Captains of Crush Hand Gripper - Trainer
Captains of Crush Hand Gripper - Trainer

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Warning: Captains of Crush Grippers can be extremely addictive and the side effects of proper use include bigger forearms, a stronger grip and fewer aches and pains from the elbows to the fingertips. Captains of Crush Grippers from IronMind are known worldwide as the gold standard for building and testing grip strength. Available in ten strengths, there is a model perfect for everyone from rehab patients to World's Strongest Man winners. These are the grippers that changed the world, taking what had been a cheap, imported plaything and turning it into a serious training tool: Captains of Crush Grippers are known wherever strong men and women gather, and are used by champion athletes, elite military and public safety personnel, government leaders, CEOs, celebrities and extraordinary people of all ages, sizes and shapes. TRAINER: Bridge the gap from the general to the specific -- get serious about grip training.

  • The gold standard for building and testing grip strength
  • From IronMind, the world leader in grip strength and hand health
  • Works seamlessly with other IronMind grip strength and hand health products
  • Available in ten different strengths -- giving you a perfect fit
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Great quality
    This hand gripper is very durable. The quality is excellent. The gripping bars are designed to resist sweat. My forearms get a real challenging workout with this device. Other hand grippers have a cheaper quality, but, this device is so tough that it is actually difficult to break.
    I give the captains of crush training gripper a 5 star rating.

    I would recommend taking this to work if you have a desk job to stay active. ...more info
  • Great! Captains of Crush Trainer Gripper
    For me, a product review starts with the purchasing experience. Being in Japan with the high shipping costs, I am cautious about ordering items that I cannot see first simply because a money-back guarantee for a $20 item that costs $15 to ship is not very useful or appealing to me.

    So I sent an email asking about shipping charges and which models they would recommend. TEN hours later I received a clear, helpful response from Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D., President of IronMind. I placed my order on Aril 13th at 3 PM. I quickly received a confirmation of my order and was told they would ship the next day. I am in Japan and I received my Captains of Crush Grippers on the afternoon of April 19th!

    How could it get better than that?? Well, it did! When I opened the parcel I was surprised by the quality of the Captains of Crush Grippers. They are a first class product. They are guaranteed for one year but based on the high quality, they will last MUCH longer than that. If I have any complaint it would be that they are hard to close! LOL. I strongly recommend the Captains of Crush Grippers with NO reservations. The customer service from IronMind was first class and the Captains of Crush Grippers are first class!

    About the Trainer Gripper: It is a good place to start if you have not used grippers before. If you have not done gloveless weight training you may find it "hard" on your hands initially, but it is a great product. I bought the trainer model, adn the sport model as a warm up for the trainer and WILL buy a # 1 and #2 as I get stronger!...more info
  • Gold Standard
    This item is the gold standard for grip workout equipment.

    I've always been an athlete, and a strong guy. I worked out the usual exercises that you see overdone in the gym, and I'd stack plate after plate onto the bar. The problem is, when I had to do heavy dynamic lifts, I was always worried about losing the bar because of my hand strength. I'd sit there and fiddle with my grip for what seemed like eternity - something my buddies called, 'stall time'.

    Well, I made it through those younger years o.k., but now I'm getting older and I still workout, although it's not with silly amounts of weight. Being a little older I'm paying attention to the things I neglected when I was young (isn't that how it always is?). So lifting-wise I focused a little more on what we ignored when we were going for 'beach body'. I decided I wanted a decent grip - something that wouldn't fail me if I needed to hold on. I did my research and found these grippers: I'm done searching for equipment in this category.

    These are the pieces you want. They're well-made, incrementally designed ("Trainer" on up), and they're a challenge. Go with the trainers if you have no significant athletic or lifting experience. If you're a little bit beefy (in a good way) you can start with the #1's and be o.k. Save some room for humble pie if you try to advance with these too quickly. The idea of working on the #3's and #4's is a distant dream for me.

    FYI: The grips will rough-up your hands - but isn't that at least a little bit of a good thing?...more info
  • Awesome tool, but...
    I read all the reviews and this was by far the best and most recommended brand of hand grip exercise tools out, so I ordered it up. I could tell right when I opened the package and held it in my hand that its a solid unit and definitely better than any other gripper I have held before. I am a fairly small guy (5'9", 155lbs) with an athletic build. I work out 5 days a week, but concentrate more on cardio than weights. I could close the trainer at 100lbs about 10 times before I had to stop. Its a pretty stiff tension but Im very sure Ill work up to making it easy. My one MAJOR complaint though is the knarled metal grips. Wow, this product certainly wasnt designed to be used by just anyone. I never do any manual labor and my hands have zero callous' which I consider to be a good thing and the first set I did with these grips gave me two small paper like cuts on the bending point of my fingers. I immediately considered returning them, then thought to wrap the grips in electrical tape and now they feel fine. ...more info
  • This is a quality gripper
    The Captains of Crush grippers I have seen and used (both this one and the number one) feel like they are seriously well made and suited for hand strength training of the kind a gripper can be used for. It also feels as if it has an effect on what might be regarded as 'wrist' strength, something I had never noticed before when ages ago as a kid I had used hand grippers... none of which offered this kind of resistance.

    These grippers allow even someone with a fairly strong grip (in fact, getting up to the higher numbers, probably would allow almost anyone no matter how strong their grip ... except perhaps an orangutan or a gorilla perhaps) to do training with lower reps. These definitely are not the ones like from my youth where you feel you have to squeeze off reps from dawn to dusk to get a workout ... in fact, as with training with serious resistance, you want to be careful not to overwork - a sign to me you really have a useful exercise device for strength building... you have to treat training with these with the respect for the body's recovery requirements that you apply to serious strength or power work with weights, for example.

    In case you are interested in the resistance rating for the Captains of Crush grippers for all of their different models, it can be found in terms of pounds on the Captains of Crush website. [So you can see the difference in terms of pounds of resistance between the 'Sport' , the 'Trainer', the 'No. 1', 'No. 2', etc. - for example, according to their website, the 'Sport' is rated at 80 lbs, the 'Trainer' at 100 lbs., the 'No. 1' at 140 lbs,the No. 2 at 195 lbs - the website gives ratings for all the grippers except the #1.5, #2.5. and #3.5 Grippers].

    The website also gives a list of all those who have under official conditions managed to demonstrate ability to close grippers No.3 strength and stronger.

    ...more info
  • The Trainer
    I tried this out and was hooked. Your grip strength increases very quickly with such a simple product to use. watch the video online of the guy who crushes an apple with one hand....more info
  • Good product but think before you order
    I ordered the Trainer and #1. They are well made, the Cadillac of grippers. But, I did find the trainer too easy (not that much harder to close than a well made gripper I bought at a sports store for 1/2 the price). My suggestion: err on the side of ordering a higher number. If you find you can't close it you can then order a smaller number and hang on to the higher number for when you gain strength. But if you order one that is too easy you are stuck.......more info
  • Fantastic Product, indestructible
    As another reviewer put it, the Ferrari of hand-grips. I was tempted to call it the Cadillac of hand-grips but now that I think about it, that just wouldn't do it justice. These grips are solidly constructed, 100% metal with knurled gripping surfaces and easy to read engraving so you can tell which tension you've picked up (I own several tensions). I've tried every brand I've come across, and these are the best. They don't break, they don't slip, they're consistent and they are available in bone crushing tension levels and many stages between beginner and pro....more info
  • Excellent Trainer
    I was searching for a durable quality gripper that took some power to close. I figured that I would have no problem closing the Trainer and figured I would buy the Trainer and the Level One gripper. Glad I bought the Trainer. The Level 1 is pretty tough to close and I like to do it a few times then go work on the Trainer.

    As for quality like Mr. Baotic said, these are high quality. Now that I have two I want the whole set. I've heard people complain that the grips are a little rough but they don't injure you at all they are just rougher so they don't slip when you sweat. If you want a quality, durable, gripper buy from the Captain's of Crush line. I know I will never go back.
    ...more info
  • Captain of Crush
    This is an absolutely brillant product.It does exactly what its says, my grip strength has improved immensely due to using this product.Its so good I am going to get the next level gripper.Its a great product to improve your grip for Deadlifts, Chin-ups and any grip involved work in the gym....more info
  • Excellent gripper
    I must say I was a little skeptical of the other reviews I read on this product, but I am amazed at the toughness of this model. Fantastic. ...more info
  • best gripper line you can get
    These guys are great. Anybody serious or just wants to track their progress with hand strength, the captains of crush line is popular for a reason. My hand strength has increased by about 70lbs of pressure in under 3 months, and my forearms look a lot better. I'm naturally skinny (gangly), so having larger forearms really helps in looking a lot more bulky. Captains of crush products are the way to go! I'm hoping to eventually be able to close a level 2!...more info
  • Get a grip! Excellent product and merchant
    This is an excellent piece of exercise equipment. It's very sturdy. I can't imagine being able to break it, and I don't think any of the gripper exercisers I could buy locally could provide anywhere near the kind of exercise this can.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone participates in climbing, competitive shooting, martial arts, or racquet sports.

    Ironmind shipped it very quickly, thanks!...more info
  • The Ferrari of Hand Grips!!!
    If you are really serious about hand grips, and you want something that is not your standard sport shop model, this is where to go. I got the Trainer, and for someone like myself that has been using hand grips since childhood, it was too easy. Then I got #1 and that was tuff; but I decided to get #2 and #3 as well. I have just recently graduated from #1 and using #2, and maybe in a year or more I can go to #3 and get certified.
    Let me tell you this, if you can squeeze #2 at least once all the way, you are good. You can't really understand what I am trying to tell unless you get one. So if you are person that has never used hand grips regularly if at all, then go with the Trainer. If you have been using hand grips for awhile, and looking for something harder, then get the #1.
    Remember to always squeeze hard!!!
    ...more info
  • Great handgrips!
    Proudly made in the USA!!! Need I say more? Okay it's not really that exciting, but I am very impressed with the quality of this handgrip. The trainer was just enough to get my hands the extra strength I was looking for, and I'll probably move on to the #1 here shortly. These are of top notch quality and craftsmanship; great work America!...more info
  • Great Quality, Great hand workout
    I was very tempted to start and order the Captains of Crunch #1 and bypass the Trainer but after reading the reviews I opted for the Trainer.

    Good thing.

    I was amazed that I had a difficult time closing the Trainer 10 times when I first got it and by the second set I was burning out at 8 reps.

    Now two months later I'm up to 2 sets of 12 reps and 1 set of 10 reps.

    I figure in two more months I will order the #1...but use the Trainer as a warm up.

    Handle is rough but prevents losing your grip. I do have some new callouses but nothing overt.

    Very good product that produces good results.

    p.s. I keep it in my car so during my commute I just do several no excuses to get your grip in shape....more info
  • Great Product, Not for Beginners
    I knew this going in, but for those that do not, this is not your garden variety department store or big box athletics store gripper. This is for serious grip training. Even though I realized this, and though I had some experience with grippers and weight lifting before, I still could not close this more than 4 or 5 times in a row to start.

    If you are new to grip training, consider getting a cheap gripper and/or use other methods to start and/or buy this knowing you may have to work up to even the lowest level of gripper that Captains of Crush offers. If you are a more advanced weight lifter, or have had past experience with grippers then this is where to start.

    That aside, this is an all metal, beautifully constructed gripper. It will last and it will give your hands a serious workout for as long as you need it to. This is going to last longer than you are....more info
  • Best Gripers on the MARKET!!!!
    These crushes are EXCELLENT. I at first bought Number 2 underestimating my own strenght but I couldnt close that so I moved down to a Number 1 but also couldnt close that then finally here I am settled at Trainers, these are hard and unlike the store bought plastic do not BREAK, all in all these grips give you a real workout.

    I do recommend buying leather gloves or any biking gloves with these since the metal does take toll on your skin and eventually really damages it....more info
  • Superb, High Quality Gripper
    I have been researching various grippers lately, and I came across the Captain of Crush grippers. I liked the idea of various levels of gripping strength and decided to give the Trainer a start. Now providing that 1 repetition is closing the gripper all the way to where the ends are touching, this is quite tough! I would advise those who do not reguarly work out with grippers or weight training to start with the Trainer. The handle is longer and rougher than most sports store grippers, but it's of high quality and your hands won't slip from sweat.

    Great Buy! ...more info
  • Super Quality, but not for weaker hands
    Captains of Crush grippers come in 10 different levels, and I got the "Trainer" level for Christmas. This turns out to be the third level from the bottom, even though it is lower than CoC #1. I didn't realize that when I put it on my Wish List -- and I wish I had. For about 20 years, the most strenuous hand exercise I've gotten is typing and opening jars. If you are like me, you want the "Guide" or "Sport" level to start with. For all you people out there successfully closing #3s and #4s, well, wow. I'm going to have to work up to the Trainer...

    Captains of Crush grippers have the following "strength levels": Guide 60 lbs; Sport 80 lbs; Trainer 100 lbs; No. 1 140 lbs; No. 2 195 lbs; No. 3 280 lbs; and No. 4 at 365 lbs of force. There is a "No. 1.5" "2.5" and "3.5" as well... but these don't list specific poundage; according to the Iron Mind literature (the manufacturers of CoC grippers) they are intermediate between the whole-numbered grippers.

    Bottom line: Awesome product, but be careful about what you are buying.
    ...more info
  • Amazing gripper
    This product is amazing. I first bought this gripper because I needed to use straps when I was hangcleaning weights for high school football(straps help you hold onto the bar). Once I started to get towards my max 245+ lbs. I could not hangclean this weight very successfully without straps because the bar would start to slip out of my hands. I was an All-state defensive end and could barely close this grip once. After some extensive training with this grip for a few weeks(a month or less) I could close this grip 10+ times. Now I can close the number 1 gripper 6+ times on a good day. Some of the strongest guys I know cannot even close the number 1 grip once! Do not buy this product if you don't want you grip strength to get extremely powerful! If you are looking for a quality gripper, do not buy anything but this product.

    P.S. I am not an Iron Mind(the maker of thiss product) salesman. I simply am in love with their grippers. I have yet to try their other products....more info
  • great service !
    I order this item for my uncle for x-mas and i got very quickly, i loved the service! The product was just what he wanted too, thanks....more info
  • Captains of Crush Trainer Gripper
    This is a best buy. It's definitely not the usual gripper you can do 100 reps with it. This one is hard. The first time, if you have been training your grip a little, you can get like 7 or 8 reps. It is good to prepare you for the No.1 Gripper, and as a warm-up for it.
    Is sturdy, very good feel on the hand, and consistent pressure no matter how long you use it....more info
  • Grippers
    If you are interested in strengthening your grip and dont have one of these then you are missing out. They are effective and addictive. Now working on #3!...more info


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