DeLonghi DE50P 50-Pint Capacity DeHumidifier

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br- For Room Sizes up to 2,900 sq. ft. br- 50-pint capacity br- Patented heavy-duty pump system - never empty a bucket br- Ideal for basement use - low temperature operation br- Tank control system br- Lateral intake/outtake grille br- Air filtration technology br- Two systems for collecting condensation br- Patented high-efficiency fin system br- Fully portable br- Perfect for any room br- Quiet operation

Customer Reviews:
  • DeLonghi 50-pint Dehumidifier
    After three unsuccessful attempts at delivery, I cancelled the overdue order. Never again....more info
  • Terrible warranty service
    I bought this unit because of the built in pump. It worked great for 2 months, but then the pump started not to work, probably because there is a little water filter that protects the pump that appears to be clogged. Delonghi's tech support people seem clueless and cannot send me a new filter because I am not a service center myself.

    The first four service centers I called (numbers they gave me) either did not do service on dehumidifiers of did not do warranty work for Delonghi anymore bacause they had trouble getting paid by Delonghi.

    The fifth one said that they could do it, but that Delonghi was notorious for finding reasons to no pay for warranty service in which case I would have to pay their bill before they could send my unit back to me and I would have to pay shipping both ways. He suggested that I buy the parts from him and install them myself. Even though that would void the warranty (ha!) it would cost less to buy the parts than to pay the shipping.

    So far, (3 months old) the unit works fine as a dehumidifier. It still collects water in the built in tank, but because of the service problems, I will never buy Delonghi again. I'm used to companies going out of their way to make me happy when it comes to warranty claims. Not this one....more info