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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory takes you back into the shadowy world of Sam Fisher, a special agent on the front lines of the information war. It's 2008 when we return to the intrigues of the new warfare; The Japanese economy has collapsed and evidence indicates that it was due to a virus originating from South Korea. The Japanese request American assistance - and Sam Fsher is sent deep into hostile territory, to collect critical intelligence just inches from his worst enemies.

Sam Fisher is back for more espionage and intrigue in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. All the nail biting about whether to go in "hot" with guns blazing, or to use stealth is back in this new version, plus some amazing improvements. Chaos Theory ups the ante with vastly improved graphics, totally open level design, and coop gameplay.

Fresh from the East Timor operations, Fisher is now put on the front lines of information warfare. The year is 2008 and the world is suffering from citywide blackouts, stock exchange sabotage, and electronic hijacking of national defense systems. The stakes are high and Fisher, as the NSA's most elite black-ops agent, is inserted in operations to aggressively gather intelligence. A wide range of missions call on a lethal mixture of weapons and close range combat. While Chaos Theory demands the same agility and athleticism required in previous Splinter Cell incarnations, some new weapons, gadgets and moves are available, such as the prototype Land Warrior rifle, and the stealthy, but oh-so-deadly inverted neck break.

In addition to an improved graphics engine, physics are enhanced, too. Enhancements like rag doll physics, particle effects, and realistic interaction with the environment make the Splinter Cell experience more immersive than ever. Just as judging your environment was crucial in past Splinter Cell games, Chaos Theory demands that you understand the delicate balance between light and shadow to stay alive.

Chaos Theory offers great replayability in single player mode, thanks to its vast, open level design. There's always more than one way to achieve your objectives. At the beginning of each mission you are given your objectives, but you must choose how to go about completing them. Decisions about stealth versus conflict are yours to make, too. Should you enter a mission with non-lethal weaponry, a host of guns and ammo, or a little bit of both? You decide.

The Splinter Cell franchise is known for its tense, stealth-driven multi-player modes, and Chaos Theory is no exception. This version adds unique cooperative modes where you and your teammates must complete infiltration missions. Try to keep each other alive. Try to thrive in the dark and strike when the moment is right.

  • To achieve your mission you'll kill from close-range with your combat knife, shoot with a high-tech rifle, and use radical suppression techniques like the inverted neck break
  • Intelligent enemies making your mission more risky as you have to get much, much closer to them
  • Completely replayable -- Totally open level design with multi-paths and optional secondary objectives
  • Strive for ultimate stealth and rank yourself with the all new post-mission statistics and scoring system

Customer Reviews:

  • Hard but fun to play
    Very hard and difficult to play. Takes a lot of thinking before acting. Which ain't a bad thing. Just a warning may take weeks to complete a level. But in the end it's all fun....more info
  • Excellent
    Yet another excellent Splinter Cell game that is as good as the first and a lot better than the second. Can't wait to buy number 4 !!!...more info
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is the latest installment the Splinter Cell series. This game is near perfect for the right kind of gamer. I know the casual gamer may dislike a lot of it because they are unable to run around and shoot things. For people who like a challenge or enjoy games where they have to think this is a great game. The graphic are greatly improved and they were already some of the best for PS2. The gameplay is great and unique requiring a lot of thinking and stealth in order to complete objective. The game is based of being quiet, and not alert anyone to your present, which provides a challenge. In the game you are given great gadgets to help you. The addition of saving when ever you want takes the pressure off trying to reach the next checkpoint. The games dificulty has been downgraded slightly from the first two there is usual always away to complete a part without being seen and you are always given enough ammo. Co-op is fun requiring to spies to work together but at times difficult working with someone who may not play the same way as you such the may focus more on shooting while ou try to be quiet. Also the Co-op is very short. Online is probably one of the most unique and fun expiernces for a game played online. It requires two spies to complete an object while two human mercenaries try to thwart their efforts. Between The single player, Co-op and online this game is well worth your money....more info
  • Oh the joy of Splinter Cell
    Splinter Cell, in my eyes, is probably one of the greatest video game franchises out there. There is nothing more fun than sneaking around guards in enemy territory, and every once and a while engaging in hilarious banter with them (one you grab them that is).

    This game screams replay-ability for the variety of ways you can complete each level, and just the amount of fun it is to do it. Did I mention co-op? As long as you have a decently good friend it is more than enough fun to keep you occupied for hours upon hours.

    The Splinter Cell games are the best games of their genre out there....more info
  • very close
    The first Splinter Cell game was a good freshman outing. Sure it had it's problems, but for a new game it showed great promise for other games in the series down the line. Pandora Tomorrow, while still good, felt morel like an expansion pack than a full game. With the release of Chaos Theory it seems that the promise of greatness has still yet to be fulfiled. Though it's still a great game in it's own right, Chaos Theory still suffers from some of the same problems that has plagued the series from it's inception.

    With the fall of the Georgian renegade Nikoladze, the NSA's Third Echelon division is hard at work trying to stop the latest threats faced around the globe. The sinking of the United States Navy's newest ship the U.S.S Walsh, it's seems like thier man in the field Sam Fisher is going to be very busy.

    At a time when people are saying the PS2 is looking dated, Chaos Theory shows that the machine still has plenty of juiced left. Using a new technique called Geo-Texturing, Chaos Theory has some of the best graphics seen on the PS2 to date. With the new graphics the overall look of the game has changed somewhat. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. The environments look less sterile and more natural. Everything down to the smoke effects has a nice feel. One of the big problems however is that in the PS2 version the levels are broken up into several parts each of which require you to sit and wait at a loading screen. This makes the environments feel disjointed and incoherent. Many of the levels still feel very linear though there are some multiple paths now.

    The gameplay has remained largely intact. Sam Fisher still has to sneak around in the shadows using his night vision. After three games this has me asking if any of these building ever turn the lights on? The nightvision goggles are a big component of the gameplay but after all this time it's started get old. Sam has a few new moves including an exclusive "drown" move that can only be found on the PS2. The combat knife and some close quarters moves have been added but there still doesn't seem to be any sort of hand to hand combat system. You'd think that an Uber Agent would be well trained in martial arts or some sort of unarmed fighting styles, but for some reason we don't see them here. Sam has some new attatchments added to his SC-9mm pistol. One of them is a EEV device which disables lights without shooting them out. The night vision googles also have an electro frequency mode which allows you to see what objects emit electromagnetic waves. Another nice addition is the remote hacking feature. Computers can be accessed from a distance and hacked into using a decryption device. The actual decryption process is a bit trick and takes some practice but it's an excellent feature in the game. One of the things that I didn't like was that the training modes are now video presentations and not an active training session. This made things a little more difficult during the actual gameplay having no experience with any of new controlls. Unfortunatley there are no unlockable extras and no bonus material.

    One of the main downfalls of the game is still the bland storyline and the uninteresting characters. The first game felt as if the story and characters weren't an integral part of the game. I felt almost as Ubi Soft were saying "it doesn't matter why you're on the mission just go and do it". After playing through the game five times I couldn't remember any of the characters names except for Sam Fisher. As a result Splinter Cell felt like a group of missions designed seperately with no commonality to them. The second game was more of the same. Chaos Theory is an attempt to give the player a more cinematic feel. But once again the characters are presented as one dimensional charicatures. They come across as flat and uninteresting. Alot of people will say "but it's more realistic". That may be true but it's not very memorable.

    The online modes are basically the same as in Pandora Tomorrow (Spys vs. Mercenaries) but with the addition of 4 new maps.

    Overall even Chaos Theory is an excellent game. The single player game is worth the price tag alone. With the new reduced price this is definitley one pick up. While it's still not a Metal Gear killer, it's certainly no slouch. ...more info
  • Sam Fisher returns to the front lines with his most impressive outing to date.
    Sam Fisher is back to stop the bad guys again and the Masse Kernels (from the first Splinter Cell) have returned as well. The game starts with a simple rescue mission to extract Bruce Morgenholt, an analyst who was working inside the government to help decipher the Masse Kernels, a powerful bit of coding that can give almost unlimited power and access to previously secured networks. Fisher gets in too late to rescue Morgenholt, but not too late to pick up a lead that traces a Guerilla fighter named Hugo Lacerda to a ship called the Maria Narcissa. It is discovered that Lacerda was just a pawn in an ever-expanding conspiracy that leads to the potential meltdown of global relations. (See what I did there? I baited you. Is there a nuclear reactor involved? Do terrorists take it over and wipe out half of Los Angeles or DC? Well, no answers here, my friend.) The only bit of spoiler that I will drop (and you know, of course, that every time I drop it, I must - absolutely must - drop it like it's hot) for you is to prepare for the unexpected. The story is very compelling and kept me on the edge of my seat.

    There have also been a number of new gameplay elements introduced, as well as some fine-tuning of a few aspects to the game. One of the biggest new elements is the alarm system. No longer is Fisher limited to strictly three alarms per mission before the plug is pulled. However, this does not, by any means, mean that alarms are now meaningless. With each successive alarm, guards will take more precautionary measures, such as wearing flak vests and helmets and fortifying their positions rather than random, solo patrols. Fisher now also has an OCP function on his 9 mm that works in the same way as the non-lethal has for the SC-20K, with the left trigger button. The OCP serves as a temporary electronic-disabling device. Not all lights can be disabled; however, a good number of lights and many other things, including computers and retinal scanners can be tampered with through the use of this. Fisher has a new vision mode in his trifocal goggles that show items that can be affected with the OCP. This creates the perfect window to either sneak up on or even sneak by an enemy. Another function that is one of my favorites is the wireless scanner in Sam's goggles. This enables Sam to wirelessly hack into devices, say it with me now ... including computers and retinal scanners, from a distance while maintaining the cover of darkness. Some devices have secure areas that must be hacked through a mini-game in which a list of possible access codes is listed and a series of numbers jump-scroll (Let's just pretend that's an actual phrase. You get the picture though, right?) on the bottom of the screen. These numbers, once determined to be correct (even if they're correct, they keep scrolling through) can either be locked in or simply memorized in order to select the correct access code. Chaos Theory also includes an "ambient noise" marker on Sam's noise meter, which was near pointless in Pandora Tomorrow (where only a noise meter, but no marker was present) except to show if Sam was 100% quiet. However, if he registered a couple spots on the noise meter, there was no real way to tell if he could be heard or not. Now, it is possible to see if those minor noises that are made are masked by the rumbling of an air conditioner or if they will attract the unwanted attention of a nearby patrol. Two seldom-used, but still nice additions to the gameplay are the "break lock," which is a much quicker way to get through a lock, but extremely noisy, and "bash door" which allows you to knock out someone standing on the opposite side of the door, but again, attracts unwanted attention. (Guards can also do this to you, so be cautious.)

    However, the biggest new features, far and away, are the ability to choose between knocking people unconscious or killing them while sneaking up behind them (Note, if, after interrogating someone, you decide to kill them I found it necessary to choke them out, take out any other hostiles in the room and THEN shoot them in cold blood. It sounds disgusting, but trust me on this one.) and the mission ranking screen. Each mission that Sam is on, he gets points deducted from a maximum rating of 100% for each enemy that he kills, time he gets discovered, or alarm that gets set off. Mission objectives now come in four categories: primary (which must be completed before extraction), secondary (non-necessary), opportunity (such as gathering data from a number or computers or tapping phones) and bonus (hidden). These objectives and rankings can really add to the replayability of the game. In addition, a few elements have been "stream-lined," such as the combination of the sticky and diversionary cameras into one item, the implementation of the laser mic into Sam's goggles, and, one of my favorites, the fact that ring airfoil rounds FINALLY no longer have to be a dead hit in the middle of an enemy's forehead in order to knock him out. An additional feature that I liked was the ability to switch firing hands for each of the weapons, which can both give you a better view around corners and protect your body with cover.

    In light of the numerous new features added into the game (of which, I don't even think I covered all of them), it's a very nice surprise that Chaos Theory's difficulty wasn't watered down. As a matter of fact, as I was looking through the instruction manual and reading about all of the new features, one thought crossed my mind: "Wow. This game is gonna be HARD." Chaos offers the most compelling Splinter Cell story to date and packs many so many different gameplay features in. The graphics, while having a few little buggy moments (try crouching with Fisher, rotate the camera 180o and zoom in to get a close up and then walk towards the camera), are very pleasing. The music did get to me at a few points during the game because there is, for some reason, no option to fiddle with the music, SFX, and voice volumes. This makes having a conversation with someone (i.e. a rescued hostage) impossible during the traditional fast-paced "discovered" music. The addition of a short co-op mode and the still present online multiplayer adds a bit of value to the game. Overall, this is the best Splinter Cell of the bunch and I look forward to many more adventures with Mr. Fisher.

    Overall: 9.0
    Gameplay: 9
    Graphics: 9
    Sound: 8
    Value: 8
    Tilt: 10...more info
  • pretty darn sweet
    This game was so much better than the other two Splinter cell games. For one thing, you have more options. You can choke a guy, you can stab him, you can grab him from below and let him fall off a ledge, you can interrogate more people because in the first and second one, you could only interrogate the people you were supposed to. the enemies act more smarter than in the other two games. In the first and second games the bad guys just stood there and shot at you. In this one, the guys will shoot some rounds at you and then retreat to find some cover. If youshoot at them while they're behind cover, they will hide and come out only if you stop shooting at them. If you don't shoot at them at all, they will try to flank you. but sometimes they will just stand there spraying and praying and screaming at you as if that really does anything. You also have more rifle attatchments such as a shotgun attatchment and a sniper rifle attatchment. Overall this game is really good and I will definitely buy the fourth one: double agent....more info
  • Splinter Cell Does it Again
    I've been playing the Splinter Cell series from the begininng, and have always been impressed with the games. Chaos Theory is the latest game and builds well upon the sucess of the previous games, while adding enough new moves and changing several controls around to make the game more playable and enjoyable. The only part of the game that I was not impressed with was the mapping -- I found the 3D map to be both difficult to see and manipulate. There's nothing wrong with floor plan map views; and the lack of a "you are here" marker made it difficult to get my bearings at times.

    That said, the basic gameplay and combat system are excellent. My favorite weapon is the sticky shocker, a non-lethal attachment to your main weapon that shoots like a bullet but shocks the daylights out of your victim instead. The storyline is pure Clancy -- believable enough to happen tomorrow. This game earns it's M rating and should not be played young children. ...more info
  • Splinter cell
    This is pretty much one of the best gams that ever touched mother earth.this game is full of bad guys and cool stealth moves with its killer grahics that make you feel imporant to the survivile of are great planet. In th dark you are pretty much undetect ableso feel to slice some mercenary necks like like a killer nife though cake this is one you should really pick up one day i guess its really good game in all like i said and the sweeeeet price here makes it worth it .Greg Out
    ...more info
  • death from above
    the first thing that i wanted to do when i loaded this game up, was to hang from a pipe, upside down, and strangle somebody to death. but, as my luck would have it, i could not do so on the first level. but oh well, my time will better anyway.

    so, i wanted to get this for my pc, because it's really fast and i know it could handle the spiffy graphics and stuff, but alas, my EB Games did not have it for PC, so i got the limited edition ps2 version. now, i remember way back when, when the first Splinter Cell game was ported to the old Playstation 2, and when i fired that sucker up, i was appalled by the terrible graphics. terrible, not just compared to the XBOX version, but just terrible in general. but, i thought to myself, i can't get screwed twice! and, luckily enough, i didn't get screwed over again, not entirely. for those of you who do not own an XBOX or a high speed PC, do not feel frightened to purchase this game for the PS2. the graphics, while not super-realistic like the other two higher end installments, are still good none the less. they are some of the best graphics on the ps2. the water looks mighty neat, and most walls and floors have their own different surfaces and shine. now, of course, the little black, flat rectangle that is the playstation 2 cannot handle things such as rain dripping off Sam (who you play as, just in case you're new to the series) as he ducks into a cove, into the shadows. or when he steps in a deep puddle and gets wet, he is supposed to be soggy and dripping and all that kind of cool stuff. but not so much in the ps2 version. but, eh, i don't really care. the gameplay is where it's at, so i can take a few graphical downhauls as a sacrifice to play the game on my ps2.

    and the gameplay is indeed where this baby shines. like the new game, God of War, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is all about the cool moves (and gagdets). for vets of the series, you will notice that all of your favorite split-jumps and pipe hanging are back, as well as a few new tricks. one, and the coolest by far, is where you climb across a pole over an enemy, then either: a) hang down and snap his head for a quick kill, or b) grap him around the neck and lift him off the ground, thus strangling him to death while he kicks and gasps. you can also hang upside down and shoot and all that good stuff, but that's nothing new, though it is still fun. like a lot of reviews have been stating, while he has these few cool new moves, he doens't really get that many chances to put them to use. sure, it would have been a wee bit silly to put a pipe over every enemy in the game...but just imagine....i'd be in neck snapping/strangulation heaven....

    anyway, all the wonderful shadows are back for you to hide in. in fact, most of the game is basked in darkness, requiring you to wear your nightvision for most of the game. which isn't a bad thing, but even on the ps2, the levels still look pretty nice and i would have liked to see more of what they looked like without ink-black spilled all over them.

    the difficulty in Chaos Theory isn't nearly as frustrating as Pandora Tomorrow, the second installment in the Splinter Cell series. this time around, if you set off an alarm, or too many alarms, you aren't done with the mission and have to start over. you just can't complete that one certain mission this time round, and you just go on with your other missions. sure, there are some missions that require NO KILLING, but that isn't too hard to avoid while your kneeing people in the face or giving them the old one-two to the skull with your meat-hooks (fists, i'm talking about fists). there are numerous ways to complete each level, and five minutes into the very first level, you'll already be saying, "man, i can't wait to do this mission again and do it different next time." or something along those lines. if you want to be Rambo and shoot from the hip through the levels, go will just be much more difficult, mainly because the enemies are a hell of a lot smarter this time, and they will flank you, call for help, team up, track you down, all that good stuff. and they are really good shots this time, too...which pissed me off a few times, but it was my fault for stepping into the daylight like a suicidal vampire. the freedom of the missions is refreshing, and opens up all sorts of doors to you, the player.

    the story is your usual terrorist/political fair. it's very similar to what is going on in the world today, as was the developers intent, and it suits the game well. Sam is the same old rugged over the hill rogue that he has always been, though in this game he looks a bit younger for some reason...oh well, he still has that gravelly old voice. you travel through a variety of mission locations, from an island in the sea (with a light house and a torture room! hooray!), to the back alleys of Manhatten, from an Oriental mansion/base, to a sea fairing vessel packed with terrorists and other unmentionables that you must do away with. and these levels are no walk in the part. the first level alone took me almost 45 minutes to complete on the easiest difficulty (yes, you may laugh. but i should point out that i'm a die-hard Metal Gear Solid/Solid Snake fan, and i would prefer a cardboard box to hiding in the shadows any old day! that, and this is the first time i've played a Splinter Cell game since the original, so i was just getting back into my's not an excuse! shut up! )

    okay,, story ( deals with terrorists and the government, use your imagination), levels, moves, oh, the controls are very good. i never got used to the XBOX controller for the original game (mainly cause i only played it for ten minutes), but the ps2 controller is good for this game, all of your cool moves and sneakiness flow like water from your hands with this game. the voice acting is good. Sam doesn't use crappy one-liners, i won't name names (ratchet & clank series, Jak and Daxter series, Robots (it's for my little cousin, honest!), Prince of Persia, the list goes on...). so, i guess, to end my review, i would just like to say again, that i believe that the Playstation 2 version of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, while not super-freakin'-tastic looking like the XBOX and PC versions, still fairs well with the rest of the ps2 games out now. so, pick up a copy, a limited edition copy, if you can, cause the extra dvd is pretty funny and interesting, though not that long, like the Halo 2 Limited Edition DVD, but Sam Fisher, i will now lurk about in the shadows, until i am spotted, then i will just click my red shoes together and wish i was home.....ugh...i'm lonely. so, i hope this review helped you with your decision on whether or not to buy this game. if not, sorry. um, so, if you want a cool, stealth filled game, buy this. if not, and you don't want to sit around in the darkness and wait for a gaurd to walk by so you can stab him in the stomach BEFORE asking the questions (mwahahahahahahaha!), then fine, be a jerk and go play with your...your Pong, and your Hungry Hungry Hippos...or go buy a God of War or something. but seriously, this game takes patience, but you will never be frustrated, unless you are missing fingers or something (no offense to any fingerless people out there), the you might have a problem. but other than that, just sit in the shadows and strike your firey vengeance upon thine unsuspecting gaurd.

    oh crap, i suppose i could talk about the multi-player. well, i don't have the internet, but i'm sure you've all heard super great things about all that online mercs vs. spies stuff anyway, so i won't talk about that. but this time around, you can play with a friend in a new co-op mode, where you can help each other up ledges and into windows and stuff. you can even play on the same system if you have two controllers, it's just split-screen then. i think that if you have four controllers, you can do the spies versus the mercs on one system, like a fps set-up, but i could be wrong. okay, now that that's done, make your choice, and do it quick, before you feel an icey blade stuck in your get and see three glowing green circles hovering in the shadows of nightfall......more info
  • Simply Marvelous
    This will be the shortest review I've ever written. I thought the previous Splinter Cell was excellent. This game is PERFECT. I give it 5 billion stars....more info
  • A "Must Play" for PS2 Owners
    Just picked up this game today; could not put it down at all. This one is far superior to the previous two titles. Advancements include:

    - Much enhanced graphics, even by PS2 standards.
    - Hand-to-hand combat is significantly improved; no more lame elbow throwing!
    - Save at any time!
    - Last but not least...the "3-alarm rule" has been removed!!!

    Do yourself a BIG favor and pick this up. You will not regret it!!!...more info
    I have to say Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory(aka Splinter Cell 3,SC3 and SC:CT) is a great game-MUCH better than the suck Pandora Tommorow and original-This is the only Splinter Cell game i actually like.
    There is a better story and more freedom in the game,you can perform one of the most stealthiest of Military moves-the "Inverted Neckbreak" and you now have a combat knife,guards are smarter,there is not as much "trial and error" as the previous two games,this is definatly a "step forwards" for Splinter Cell series,hopefully "Double Agent" will improve on what Chaos Theory has done.I rate this game(PS2 version) 8.1/10!
    I admit "Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater" was a much better game but SC3 was still great in its own merits-I doubt Splinter Cell will ever overtake Metal Gear,But the games will get more fun and better.
    Bye....more info
  • Weak mission design takes away from a perfect game
    First off, I must say that Splinter Cell is the leader of stealth action games. It's fun, thoughtful, and intuitive. This game took many of the flaws of it's predecessors - "Pandora Tomorrow" and improved upon it. The three main improvements are the ability to save at any time, co-op, and a slightly better close up killing method.

    All in all, if you played the other Splinter Cell's, it's pretty much the same. Which is good. You still can shoot lights, you still need to stick to the shadows, walk softly, kill quietly, and hack your way in. It continues the most thought provoking action series around, even though the latter levels are pretty annoying. The game mechanics have yet to be matched by any other game around.

    The level designs are fun, unique, and varied. There 10 levels, with levels 3 to 8 being equally the best.

    Unfortunately, this is not a perfect game. While there have been improvements from the previous game, there have been some drawbacks. In my opinion, some strategy and thinking have been removed from this game. Pandora Tomorrow (at least the first half), was really a thinking man's game. This chapter in the series sort of eliminates it. It's more of, "how many guys are there I need to kill". I found less reliance on shooting lights, taking out cameras, sneaking around and avoiding enemies, and more concentration on just plain shooting. Kind of dull and annoying (especially the last two horrid levels). Also, hand to hand combat is still not good enough. The newly added knife is excellent, but it still attracts attention, and grabbing guards is still to finicky. With more enemies in smaller spaces in this game, this flaw really stands out.

    The co-op is interesting. Not as great as I'd hoped, but still not too shabby. It's definitely better than nothing, so I will give them credit for that. Since there are two people, it would have been interesting if there were more enemies, as both can handle the enemies simultaneously, but alas, the majority of the co-op is running really fast to avoid autoguns or figuring out where I can use the special co-op moves. The whole team aspect isn't really utilized in a manner befitting this series. It sort of feels tacked on. They have unique co-op missions that are really short, and the whole co-op only lasts a few hours, but there is no mid mission save for some reason. Oh well.

    There is online as well. I can't comment on it because I would just be fodder for Splinter Cell nerds living in their mom's basement, so I didn't try.

    Co-op exists
    Still the same great Splinter Cell gameplay
    Knife kills are quick and fun
    Can save anytime

    Co-op short
    Too much action, not enough stealth
    Close combat still not perfect

    Time to Complete (on normal): 15 hours

    Difficulty (on normal): Medium

    Frustration Level (on normal): Medium...more info
  • I Just died and went to Heaven
    This game is amazing the Graphics are perfect for the PS2. Pretty hard but not so frustrating you'll throw it away just come up with a different plan don't do the same thing over again this game requires patience (if your like me and play 6 hours a day) online is fun 4 new maps, no new gagdets but no biggy. CO-OP Rules if you can't play online play CO-OP, Overall GET THIS GAME YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOUR MISSING
    100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 out of 5...more info
  • Not fun in a good way
    I didn't have a lot of fun playing this game. I just loved the challenge. Yet I gave it 5 stars for fun. Perhaps because it was so entertaining. At any rate, on the highest level of difficulty, focusing on the sleek, stealhty action really held my attention. I would wake up at 10:30 am, and just play until the sun set. I just kept playing it and replaying it. The mission design was quite weak, resulting in missions that were quite elementary in nature. Trial and error is not way to go about completing a mission; however it was just nice experiencing the unique modern dark action of the game. The graphics were well up to snuff and the music was extremely good. Nothing in the game was impossible, it all just took a lot of patience. The game was great for 13-15 hours for completion of the whole game, the replay value is nice. It's just wonderful to play a game that isn't about shooting everyone you see, but rather using your wits and cunning to accomplish your goals.

    Happy gaming!...more info
  • This game was a good sequel to Pandora Tommarow, but it had its cons.
    I am a true Die hard Splinter Cell fan, and I was slightly dissapointed that this game was rated M. The game does not have any blood! But anywho asside from the stupid ESRB, the gameplay was fun, and I found using the gadgets is more fun in this game. I also like how they let you choose your basic arsenal for the level. The game has its issues, but the music is great and has a cool tune. The game did, go by quickly though and I beat it in a day. though some of the levels were frustrating. Also in this game, the Levels are not as linear as the last game. For example: If you kill a guard, and there are no lethal attacks alowed on the level, you will not lose immediatly, you may actually kill as many guards as you like. Lethal or not. Lambert just yells at you, you can also get as many alarms as you like, and you will not lose. But the Co-op mode is fun, but if you are more experianced than you're friend, it will be very hard to get around with a non-experianced player by your side. So the game does have its pros and cons. But it is still more fun than Pandora Tommarow, its just shorter. So I do recommend that you buy this game and enjoy!...more info
  • Splinter Cell Chaos Theory --
    was a present for my nephew, who just had his 16th birthday. The gift arrived ontime, in great condition, and a bonus is that it allows two players at a time, so he and his Dad can both play. They love it!...more info
  • PS2 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
    This is a great game As far as multiplayer goes, there is an even bigger improvement. There is the new Deathmatch mode for versus. Spies now have a gadget tha lets them turn invisible for a short time. Mercs also have three different tyoes of mines (laser, proxy, poison) to use. There are also many new and exciting maps, each with their own objectives to complete so it never gets repetitive with the same game types.

    The new Co-op mode is definately the best change in the game. Although there are only four missions (five counting training), the gameplay is great. There are many co-op moves that both people need to do to complete. For example, one person can throw the other across a bunch of lasers. ...more info
  • Chaos Theory is Good...
    The game is the third one in the Splinter Cell series, the other games were great. But, the last missions in those always were so much harder than all the other levels in those games. Here it's more well rounded when it comes to all-around difficulty. Chaos Theory also boasts more weapons, gadgets, and a much more complex storyline. A game that would be a great purchase. Or rental, but you'll want to play it over and over. Then you'll probably want to play the other games in the series and all other Tom Clancy games, so as far as Ubisoft is concerned it's a success to them. My only complaint is that it isn't realistic about that whole algorithm thing. I just didn't believe it. ...more info
  • i love this game
    i think this is the best splinter cell game in the universe.The graphics arent a good as the xbox's but its pretty much the same game....more info


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