Miele STB101 Mini Turbo Brush

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Product Description

Accessories STB101 Miele Handheld Turbobrush- This very lightweight, special application carpet tool is driven by air movement of the vacuum cleaner. Its 5 ?" wide brush roll, adjustable port design and 120 swivel neck provides excellent maneuverability. Recommended for stairs.

  • Hand-held revolving brush.
  • Recommended for stairs, furniture and upholstered surfaces where more aggressive cleaning is needed.
Customer Reviews:
  • German engineering
    I have never seen a vacuum cleaner adapter like this. The STB101 uses the vacuum suction to drive a rotational brush head. I was surprised by how much brushing force it generates. You mainly use the adapter to vacuum stairway, it's small and it's easier to manuver. However, it still cannot get to the small 1/2 inch strip along the edges. You can use the adapter for furniture upholstry also, but I would recommend it only for occasional deep cleaner. I'm not sure how furniture fabric can stand up to the rotating brush in the long run. ...more info