite light... It's definately quieter than any dryer I've ever owned, which my husband loves since I wake him up every a.m. w/ my old one!... The removable filter is great, you can clean it out and know that since your dryer isn't all plugged up you are getting the best performance daily... The best part for me is that it packs quite a punch when it comes to drying my hair... Even w/out the attachment tip, the stream of air is very concentrated and I can now dry my hair in half the time!... W/ my old hair dryer it always seemed like the air was going every which way but at my head... I am very happy w/ this dryer :)...more info
  • Better than drugstore brands
    I've only used this dryer twice since I just received it, but seems to be all it promises so far. I do find it a bit heavy, but since it takes so fast to dry my hair I'm not holding it very long anyway!
    Some customers have complained about their finger placement on the controls but since my fingers are short I have no problem with this at all.

    Plus as a bonus it dries my hair so smooth I hardly have to use my straighting iron.

    Buy this, I think you'll love it....more info
  • I Love this dryer!
    I did a lot of research before purchasing this hair dryer. I read all of the reviews and compared brands. This model had high user ratings. I went to a beauty supply store and had the sales girl plug in and turn on several hair dryers. The Carrera is quiet and lighter than the others. It also has a lot of power. I have thick hair. It took less time to dry my hair and I like the way my hair feels when it's dry. I called my sister and recommended it to her. ...more info
  • Works Well
    The hair dryer performs nicely, no complaints. The only problem found is that it is accidentally shut off often because of grip size and/or button location. It's a keeper even if this annoyance....more info
  • Great product!
    The Babyliss Hair Dryer, as described online, does everything it said it would. After years of buying inferior similar products that had to be replaced almost yearly, I finally have a rugged product that is lighter to use and leaves my hair looking like it does after I leave my hair stylist. My hair is healthier and more shiny because it dries in a shorter period of time. An added plus is the extra long heavy duty cord. I have already recommended this product to others and definitely recommend it to you....more info
  • True Coily(Kinky) Hair Review
    For the kinky hair people, here is a review for you. I was having lots of hair breakage and decided to go to a hair loss specialist. She did not have kinky hair and told me to stop putting relaxers in my hair, or stretch retouches out to once every 3 months by using a ceramic flat iron to straighten my hair. She said that since beauticians have stopped basing the scalp, African American's scalps are damaged and causing thinning hair whereas they may have had thicker hair as children, or before relaxers. I thought she was incorrect because she did not have hair like mine, and therefore did not know how to treat it. There was no way that I could imagine going over six weeks without a retouch. I found a beautician that I thought could treat my hair. This beautician used a ceramic wet to set ceramic iron on my hair. My mind was blown at the silkiness and it remained intact in damp weather. The beautician said that some people are using ceramics instead of perms. I am now on the ceramic-ionic move and I am loving it. This dryer was amazing. I keep looking at my hair because it is so silky and shiny and I have not had a perm in nine weeks. I would now love to discontinue the use of relaxers and bring back my natural hair's elasticity by using ceramic hair appliances alone. I now see what the hair loss specialist was saying. Sisters-this is the dryer that you want to straighten your kinky hair. Why did I give it a 4 instead of a 5,the reviews were right about the poor location of the control switches, heavy weight and large size. They are not so favorable, but you will love you hair. You may want to ask a beautician about how to successfully straighten kinky hair while drying it. There is some technique involved. I hope that this review has helped you since reviews for Coily(kinky) hair are hard to find, but what we are looking for. ...more info
  • Surprise!
    I needed a new dryer. I saw this one and I thought, yea sure, how can this make my hair look better? My hairdresser said to by a professional model....So I did. Well it works!!!!!

    I dried my hair and I used the same products as always, then I went to work and the 1st person I saw said "Your hair looks really shinny today!" - I almost fainted!...more info
  • Actually Does What It Promises
    I am very impressed with both the design and performance of this hairdryer. Exceptionally well-made, it sports a very sleek, cushioned black body; is unusually lightweight - especially for a 1900 watt dryer - is comfortable to hold, and I did not experience any problems with accidentally changing the settings on the handle (hot,cold, on, off, cold shot, etc.). There is absolutely nothing flimsy in the design of either the switches or the body of the hairdryer. You won't run the risk of changing the settings by accident.

    Regarding performance, I am amazed at the outstanding results. My thick, long, coarse and frizzy hair became so sleek (major improvement noticed after having used the dryer three times- I guess the effects are cumulative) that it looks like I took a flat iron to it. I didn't even use styling products!

    It dried my hair in less time than my previous dryer, an 1800 watt, terribly heavy professional Elchim (non-ionic), and it did so without tiring my arms. My hair feels significantly lighter, flatter and smoother to the touch. The frizz was also eliminated and there is a noticeable boost in the shine.

    The BaByliss dryer is an excellent value for the price. By contrast I paid about $90 for my Elchim and have used other professional dryers and none of these gave me the results that this product has....more info
  • Where do you put your hand?
    This dryer is all that they said it was. It is quiet as most dryers are now days. It has the Ion thing going for it however other than the fun of saying you are using it, it does not really make any difference. It is sturdy and light and so forth. I appreciate the removable filter.

    This dryer has one big irritating design flaw. You can not grasp the handle with out turning something on or off. They would do better to rearrange the buttons or use a slide button.
    ...more info
  • Shiny, sleek bouncy locks can be yours!
    My husband recently asked me what the hairdresser did to make my hair look so sleek when she styled it. I used the same products as her and copied her techniques but my fine hair tended to be a bit frizzy. The next time I was at the hairdressers I paid closer attention. Same shampoo, conditioner, brush size and similar technique. As she blew my hair dry I realized the difference - she used a professional hair dryer. For years I have purchased inexpensive drugstore hairdryers that run about $20 and replaced them when they blew a fuse a year or so later. With a professional dryer she was able to dry my hair quicker and that combined with ceramic and ionic technology of the dryer she used cut out the frizzys!

    After checking out several hair dryers including the one she used, I decided on the Babyliss Pro-Carrera. There were a number of reasons. It offers ceramic and ionic technology. The wattage 1900 is gentler than the 2000 but still powerful. AND a super selling point was that though the dryer is a professional model it is LIGHTER and more COMPACT than other professional dryers by about 25%. Yes I want nice toned arms but not from using a hairdryer. I wanted the dryer to be easy to maneuver.

    The dryer has not disappointed. The styling is very euro-chic. Black with a matte finish. Not the shiny easily scratched surface of other models. Controls are easy to use. The handle is comfortable to hold. It has a heavy duty cord, overkill for my home perhaps but not a problem and the hairdryer is compact and not too heavy. The dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle which is not mentioned in the item description. This snaps on the dryer and concentrates the air where you want it to go.

    And it dries beautifully. A powerhouse but very controlled - works great on my baby fine hair and dries my daughters thick locks in half the time of our cheapie models. And the good news is I understand it will last for years instead of breaking down within a short time period like the cheapie models. Plus its quiet!

    Sleek styling, good looks and great results - a super hairdryer choice!
    ...more info