Vidal Sasson VS291 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

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Product Description

While you relax with your favorite fashion mag, your hair will be drying to a healthy shine in the Vidal Sassoon Soft Bonnet Dryer. Three heat settings make the dryer great for any hair type: high heat for thick or curly, moderate for medium/fine and low heat for chemically treated hair. The bonnet emits negative ions that help infuse moisture into each strand, and a cold-shot function to set curls and waves. Includes air hose, plastic bonnet, cord storage and carrying case. Imported. 14.4Hx14.25Wx14L".

  • Ionic Technology
  • 3 heat settings
  • Cold Shot
  • Adjustable soft bonnet
Customer Reviews:
  • Doesn't last lon
    I didn't have this dryer for 7 months before the motor started rattling and I had to have the whole thing replaced. Now I'm on my second dryer, and the bonnet didn't last long. First the elastic went, and now I can't use the bonnet at all as it has separated from the ring that holds the hose. The hose is too short. The results are good, but this is a cheap product with poor design. If you buy this dryer, plan on replacing it (or its parts) very frequently. If you have that kind of time on your hands, you're better off than I am....more info
  • great hair dryer
    I understand why others may not like this, but mine works quite well and is consistent. After having read the reviews I bought it anyway, figuring I could replace the bonnet when necessary. This is NOT an expensive item, so care in putting the hose away is recommended (it pushes back into the case). The hose is also a little short, but I have the unit on the desk while I am working on the computer, so that's OK. On the positive side, it is quiet, the bonnet is big enough for large rollers, and it is very easy to use. I do not stuff the bonnet back in the case, but simply fold it and put it behind the dryer on the desk here at home.

    The high setting can be uncomfortable after about fifteen minutes, but it does not quit. I use it on high for ten or fifteen minutes then notch it down one for the rest of the time. I like the way my hair looks afterward and I like being able to work while my hair is drying.

    If you plan on being a little rough or careless, this is probably not for you and you ought to be willing to spend more money. But if you are careful, this should last a long time. I would buy it again....more info
  • Great Results --- But A Cheap Product!!!!
    I really loved the dryer but it is a cheap product. I got great results on my hair. It came out very shiny and soft -- unlike other dryers I have used in the past. However, my joy was short lived. After having this dryer for 3 months the hose got disconnected from the bonnet and could not be reattached. Never had this happen to me before...I was very dissappointed. The dryer I owned previously broke after 10 years (it was not made by Vidal Sassoon). The fact that this dryer broke after 3 months is very telling. Don't waste your money on this product. ...more info
  • Great Results but may need a replacement bonnet
    I've had this dryer for about a year now. I love the results: My thick hair is much softer, less dry, and more manageable when I use the bonnet hair dryer. My bonnet broke early on and I used duck tape to keep the nozzle in place. I finally found replacement bonnets for under $4 -- you have to call Helen of Troy as the product isn't listed on their web site but is in their catalog. So far, I haven't had a problem with the new bonnet....more info
  • Not What I Expected
    This item was very bulky and difficult to use. You had to sit perfectly still for the bonnet to stay on. It took a very long time to dry my hair and did not achieve the desired result. Not what I expected....more info
  • Don't waste your $$
    I bought the dryer to mainly deep condition my hair and occasionally to dry my hair without the use of the blowdryer. At first it was all that I needed. The dryer has 3 heat settings and the bonnet is large enough to fit any head. It's design is sleek and compact ...fitting nicely anywhere. It also left my hair very manageable and not overly dry.

    However, my excitement was short lived. After about 4 uses the bonnet separated from the hose i.e. the point where the hose hooks into the bonnet is no longer in place...rendering my new dryer useless. When using the dryer I was mostly inactive, sitting in front of the television or surfing the I can assure you that its malfunction is not from misuse but from bad and cheap design. It is also a very noisy dryer for its small size. ...more info
  • don't bother
    I have purchase two of these Vidal Sassoon Soft Bonnet Dryers.

    The first I had for about one year, & it just died. Also, the soft bonnet had to be replaced after a few months.

    Vidal Sasson number 2 died after the very first use. Black smoke starting coming out of it. Don't bother with this thing.
    ...more info
  • Cheap
    I owned this dryer for 3 days and the plastic bonnet pulled away from the hose so it no longer hooks to the dryer. Cheap! Don't waste your money!...more info
  • Great Value
    I have tried several soft bonnet dryers over the years with mixed results, so when I first tried this I was skeptical. This dryer was great. It only took about 10-15 minutes longer to dry my hair than my more powerful hard bonnet dryer. Further, my hair was soft and frizz free (my hair is curly). I originally bought this as a travel dryer but I may now work it into my normal rotation. (Update): I've had my dryer for 1 year now and it still works like new....more info