Zip-N-Trim Support Brief Girdle for Men with 6-Inch Powerband

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Product Description

Built for men, the Zip-n-Trim disappears under clothing and so do the bulges. Of nylon and spandex, this firm control mens brief provides you with a toned mid-section, shapely rear and hips, the waistline you want, and the back support you need. A 6-inch power waistband forces down the unwanted bulges in your mid-section, your sparetire and your back. The front zipper design makes for an easy on and off. The crotch is of cotton in a pouch design with an convenient fly opening. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Sizes: Measure Waistline: Small 28-32 / Medium 33-36 / Large 37-40 / X-large 41-44 / 2X-large 45-48 / 3X-large 49-52 / 4X-large 53-56
  • 6-inch Power Waistband
  • Quality Construction
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • cinches in inches
    Truly slims down the spare tire. If you need to lose twenty pounds, and don't have the time to get it off for a special is great!!!...more info
  • excellent product
    the product ordered was for my brother for back support and to trim his waist for his WWII uniform. it is of excellent quality and he is very satisfied with the product. i would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Good, but not very long lasting
    I ordered this product probably about a year ago, after about 6 months I noticed some of the elastic wearing that may be my own fault cause I wear this everyday...I still use it even though its not in the best condition. really cuts down on the spare tire effect you get after you lose a lot of weight...I recommend this for someone who just needs it for special events not everyday use....more info
  • This is NO good
    This is advertised to be invisible under clothes. There is no way to hide that it is under your clothes. I will not be seen in public wearing this!!!BELLY BUSTER! 10-Inch Zip-N-Trim Brief Girdle for Men 3-Pack...more info
  • Zip-N-Trim Works Great!!!
    I have worn the Zip-N-Trim out dancing twice now and it does exactly as advertised - cinches a couple of inches off the waste and firms-up the buttocks, provides back support and helps maintain good posture. I pull the garment into place and then zip it up - no problem. This product has given me incentive to lose the extra pounds and firm-up with exercise....more info
  • Ever thought of.... dieting and exercising?
    Our society, where over 60 percent of adults are overweight would rather purchase ridiculous contraptions such as this rather than exercise self-control and eat a healthy diet and exercise. Unbelievable that men would no rather pay money for a freakish garment than even so much as TRY to improve their physical health. ...more info
  • back support
    I needed this because I took up tennis again and my back was killing me. It was a great help and lessened my back pain significantly. It worked so well, I dont need to wear it everytime I exercise now. Its true, the zipper doesnt help to tighten things up, but, as a whole, this garment is a great support belt.......more info


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