Delonghi DHE90 40 Pint Dehumidifier

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Same as DE40GM with lateral controls and more sculptured body. Good value low temperature dehumidifiers with a dial adjustable humidistat to set desired humidity level. They will remove humidity in the air down to 44F degrees. These units are energy star rated, and have unique FreshZone antibacterial air filters that are easy to remove and replace. The DeLonghi DHE90 Low Temp Dehumidifier is ideal for someone who... Would like cost savings from an Energy Star rated dehumidifier Would like low temp operation down to 44F in areas such as the office, living room, or basement. Has a need for home or commercial use dehumidifiers for an area up to 1000 sq. ft. in either moderately damp to wet areas Needs dehumidification up to 40 pints of water removal per day Wants worry-free, easy to use dehumidifiers - these have a worry free Tank Control System that automatically shuts off the unit if it detects that the water tank is full, improperly positioned or missing Wants a dehumidifier with an internal adjustable humidistat Would like several water removal options - choose from collection bucket or a set and forget gravity drain hose attachment for continuous discharge