Miele Style K/K Intensive Clean Vacuum Cleaner Bags (5 pack)

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Product Description

Includes 5 bags, 1 motor filter, 1 Super Air Clean filter.

  • 20% longer suction performance.
  • 15% improved filtration
  • Impact foil preventing sharp-edged objects, such as pine needles, glass and sand from penetrating the bag
  • Automatic dustbag closure for hygienic removal and disposal
Customer Reviews:
  • Great bags for a great vacuum.
    Ok, they're vacuum cleaner bags. What can you say? LOL! I love my Miele & stick with the Miele bags instead of "made for Miele." I also purchased from Witbecks & was VERY pleased with their service. The bags arrived within a few days of my placing the order. Will definitely buy these bags again & from Witbecks....more info
  • Miele K/K vacuum bags: excellent product and superior service
    These bags fit the excellent Miele upright cleaner. The cleaner and the vacuum bags are excellent, of course. But ordering the bags from Witbecks adds to the superiority of the experience. The bags arrived almost immediately upon my ordering them: They were sent by priority mail and with a lovely, personable letter from Mr. Matt Witbeck who took the time to thank me for the order and gave complete contact info if I had any problems at all with the purchase. All-in-all a quality experience and superior service. Thank you Mr. Witbeck....more info
  • Best bags for the vac
    If you own a Miele stick vac then you know that these bags are the best....more info