Slant/Fin Puri-Clear 55 Air Purifier w/ Ionizer

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Product Description

Features 4-stage air purification, ionizer for extra freshness, fragrance dispenser and a quiet 2-speed fan. The sound absorbing construction of Puri-Clear 55 makes it so quiet, you hardly know it's on. Convenient controls are clearly marked for power, ionizer and fan speed. Indicator lights show the operational status at a glance. 1-year limited warranty.

  • Delivers 4-stage air purification: pre-filter, activated carbon filer, 3M Filtrete electrostatic filter, negative ion generator
  • Convenient for both home and office
  • 3M Filtrete filter works both electrostatically (in a magnetic-like action) and mechanically and does not lose efficiency as its fibers collect dirt
  • Unique wraparound filter - stale room air is drawn and filtered through rear and two sides of unit, while clear, healthier air is directed deep into the room
  • Fragrance Dispenser allows a pleasant scent to be added to the air, if desired. 1 free fragrance packet packed with every unit!
Customer Reviews:
    Beware, this product is no longer made by Slant/Fin. Now made by KAZ USA INC. And while the purifier is available, the replacement filters (and prefilters) are NOT. Take a look at both KAZ and Slant/Fin websites and give them a call if you need confirmation.

    Any one claiming to be selling this purifier's filter/prefilter set (even though the ad might include a photo of the Slant/Fin Filter box) is selling something else! Take it from someone who has learned the hard way. Have appliance, just can't use it until KAZ decides to get the filters to the marketplace! They just don't know definitely when they will be doing it! Save yourself the aggravation, stay clear of Slant/Fin AND KAZ USA! Obviously there is a serious problem here!

    If I could have given it ZERO stars I would have. Afterall, what good is a purifier without filters? ...more info
  • Excellent product
    We use this product in a room that has a large woodstove in it. It cleans the air and the ionizer helps more than boiling water to keep the atmosphere from getting too dry. I used to get sick at least once a year, undoubtedly from the woodstove atmosphere but once we started using this thing I've not been sick at all. It might be a coincidence but hey, I like it....more info