Revlon MoistureStay Ionic Hot/Cold Facial Sauna - RVS1112

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Product Description

Pack the moisture into your skin and steam the impurities out with the Revlon MoistureStay Ionic Hot/Cold Facial Sauna. Ultra-fine vapor is mixed with negative ions, which break down the water molecules so they're small enough to penetrate your skin. The warm steam opens your pores for deep cleansing, and cool mist closes them after your facial. A special inhaler cone helps clear nasal passages and is great for when you feel a stuffy nose coming on. The unit's easy to use: Simply fill the water reservoirs using the measuring cup, select hot/cold/ionizer then set the timer to determine the length of your treatment. The sauna automatically shuts off when the timer rings out. Imported. 9Hx7Wx7L".

  • Negative ions help moisturize skin
  • Warm steam opens pores for deep cleansing
  • Cool mist closes pores
  • Inhaler cone clears nasal passages
  • Timer, auto shutoff
Customer Reviews:
  • This item broke very quickly after purchase.
    This item worked okay for a few weeks (unfortunatley the first 30 days - so I couldn't return the item). The plastic covering that funnels the steam just kind of rests there, so it's always falling off. The steam is not very strong. The timer broke after a few weeks, and then it would automatically shut off in the middle of steaming. After about two months, it wouldn't produce any steam. Now it sits in the corner of my apartment doing nothing. Don't get this, just boil some water and do your facials the old fashioned way. It works just as well!...more info