Bionaire W15-UC Console Air Humidifier with Galileo Wireless Climate Center

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Bionaire W15-UC The stylish and sophisticated Bionaire Console Humidifier with Air Filtration and Galileo Wireless Climate Center removes airborne particles and lets you choose your ideal moisture comfort level! The Bionaire Console Humidifier is easy to fill and has wheels for mobility. The two removable side reservoirs produce up to a 10 gallon daily output of cool moisture and can run up to 36 hours per filling in a room, small home, or apartment of 1,700 square feet. You can manually set the Climate Center from the unit's control panel, or program it to operate automatically. The Galileo is unique in that it has a remote humidistat that is constantly communicating with the main unit to ensure that all areas of the room within a 30-foot radius maintain the desired moisture level. Other humidifiers tend to have built-in humidistats that only increase the moisture level directly around the unit. The remote control's backlit digital display indicates both current, and desired room humidity - even when the humidifier is turned off. The remote control is angled for easy reading while resting on a tabletop, and also fits neatly into a storage spot on the humidifier. A child safety lock prevents little ones from operating the wireless climate center unsupervised, and an indicator light tells you when batteries are getting low. Dual air filters remove airborne particles from indoor spaces, while a filter monitor lets you know when the wick needs replacing. For healthier operation, a built-in Microban microbial product discourages the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew within the humidifier. Rolling casters glide the humidifier from room to room to supply direct humidity to a particular space. Features Wireless climate center monitors environment Programmable humidistat for precise humidity control Covers 1,700 square feet 10-gallon daily output Dual air filters remove airborne particles Filter replacement indicator Quiet GE motor Wheels for mobility