Goldstar DH504EL 50 Pint Electronic Dehumidifier - Energy Star qualified!

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Goldstar DH-504EL Energy Star qualified Dehumidifier - Reduce mildew/musty odors ss with this powerful 50-pint electronic dehumidifier from GoldStar which features electronic sensors that automatically adjust humidity levels in 5 percent increments and convenient soft-touch controls with digital LED readouts.
goldstar DH504

Customer Reviews:
  • Don't buy - piece of junk
    It is a piece of junk. Don't buy this brand. It worked for me only 13-months till warrenty over. Now, it looks like it works but don't suck out humidity, no water in the pan. Customer service said to take it to service center and for a fee they will diagnose. I will not spend a penny for this. Will buy another brand. Save your money, don't buy Goldstar dehumidifer....more info
  • Avoid this product!
    I purchased a DH504EL three years ago. The first year, it worked fine. The second year, it didn't seem to remove moisture as well as it did originally. The third year, it didn't remove moisture at all, though it appears to be working otherwise. Apparently, the refrigerant has leaked out. I called Goldstar Customer Service and was told that they would cover the cost of parts to fix it, but not the labor. I contacted the local service center and was quoted $200-$300 to repair a product that I paid $148 for! This thing is junk and Goldstar's "service" is a sham! I've had similar products that have lasted for decades and there is no excuse for a dehumidifier to die in less than three years. If you're in the market for one, look elsewhere....more info
  • Very poor product
    It looks beautiful, runs quietly, but it isn't built to last and customer service is non-existent. Ours caught on fire, and even though we took it to Goldstar's authorized representative who verified to the company that it caught on fire, we had to battle for months to get any response. They finally replaced it, and the new one worked one summer only. ...more info
  • Can't believe that they can actually sell something this bad!
    My story is similar to most other reviews you see on Goldstar/LG dehumidifiers. It worked ok the first season I had it. Then when I turned it on the 2nd season it would not extract moisture out of the air.

    The fan and compressor run, but not a drip even after 2hrs in a 65% RH environment. The filter and coils were completely clean and looked like new.

    LG would not replace it under warranty because it was more than 12 months since my date of purchase.

    I tried to return it at the store I bought it at an no luck. The interesting thing is that I ran into another customer that was returning one of these. She said it was the second one she had to replace in a month!

    STAY AWAY from LG and Goldstar dehumidifiers.
    ...more info
  • Not working just one month shy of a year!
    I bought this product back in June of 2007. It ran very loud, but since it was in the basement I didn't care. Well this past weekend I found it was leaking all over my carpeted basement. I called customer service who informed me that they would make me bring in the product to one of their (far away) repair centers with the possibility of me paying for my own repairs. I tried to explain that when I move the dehumidifier it leaks water and that moving it two flights of stairs and into my car, (while leaking all over the place) would not be an option. The rep stated I should air dry it (as though it was a little water), but I explained there is a lot of water trapped in the unit. I even told him to imagine a cup of water sitting on a counter, and then asked, if I leave it out for two days will that evaporate... no!

    I was also not allowed to speak to the manager twice! (Not the customer service reps fault, but the manager who did not want to speak with me.)

    Would not recommend buying this product. ...more info
  • Wouldn't buy it
    We originially bought a Comfortaire in June, 2005 - it worked great. We turned it off and stored it for the winter. When I started it up again in the June, 2006, it didn't run. The compressor was shot. I contacted LG and they replaced it with a Goldstar. (They were very nice and efficient.) We used the Goldstar last summer, it worked fine. We put it away for the winter and I set it up this past week. It doesn't work. I was told to leave it on for 3 or 4 days for it to start collecting water. I told them I should have seen something in 24 hours and I do not own the electric company. I called LG. They told to me take it in for service. This time, the evaporator (a pressurized system of tubing that cracks) was cracked. The compressor was fine. LG said that it would not do anything for me. The warranty began from the original date of purchase, not when the new one arrived. I am out $160.00, and have to buy a new one. I asked the repair shop what I was doing wrong, and he said nothing. That's the way they are made now.

    Customer service was very nice and easy to get a hold of. I was not happy with the outcome. LG told me they make quality products. Can't prove it by me. ...more info