Vidal Sassoon 1875W Ionic Hard Bonnet Dryer

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Product Description

The first bonnet dryer to incorporate the high power of 1875 watts and hair-conditioning ions for fast styles with shine, volume and less "frizzies."

Professional Features:

  • 1875 Watts
  • Fast Dry design dries hair quickly
  • Ion cont
  • Features:
    • 1875 watts
    • Two heat settings, 2 speeds
    • Anti-static ionizer function
    • Adjustable air column
    Customer Reviews:
    • Don't buy it
      I bought this dryer right here from Amazon 9 months ago and never liked it. It has two settings - one is too hot and the other is too low. But the reason I am here right now is that I am shopping for another dryer because the Vidal Sassoon dryer just plain stopped. The motor is kaput. There is a warranty but I have to pack it up and ship it to the manufacturer. I see the price has been reduced substantially, but don't be a fool and buy it....more info
    • 1875 Ionic Hard Bonnet Dryer
      This Vidal Sasson Bonnet Dryer does not give our much heat or air, so it is useless. I have to return it even though I will not get back much after shipping charges. A better buy would be the Conair HH 400. I bought both.

      The Conair HH400 gives out more heat and air which is needed to activate my non-oxidant hair color. ...more info
    • Want my money back
      This dryer is not worth $30. The bonnet keeps falling down because the locking mecanism is very cheap. All plastic parts. I will be purchasing a new dryer shortly. ...more info
    • I'm sorry I bought it.
      Actually, I hate this hair dryer. It has two settings - and the first one is way, way, too hot, and the second setting is too low. Also, it dries the top of my hair, but not the sides and back. Even after a half hour, the sides are still very wet. I purchased it because I thought the name Vidal Sassoon would mean quality.
      I have been using home driers for over 25 years, and this is the absolute worst I have ever owned....more info
    • you GET WHAT U PAID 4!!!!!!!
      FIRST: this dryer only has the heat vents in a small circle on the top
      (inside the hood)

      SECONDLY: if you have long hair in rollers (i do) the hair on top of your head will dry quickly but you have to wait for the back so you will damage the over expose hair on top while waiting for the rest of hair to dry.

      THIRD: dryer only has low and hi ...low is extremely low and hi is very very hot!! if you have long hair, use rollers, or u r concerned about keeping hair healthy and exposed to as little heat as possible this is not for you! IF you have short hair, you will love it.

      Also after 5 minutes my ears feel like they are on fire. whatever happen to the good dryers made years ago? well i guess i got what i paid for ...this was cheap!...more info
    • Quality Control must have been off that day.
      Great product, it drys hair fast. Unfortunately, one of the two clips was broken before it was packaged and it is to much of a hassle to return it and get it replaced, so I use it as is. Quality Control must have been off that day. ...more info
    • Bonnet Dryer
      Just super and no where on the box or directions does it say it can be used as a step stool. Average care will keep this working quite nicely. Flexible plastic hood, high/low setting and ion on and on switches make this item a must have....more info
    • Works well but very fragile!
      This dryer does a great job - dries hair quickly, but it's difficult to dry long hair unless it is piled on top of your head. The hat is very roomy. The major downside of this dryer is that it is very fragile. The handle and top of the dryer cracked easily when our 6 year-old put pressure on it to lift herself up....more info