Air-O-Swiss 1355 Air Washer Humidifier/Purifier (Grey)

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Product Description

Humidifier and purifier in one. The Air-O-Swiss Air Washer combines air purification and humidifying in a compact stylish design. The Air-O-Swiss Air Washer has a 600 square foot coverage area and acts to eliminate odors and particles. The Air-O-Swiss Air Washer cleans air by drawing it through water. The Air-O-Swiss Air Washer is a desk shelf or floor model and features two ultra-quiet modes and with no filters easy maintenance. The Air Washers humifying discs are dishwasher safe and the water tanks are transparent and conveniently sized to fit in a standard sink. The Air-O-Swiss Air Washer also boasts a modern design that will add to the decor of your home or office.

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  • Washes and humidifies the air in rooms up to 600 square feet
  • 22 humidifying disks spin to wash the air and provide constant humidity
  • No replacement filter mats due to the humidifying disks
  • Ionic Silver Stick Microbial Inhibitor solution prohibits bacteria growth
Customer Reviews:
  • Good unit, but high price point
    We've been using this unit for a couple of seasons, now.

    On the upside:

    * Easy to fill
    * QUIET as compare to many other humidifiers
    * Does a great job of getting water into the air
    * Does a good enough job taking junk out of the air to make you recoil in horror at the debris you have been breathing.
    * The weekly clean is easy enough - just need to wash the basin with soap and water).

    On the downside:

    * The price is high for a humidifier.
    * You must do a more indepth clean once a month. It is not hard, it is just a pain in the ....

    All in all, I like this unit.

    Please do not be detered by the bad smell review. Like all humidifiers, this unit must be cleaned. I left mine too many days, once, and it blew a foul odor into the room. A quick wash down fixed that.
    ...more info
  • cleans air and humidifies
    I really like this product and have no idea what the review about the 'bad smell' is all about. I mean, this unit is all plastic, and you add water, just like any humidifier, so if you have a bad smell it must be coming from the water, or you have some nastiness in your house that is being multiplied by the humidity. The only thing I can smell is the smell of water.

    Anyway, I am sitting here in the middle of a blizzard in Colorado, and of course I have my furnace going full steam. For my small house (750 sq. ft.) it keeps the humididty about 10-15 points higher. So according to my hygrometer, it is at 35% right now, and without the air-o-swiss running it goes down to around 20% (pretty dry huh). I am actually thinking of getting another one, as I want one for my bedroom and my living room.

    This product is comparable to the Venta (which I have also tried), but it is cheaper and easier to fill. With the Venta you have to either pick up the whole unit, or buckets to fill it. A pain. With this guy you just re-fill the plastic water tank, which holds a little over a gallon. The unit itself holds another gallon internally, so you have to re-fill it twice the first time. I find that I am re-filling it about once a day, and it takes all of 1/2 a minute, real convienient.

    As far as cleaning goes, I just did that last night after about 3 weeks of use. I simply put the base unit in the sink and sprayed the interior down. Everything comes apart/goes back together easily. There was some dusty dirt type stuff in there, which is cool, b/c that means that this guy is actually doing what it says, i.e. cleaning the air.

    So I really like this product, and like I said, I am thinking of getting another. - Matt...more info
  • Not worth the money, smells yucky
    I was told that this was a wonderful product because of the ways that it does not need a filter, nor do you have to add humidifier bacteriostat liquids. My air-o-swiss began to have a nasty odor after 6 days of continuous use. Since I have heard such great things about this brand, I am somewhat inclined to think I had a 'dud' seeing that when I returned it the employees told me they have "very few problems". So buy it from a reputable store so that you may return it if you encounter any problems, as I did. Good luck to you...more info