Bosch BSA2200UC Compact Plus Compact Plus Health Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Get a lot of vacuum in a little space with the Bosch Compact Plus vacuum cleaner. You shouldn't have to sacrifice cleaning power just because you live in a small space. With the Compact Series, you get a vacuum that takes up less space without giving up cleaning effectiveness and versatility. This easy to use vacuum includes a one step self-sealing dust bag, step on/off power button, and the Ergogrip Plus soft handle. What sets this vacuum apart from the rest is the Air Clean HEPA system that purifies the discharged air so that it is cleaner than the normal ambient air, perfect for allergy sufferers. Bosch engineers have managed to pack an amazing 11 amps of motor power and a full set of attachments into a vacuum that is a breeze to maneuver and carry around your home.

  • Model No.: BSA2200UC
  • Style: Canister
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Filtration Type: HEPA Filter System
  • Motor Amperage: 11-amps
Customer Reviews:
  • not very good
    For the price, the vacuum cleaner is ok. It is quieter than other vacuums and probably has good filtration although I have no real way to know this.

    The cord is too short and the unit tips over easily. The bare floor adjustment causes the dirt to be pushed around and makes no sense. When you adjust it to clean bare floors, the front of the vacuum lays flat and prevents the dirt from entering. Kinda stupid.

    It has good suction, just expected the bare floor setting to work better. As it is, it will push dirt away, then maybe collect it on the return stroke.

    You should look elsewhere, or spend more if you want a great vacuum, because this one isn't great....more info
    Bosch customer service is an nonexistent. The ONLY authorized service center in the US is in NY. As to my experience, I own the immediate predecessor to this model. After a few months use, when pulling out (without any excessive force) the self-retracting power cord, the whole cord detached from the vacuum. According to Bosch, this is a problem they do not cover under warranty. Estimates for repair from several shops were well over $100.00....more info
  • perfect choice
    My college student son's wish for his 22nd birthday was: a vacuum cleaner. I have been happy with my own Bosch that I bought a few years ago, so we looked for the same brand. This one is a little smaller but equally efficient and a great value for its price. ...more info
  • Its okay.
    I purchased the Bosch compact plus vac as a supplement to my extremely heavy Kenmore vacuum. The Bosch is quiet, light and "sucks" adequately but I find the cord to be too short and the wand fell apart twice while I was using it. It seems a little "cheesey" for the price....more info
  • Finally a good vacuum cleaner
    What a relief, finally a good vacuum cleaner. I researched vacuum cleaners for 3 months, I searched a lot on line and read all possible reviews. We have carpets and two Maine coon cats, so a vacuum cleaner taking care of pet hair was a must. I was tired of my old heavy/noisy upright vacuum cleaner so I was convinced that I want a canister vacuum. If you look for a light, small, quiet and efficient vacuum cleaner Bosch is a good choice. Cats are not scared at all and they walk around while I am vacuuming. The brush has two modes - bare floors and carpeting. It takes care of the cat hair, spilled litter and dirt. You can also adjust the suction power. Only negative is that after each vacuuming I need to manually clean the brush by pulling out the trapped hairs. ...more info
  • I really, really wanted this vacuum to work
    I really wanted this vacuum to work, but I ended up sending it back because of its abysmal performance on a very low-piled carpet. This model only had mediocre performance on the concrete floors in my unit and it fared even worse on the newly installed Interface FLOR (Modern Mix) carpet tiles; the vacuum's suction would barely pick up fuzz and pile remnants stuck to the face of the carpet.

    I was also disappointed by the unit's cheap-looking components. The components seemed like something from a dollar store; the plastic may have been durable, but the appearance, design, and feel seemed cheap. The only pros to this vacuum are its small form, the canister's aesthetics, and it's refreshingly quiet noise level.

    I would definitely not buy this vacuum again, and I would have great difficulty trying out a different Bosch vacuum after this experience....more info
  • I like my little vacuum cleaner
    I searched the Internet for a long time to find a vacuum cleaner that would work for me. It needed to be VERY compact (my home is small with very little storage space), lightweight, and have a heppa filter. And not too expensive! Finding this one was a miracle. It works very well, takes up little space, and was affordable. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is that, like most canister vacuums, if I pull too hard it tips over which can be a pain when moving around the house....more info
  • Luv it!
    I have a fairly small space, but all the other "small space" vacuums are so noisey! This is very quite and works like a charm! Good on wood and carpet....more info
  • Little vac packs a punch
    The Bosch Compact Plus Health Gaurd canister vacuum is a dream. This is my first vacuum and I know I made a great choice.

    The suction power is adjustable, and man is it strong. I vaccum my short berber carpets on the second lowest setting and get dirt and sand left behind by my former roomate's upright.
    It's quiet! I can hold a conversation on the telephone while vacuuming on low suction, the higher the suction selected the louder it gets. But even the loudest it gets is only as loud or quiter than the other machines I've used.
    The small size is perfect for the condo I live in. The power cord and hose are long enough to fully clean the largest room and a little beyond.
    The cord automaticaly retracts, this is a wonderful feature for those who are tired of winding up a powercord.
    It cleans hard floors equally well as carpets. There is a switch on the head to change from carpet to hard surface.
    The canister glides along with ease, no tugging the hose to make it catch up.
    It is SOOO light. I don't have any problem toting it up and down the stairs, it is only 9.5 lbs. and the two carrying handles are sturdy and comfortable to grip.
    The styling is handsome. The ruby red color is more fun than dark blue or black.
    The telescoping tube can lie flush with the ground so it is possible to clean under furniture with at least 3 in. of clearance.
    With the HEPA filter there are no particles of dust in the exhaust, it is cleaner than the normal air, it is condusive to households with alergies.

    To recap, the vacuum is powerful, lightweight, manuverable, cute, easy to use.

    This is an awesome product, I would buy it again in a heartbeat....more info
  • a most incredible vacuum!
    we LOVE this vacuum! our floors are tiled and it cleans them perfectly, not a cat hair escapes. it's fast, has superb suction, and is far quieter than most other vacuums (which, given its supersuction, is somewhat surprising). it's equally skilled at carpeting and furniture - we'll never buy another vacuum again....more info