Honeywell 22500 Replacement Air Cleaner HEPA Filter

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Fits model# 12500, 12520, 12528, 17400, 17440, 62500, EV1(10000) Click here for our full line of Honeywell Air Purifiers

  • Fits models 12500, 12520, 12526, 12528, 17400, 17440, 62500
  • Removes 99.7% of airborne particles that pass through it
  • Surround Seal prevents leakage of unfiltered air around HEPA filter
  • Filter change reminder labels
Customer Reviews:
  • Great service for hard to locate product
    This product is difficult to find in retail stores... I am impressed with the service, finding the item and having it delivered promptly. We'll order this again and again....more info
  • Not just for the home/nursery/office anymore!
    I give this filter 4 stars only because of the price. I've been using the EnviraCare system for over 10 years, using the same, original fan/blower unit. The fan/blower unit is still running strong, even afer hundreds of hours of use.

    I recently bought a second unit for the woodshop. Yes, there are HEPA units out there for the woodshop, mostly large, rectangular things that don't fit in with home decor. But the premise is the same as the Honeywell EnviraCare, and the overall cost of the HoneyWell is much cheaper. It does the same job. Shop dust collectors, when placed inside the shop, cause a serious health problem in that they widely disburse fine, sub-micron dust all over the place. It may be better, health-wise, to let the dust fall to the floor around the tool and sweep it up later, but that's not convenient for many woodworkers. So mammoth dust collectors are used for the large, visible particles, but something else needs to filter the smaller dust that they will throw all over the air in your shop. The Honeywell does just fine, thank you, and more can be used in larger shops.

    Still, the filter is rather of a proprietary size. You have to go shopping for just this sized filter when you need another one. Can't just pick one up at any home store. Then again, most HEPA filters are that way, but wouldn't it be nice if there were just 3 or 4 HEPA sizes in all the world? Every store could stock them, and you'd get what you need, probably at a cheaper price, then.

    I have to respectfully disagree with the previous reviewer as to using 2 of the smaller height filters. It's actually much more expensive doing it that way. I tried it once, and took the time to measure and to the math. The problem is that all these filters have black rubber/plastic top and bottom pieces, through which air does not pass. They act as a gasket, sealing the filter to the inside top and bottom of the fan/blower unit.

    When you stack 2 filters to equal the height of the 22500 filter, you are placing 2 of these caps right in the middle of your airflow (the top of one filter, and the bottom of the other). Net effect: you lose a third of your filter capability. The two filters, combined, cannot absorb as much as one large filter. And it takes longer to cycle the air in the room because the airflow is restricted by one third. In the long run, it's actually cheaper to buy the full sized filter, and it gives better performance, too, by cycling the air in a room is less minutes than the two-up filter option.

    Yes, the two-up shorter filters will fit, and you can get them at a slightly cheaper price than one full sized filter. But then you must add another third to the total cost of the two shorter filters to account for the one third extra filter surface you get in the full sized version. When you do that, you suddenly find you aren't getting such a great deal, afterall....more info
  • check out HRF-14
    Yes, the 22500 does work great, but for less you can get 2 HRF-14s (Honeywell enviracaire UNIVERSAL REPLACEMENT TRUE HELP FILTER) to do the same job......more info