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Warning: Captains of Crush Grippers can be extremely addictive and the side effects of proper use include bigger forearms, a stronger grip and fewer aches and pains from the elbows to the fingertips. Captains of Crush Grippers from IronMind are known worldwide as the gold standard for building and testing grip strength. Available in ten strengths, there is a model perfect for everyone from rehab patients to World's Strongest Man winners. These are the grippers that changed the world, taking what had been a cheap, imported plaything and turning it into a serious training tool: Captains of Crush Grippers are known wherever strong men and women gather, and are used by champion athletes, elite military and public safety personnel, government leaders, CEOs, celebrities and extraordinary people of all ages, sizes and shapes. No. 1: Most people who lift weights can't close this gripper.

  • The gold standard for building and testing grip strength
  • From IronMind, the world leader in grip strength and hand health
  • Works seamlessly with other IronMind grip strength and hand health products
  • Available in ten different strengths -- giving you a perfect fit
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Bring on #2
    At first I could only close the #1 gripper 1 time in each hand. After a month I can now close it 10 times in the right and 5 times in the left. It is very high quality and I recommend it for people who have some hand gripping experience. Most of my friends could not close it....more info
  • Good way to crush someone's hands
    I have used this to train my hands when I worked out, and lets just say that when I shake someone's hands, I leave a lasting impression ;) ....more info
  • Get it
    The COC Grippers are fun to use, a challenge everytime and the results are second to none. The No.1 I would say is a challenge for most people, therefore a good place to start. The trainer may be good as well so you have one you can use to do higher reps for a warm-up and get the blood moving in your hands and forearms. If you're a weight lifter and want to ease off on using straps in your workouts this is the tool to have. If you can't close this crusher once when you first give it a go, don't fret, in just a few weeks you'll be squeezing out reps. Also, you can kiss your soft hands goodbye....more info
  • Great addition to your muscle building armory
    This thing is hard to close period. I bench 220, shoulder press 180, saw 80 lbs for reps of 10 per arm. I can do pull ups on a 1/4 '' ledge. And no I couldn't close this thing on the first try. Keep in mind im 150. 1 week later I can though....more info
  • Great for people that work at a desk all day.
    I started a new job where I had to work at a desk all day and I noticed I was having problems with circulation. When I woke up, my arm/hand would be "asleep" and would take 3-4 minutes before I could even move it.

    I started using a store brand gripper and it was pretty good, by after I got to 50+ rep on it, I got bored. I purchased the Trainer(100lb) and I've noticed that I no longer have circulation problems and my hands & arms are noticably stronger.

    I'm now ready to move to No. 1 and can't wait to get it.

    The only criticism I have is the grip is not comfortable. I had to wet sand the metal grip, so it didn't hurt my hands when I used it. Also, it would be nice if they could curve the grip, so your pinky could fit around it easily.

    I Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to relieve stress or build hand/forearm strength.

    "Remember, Train, Don't Strain."...more info
  • very good quality for the price
    I've known about and these grippers since 1998. I've owned them for about eight years; although I have not used them consistently. I own the Guide, Sport, Training, and 1. I've used, limited though, "sporting goods store" grippers in the past, and didn't not find them difficult to use.

    These grippers are an excellent hand strength builder, especially for doing things like pinching, grabbing, and overall strength. When I use to work out 4 days a week, I could only close the Trainer. I used a straps to hold heavier wieghts to do shrugs and olympic lifting training. When I trained with them, I found I could hold more wieght without the straps.

    I wasn't really able to appreciate how difficult these grippers were, till I brought them to work, a pizzeria, so I could do a few sets here and there. Out of the four or five people who tried the trainer, only one person was able to close it completely. Most were in the half to three quarters. I've only been able to recently close the #1, with several sets a day of training using the Trainer and Sport; On the verge of over training.

    As to the rough grip comment, it true they "can" be rough. It's just like the non slip grip portion of barbells and deadlift and bench bars, some bars for cable machines, and so forth. If you find those to hurt when you use them, these will irratate the hands as well. Unfortunately, it does take some time to get use to them. As to soft hands going away, two suggestions, 1) use a brimmice stone on the calluses, 2) use plenty of moisturizer thoughout the day; I prefer intensive healing. Of course, these should be used anyway because some lifts are know to rip off calluses....more info
  • The Ferrari of Hand Grips!!!
    If you are really serious about hand grips, and you want something that is not your standard sport shop model, this is where to go. I got the Trainer, and for someone like myself that has been using hand grips since childhood, it was too easy. Then I got #1 and that was tuff; but I decided to get #2 and #3 as well. I have just recently graduated from #1 and using #2, and maybe in a year or more I can go to #3 and get certified.
    Let me tell you this, if you can squeeze #2 at least once all the way, you are good. You can't really understand what I am trying to tell unless you get one. So if you are person that has never used hand grips regularly if at all, then go with the Trainer. If you have been using hand grips for awhile, and looking for something harder, then get the #1.
    Remember to always squeeze hard!!!...more info
  • Great Gripper
    When I first started I got the trainer and I really liked. However, it was still very easy for me, so I bougt the number 1 gripper. This is a great gripper and very few people in my hs managed to close it when I was still in school. It a great quality gripper, very durable..some say the grip is tough on your hands...well it is if you buy one that is too weak..let me explain if you use the trainer and have to do 2 or 3 hundred reps before you max out like I was youll get some dry hands and maybe callouses(if youve never worked hard physically in your life). However, I'd recommend starting out with the trainer for most people so you have something for your non-dominat hand and a number 1.....I know had the trainer, #1, #2, #3 and the number 2 is pretty easy for me now, though im still a half inch away from closing the number 3, but then again I never really trained my grip all that much......

    Overall, buy the damn gripper and you'll be hooked....more info
  • Best Hangrippers Available
    I have used all types of grips, everlast, harbinger, no name brands, and even HG(Heavy Grips), and these are by far the best. I used the HG first level and I could easily do it fifty times. However, w/ the #1, marked at 140lbs I believe, i had trouble doing it once. After two weeks I can close it ten times. ( I needed to start grip strength again.)

    I still have a ways to go to get to the level 2.
    would recommend this product for anyone looking to increase strength. Its impressive to someone who thinks they are, or may be much stronger, but can't close one of these when you can.
    I would recommend starting w/ the trainer grip....more info
  • The Standard in Grip Training
    A great product for anyone who is serious about weight training. Grip strength can be often overlooked but is essential to most of your pulling exercises.

    Pros- Durable, convenient, a great challenge

    Cons- None...more info
  • Great workout
    Works for anyone. Best results and a quality product not like the cheap stuff in stores....more info
  • When Grip Strength Matters
    I've had the #1 for 7 years now and it still works as great as ever. I rep it in the car and have developed crushing strength over the years using the crusher in my car or office. You have to use W240 once a week or so because it squeaks. Once you can rep the #1 30 times or so, it's time to get the #2. Also avoid the temptation to rep the crusher partially. Make the tips touch and then you're getting true crusher strength. Mixed martial arts fighters will benefit mostly from this gripping strength, but of course any athlete will be at an advantage. ...more info
  • Good stuff
    The CoC #1 is much tougher than I have expected. After a few attempts, I was able to close it completely, but I can assure you, it is not a simple task. Overall the product is good but it is not for everyone. It isn't a gripper where you just rep out crazy, its more like a full effort crush, like a one rep max. I also have the CoC #2 and working to close it all the way. Oh yeah, it also quite painful on your hands when releasing the crush since the metal is rather rough. ...more info
  • Quality
    I bought the "sports" gripper (80 pounds) in December some time. I had used the cheapy ones before, and it would take hundreds of reps to reach failure. You can instantly feel the difference in the CoC grippers - these things ooze quality, from the knurled grip to the embossed lettering on the bottom.

    These things are definitely humbling. I worked my way up to be able to do dozens of reps with my right hand on the 80 pound sport gripper (probably should have opted for the trainer instead, but I didn't want to start off with one too hard).

    Well, I got the number 1 for Christmas and this thing is a beast. I have only closed it completely once or twice and it'll be awhile before I can do reps on this. My left hand can only close it half way.

    One word of warning - the knurled grip is going to tear up your hands for the first couple weeks, but then you'll get some macho looking calluses on your hands.

    I'm looking forward to the day I can move up to number 2, but I think that will be some months from now. I definitely feel my grip strength has improved as a result of using this product....more info
  • These babies are no joke!!
    Man, these grippers are the real deal!
    Like the other reviewers, I had used many of the average store bought grippers. Those just don't cut it.
    The COC grippers define the word "effective". I got the Trainer, and managed to get myself up to 4-5 sets of 15 reps after about a month.
    My grip felt oh-so strong, and my forearms took on a noticeably more muscular look. No joke here; I have never really SEEN the effects of fitness training so fast. But, like me, if you use these grippers you will catch yourself looking at your forearms more and more with a smile on your face! Recently, I purchased No.1. It's gonna take a little longer to get that one mastered! (Don't ditch the Trainer!)
    Highly recommended!...more info
  • I will crush you
    These grippers are for real ... yo.

    I've been training with grippers and what not my whole life.

    I've always kept a set of grippers on my desk, usually to burn a little energy during the long tense work days.

    My sis purchased me the #1's off my wish list whilst I was convalescing from surgery.

    What a great gift. For the most part, this site is rotten with books. Books, books, everywhere you look. Newsflash, how you gonna turn the pages of a book if you're a weak little birdie?

    I'm not looking to win any contests or get caught get up in any grip strength hype, but these babies rock. Hardcore US Steel construction, high quality, and tough as nails. Squeeze 'em 'til yer eyes pop (well, maybe you should talk to doctor about that first, and tell your lawyer that was hyperbole . . . HYPERBOLE).

    These are serious grippers. They'll make you strong and manly (less you're looking to be a dainty lil' girlie with mitts of steel, but you get my point).

    Get some Captains of Crush. I love them....more info
  • Top Quality and a recognized standard
    These are the grippers I have been looking for! I have long since been unable to find any in sporting goods stores that offer a serious challenge. These offer that challenge. Also, they offer a recognized standard of training; once you can crush the #1 you can move on to conquer the #2, etc. With off brands it is very hard to compare your progress with anything meaningful. Very well made, I have broken lesser grippers, craking the handles or springs. That's not going to happen with these. Folks with hands unused to tools may find the checkered grips painful at first; if so, wear a glove like you would with any heavy tool. Personally, I do not find them uncomfortable at all to squeeze, but I work with tools a lot and have tougher hands than the average. If you work regularly with these you will too!...more info
  • Great Gripper
    I was searching for a durable quality gripper that took some power to close. I figured that I would have no problem closing the Trainer and figured I would buy the Trainer and the Level One gripper. Glad I bought the Trainer. The Level 1 is pretty tough to close and I like to do it a few times then go work on the Trainer.

    As for quality like Mr. Baotic said, these are high quality. Now that I have two I want the whole set. I've heard people complain that the grips are a little rough, mine weren't that sharp so I have a feeling each unit is different. I understand the theory that they are rougher so they don't slip when you sweat. Like I said I haven't had a problem with them. If you want a quality, durable, gripper buy from the Captain's of Crush line. I know I will never go back.

    If you are really interested there is a process to get certified for closing the 3rd gripper. I know that's my goal. If you are from the Northwest there is an independent site that certifies people that close the second one and on. It's definitely something to work towards.
    ...more info
  • Very Good Quality, Tough Gripper
    This is a high quality hand gripper, it's a little tougher than I expected, it also requires technique to close it not only strength, I don't recommend buying this one for starters, because even if you can close it, which is difficult you probably would do it 1 or 2 times, so it's not very good to start training grip strength....more info
  • Awesome Grip Training!
    I have owned this gripper for a few months now and i must say i am completely satisfied. It looks cool, is well built, and is very effective. When it first arrived a was not able to close it, but with months of training with this gripper alongside other forearms exercise, closing this gripper is a piece of cake. I think i am about ready to move on to No. 2. This definitely a great product. If you haven't really trained that much you may want to start with the trainer before purchasing the No. 1 just to prepare yourself....more info
  • Great Things
    Probably the best of its type device (gripper sounds like a fake word).

    Fast delivery, very good quality, though it took a little while for my hands to get used to the metal grip (it scrapes skin off at the beginning).

    The No. 1 wasn't all that difficult to close, but I still can't close No. 2 (even after being able to close No. 1.5 and do about 10 reps with it). Maybe there should be a No. 1.75 or something.

    If my wrist were not horribly screwed up (possibly from using the same Captains of Crush gripper, though that's unlikely), I'd be using it even now. Instead, all I can do is squeeze the Iron Mind egg. How sad....more info


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