Dyson DC14 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

The first vacuum cleaner that doesn't lose suction. Others clog and lose suction. Dyson suction stays constant. Wide channel for large pieces. Picks up bigger pieces that others can leave behind. Approved for allergy sufferers by British Allergy Foundation. Lifetime HEPA filtration for cleaner expelled air. Durable tough construction. Made from ABS and polycarbonate, materials used to manufacture crash helmets. Hygienic and quick to empty. No need to touch the dust: just pull the trigger. Extra features: Advanced mini turbine head cleans pet hair from confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs, and the car. Carpet care kit Keeps new carpets looking new. Zorb powder absorbs dirt from your carpets; Dyzolve spray removes spills and marks. Low-reach floor tool attaches to the wand to clean hard to reach places such as under beds and sofas. Brush control: turn the brushbar off at the touch of a button to protect rugs and delicate floors.

  • Upright vacuum cleaner designed for homes with pets
  • Root Cyclone technology ensures powerful, consistent suction
  • Telescope reach; mini turbine head; low-reach floor tool
  • Brushbar control; clear dust bin; HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly
  • Measures 13-3/8 by 14 by 44-6/7 inches; 5-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • I finally got a vacuum that I enjoy using
    My house is full of dust and cat hair. I love the Dyson since it is powerful and picks up the dirt. It is very easy to use the attachments. Though it takes a while getting used to the wand. It is not that heavy as my older vacuums. I love the long cord. Users are correct that it is not good for area rugs, but I do not have any. I only have carpet and bare floors....more info
  • The Best Vacuum I have ever Owned!
    I received this Dyson Vacuum as a gift when we moved into our new home. I have three kids, three cats and two dogs - it works great! It's much easier to push then my older vacuum and it goes around corners and in nooks with ease due to swivel action.

    I also live in an area that has a lot of dust and this vacuum picks it all up. It has attachments that make doing the stairs a breeze. It is easy to pick up and carry up the stairs and it picks up all the dirt and dog hair.

    This vacuum has been a real lifesaver for me and is far superior to other vacuums. It doesn't clog, which has been a huge complaint with other brands. My husband always had to blow out my other vacuums with the air compressor to get them to work again. This one will need a cleaning once in a while, but nothing like the other vacuums I have owned. It also empties easily. With one hit of a button the chamber opens at the bottom and you just dump out the dust.

    This is a great tool for keeping your house in tip top shape!...more info
  • It's worth the price!
    I have had my Dyson for six months now and will never own anything else. I have two furry friends that love to track in dirt from the yard along with their long hair. The Dyson is the only vacuum that I have seen that picks up all the hair and dirt. ...more info
  • Finally, a vacuum that's working for me!
    I am so happy with this vacuum. I have had so many vacuums over the past 6 years including Kenmore and Electrolux which are supposed to be great, but I'd go over and over the same area and my rugs just did not look really vacuumed. I was so frustrated I was thinking of having my rugs torn up so I could put in hardwood floors! But the Dyson Animal did an amazing job. Although I have some stains to deal with - obviously a vacuum can't perform miracles in that department - my rugs look cleaned, finally. Another nice thing, but secondary to the fact that it's so powerful, is the cord is really long so I don't keep accidentally pulling it out of the wall. It's also easy to assemble and easy to use. ...more info
  • big disappointment
    I went into Sears to get the Kenmore, which consumer reports said was the best. An saleman told me it was great and that only one other was better: the dyson. I had seen the awesome reviews on amazon and did not understand why CR would differ. To make a long story short, the dyson is a disappointment. No doubt, it has tremendous power. I sometimes saw it almost pulling the tiles off the floor. We can see it pulling up a lot of stuff. But then I realized, it is just pulling off carpet. At times, I would have to move the vacuum over visibile debris several times for it to come up. It made me wonder what it is not getting. It was even worse on floors. No doubt, the power is there. But it is not effective. When using attachments, the performance was solid. In short, for this kind of money, I expect better. I just found out I can return it, and I'm going to the store now....more info
  • HATE IT!
    I bought the Dyson vaccuum for myself for my birthday and have cursed it ever since. It is overpriced, heavy, unwieldy, does not transition easily from wood to rug, does not pick up small particles, and is very inconvenient to use. To utilize the attachments you must pull up a long pole that is in the handle which is attached to a hose has little flexibility and you must drag this heavy, clumsy machine around, bumping into walls and furniture. Forget about stairs -- the Dyson is EXTREMELY arkward to use. What a costly disappointment! For the price I paid, I could have had the best, most powerful, easy to use Hoover or Kenmore and still have had money left over. Forget the hype and stay with the proven favorites!...more info
  • Love my Animal!
    I have 2 dogs 3 cats a guinea pig and a bunny and we have had a very hard time finding a vacuum cleaner that can keep up with our household. We had been replacing our vacuum cleaner yearly. We have tried many different vacuums in the past and found that in only a year they became very loud and lost suction. We then decided to take a chance on the Dyson Animal. We usually don't spend that much on a vacuum since our past experience had shown it would only last a year anyway. Well, the Dyson is still going strong after several years (so many years we cant remember how long we have owned it) and we love it!!! Because the Dyson has lasted so long, we have saved money in the long run. It works just as well as it did when we bought it. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • So Far, Soooooo Good!!!
    The reviews on the internet said the Dyson Animal's were so good they would pull out the fur and dirt your old vacuum left behind. I had to try it to believe it, but on the very first use (and with just a few passes downstairs) I could not believe the amount of cat hair this thing was sucking up - and it's quieter than my old vacuum! As the hair swirls around in the clear bin, it looks like a machine that makes cotton candy except the "candy" is cat hair. The bin filled up three times just downstairs, and no the house wasn't THAT dirty looking in my opinion! The final pile of fur and dust vacuumed from upstairs and downstairs from just ONE vacuuming was the size of a medium to large bedroom pillow. Gross, but also nice to know it's gone! If my Dyson DC14 Animal lasts, it will be as life changing as my first automatic dishwasher....more info
  • Are you serious?
    After two years and two golden retrievers, ours is broken. I took it to the local repair shop and he said this was the cheapest worst machine he has seen in a while. He can't fix it because the part that is broken has been made impossible to get to by the cheap construction. Direct comment "I can't believe they have even made a Dyson disposable" very unimpressed....more info
  • First expensive vacuum I hope its my last.
    I got the DC14 reach Animal. I bought it from Amazon as a refurbished one for $314. WHAT A DEAL!!! It looked brand new and ran like new. You would never have known it was refurbished. I put the handle on and it was ready to go. When I turned it on my husband and dogs were very surprised that it was so quite. My Pit bull normally can not stand to be in the same room when I am vacuuming but he does not mind this one. My other two dogs did not care at all.

    I got down on the floor and inspected the rug after cleaning. It looked like It picked up 95.5% or all the pet hair. It even picked up sand. I loved how you only have to go over an area once, or twice if it is really messy. It does not vibrate the carpet or blow the dirt around like my dirt devil did. With my dirt devil when I vacuumed the sand I would see the vacuum just move it around and not suck it up. This one SUCKS and boy dose it suck. Even the attachments suck well. My last one the attachments were a joke. I also have rug that leads to tile and going from one surface to the other with out it just blowing dirt around is great. I love it I just hope it last forever.

    I think this is a wonderful vacuum. Only compliant is the you can't get any where under low furniture. BUT you can just use the attachment and you can reach under stuff. All and all when you use this vacuum your floors really do feel and look clean. ...more info
  • Sad it had to end this way
    I bought this because we have two very hairy dogs (bloodhound and lab). I was so excited to vacuum for the first 6 months of owning this "miracle" vacuum because it would suck up an anvil as far as I could tell ... but then it lost suction. And now I dread vacuuming again just as I did before. So, sorry Mr. Dyson, but I had to give you a 2 because you lied to me. It does lose suction and I wasn't trying to suck up an anvil ... just dog hair and dust. I love the design and the baglessness, but it's just not worth the money....more info
  • buyer beware
    I was delighted to read rave reviews and spent the $500 to get the best dog hair removal sweeper, and the fact that I could reach the top of my stairs without carrying the sweeper with me as I vacuumed... The attachments did not work as well as I expected they were clumsy even to stay on while I was using it!! so I was content to just use the upright . Now 3 years later the 2 year warranty ran out and a loud noise is sounding on my dyson.. I checked for blockage... none...could it be a belt. yes they have belts but how do you remove it without breaking the plastic?? I empty the dirt..start it up again.. runs for about 3 minutes and loud noise is back!! I look and the dirt is not swirling.Call dyson and told warranty is gone take to repair center it needs a clutch?? which last about 3 years so now I know every 3 years I will have repairs on my $500 sweeper! I do not know yet how much that will cost me. I do not use my sweeper hard,2 adults, 1 short hair dog.. I still have my electrolux 25 years now that never needed any repairs, but at the time I wanted the dyson for the 17 foot hose(for steps) and the animal hair removal .. So the $64 thousand question??
    IS DYSON WORTH IT????? I say NO !!! It will need repairs sooner than you think!!!!...more info
  • GREAT!
    I have no idea how anyone can say this thing has no suction!?! I have reasonably new carpet (4 yr old house), don't wear shoes in the house, no kids, no pets, so that's admittedly not a tough cleaning job. After my year old Eureka Boss self destructed I Purchased a new Hoover (Fred Meyer) and vacuumed the carpet twice slowly and carefully. The first pass resulted in a fair amount of dirt (mostly dust, hair and fibers). The second pass resulted in quite a bit less and so I should have a clean carpet right? Next I vacuumed with a new Dyson 14 I purchased (Costco). The Dyson pulled a remarkable amount of the same dust, hair and fiber from my twice cleaned carpet. Still skeptical I vacuumed again with the Hoover. Nothing! Look to other reviews for durability, mine is new, but boy does it clean! The Hoover went back to Fred's....more info
  • Buy something else
    The "Animal" cyclone was a good idea, and one that my wife and I found appealing. We own a Bernese Mountain Dog, and they don't shed; they "molt." We need something to scoop that fluff up come spring like you can't imagine unless you own a similar dog. Our experience thus far has been disappointing to be honest.

    First I will begin with the positives.
    1) The bucket is easy to empty, and certainly fills up with dust. You can see into it as well, which is handy for knowing when to empty. If you have a lot of dust, this thing is great. Anything heavier may leave you wanting however.
    2) On carpet, if you go slowly, the sweeper does a good job of scooping up the fur.

    Now the negatives are long and often covered by other reviewers, but I will state my two biggest disappointments as briefly as possible.
    1) A vacuum cleaner should provide some level of suction. This one falls woefully short of that requirement. I have passed over flaked paint chips on a tile floor without picking them up. It would be funny if it hadn't cost us so much to buy this thing.
    2) The exhaust actually pushes hair out of the way and around the room as you are trying to vacuum it up. Frustrating. The dust bunnies are laughing at me as I try to corral them. This thing is blowing a lot of air, but I honestly don't know where it is getting it from because its not from hose or sweeper.

    This things bark is far worse than its bite. If you live in a carpeted wonderland, with nothing at all ever on the ground besides pet hair, and no corners or walls to vacuum against, this may be the vacuum for you. I however, recommend a vacuum with suction capable of actually helping you clean up....more info
  • Amazed
    My husband just surprised me with the Dyson pet vacuum. We've been married for 20 years so this does qualify as a romantic gesture. We have three kids who don't shed but who leave trails of mess where ever they go, two 80 + pound shepherd mixes who shed constantly, and a cat. In addition, we live in a house with 18 year old carpet, and we own two 8 year old brown upholstered couches that the dogs believe are their personal beds despite the fact that I run them off of them every time I see them on them. I refuse to replace the carpet or couches until some of said children move out and said dogs die.

    I'm constantly disgusted by the level of dog hair and dirt in my house at any given time. I have cleaning people who thoroughly clean my home every other week and I and my family vacuum, sweep, and swiffer at least 2 or 3 times a week just to keep the disgust level at a minimum. I've owned a myriad of vacuums and tried all of the major brands on the market, but it is still a big hairy mess.

    Last night I popped my shiny new Dyson out of the box. I'm one of the most technologically challenged people you will ever meet. I put the whole thing together by myself with minimum reference to the manual, that is filled with lots of user friendly pictures, in well under 15 min. Then I started vacuuming.

    We had just vacuumed our family room the night before and both of the big brown couches that are in it. Three pushes with the Dyson and there was a clump of pet hair and dirt the half the size of my fist. I vacuumed the carpet and one of the couches and near filled the canister with crud. It was amazing. We weren't sure if we were just giddy with excitement or delusionally tired, but my husband I both thought the carpet and the couch looked newer.

    We left one couch for comparison in the morning light and for after we had a good nights sleep.
    This morning both the couch and carpet looks positively newer. I'm thrilled and can't wait to clean the rest of my house. So, far I've used the vacuum as an upright and the handy dandy attachment for cleaning stairs and furniture. It was easy to attach. It doesn't appear that the attachments (there are several) attach to the vacuum itself which means I'll have to store them somewhere and fetch them as needed, but if this baby continues to suck dirt and hair out of my house at it has so far it'll be a small price to pay.

    Needless to say, I'm thrilled and impressed and hopeful that I've actually finally found a tool worth the price tag....more info
    I am going to make a long story short. I have called Dyson service 7
    times and followed their instructions to the letter. I told them that
    I felt like all I ever do is take apart my Dyson and look for problems
    which cause the machine to lose suction. The machine never works
    properly for more than a couple of days at a time. I asked to have it
    serviced and then was told that the closest repair places were more
    than 30 minutes away (I did the math - two round trips is 2 more hours
    of my time for a machine that doesn't work).

    I eventually got the rather surly (Charles I) service person who has a
    penchant for talking over me and immediately accusing me of
    mishandling my Dyson to agree to let me ship it back. I just got off
    the phone with him (after yet another permanent holding pattern
    waiting for his supervisor Tabitha) and was told that it would cost me
    money to have the machine return, for the parts and that nothing was
    covered under warranty. Charles suggested that I had never washed my
    filter, which I did according to the information I was given by yet
    another service person. He was rude, surly and was completely

    So, as a member of the press and as a "mere" customer of Dyson, I am
    not at all pleased with the way I have been treated. I feel like the
    decision was made arbitrarily that my warranty is void. I have really
    reached my limit with the rude customer service people (it didn't
    start this way - I loved the first few service people I spoke with).
    Charles I has laughed at me, talked over me, refused to transfer me to
    a supervisor (I was actually being transferred by someone and she hung
    up on me - when I called back and told Charles that I had been hung up
    on, he made me go through the whole ordeal again with him and then I
    was put on his 'punishment hold' for at least 10 minutes to talk to
    Tabitha who was the least helpful of all.

    So, now my dysfunctional Dyson and all of its broken promises for no
    lost suction sit in the service center, the warranty voided because
    of some belief that I vacuum my bath tub or swimming pool. I bought
    this machine because it was called the animal and I have two animals -
    mistakenly believing that it was meant to pick up dog hair. But I now
    see how it works. The service is helpful until the customer suggests
    that the machine isn't living up to its claims. Somehow my 'lifetime'
    filter has died....more info
  • Sold on Dyson
    Well, I am generally not the type of person that spends $500 for a vacuum cleaner, but, after hearing my friends just rave about this product I had to check it out. I read the reviews and with a new lab puppy and new carpet in my house, I took the plunge. And just like everyone else, I was truely amazed by the amount of dirt that this vacuum pulled out of my carpet. I AM A BELIEVER!

    I've had the Dyson DC14 animal for about a year and a half and I can't imagine ever buying another vacuum. It is very easy to empty the containment unit. You also need to clean the filter every 6 months or so; I have cleaned mine once. I generally do not use this vacuum in areas that are not carpeted. The first time I had my carpet cleaned, the cleaner commented that I must have a great vacuum because my carpets did not have alot of dirt in them. With a dog tracking in dirt every day, I thought this was quite a complement to the Dyson.

    The biggest negative with the unit is the wand and attachments. They are generally unusable. The wand is so long; it is very cumbersome. When I am vacuuming my car, I use a hose from another vacuum on the end of the Dyson to allow me to maneuver. I have a small car (Mini) so, not a great deal of room to get the big wand in all the areas of the car. The wand is really a pain. I noticed this flaw in some of the reviews when I was researching the vacuum and I thought, how awful can this be? Pretty awful.

    Overall, highly recommended..
    ...more info
  • A+ cleaning capabilities
    We've had the DC-14 Animal for about 2 years. I've waited to write this review to see if it would continue to clean our carpets as well as it did from the first day we used it. It has. This is by far the best vacuum we've ever owned. From day one, it has picked up more stuff from our carpet and floors than we've ever experienced with other technology machines. Remarkable. It continues to peform this well after 2 years of regular use. Just today, I vacuumed the house about a week after my wife did and managed to fill the canister with "junk". My wife was amazed when I told her. It's just her and me and three cats (maybe its the cats :-)). Only you can deternmine if the price is worth it to you - it has been to us....more info
  • This product is Awesome!
    After doing research and reading other reviews I decided to buy it. I couldn't believe it, this thing is awesome. The best vacuum I have ever had, it really does make a difference, it looks like I have the carpet cleaned after each time I vacuum. I would have to say it is well worth the money and I am very happy with my purchase. It makes me want to vacuum everyday, and if you have animals this is perfect! I couldn't believe how much dog hair and dirt the vacuum picked up in just one room. I Love it!...more info
    This thing is out of this world!!! I love it. I have 2 dogs who shed ALOT all year round. I couldn't believe after using it how much my other vacuum was leaving behind. All the attachments are great too. There is a small one that I do the stairs with...so much easier than lugging my old one from step tp step. If you want to get your moneys worth BUY A DYSON! You won't regret it!!!!...more info
  • Love this vacum!
    We have a dog that sheds, and I am allergic. The first time we used this vacum I was amazed at all the additional hair and dust it picked up! Our place is cleaner than ever, and it is easy to maintain with such a great vacum! Well worth the investment....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    This vacuum is FANTASTIC! I am amazed how much dirt and pet hair this vaccum accumulates each time I use it. The only issue I have with it is the that the extension wand is a bit cumbersome and difficult to use in tight places (i.e. the car, etc.). Otherwise, the product is excellent, so much so that I bought 2!...more info
  • Over a year of service and still loving it!!!!!
    I have been reading some horrible reviews on the Dyson and I'm very surprised. I bought a refurbished Animal in October 06 and have been loving it ever since! I have two 40lb long haired dogs so the animal hair is extreme, my house is also 80 years old, add dust to dog hair. I have mostly hardwood and ceramic flooring with a few area rugs. I rarely use my Swiffer any more because the hard surface attachment works so well, I hardly use a duster anymore because the brush attachments work so well. I use vacuum with the attachments on everything from silk lampshades to the pedestal sink in the bathroom. I use the dusting attachments (that came with the machine) on the walls, the ceilings, baseboards, moldings, TVs, furniture (upholstered & wood), window sills & window screens. I have a 12ft domed ceiling that the long hose works fantastic on. There are a couple of things I do with the Dyson, 1st is I always empty the canister before I put it away, 2nd I clean the brush bar almost every time I use it. The Dyson has NEVER lost suction and my house is always sparkling clean after I use it. The main reason I purchased the Dyson is because it's bag-less, with 2 long haired dogs I was always running out of vacuum bags. The Dyson has changed the way I clean....more info
  • An honest review....really
    It's all about the marketing people...really. I've had this vacuum for a few years now. When people hear from the ads that it doesn't lose suction, they think "awesome!" Well great suction is great for floors and carpets, but what good is it when it makes the hand tools nearly impossible to maneuver? I mean really, you have to really strain yourself to use the hand tools. Awful design on the hose (not flexible enough to reach without pulling the whole vacuume along or tipping over). If I had to do it over again, I may have paid $150 for this vacuum but definitely not $500. Just like a lot of products out there now, the spiffy marketing campaign about the suction and cutesy design are what makes for the high sticker price, not the machine itself.

    ...more info
  • Plastic, cheap, junk! $500 for the worst machine ever!
    This thing is the worst investment I have ever made. I had high expectations based on the companies slick advertising and quite honestly the high price. For this amount of money one expects a high, quality, refined product that will last for years. It lasted about 14 months, before it made horrible noises from the beater bar constantly hitting against the cheap plastic housing it is contained in. Plastic, is sometimes fine, but this is the cheapest type of plastic known to man, ABS, terrible, it scratches easily, and moving parts that are assembled in recesses in the plastic soon wear themselves out of their positions. Even the design is faulty, in order to clean up a simple mess with the wand attachment the cord must be unwound ENITIRELY.
    Save your money, or invest in a genuine quality product!...more info
  • Never loses suction b/c it has no suction!!!
    Seriously? Almost $600 for a vacuum that works worse then my old basic $100 machine?? I was SO excited when my husband bought this for me, but we were both so disappointed when the suction that was so hyped up turned out to be pitiful. I had to vacuum the same spot several times before it picked up what I was vacuuming!! I mean seriously, that is basic vacuum operation. It just goes to show you that the more money you spend doesn't mean better quality!! Save your money!! Buy something else...I am still on the search. I am currently trying out the Bissell Healthy Home model - it is alot like the Dyson but cheaper and so far it has more suction!!...more info
  • Amazing Vacuum
    This product is more than amazing. I am such a fan! I've always wondered if it was really worth it having a vacuum that costs about 500 dollars. But now I see why they call this an "investment". So you figure, you'll just buy a crappy vacuum to save yourself some money. Well, then you start to notice that the crap vacuum you just bought is slowly deteriorating within just one years time, even with the most pristine upkeep. So, if you were to save yourself the hassle of buying a new vacuum every year, just buy this one instead. Even if this vacuum only lasts you 5 years, you will still be getting a great deal, because of its 5 year warranty. As far as the actual quality of the product; It does exactly what it says; vacuums w/out losing suction. Cleaning and upkeep is easy too! I'm so crazy that I have even named my vaccum Henry. BUY THIS VACCUM!...or any Dyson for that matter....more info
  • Great Suction, Cheap Plastic, And It DOES Lose Suction
    I have owned the Dyson DC14 "Animal" since it was first introduced--which was before I owned animals. Now with a dog and two cats, it has been put through its paces--and performed well at times and dreadfully at other times. The suction on the machine is to be felt to be believed, so much so that when I use the wand-based hose I make certain not to get it too near lightweight objects that I don't want sucked into oblivion.

    But this superb suction isn't as reliable as the ads want you to believe. At least 90% of my Dyson's usage has been by my housekeeper, and she recently reported that it wasn't working properly. I checked, and the upright portion had no suction at all (but the hose still did). I decided to disassemble appropriate pieces and get to the bottom of the problem.

    The old days of metal pieces are gone, unfortunately, and apparently Dyson thinks the days of durable plastic should be as well. The oddly colored screws are made of very soft plastic that loses its integrity when it meets any sort of resistance, so using a screwdriver to loosen the screws probably voided the warranty since it basically disfigured them. Once I had the brush clean and the suction path identified, I saw a big clog that was causing the unit to lose suction. So much for Dyson's claims. I got rid of the clog and reassembled the machine.

    Getting the roller off to clean it was very difficult due to the way that the belt attaches to it. In fighting with it, I managed to stretch the belt. So that means that now the unit doesn't have suction for a different reason.

    So I checked Consumer Reports and purchased their top-rated machine. When my housekeeper used it for the first time, I asked her how she liked it. She replied that it was good but that nothing was as good as the Dyson--when it really worked.

    So that's it: This machine is the BEST when all the stars are aligned. When they aren't, it is basically a purple-and-grey bit of retro artwork....more info
  • Long Term Disappointment
    An overpriced disappointment. A year into this machine and the cheap plastic construction and noise is starting to tell. I can not vacuum the house without the brush housing howling. This started with it as new and is not getting better. I am through with it and am going to the Hoover Wind Tunnel Ultra. There is a reason Consumer Reports puts this vacuum at 12 or 13 on the list. It is not well built. It does not pick up pet hair. It has no light, no electic cord coil, and is cumbersome. Save your money....more info
  • Amazing!
    I didn't realize how bad my last vacuum was until I got this one. It picks up EVERYTHING! I actually look forward to vacuuming now (I know, I'm a dork) This really is a terrific vacuum especially if you have pets....more info
  • I'm happy
    After reading the reviews, I was a bit nervous about this purchase and almost sent it back before opening the box. I must say I'm glad I gave this vacuum a try. I have been sucking the dirt, pet hair and who knows what else out of everything in my house. Incredible! Alot of money for a vacuum, but so far I am happy with this purchase. I gave it fours stars simply because I think it could retail for a bit less. Happy none the less. Thank you Dyson! ...more info
  • The Best!
    I clean houses for a living and my company uses the Dyson...20 houses a week, 50 weeks of the year and the Dyson keeps going. My customers are amazed at how much dirt I'm emptying out of their houses.And it's great on pet hair...some of my customers have several animals so I NEED my Dyson!I just bought myself one for Christmas....more info
  • Once you go Dyson, you never go back
    I absolutely love this vaccuum. While I agree with some of the things stated by other reviewers (bad instructions, some usability issues, etc.) I will never own any other brand. This is my first Dyson. It was really expensive but with 5 pets (3 cats and 2 dogs) I was really getting tired of all the hair. It works GREAT! I could even wrap gifts on the floor afterwards without getting hair on the tape. It was well worth the money!!...more info
  • surprised
    I was very surprised to see so many very good reviews. I have wooden floors and you can see the Dyson blow the light dirt (dust kittens, small clumps of dog hair, etc.) away from the machine. I use a stick vacuum to finish the job - pick up the light dirt. Based on these good reviews we sent ours back to Dyson. I will let you know how it works when we get it back....more info
  • I love my Dyson
    I've had this vacuum for 4 years now and I love it. It is the first vacuum I've owned that my cat and dog don't run from. The design is fantastic and the cleaning power unparalled. I got rid of my broom and do all my hardwoord floors with this. And my couch, curtains, stairs, carpet, bathroom, windows, etc. It gets in nooks and crannies and has great suction. I've let friends borrow it just so they can try it out and they all wind-up buying one for themselves. Have had absoluley no issues of any kind in 4 years. Love it love it love it. ...more info
  • I Call It My Dream Machine!
    Attracted by the purple color and the good reviews on this site, I purchased this vacuum cleaner two years ago. My old vacuum, basically a Dirt Devil Featherlite, was a pain in the you know what because it always smelled like it was on fire and we had to replace the belts every three to six months. It never picked up that great, and after nine years, it was pretty close to going to vacuum cleaner heaven. I had just vacuumed our rugs that morning with the Dirt Devil, but I wanted to try out my new toy, so I vacuumed them again with the Dyson minutes after we got it out of the box. I wasn't expecting it to pick up much dirt because the rugs had already been cleaned. Wow, was I shocked! I vacuumed two supposedly 'clean' rooms and the canister was chock full of dirt and dust. Ever since then, I have nothing but praise for my 'Dream Machine'. I've never had to replace the belts, the filter or anything else on the vacuum. It's never given me an ounce of trouble ever. I just give the filter, canister, and bristles on the roller a thorough cleaning about once or twice a year and I'm good to go.

    The one thing that's really impressive about this vacuum is the suction. There is virtually nothing this thing won't suck up, I swear. (Whatever you do, don't put your finger in the hose. I imagine it would hurt very badly.) About a year and a half ago I vacuumed up a full size Phillips head screwdriver by mistake. I thought the vaccuum was a goner, but I checked it out and it was fine. You have to be careful to pick up small toys ahead of time and get hanging fabrics (like drapes or long tablecloths) out of the way because it will suck those up too. Actually that may be a drawback to the vaccuum, if you can call it that. With my old vaccuum, I could clean the door mats and light throw rugs with no problem. You really can't do that with the Dyson--not without using the hose with the upholstry attachment at a odd angle and being extremely careful. Otherwise it'll practically 'eat' the rugs.

    I like the bagless part of it because you can see how much dirt you're picking up and when it needs to be emptied. The canister is kind of small on it, but I find I don't need to empty it as much as I thought, probably about once a week at the most. The canister is extremely easy to empty, dump, and reattach. A 2-year old could do it. Once in a while, if you pick up a lot of hair, you'll have a clump of dirt that won't come out. When that happens, I just get a stick and coax it out. As long as you have the canister over a garbage can, there should be zero dust or debris flying all over. I've never had to do any shaking to get the dirt out. I remember our bagged vacuum, though we only had to change it about once every six months, was a very tricky proposition to get in and out. It was hard to remove, and if you tried to force it, the bag would rip, sending several months worth of dirt and debris all over our floor. Though I have to change the Dyson more often, it's hundred times easier and not messy at all to do so.

    It's also lightweight, at least for a full size vacuum. It is kind of noisy, but not as loud as my old vacuum was. You can sort of talk over the noise if you have to. Don't expect it to be totally quiet. It comes with a lot of attachments (most of which I haven't had a use for), and you also get carpet cleaner with it too. The instructions are kind of vague, but luckily the machine is fairly intuitive to put together and use.

    Probably the biggest downside is the price. It's expensive and it NEVER goes on sale (I know--I looked for a lower price for six months before buying it). But let me tell you--it is well worth it. I saved my money for a year before buying it and I'm so glad I did. My husband didn't really want me to get this thing, but once we brought it home and he got a close look at it he told me 'This thing is built like a Ferrari. Whoever designed this is a genius.' He was even more impressed after I cleaned the carpets with it. I would never go back to owning a Dirt Devil or any other vacuum cleaner in a million years. I also find it curious that vacuum cleaners used to be beige and square before Dyson came along, and now a lot of them are various shades of purple and are roundish like the Dyson is. I'm glad I own the real deal and not one of those wannabees. I HIGHLY recommend this vacuum cleaner. It's the gold standard of vacuums and I think everyone should have one....more info
  • Dyson DC14
    I bought the Dyson DC14 reconditioned less than a year ago. Within 3 months the clutch needed replacing - it was making a horid load noise. Once repaired it didn't have the suction it had when I first got it. After I'd had it 7 months it had zero suction. After several calls to the helpline I took it in for repairs. Apparently "reconditioned" Dyson vaccumns only have a 6 months warranty (not a 2 year like the paperwork that came with it). I was not impressed. After paying for repairs on the brushbar I've had it back less than one week. Now the clutch has gone again - it sounds horrible. I am not impressed and do not want to sink the money into another clutch - apparently they go alot! What a complete waste of a lot of money....more info
  • Fantastic Item!!
    When I first bought this product, it was all I could do not to rush to write a gushing review because I was thrilled with the Dyson Animal. But I restrained myself to ensure longevity of elation with this vacuum.

    Let me give you some background. I have four siberian huskies that are inside/outside dogs. Anyone who knows anything about huskies know they shed like nothing else. My husband, who grew up with exclusively outside dogs, cannot stand the tufts of hair that accumulate in corners and blow like tumbleweeds across the floor. I have used many different types of vacuums in the past, and none have truly been effective in battling the fight against the hair. Until now.

    The Dyson Animal is remarkable at picking up hair, dust, dirt, anything in its way. Initial put-together of the vacuum was a bit confusing, but we got it done. After vacuuming our hairy rug for the first time, it was remarkable how it looked new! Simply put, I am amazed at its ability to pick up hair and dirt. Also, emptying the cannister is easy and dirt doesn't get everywhere.

    My only concern was that on deep pile carpet (the bath mat), the vacuum make a horrific noise so I have not tried vacuuming that rug again. All in all, after months of use, the vacuum is still working as well as it did the first day that I got it. Vacuuming is now a joy. (As a last side note, I've also gotten a furminator dog comb from Amazon at the best price I've found, and it also works well to eliminate pet hair. FURminator Large Yellow deShedding Tool with 4-Inch Edge )
    ...more info
  • Dyson, my saviour from Dustbunnies...
    Biggest Plusses - flip-top(bottom) catch on the dust catcher for easy emptying (hold it over the bin, press the button and out falls the dirt); high-powered motor sucks up ALL fur/dustbunnies; under-the-bed attachment does a great job; long cord to reach all corners of the apartment easily.

    Biggest Negatives - very heavy machine not suitable for carrying upstairs; plastic is quite fragile so you need to treat it with care or it'll break (be especially careful of the extension arm and the plastic tube - it's easy to rip the soft plastic with the metal extension pole).


    We have an all-tiled apartment, so I didn't think a vacuum cleaner was worth the investment, but my mother thought otherwise. After a little comparison shopping, I settled on the Dyson Animal (DC-14) to hopefully de-fur the furniture as well as the floors (we have three cats). I've only had it a week, but thus far I am VERY pleased with it. It IS quite heavy and I wouldn't want to have to lug it up and down stairs, but it rolls very smoothly and is easy to steer with one hand as long as you're only cleaning one level.

    I was dubious how well the cleaner would work on our rather rough and uneven tile, but it sucked up every piece of dust and cat fur it encountered, went right up to the skirtings and corners, and handled the job just fine. No more flyaway dustbunnies!

    Our cleaner came with the upholstery brush, so I tackled the cat fur on the couch. The attachment clicks onto the end of the long hose pipe, and it's rather cumbersome and VERY heavy when you have to hold it up in the air to sweep along the back of the couch, but it got it sparkling clean, and the fur was all sucked up nicely into the vacuum with none at all stuck in the roller (long-haired animals might prove more of a problem but all our felines are short-hairs). I just wish that the brush would clip into the end of the hose directly, like attachments did on the DC-07 I've used previously.
    The under-the-bed brush did a great job too, and our bedroom is cleaner than it's been in years. In fact, half an hour after we unpacked the vacuum, the whole apartment was sparkling clean, and my allergies were thanking me for my investment. Cleaning usually results in itching, sniffling and sneezing that makes me put it off until I can't stand the filth any more, but no more. HEPA filters are wonderful things!
    All-in-all, I'm extremely pleased with the vacuum and I think it was worth every penny.
    Now all I need is the special dusting brush so I can clean the blinds.
    ...more info
  • Fur-B-Gone
    If you own animals that shed, stop reading right now and buy a Dyson Animal.

    I've owned dogs and cats all my life and it's a constant struggle to rid my house of the dreaded layer of fur that seems to permanently coat our floors and upholstery. I was very reluctant to spend $500+ on a Dyson knowing I could get a "regular" machine for less than half. But, after owning my Dyson for a single day I can already say that I am completely in love. Even after already vacuuming the day before (with our old vacuum) the Dyson managed to pull up an inordinate amount of fur.

    We own an Alaskan Malamute, which happens to be one of the worst shedding dogs known to man. After vacuuming just the living room floor, and mind you this was after already vacuuming with the old machine, there was so much hair in my waste bin it looked like a medium size dog had just hopped in!!

    Granted, I can't speak for the durability of the unit from my own experience, but I purchased mine on the recommendation of my brother, who has owned his for a couple of years with no problems. Since Dyson just increased the standard warranty from 2 years to 5, I have no fears.

    I think my favourite feature is the telescoping wand, which extends to 17 feet on this model. I was able to plant the unit at the base and work my way up an entire flight of stairs with no problem.

    There are a few other little "why didn't they think of that before" features I would mention such as: a filter that never needs to be replaced- just wash every 6 months, a wider channel to suck up larger debris, a canister that dumps directly into a rubbish bag at the touch of a button, and even a "tote" handle for easier carrying.

    All-in-all I am pleased with my purchase so far and if you have animals, I think it's highly worth getting one for yourself....more info
  • Concur with poor customer service
    My wife and I heartily concur with the other reviewers who have had problems with Dyson customer service. The machine worked much better than our previous inexpensive models, but when a belt broke, the nightmare began. Almost 4 weeks later we are still without a functioning vacuum or a date when a fix may be achieved. A product without service to back it up is a bad investment. We recommend checking out the Consumer Reports upright vaccum ratings before you spend this much money on a machine. Do not buy a Dyson....more info
  • Still using it
    I've had this vacuum for over about a year now. I use it 1 to 2 times a week. I have 2 large house dogs. So far, nothing has broken yet. But I anticipate with regular use, we'd probably wear it down eventually. It picks up the dogs hair very well. My friend says it doesn't pick up all of the cat hair for her. I get one full canister of dog hair per week, so it saves me from having to buy any vacuum bags. Downside is that it is expensive and occasionally, you have to clean out the inside of the canister....more info
  • Dirty DC
    His name was Chad. He looked up at me with a sneering contempt from that place next to the paper shredder which he had claimed weeks ago. "Now I know what you're thinking", I said with a little sneer of my own. "You're wondering if that's the old Hoover Wind Tunnel he's rolling over here? Or is that the cheap Dirt Devil back-up? Or maybe he's even fixed the useless central vac system? But being as this is a Dyson Cyclone Animal 14, the most powerful vacuum there is (and one that never loses suction by the way) the question you have to ask is..Do you feel lucky? We'll, do you Chad?" OK, Chads a little paper square and can't talk so I ran the DC14 over him and he was gone.
    The Big Unit as we call it arrived yesterday. Two day turn around with free shipping so nice job Amazon. Won't bore you with stories of how much dirt came off my carpets or how many monkeys we have.
    First off - this thing delivers well on the main mission of a vacuum. It really sucks dirt. We (my sweetie and me) would give it 6 stars there.
    It's not heavy. Lighter than the Wind Tunnel and very easy to move around.
    The suction working through the hose/wand thing is exceptional.
    Emptying the dirt cannister is so much cleaner and easier than anything else we've used.
    Our only negative is that using the wand on stairs is very awkward. I've read here that connecting the attachments directly to the hose helps.
    The real measure of whether you should spend $400+ on a vacuum rather than some thing useful like - say - a Playstation is if you still love it 4 years from now. Can't answer that but at this momemt in time we are real pleased with DC14 Animal.
    ...more info
  • Worst vacuum cleaner ever
    I saw all the commercials and listened to the hype and so I layed down $400 and bought a refurb DC14 Animal from Amazon. The 2nd time I used it, it started making a loud ratcheting noise. I turned it off and the noise went away. It made this noise on and off for the next 6 months. Then, the noise became constant. I took it in for repair and they replaced the clutch. While it was gone, I replaced a belt on my old Hoover and started using it again. When the Dyson came back, I let it sit for awhile before using it. The 3rd time I used it the ratcheting noise is back constantly. I found out that you can't replace the belt on this vacuum, you have to replace the entire clutch assembly. And, it requires special tools so it has to go in for professional repair. So now I have to put $150 in replacing the clutch again. I am confident that if I do it, the clutch will just go out again in a few months. This vacuum is the worst I have ever had! The quality is terrible! Even when it was working, it was terrible. I have a dog with long hair and I couldn't even vacuum 1/2 the room before having to dump the hair because it DID loose suction. Save yourself the annoyance and just go buy a Hoover or Kenmore. Read Consumer Reports and you will see they agree that the Dyson isn't a good vacuum....more info
  • It is worth every penny.
    I am truly amazed every time I use this vacuum. It picks up the pet hair and other fine particles like a champ. The long cord is great too. It can be hard to push on certain carpets but, overall when you see the amount of pet hair and everything else that is in your carpet inside the canister, amazement sets in again. I have yet to use all the accessories but the very long hose for the attachments reaches pretty far. This vacuum is worth every penny....more info
  • Works great! Much better than any other vaccum I have owned.
    I really like this vaccum. It works great, and now that I have had it a couple of years I feel like I can now officially review it. Defiantely out performs any other vaccumm I have owned. Using it on an area right after another vaccum it still pulled up a canister of stuff that the other vacumm missed. I have 2 cats, and this vacumm has taken all kinds of absuse from cleaning up their hair and spilled litter. It still works great, and the attachments are very helpful for cleaning the sofa, in creaveses, and under furniture.

    It takes some time to get used to, and it is a little heavier, but overall it is a great vaccum. The last 3 vaccums i owned lasted maybe a year, but I was always trying to clean out clogs and they just never really cleaned with the same ease as the Dyson. The Dyson clogged once, and that was because we try to clean up a bag of spilled hay (chinchilla), which did not go over well with the Dyson, but it was fairly easy to clean out compared to other vaccumms.

    Definately worth the cost....more info
  • I hate my Dyson
    I now really hate to vacuum. I was suckered in by the ads of a vacuum that never loses suction. Well.... the vacuum is heavy...really really heavy. I am no lightweight and it kills me to use it. The front of the vacuum has a MAJOR design flaw. It has a squeegee like front so you begin to push stuff around. I find that in order to pick up stuff off of the floor you have to drive the cleaner over the stuff backwards otherwise you just push the stuff around. WOW what a flaw. My old cheap vacuums were 1000% better. The Dyson has a ridiculous high profile and you cannot... I repeat you cannot get that cleaner under your bed. You have to disassemble it and put on another head. Let me tell you that you have to have the strength of Hercules to get the thing disassembled. I hate it. I never hated a vacuum cleaner. Dyson is a vacuum designed by men maybe for men. It is not woman friendly. I should have bought Oreck. I want my money back. By the way... about all of that talk about suction my cheap Hoover cleaned my little black Persian 1000% better than the Dyson. The rug looks grey from the lint and dust that the Dyson does not pick up....more info
    Have had DC14 for 3 yrs now and handles everything w/ ease. Have 4 dogs & 4 cats so pet hair can get out of control very easily. Easy to use, on-board tools are great and the long flex hose reaches everywhere I need to go. No breakdown problems or other problems. Like it better than my old Hoover or Kirby G6. Would not hesitate to recommend this cleaner to anyone. Expensive but worth it!! ...more info
  • Just okay
    Don't get me wrong, this really does the job with getting down deep and dirty with the vacuuming. But it's SO bulky and kind of awkward to use when using the attachments. Although the wand is pretty lengthy, its kind of difficult to manipulate. I like the way the entire vacuum pivots around.

    ONE CAUTION! If you happen to be one of those persons with high electric static in your body, BEWARE. I actually have to wear leather gloves when vacuuming with this thing because I was constantly getting shocked. Until I thought about putting on the gloves, it was SO stressful while vacuuming, not knowing when the next jolt would come. I can use my Eureka and my Bison feather weight and never get shocked, so I know it's the vacuum itself. Perhaps it goes TOO deep? I don't know ......more info
  • The Mercedes of Vacuums
    Fill in any luxury car of your choice. This is by far the best vacuum I have ever used. It does so much that I am still learning all it's capabilities. With three dogs it's important to have a good vacuum. That obvious. This vacuum won't be the end all but it is a great way to keep carpets cleaner. It is not a shock to see a light layer of fur on the carpet after only a few days. Luckily I don't have alergies. But I can imagine how good this would be for those who suffer. One of my main concerns was with my recent back problems. Vacuuming has been no easy task. The standard vacuuming motion is not something a physical therapist would endorse. With this Animal it takes away a lot of the stress on the back. It seems to anticipate where you want to go with it's roller ball. The only complaint I would have is that it works so well that I end up emptying the bin several times when I am vacuuming the house. It is a great buy and more than worth the price....more info
  • Pleased
    I am pleased with the Dyson DC 14 Cyclone Animal Upright Vacuum - it is much better than any vacuum that we have owned before. I have long hair and I still have to cut the hair off the brushes after each use. There is some smell of dogs (I have 2 short haired dogs in the home) when I am using te machine, but the smell goes away much faster than with machines before this. Emptying the canister is very easy! It works well on furnature with the attachment. Using the attachments is not easy, but it works. I like that the cord is long enough that I can plug it in in a central part of the house and do the whole house. I don't like that if I want to use the attachments, I have to unroll the entire cord just to get the attachment off. I can deal with any of the things that bug me about this machine to get the results that I feel I am getting with it overall. ...more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner
    A superbly designed product. It was amazing to see what the Dyson picked up that my previous vacuum didn't....more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do not buy this vacuum. I have debated for some time if I should write this or not and have decided that I should. This vacuum has been nothing but trouble since I bought it. Yes it has a warranty but can you really live without a vacuum while it is being repaired? Save your money, this is no better than the $100.00 vacuums I have owned. I agree it doesn't lose suction, because it can't lose something it doesn't have. It is also made of plastic, which breaks over time. Do yourself a favor, do the research and don't believe the hype. This is an example of what a good advertising campaign can do. This vacuum does not perform. ...more info
  • Does not clean my dishes
    For the price, I thought it should clean my dishes and windows...Don't try it. The first time I used my Dyson on my carpet I was dissapointed. It was filling up with dog and cat hair but I kept seeng more. I was really discusted when I realized the Dyson was bringing up all the hair imbedded in my carpet for who knows how long! Now when I finish vacuuming my floors I KNOW they are clean. Well worth the price...Maybe I will try it on my laundry! ...more info
  • UGGHH!
    I've taken this thing in three times already on its extended warranty. ALWAYS loses suction. The last time I got it back, suction still was virtually nonexistent. I don't understand why they say this vaccuum never loses suction since it doesn't have much to begin with....more info
  • love it
    While the animal is bulky and can be a little difficult to use, it does so much that I am OK with the minor difficulty with vacuuming the stairs and the slight heaviness. I have had lighter easier to use vacuums that did not even come close to doing what this one does. It does pick up hair and does not blast out the dirt back into the air. I would be using a bag every time with my old one. Now I just dump out the dirt & hair and it is amazing how much it picks up.
    Eureka Springs, Arkansas ...more info
  • The Best Vacuum
    I love this Vacuum. I have a total of four animals. One cat, and three dogs. I also have three children. I always make sure I get the best vacuum that I thought was out there. I also own Phatom Fury and owned in the past a Phantom Thunder. I love the fact that the Dyson has nothing to replace. Some may find it a con that it doesn't have any lights to it. I however find it great. I find it inconvient to find bulbs for your vacuum now I don't have to worry about it. The first time I used it I was grosed out. I thought I kept my floors {carpet & tile} cleaned and the amount of stuff in the canister was amazing. Its such a strong suction that I can keep going to one room after another. Suction is so strong that I put it upright to move a flimsy rug and seen a ball of hair 3-4 inches away was being sucked into the vacuum. Before I go upstairs..oh and by the way I have 14 stairs and I can put the vacuum at the bottom and go all the way to the top stairs cleaning and not have any problem! I always dump it before I go upstairs just because not because I have to and its just so easy one push of the button and everything falls into the trash. No cranking or having hair get stuck up inside you have to reach in and pull out. For some reason if something does happen to it its nice to know it comes with a 5 year warranty! I do believe my Dyson has wings!...more info
  • expensive, troublesome, but great for picking up pet hair
    I have a running battle with this vacuum. The main problem is that if it gets carpet threads caught in the brushes it makes this horrible noise that really puts my teeth on edge. Of course, you can't move it while the noise is going on. I can't run it on a shag carpet unless I put it on the bare floors switch and then the carpeting gets caught in the brushes and then the horrible noise. It's heavy and awkward to move around. It does do what it claims to do, however. It picks up ALL the pet hairs. It's quite amazing. Perhaps the later models are lighter and not so annoying....more info
  • best vacuum we've had...exceptional customer service
    We've had our Dyson for 3 years now. As advertised, this vacuum cleaner has not lost suction. It's a very powerful cleaner, and has caused us no problems. Overall, the Dyson is an exceptional value.

    We did have a minor part break, separating the hose from the telescoping handle. It is plastic, and not as sturdy as some of the higher end cleaners. We called the customer service line to find a replacement part, expecting to pay since the cleaner was no longer under warranty. The customer service rep noticed that we'd moved since purchasing it, and asked if we were military. In the end Dyson gave us the part for free as "thanks" for serving...said that was their policy. Gotta give the foks at Dyson kudos on that deal....more info
  • You know your're old when you get this excited about a vacum.

    I was shocked at how much dust this vacum could pick up in just 10 minutes. I actually enjoy using it because its so easy to empty the waste cartridge. It is a bit noisy, so if you live in an apartment building consider your neighbors before you get carried away and haul it out at odd hours. And its a bit heavy so, you may not want to buy one for your fragile grandmother. But if you have dogs that shed, or allergies to dust, this might be the vacum of your dreams. Recommended as a wedding, shower or house warming gift. Just don't be surprised or offended it the thank you note comments that your gift really sucks - in this case its a compliment. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I own a home which has mostly hardwood floors and area rugs. I bought the Dyson mainly because of the hoses and attachments. I was also impressed with the fact that it's pretty quiet (I have a baby and I wanted to vacuum while he was napping), and I thought it would have good suction. The machine worked great for about 2 months. The suction was a little disappointing on my rugs, but it was great on the hardwood, other than some squeaky wheels. Then it suddenly became VERY difficult to push on the rugs. I had to hold it with two hands and put my full body weight into it to even get it to budge. And the suction was terrible. It would take me about 15 minutes to vacuum an 8x10 area rug because I had to go SO slow and go over each area several times just to remove the visible stuff. So I called customer service. They had me send it in and sent it back to me in about a week. According to the paperwork, they replaced an inner hose. It worked great for about 2 weeks. Then it started doing the same stuff all over again. This time it also started frequently making that horrible ratcheting noise that vacuum cleaners sometimes make. So much for quiet--it wakes up the baby every time. I called customer service again. This time they told me that there was nothing else they could do. They said that the ratcheting noise was normal (it's due to the super-strong suction), and that their vacuum cleaners don't work well on area rugs. Would have been nice to know before I bought this particular piece of junk.

    To sum up, DON'T buy a Dyson if you meet any of the following criteria:
    1. You want a quiet vacuum. The ratcheting noise is MUCH louder than any vacuum on the market.
    2. You own any area rugs.
    3. You have any pets. The Dyson may not lose suction, but it doesn't have enough in the first place to actually pick up pet hair from carpet. ...more info
  • Great Vac/Service A Disaster
    A great vacuum until it doesn't work. I live alone - vacuum every other week. Just within the 1 year warranty the vacuum began stalling out while in use. I called Dyson, was told it would be covered by warranty and referred to an authorized repair shop. Shop said the cord needed to be replaced. After 2 weeks with no word, I called the shop to be told that parts were on order - any day. Waited another week. Called again and was told the same thing. Called Dyson - polite apologies, there are no back orders for cords that we know of, we'll call the shop. They call back to tell me I can get a loaner from the shop, my Dyson should be ready soon. I drive 20 miles to get a loaner, which has to be returned asap even though I still have no vacuum. (Another 40 miles of driving and 2 hours of my time) 4 weeks after dropping it off I go to pick it up and am told its ready but the repair's not covered. I had to get on the phone in the shop to Dyson for 20 minutes to straighten that out. I finally get the vac home a few days ago and begin vacuuming and it stalls out again. I call Dyson. They're so sorry but they'd like to personally see the vacuum. They'll fax instructions to the nearest UPS store. All I have to do is drop the vacuum off there. So now I'm looking at another 10 days with no vacuum, but I dutifully haul the vacuum over to UPS only to be told that they don't have a box that it will fit in, will have to rig something up with more than one box and alot of peanuts and its going to be really expensive and I have to pay for it. Plus they're too busy to do it now and don't know when they'll get to it. Now I'm feeling very much like a duped, trained seal . . . I get back to my office and call Dyson. I get the same old sympathy but am no longer buying it. I ask to speak with a Supervisor. I'm told she's on a call. I say that's okay, I'll wait. No, I don't want voicemail. After a 10 minute wait, I'm in voicemail. I call back start all over. No Supervisors available, I'll get a call back in 24-48 hours. And now the service rep is not sympathetic - more like rude/cold. The rep says she can tell me what the Supervisor will tell me anyway. She can call over to UPS and I can bring the vac back again. I say that is no longer appealing to me as an option, its bad enough that I again will have no vacuum, they've wasted enough of my time. Will they just send UPS over to pick it up. Sure, but I'll have to wait 7-10 days until Dyson sends me a box for me to pack the vac in for UPS to pick up. . . I'm now at the point at which I wish I'd never heard of these people. Do yourselves a favor - buy yourself some other vac.

    Melinda Fabrikant
    Washington, D.C. 20007

    ...more info
  • Dude, It Sucks!
    I was extremely skeptical when I saw the commercials touting the benefits of the Dyson family of vacuum cleaners. I've been disappointed by every vacuum cleaner I have owned over my lifetime such that my scale of what I consider an "acceptable" range of quality was actually pretty low.

    But the Dyson DC14 has all but broken my original scale. It is simply the finest domestic cleaning device I have ever used. Our house gets quite dirty with pet dander, dust, hair and god-knows what else. I performed the famouse Dyson test... I ran our Eureka upright over a patch of living room carpet for five minutes. Then I ran the DC14 over the same area and was surprised to see the canister filling with "stuff" (mostly hair but also extremely fine particle dust).


    - Power - the Dyson design does a superb job of finding particles large and small in the carpet. It is extremely thorough.

    - Attachments - most jobs can be handled with the DC14 in the upright position. However, staircases, ceilings, remote crevasses, and shelves are easily accessible with the various attachments. The main attachments (crevice, brush, and stair tools) are easily stored on the bin itself so you less likely to misplace them

    - Weight - the high-strength plastic body allows the DC14 to be fairly lightweight which helps with maneuverability.

    - No Belt! - I hate, hate, hated changing out belts in conventional vacuum cleaners. (although, see CONS)

    - Cord wrap - a small hinge can be twisted to release the entire cord coil in one action. Simple but brilliant.


    - Brushbar - the DC14 is very good at bringing up hair from the carpet. However, the main brushbar (used in upright position) gets very thick with hair after a very short period of time. Cleaning the brushbar is difficult as it requires taking apart the housing and painstakingly removing the hair (10-15 minutes). I feel this should be Dyson's next area of study. Also, the brushbar rotor is powered by a belt which, though obviously quite durable, will eventually have to be changed out.

    - Maneuverability - the hand action in the upright position does not allow for easy steering at sharp angles.

    - Durability - Although I have not currently experiencing any issues with the plastic body, I am concerned that over time the various plastic hinges and levers will eventually crack due to stress and wear. Plastic cannot be repaired and in some instances would require repurchase.

    None of these CONS would have prevented me from purchasing the Dyson DC14. Honestly, with exception of the brushbar issues, my other gripes are simply concerns for the future. ...more info
  • Solid construction
    I bought a factory-reconditioned model and love it. I am disgoosted by what it picks up and conveniently displays in the clear canister. Its motivation to keep on vacuuming.

    The machine is a bit cumbersome but I don't think there are a lot of acrobatic vacummers out there. What parts it can't get to the wand reaches easily.

    My only other complaint is that the base sometimes comes up off the floor when I change the angle. I think this is just cause its new and not broken in yet....more info
  • Great Ads, Terrible Product - Not even Dust Bunnies Run From it!
    I've had the Dyson Animal just over a year . I purchased it because I have a dog and was hoping to get the dog hair and dander. The majority of my floors are tile. Paying more did not get me a better machine. The suction is not good. I have to physically lift the front of the machine to maybe get it to pick up a patch of dog hair or a dust bunny, don't even bother with a spider web. I did not expect that. When changing from floor to rug there is often a loud grinding sound. The attachments fall off the unit on a regular basis. The two small carpeted rooms I have are not clean after using the Dyson Animal.


    Large enough that you can find it easily
    Heavy enough that you won't loose it on a windy day
    Interesting color


    Suction is not as good as the cheap Hoover I had
    Heavy and difficult to maneuver especially on carpet
    Attachments on unit continually falling off
    Does not clean well and I often have to use another unit a Dirt
    Devil to go around and pick up what it missed.
    The price was excessive for the performance.
    The cord is long enough but hard to rewind on the unit

    The Dyson Animal in my opinion is not worth the high price and in fact I would not now consider it at half the price as its performance has been so bad. With a pet and a family member with Asthma my old $120.00 unit did a far better job. ...more info
  • E. Milne
    If there ever was a vacuum that every other company is trying to copy, it would have to be the Dyson. I have had my Dyson for almost 2 years, and absolutely love it! It's a litte cumbersome, but I would never buy another vacuum. It comes in great colors and my daughter loves vacuuming with it!...more info
  • The Best Vac I've ever had
    I got the Dyson Animal about 4 months ago and I swear it looks like I have all new rugs (and some furniture). I have a Pomerian and three cats (one really long-haired one) so you can imagine the shedding. Since I got the Dyson, all the rugs in my house look brand new. I have hardwood floors with large scatters throughout and it always looks great. My Dining Room rug is even a dark chocolate color and after a good once over, you would never know there was an animal in the house. Well, except the dog - he likes to chase the vacuum when we're using it. ...more info
  • Had it for 3 years
    Now my brother, who has a shedding dog, has a Dyson Animal too. He loves it. I can't understand how some of these people are having so many problems. All I can figure is that they aren't following the instructions. If you disassemble the lower parts, that are down near the rotating brush, then you must click them back together. You rarely remove these parts anyway, just every 6 months to rinse the intake filter . The hand attachment with the rotating brush is very strong too. This brush doesn't come anywhere near to a stop unless you put into a shag rug maybe. The Dyson is as powerful as my shop vacuum. Since it has so many attachments I even use it on the interior of my car during a car wash. The only thing I can say against it is that if you bump something hard with the vacuum while the brush is running you'll hear a grinding noise. Then you have to turn it off and back on again. I believe that is some type of clutch disengaging to protect the brush and internal gears....more info
  • Was Considering Dyson but NOT NOW
    After reading all the customer comments, old and new, I have decided NOT to buy a Dyson. We have 2 Shelties. We have hardwood, stone and tile floors with large area rugs. I'm tired of cutting hair off the roller and seeing clouds of dust come out of the vacuum bag, bucket, or whatever. I'm going to shop around more. Anyone have BETTER suggestions?...more info
  • Dyson: The Worst Vacuum I've Ever Owned
    A couple of years ago I convinced my husband to spend the huge bucks on the Dyson Animal Vacuum. It worked okay at first, but not what I expected. Within a couple of weeks plastic parts started falling off and the suction power decreased significantly. The brush on the bottom easily clogged with hair and was not easy to remove. I frequently had to turn the thing upside down, cut hair away and empty the plastic compartments just to get the thing to work properly. Finally, the belt broke last month. The same thing happened to my friend's Dyson and to one of our cleaning lady's client's Dyson. I will not even bother to get this vacuum repaired, because I don't want it! I will never buy a Dyson again. ...more info
  • buttercup7764
    So far best vacuum ever! Just got it(not from Amazon) Don't know how a pet owner got along without it!...more info
  • Dyson Animal
    At first this seemed to be an effective vac, considering what I had used in the past to compare it to. However, 6 mos of use has changed my mind completely. I have a dog and dog hair. It picks up a lot of it but not nearly enough to compensate the price. It is heavy and my back and arms are sore after using it. I chase the hair balls on the bare floors and I have to tip the front of it to pick up debris. I often must knock down the cob webs and catch them on their way down. The air filter is way too small to be effective. I have to dust AFTER I vac and the the exhaust from the vac smells dirty. The Wind Tunnel or Kenmore upright are half the cost and do the same thing. After a demonstration of another vac and using a meter to measure the air suction, the Dyson had only 1/2 the suction power of the other model. The other model picked up the dog hair the Dyson didn't. The turbo tool attachment stops dead as soon as it connects to the surface to be cleaned. I have long hair which sucked into the holes in the wand cap. The only way to get it out was to cut it off. I wasted a lot of money! ...more info
  • Absolutely Amazing
    A friend of mine bought this vacuum and told me how wonderful it was. I just had a baby and he was getting to the point where he was going to be on the floor alot so I thought I should invest in it. I had always vacuumed about twice a week, our carpet was only about three months old when I got the Dyson, and we don't wear shoes in the house. When my Dyson arrived, I ran my old vacuum and then used the Dyson. You would think that I never vacuumed in my life.

    I absolutely love this machine. MY ONLY COMPLAINT-is that the hose is not user friendly at all. It is very difficult to use especially on the stairs. However, even with this complaint, I am more than ecstatic about my purchase.

    I tell everyone to get a Dyson....more info
    We have a long haired dog, so we thought this was our vacuum for sure. After one day of usage, we knew right away this vacuum was not for us.

    1. It mostly blew pet hair around rather than pick it up because the air holes at the front of the unit. Poor design feature.
    2. It wasn't very good on hardwood or on carpet. In fact, we had to make several passes along the carpet area just to pick up dog hair, plus there wasn't much of anything else in the canister, which made us suspicious that it wasn't picking up dander or dirt. We then passed over the same area with our Bissell, and it was ten times better than the Dyson.
    3. Attachments were awkward and very cumbersome. Again, our Bissell won out because they are built into the machine.

    Overall, we were incredibly disappointed, especially because of the high price and after all the hype it receives on commercials and in the stores.
    ...more info
  • great vacuum
    I got my new Dyson vacuum delivered today, It was really easy to put together. I had cleaned last night and vacuumed with my top of the line Kenmore. I went over the same carpets with the Dyson today. The results were unbelievable the "clean bin" hit the max mark in the first 15 minutes. I am rather disgusted with how dirty my carpets really were, and how poorly the Kenmore cleaned for the same money.
    I now want a Dyson for upstairs and one for downstairs. ...more info
  • Newfie Owner
    We have a 110 lb Newfoundland dog who sheds lots of long hair. This vacuum is great on carpet and hardwood! Cleans far better than any vacuum I've tried. Only complaint is I need to use scissors to cut long dog hair from rollers about once a week (I use vacuum 1-2x per day). ...more info
  • The best Vacuum ever
    I love to vacuum and this is the best one ever! The reason we purchased a Dyson was the man who cleaned our carpet used one before he started cleaning the carpet. My Husband and I both vacuum the carpet before he came. He vacuum and got 2 tank fulls out-I have always vacuum atleast twice a week, usually more and cannot believe how much it still picks up!!!...more info
  • Awesome - a must have vacuum!
    I can't say enough good things about this vacuum cleaner but that it is just awesome! I have several vacuum cleaners, one for carpet, one for the stairs and one for the hardwood laminate floors and now I have a one-size-fits all solution. I am currently remodeling and have a downstairs area with nasty old carpet. It's still due to be removed and replaced with wood laminate but in the meantime, we need to keep it clean. I can't tell you how much dirt was lifted from a single vacuuming session already.

    Also, since I have bad allergies, I run a HEPA air cleaner filter. I usually set to "auto" mode which adjusts it's speed based on the amt of dirt particles in the air. Normally runs on low speed but whenever I vacuum the floors, it kicks up loud into high speed. We noticed while we were running Dyson DC14 on the rug nearby ... the air cleaner never shifted from low mode meaning the air was still detected as clean. This proves the air suction in the Dyson vacuum is well maintained inside and the HEPA filter works well. Otherwise, if the vacuum was not properly maintaining suction, it would kick back into the air causing my air cleaner to "detect" dirt in the air. I was really impressed with it. Also, there was no dust or dirt smell in the air after vacuuming which I usually experienced with my old ones.

    Anyways, if you have pets or bad allergies like me, this is well worth the money spent! I'm sorry I didn't buy it sooner!

    -S...more info
  • Good Vacuum but Not Without Shortcomings
    We purchased our Dyson Animal 14 going on 2 years ago out of frustration with having to replace our Kenmore vacuums every few years. We have 4 dogs and 3 cats, including a long-haired Maine Coon, so our vacuums get a lot of use. We have found that the Dyson has excellent suction, probably the best we've seen thus far. It definitely sucks the dirt out, and the power of the attachment hose is terrific, especially as an edger, and I truly believe that the suction power is arguably superior to others. Here are my issues with the vacuum, however:

    I don't feel that the agitator roll is powerful enough to really comb the fur out of short pile carpet, a shortcoming which may result from the self-adjusting height feature. I have dark carpet so the fur is easy to see, and when I vacuum and look closely at the carpet, there is a lot of fur that stays behind - a fact that does NOT please me after all the money I spent on this thing. I also find that the hair and fur sticks to and wraps around the brush roll and has to be cut off with scissors every so often - a rather dirty job.

    I like the attachments, but the fact that they are suction driven as opposed to power driven cuts down on the efficacy by quite a bit. If you press hard enough to comb the carpet or fabric for fur or hair, the resistance stops the brush roll from rotating. Even as powerful as the suction is, no suction attachment tool can ever be as strong as a power-driven one. As a result, cleaning the stairs - which we have 2 sets of - was not effective at all.

    For these reasons I purchased a supplemental Kenmore canister vac. Using the 2 in conjunction, I am covering all of the shortcomings of both machines (the canister vac, immensely better at picking up fur, doesn't have the powerful dirt suction of the Dyson, etc.). I love the suction of the Dyson, not having to purchase bags (a big savings given how much dirt that puppy sucks up!) and the instant gratification of seeing the clear canister fill up with the funk that was just on my floor, but I think that it should work better with regards to fur, attachments and the brush roll's power and tangling to justify it's high price....more info
  • Works Great
    Our Sears "top rated" vacuum cleaner broke after 3 years. After reviewing Consumer Reports,they again suggested Sears, I decided it was time to do more independent research than Consumers Reports based on my feelings that a VC should last longer then 3 years. After a lot of research I purchased the DYSON, CR didn't rate the Dyson real well but I went and purchased the cleaner based on reviews from Amazon. The Vacuum cleaner does an outstanding job! We had finished cleaning the 2nd floor when the Sears cleaner broke. We went out and purchased the DYSON and it found dirt the Sears obviously missed. The carpets look brand new again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Please note, I have no affiliation with DYSON.
    ...more info
  • cleaning the roller
    I really love the suction on it but the roller underneath gets hair wrapped around it and every 4th or 5th time of use I have to get a knife and cut the hair off of it. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats but I've never had this much problem before. Anyone else notice this?
    Karen...more info
  • Roar
    I LOVE this vaccuum. I have never felt this way about an appliance before. It picked up dirt I couldn't even see. Well worth every penny....more info
  • After 30 years, finally a vacuum that works
    bought Dyson DC14 Cyclone Animal upright 2 weeks ago...this is probably the 20th vacuum we've bought since 1975. We've tried cheap, expensive, uprights, canisters, bagged, bagless...you name it, we've tried it. We did the extensive cleaning recommended in all those vacuums (including frequent replacement of expensive throw-away filters some call for.) Tired of the constant maintenance and still not getting all that good of a cleaning job from vacuums. We live in a rural area with a lot of "nature" being tracked in by walkers, dogs, and wind. Dyson is super at picking up everything. We have a (how stupid is this...we didn't install it!) WHITE ceramic tile floor in our kitchen...sooo nice to run the dyson on the bare-floor setting and actually have it pick up all the pet hair which really shows on the white tile. And the Dyson doesn't shoot half of it back out on exhaust like previous $300 vacuum did. Dyson worth every penny. Did not find it heavy,it's definitely quieter and once you figure out how everything stores together it's easy to use. I do agree that the directions in the booklet are not clear, you basically have to figure them out yourself (of course, THEN the vague directions make perfect sense...)...more info
  • Plastic, Plastic, Plastic
    Have owned it now for 22 months. It's had 2 beater brush clutch replacements (under warranty). We have hardwood floors & area rugs throughout the house, so it's not a matter of being overworked. The shop technician told me it's been a regular issue with all the Dyson vacuums, as the slip-clutch is pure junk and takes special tools to disassemble. (A common complaint among European users if you do some research) When the next failure occurs, it's going to the dump. Dyson tried to charge me for the second repair & I had to threaten them with the FTC to get it covered.
    Do the research & invest in a real QUALITY machine, not one that's made entirely of plastic!!!...more info
  • I LOVE IT!
    I bought a Kenmore vacuum last May. I was sick of bags so I went bagless. The vacuum worked great at first and then within the 6 months, the thing COMPLETELY lost suction! I was so disappointed! It was so annoying to vacuum and have the hair swirling around on the floor or clogging the machine brush. (I have two dogs and two cats.)

    So then, I was researching Dyson on here. I heard many people loved it so I decided to price them. I found out that Bed Bath and Beyond had the DC14 Animal on clearance for $490. Then I had a 20% off coupon. I went and bought one immediately.

    The handle was weird putting together. On the picture they showed it a whole different way then how it actually goes. But, once I figured all that out, I got to vacuuming. I couldn't believe all the pure dirt and dust it vacuumed up along with the fur! I was amazed at how quickly my bucket filled up! I emptied the bucket a good 5 times that night. It really sucks good! I don't find the vacuum to be too heavy. But some of the parts are awkward to use. The wand for example is kinda difficult. The attachments are as well. But I found some tips thanx to other people's reviews on here. Our carpets are old, at least from the early 80s, and they look fabulous for being that old after using the Dyson. I love that there is no burning dog hair smell after vacuuming anymore! I would definately recommend this product to anyone who wants a good vacuum cleaner. But, at least get it on sale or something. Why pay over 500 bucks for something you can easily get for 400? So use those annoying coupons they send out! :)...more info
  • Fun to vacuum?
    Two weeks ago we had brand new carpet installed in our house. At the same time it was going in, we purchased a new Dyson DC14 Animal. When the carpet installer finished the first room (a small bedroom), he suggested I vacuum the new carpet before he moved in the furniture, to pick up the few loose carpet pieces laying on top after his cutting and stretching. After just a minute or so, the Dyson was full. What? This is brand new, clean carpet. I dumped out the "dirt", and continued vacuuming. In no time at all it was full again. I believe that because of Dyson's powerful suction and powerful brushbar, that this vacuum picks up a lot of carpet fiber. The point I would like to make is to all those people who were shocked and embarrassed about all that dirt showing up in their Dyson's dirt bin, instead of dirt and pet hair, a lot of it could very well be carpet fibers. So don't be too embarrassed at what you see. If the Dyson picked all this up from my brand new carpets, I wonder if the brushbar is too powerful? I guess time will tell. Some of the positive aspects are:

    I am impressed with the powerful suction. The hose did reach all the way up to the top of the stairs, with no problem. All the attachments work just fine for me. You can definitely smell cleaner air after vacuuming with the Dyson, thanks to the HEPA filter. Not having a light on the front is not a big deal to me, but it would have been nice to have had a retractable cord system.

    It's kind of weird and hard to explain, but it is now FUN to vacuum, and I look forward to using my Dyson. My sister and her family are coming for our family Christmas in just a few days. She uses a Hoover and an Oreck, and doesn't like either one. I can't wait to show her my Dyson, and let her try it.

    If you are thinking about buying a Dyson DC14 Animal, I say if it makes a person happy to vacuum (like it did me), and you look forward to getting it out and using it, then go for it and get one....more info
  • I Love This Machine
    We just bought this vacuum and I love it. We have a Hoover Windtunnel that is two or three years old, I knew it wasn't doing as good a job as when it was brand new but I had no idea how bad it was. My carpets haven't looked this good since they were installed. It did't leave dust behingThe Dyson DC14 is also so much lighter and more manuverable than our old vacuum. I felt guilty spending this much on a vacuum for myself but it was worth it to see what our other machine was leaving behind. The only thing I don't like is that I can't keep all of the attachments on the machine but as I don't need some of them often I can deal with it....more info
  • The Best Ever
    I have heard alot of reviews about the Dyson vacuum from pet owners
    but when my son gave me a Dyson 14 for my birthday a few days ago I used
    it for the first time. Wow!!!I had a Kenmore canister and thought it was
    a good vacuum, but the Dyson brought up stuff, ie: dog hair, dust, dirt,
    from carpet that looked clean. I have asthma and to think I was breathing
    this stuff is unbelievable. Thanks go to my son and to Dyson for this
    marvelous vacuum.
    Corgi and Aussie owner in Colorado...more info
  • This vacuum really works
    We have had a Dyson Animal Vacuum for about 5 years. This is the longest we have ever had any vacuum. I have one small cat, one large long haired dog, and three long haired daughters. We have some serious hair issues, and the Dyson handles it all. We have allergy issues as well, so I love to be able to dump the dust and dirt without getting up close and personal. I will buy another Dyson in the future if I need another vacuum, but this one is going strong. I am a Dyson fan. ...more info
  • The ultimate vacuum cleaner
    Let's get something straight: I love to clean. Other women like to bake and sew, but I get my kicks from vacuuming. I vacuum pretty often and always thought I kept a pretty clean house...until I got a Dyson. I always knew that my old Hoover was a piece of crap...it literally fell apart after less than three years of use. Several of my girlfriends have Dysons and swear by them, and I have a cat who sheds a lot so I wanted a vacuum that would work wonders with pet hair. My husband bought me the Dyson DC14 as an early Christmas gift. It was very easy to assemble and comes with clear understand instructions and a bunch of extras: attachments, carpet cleaner, you name it!

    The vacuum is very lightweight and easy to maneuver. I was amazed (and disgusted) by how much pet hair and DIRT the Dyson sucked out of my carpet! I had vacuumed the day before we got the Dyson, but I used the DC14 in three rooms and the collection cup was completely full by the time I was done. AMAZING!

    Overall, I am extremely impressed with my new vacuum. It really gets the job done! I'm not sure how often I'll use all of the attachments...so far I've tried the smaller ones that attach to the base of the vacuum itself, and they were both very effective. The 17-foot cord is very nice...it would be even nicer if it automatically wound itself up, but oh well. Also, I wish the DC14 had a headlight, but that's something I can live without.

    I will never go back to a Hoover or any other vacuum-wannabe brand! Dyson is the only one for me. If you have pets and are looking for a way to manage all that shedding, a Dyson Animal vacuum is exactly what you need. Also, the Dyson is a bit of a miracle worker: even my husband gets excited about cleaning when he uses this thing!...more info
  • Do Not buy this Fabulous Machine (buy DC17 instead)
    I _hated_ vacuuming.
    I'm talking red-in-face, highly irritated, "I can't believe how much I hate this" kind of hatred.
    Yesterday, motivated by you good Amazon reviewers (thanks to all) I sprung the bucks and bought this machine.
    It was hands-down the finest vacuum I had ever used.
    As I prepared to add my voice to the choirs of folks singing the praises of this machine (and give it 5 stars), I discovered there was a newer, better Dyson "Animal" out there (the DC17) (shame on Linens-n-things and Bed/Bath/Beyond for selling out-of-date merchandise) so I returned the DC14, bought the DC 17.
    -- WOW! -- It was almost as much better over the DC14 as the 14 was over my despised Bissell. (Bissell was junk.)
    Spring the extra bucks.
    Buy the DC17.
    You will be glad you did. I was.
    OBTW - I asked Dyson about Mr. Wheeler's switch not being covered under warranty -- they said it should have been....more info
  • The best vacuum ever
    I really love my Dyson. It gets my whole house clean, and I mean the WHOLE house. Top to bottom. I get enough cat hair off the floors and carpets to make whole new litters. I bought the soft bristle attachment to dust the furniture and it gets it all clean and the dust leaves the house when I empty the canister, not just moved around from the shelf to the rag to the floor.... I use the bare floor atachment for the hard wood, tile and vinyl floors. Now I don't see the dust when the sun comes in the windows at a low angle. And best of all, it really never loses suction. You don't realise how great this is until you've used it and can compare it to your old vacuum....more info
  • Warranty parts
    I read all the reviews and really couldn't believe an expensive vac like this would have hassles with repairs. So, I bought a DC14 Animal. Out of the box, the on/off switch was broken...had to manually hold the switch down to get it to run. Called Dyson and was told I'd have to take it to Sears in Louisville, KY (about 40 miles away). Called Sears to make sure they even had the little part and was told...We don't service them here, we ship it to Chattanooga. We'll order the switch for you but you'll have to pay for it ($13.49), it won't be covered by warranty. Eighty miles round trip and again to pick it up in three weeks, so 160 miles driven at $2.39/gal...$21.50 in gas alone! Dyson is either incredibly stupid about their product support; or incredibly smart, in that they know most folks will not go through the hassle and expense to use it. Their five year warranty is talking points only. You need major repair before it is even economical to use....more info
    I love to vacuum! I could never say that before I met my Dyson. Now, I am amazed how much I enjoy this task. Why you ask? Keep reading and you'll see why vacuuming can become less of a chore for you, too.

    Great things about the Dyson:

    1. INCREDIBLE suction power! Believe what the commercials say... it doesn't lose suction! All surfaces, all areas of your house receive the same suction.

    2. Great attachments: I love the floor attachment that hooks to the wand. It allows me to leave the "heavy" part behind and simply push the wand around. Great feature!

    3. Bagless: My house is older, but never has it been cleaner. Not only can you see what you are getting, but it allows you to see what you've never been able to get before. You will be amazed (and a little grossed out) by the filth that lurks in your home. However, after the Dyson, you'll feel much "cleaner"!

    4. Amazing for allergies: My son has serious allergy and asthma issues. This vacuum has helped incredibly well. Now, when I clean his floors, I know that most (if not all) of the allergens are gone from the floors and mattress surfaces in his room. I used to have to mop frequently in order to make this claim, but not any more. What a time saver and he is healthier!

    5. On/off beater bar: Great for multiple surfaces. This is why "traditional" vacuums fall short. Traditional vacuums are meant for one surface (one for carpet, one for smooth floors, one for hard to reach areas, etc.) The Dyson has a carpet setting and a bare floor setting. What more could you ask for? Such diversity!

    6. Time saver: No longer to I have to haul out multiple units for the areas of my house. No longer do I have to re-vacuum surfaces because the vacuum didn't get it all the first time. No longer do I dread vacuuming. Now with my extra time...I can write a review to convince you why you need this vacuum, too!...more info
  • better than any other vaccuum i've ever used
    at first i was very wary of this vacuum, because of the price. i mean, what could possibly be so special about this vacuum that it costs so much money?? i have 3 long haired cats and a baby, so i vacuum every other day and this thing picks up way more stuff than i ever could imagine is even there. i've had it for over a year, have not had ANY issues with it. other vacuums i have used always got clogs in the hoses because of all the cathair, or would eventually just lose suction all together. this vacuum may be very expensive, but it is worth the investment if you have animals, or even if you have bad allergies. it is not heavier than a regular vacuum, and because of the expandable hose, it is very easy to vacuum stairs and to get those cobwebs in the high corners of the ceiling. the canister that collects the dirt is easy to empty by just releasing a clip. definitely better than having to shake it upside down over a trash can (creating a big dustcloud), which was the case with my dirt devil. i would definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone who has animals....more info
  • "You paid HOW MUCH for a vacuum cleaner?!!"
    Which is what everyone says when I tell them I have a Dyson. The minute they use it though they never complain again about the price. People are always amazed at how much it picks up. The attachments are sometimes clunky to change out and use, but for standard everyday use, this vacuum is awesome. I recently brought it to a house my friend moved into and between the Dyson and the Hoover steam cleaner (another great product) we got her carpets looking new again.

    After having two $100 vacuums break in two years, I decided to spend $400 on the Dyson at a store where I could get a 4 year warrenty on it figuring that if it did break in the 4 years I'd at least get a new one for free under the warrenty plan and not have to buy a $100 vacuum every year. That was almost 3 years ago and it's still going strong.

    You know, I didn't take much with me from the house when I divorced my husband, but I made sure I took my Dyson, which should tell you how much I like this vacuum. ...more info
  • vacuum snob
    I have had several vacuums recently that seemed to not pick up dirt anymore. I would try to unclog them...pick them up and drop them to see if that would do the trick...with no avail! Then my best friend got her dyson...green with envy I would go to her house and use it on her carpets. Well I saved up the $500 bucks I thought it would cost from bed,bath and broomsticks...looked on-line and saved $175 of my hard earned money. I am so pleased with this sweeper I can't even describe it!!! The color is REALLY cool too! IT IS WORTH IT!...more info
  • Believe the hype.
    I've put off buying a Dyson because I'm cheap. Why spend $400+ on a vacuum when I can spend $100?

    Well, if I had originally bought a Dyson (2 Hoovers and 1 Dirt Devil ago), I would have saved money.

    I have three large dogs and two cats. I vacuum every other day and during shedding season, every day. With my Hoover, I would have to change the belt and unclog the vacuum 2-3 times a week.

    This Dyson is a dream.

    The canister is easy and mess free to empty.
    It doesn't clog.
    I don't have to run over the same area of the carpet 3-4 times to pick up the animal hair.
    It picks up everything on the carpet.

    My only regret with this vacuum is that I didn't buy it sooner.
    ...more info
  • Dysons Suck
    I finally decided to spring for the Dyson after having many problems with my upright Hoover clogging up with carpet fuzz. I got tired of disassembling the vacuum head after every use to clean it out for the next time. Well, let me tell you the Dyson was well designed and like the ads say it does not lose suction. And, I no longer have problems with clogs. It is easy to empty the dirt receptacle and it has an easily removable (and washable) filter which only needs attention every six weeks or longer. The only down side to this vacuum, as far as I am concerned, is that the hose that houses the wand is very stiff and not all that flexible. Maybe over time it will become more pliable. The reason this is important is that if you use your vacuum to clean shades, blinds, lamp shades, shelves, etc., it is nice to have a flexible hose for reaching those places. Overall I have to say this is a great product. You will be amazed at the talcum powder-like fine dust this vacuum collects....more info
  • The best money I've ever spent!
    My husband has allergies to cat dander, and we have 4 indoor cats. We finally broke down and paid $500+ for this vacuum and replaced our old bag vacuum. I must say, this thing is AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about this vacuum. The first time we used it in our living room, we emptied the canister 3 times! And I had just vacuumed with my old vacuum the day before.. It is amazing what this machine picks up that other vacuums leave behind. I could find no flaws with this product, other than it would be nice if it were cheaper. :)...more info
  • A wonder machine!
    I can't believe I'm this excited about a home appliance. It amazes me every time I use it. The design is soooo smart - every time I empty the canister I get a little giddy. How simple - how wonderful - how embarrassing for anyone who still has to change a bag. The suction is unstoppable and for the reviewer who complained about the noise on small area rugs, I just figured that out this week. If you add the little attachment to the wand (the one that fits on top of the canister), you can vacuum absolutely anything - rugs, furniture, curtains, fringe on a lamp, your dog or cat...
    ...more info
  • Worth the Price
    Bought this item in the big box store with a 20% coupon (I asked if they would give me a coupon). As others have noted, fluffs up the nap on the rug - making it look new. My wife indicated the low reach floor tool was worth the price of the vacuum alone! Reaches under beds, bureaus, coffee tables, etc. with ease. Bare floor performance is good - it sucks up the dirt - not just blows it around. New 5 year warranty is a plus. We purchased 3 other vacuums in the past three years - wish we bought a Dyson first trime around....more info
  • This is THE Vacuum
    I have labored with purchasing a new vacuum for over one year. I have read the vacuum reviews by Consumer Reports. I've learned my lesson about relying on a Consumer Report review. I bought a Kenmore Dishwasher which they rated as #1. It turned out to be the biggest piece of junk in our kitchen. So, I don't trust the good folks over at Consumer Reports any longer. I've also read everything (including all the reviews on Amazon) I could find on the internet pertaining to vacuums and talked to several authorities in the business. It was very confusing because each vacuum has it's own little nitch. I looked at Kenmores, Hoovers, Eureka's (all uprights), and several other lesser known brands. I tried them all. I chose the Dyson Animal and I'm glad I did! I have five dogs (yes 5) and a parrot who sheds her down feathers on a regular basis. Needless to say I needed some heavy duty suction power. When I used the Dyson for the first time I filled the canister three times. I was shocked on what was left in our carpet from our Hoover canister. My wife and I both noticed that our house smelled cleaner. I guess there is something to the Hepa Filter. If your like me and are considering a vacuum, don't be afraid of the Dyson price tag. I did the math on the the Kenmore upright. By the time you buy the extended warranty, the bags($4 each) , and the hepa filter ($20 every six months). You'll be spending over $220.00 a year at Sears for the life of your vacuum. That's no bargain! Dyson has a lifetime filter and is bagless. It also has a five-year warranty.
    Now if you've read this so far, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Sears had the Dyson Animal on close-out. I had saleperson at Bed Bath & Beyond call Sears for the sale price $529.00. Bed Bath & Beyond matched that price and subtracted my 20% coupon off the total. That's a deal! Plus at Bed Bath & Beyond they have a lifetime warranty on anything they sale. If you're vacuum breaks twenty years from now, they'll give your money back or give you a new model. You can't beat that anywhere. Good luck and happy vacuum hunting, my hunt is over....more info
  • Love it, Love it, Love it!!
    Have had it for about a year now and am still amazed by what it picks up. I can't believe how much dirt a carpet can hold after seeing the full canister. I've owned a few in my time including a Hoover Wind Tunnel (hated it...finally died), Roomba, Electrolux, and even a Eureka Boss Central vac. This is my favorite vacuum and I actually enjoy using it which is unusual for me because I hate vacuuming. With 3 dogs (Including a shedding golden retriever) and 2 longhaired cats you can only imagine the hair that accumulates around here. The Dyson picks it all up. Of course I have to use it on an almost daily basis to keep up with all the pets, but it works. The canister gets filled up every time and is thankfully easy to clean. It's pretty low maintenance without having to keep replacing the bags or filter. Of course do make sure to clean the beater brushes (but that is true of all vacums). If you have shedding pets this is the ONLY vacuum to consider. It's pricey, but definitely worth it....more info
  • Not happy
    Have a Dyson Animal. Thought it would be great for a golden retriever. Great if you want to stop and clean the fur off the beater bars regularly. If not, the vacuum looses its famous efficiency. After time, the seals on all its parts seem to loosen up. I'm going back to an Orek. May have a bag, but the machine does what it's supposed to. If you have an animal with long fur, forget the Dyson....more info
  • Dyson SUCKS... but a GOOD vacuum should!!
    I got the Dyson DC14 Animal as a gift from my parents. With 3 hairy dogs it was a welcome gift...
    Honestly, I've seen the Dyson commercials over the years. I was faintly interested at first, but after seeing the prices, I quickly lost all interest. I chalked Dyson up to good old-fashioned hype; I don't like to pay for hype.
    (Oddly enough, my parents say they've never seen the commercials... They saw a display in a store and talked to another customer who owned one and saw a brief demonstration. And, they were sold.)
    Anyway, I got the Dyson home. Opened the box. Even the box and packing is high-tech. The box has indentations and such to become self-closing once opened, without any tape. Cool.
    Assembly was simple. 3 minutes?
    Plug 'er in and go.
    Dang!! Dog hair, dust, and dirt. Lots of it and quickly!
    I went to empty the cannister into my trash can. I placed the cannister about 8 inches into the trash can and pushed the release button. The trap-door at the bottom of the cannister dropped down dumping out all the yuck- with very little dust rising back out.
    Then, I put the trap-door back in place, replaced the cannister into the vacuum, and was back in business.
    I can't honestly say how much my old vacuum picks up or how quickly... but only because I can't see it. But, I know it picks up stuff; it's there, the vacuum goes over it then it's gone. So, it works.
    But, what I can say fairly is: I know this Dyson picks up more. Way more. ...for the simple fact that my carpet "feels" different on my bare feet when I'm done. It feels more like it does after I shampoo my carpets. So, the Dyson works better. Way better.
    That is impressive!
    Find a way to afford one... you won't be sorry....more info
  • As big a thrill as vacuuming is ever likely to be!
    When we were looking to buy a new vacuum to accomodate our house (one dog, five cats), we started receiving hushed descriptions of "dyson" vacuums. The descriptions verged on some kind of suburban, domestic pornography, with every detail lavishly laid out to us in conspiratorial tones as nearly unbeliveable and exotic. Needless to say, we were intrigued. we decided that instead of making do with our failing vacuuum, broom, dustpan, and mop; we'd spend the extra money to get something high-end.

    A month into our purchase, we are very happy. The dyson picks up hair off of hardwood and tile as well or better than the more time-intensive sweeping that we had previously resorted to. The pick-up on carpetting is also great and the attachments, while rarely used by us, are nice to have available.

    Disposing of the refuse chamber without needing a bag is fantastic, and the designers clearly knew the voyeuristic revulsion we'd experience on seeing the hair, dirt, etc. etc. piling up and swirling around as the cleaning progresses. Five stars for being worth the price and another five stars for being fun to push around....more info
  • Dyson DC14 a huge disappointment
    To get to the point I hate this vacuum!! It always clogs up with dust particles. I am always tring to get the dust out of the inside canister filter. It is very lacking in picking up dog hair. It blows dirt away on hard surfaces. The wand is too much trouble to get out to use. This vacuum was way over priced and very disappointing. Next time I will do more research when buying a vaccum. I would have been better off using the good old hand me downs. ...more info
  • Great if you don't need attachments
    The only (BIG) problem for me with the Animal is that it will NOT fit under beds and sofas and dressers and the attachments do not move at all well over the carpet. And it is so strong that it shuts off or eats bath rugs...So, while it may be the best cleaner FOR WHAT IS OUT IN THE OPEN it gets an F from me for cleaning under furniture. So really my room is not clean at all, when all the dust mites and dust remain under my bed. It still has all the problems of a clumsy upright with a bunch of attachments that rarely get used because it is such a hassle to stop everything and "attach" the attachments. UGH - still dusty in Virginia.

    ...more info
  • Woohoo - they finally arrived in the USA!
    I'm English, and owned a Dyson years and years ago, before we moved to the USA. We had been here several years (and I had purchased several disapointing vacuums) before Dyson arrived in the States. I was reluctant to buy one at first because of the very high price, but eventually realised that I spent more on cheap, disappointing vacuums each year than I would spend on a Dyson, which would last me for several years. Anyway, this vacuum is excellent, as other reviewers have stated, so I won't go into how great it is - I will however give a tip on getting it under standard kitchen and bathroom cabinets without having to change to the 'hard floor' head or use the hand tool. If you place the machine so that the head is at an angle of around 30 degrees to the baseboard under the cabinet, with the LEFT hand side of the head against the baseboard, you will find that it will fit under the cabinet. The trick now is to slide the head along the floor, keeping the angle at around 30 degrees. Of course, it is so quick and easy to change to a hand tool, that you could use this to get under there also. ...more info
  • Hose Problem
    The hose component of the all the Dyson machines is poorly designed and structurally defecient. We have had a Dyson Purple machine for less than 2 years and in that time have had to replace the hose twice and it is now broken again. At $75 per replacement the machine has priced itself right out of our household. Dyson has refused to stand behind its machine on this defect, although I will pester them once again....more info
  • The best vacuum ever
    Buy it. It's worth every penny. It is quiet, picks up a digusting amount of hair and dirt that you never knew was there, it's fun to use, and the telescoping handle rocks! My carpet looks like new again!!...more info
  • Very good vacuum for pet hair
    Does a great job of picking up every thing, but it does especially well with dog hair. It does not have the problem I had with the dog hair wrapping around the roller on the previous vacuum. I really like that the cannister is clear and so easy to empty. ...more info
  • This is the best you can buy. Try the others first so you will know how good you have it....
    The Dyson Animal DC14 is the finest Vacuum I've ever owned. As some of the folks have stated in this forum... I am also appalled at the amount of dirt and items pulled from out tile floors and carpets after we used out original vacuum. I'm replacing Hoover's Windtunel II which in my view is a cheap imitation of the Dyson line. Don't be fooled it is not the same and it is in the same price range. The Dyson is lighter, more powerful gets into areas the other vacuum does not. It does not continually fall apart while you are using it. (Attachments falling off). It's quieter, has the longer power cord I every scene and does not make a mess when emptying the canister.

    We have two Australian Shepherds and have always vacuumed daily due to their long hair coats. The Dyson picks up more hair faster, does not loose suction when the canister is full and seems not to blow the hair around on the floor while vacuuming.... Several of the write-up here are pick on it's I just don't agree with. This vacuum is easy to set up and use. Instructions can't be any easier.

    I am not one that gets thrilled over appliance like vacuums but this one is work taking a look. I'm buying a second one for my vacation home too.
    ...more info
  • Terrific Idea
    I used my friend's Dyson in my house last weekend and was APPALLED to see the grime in which I was living. GROSS! I myself have a Hoover Windtunnel that I really like(d), but now I am determined to buy a Dyson when my Windtunnel dies and I can afford one. Anyway, I wanted to comment on the people who say the Dyson is heavy; compared with my Hoover, this thing is a FEATHER, people. I really liked my Hoover EXCEPT for its weight, which was the only problem I ever had with it. The Dyson, in comparison, is so light, I wondered if it was even DOING anything, at least until I looked at the can thing and saw enough cat hair to build myself a whole litter of kittens. Try it! You can usually test them at electronics' stores... the weight is negligible, people... trust me. ...more info
  • Dyson DC 14 Animal
    Awesome vacuum. Better suction than I have ever experienced with a vacuum. Great for picking up pet hair. The only drawback being that it is somewhat difficult to transport around the house. ...more info
    A friend of mine with who owns 2 cats suggested the Dyson DC 14 Animal vacuum to me. We own 4 dogs that continually shed. We have been using a bagging Hoover which has frankly not been performing very well. The Dyson DC 14 blows away anything I have ever used or heard about!! After vacuuming the living room with the Hoover I quickly assembled and ran my new Dyson over the same area. Holy Cow!!....I filled the canister twice!! The carpet looked better than it usually does after vacuuming AND shampooing!! INCREDIBLE!! The best part is that there is NO ODOR that usually accompanied my vacuuming. I was very skeptical of spending over $500 for a vacuum cleaner, but this has turned out to be the best money I have ever spent. BUY THIS PRODUCT AND PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK FOR THE SMARTEST PURCHASE OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Although expensive, excellent vacuum
    We've used the Dyson DC14 animal several times now. Our house has all wood floors except for a few rugs we've put down, and the bathrooms & laundry room which are tile. I thought we wouldn't see that much difference, or wouldn't pick that much up --- boy I was wrong. Within 2 rooms, the container was almost full. Now keep in mind I was using the low reach tool and vacuuming under a bed and tv stand, but still considering we have been in our house for just at a year, and we have wood floors which dont show any dirt, I was amazed.

    We compared this to our old Eureka 4885BT Whirlwind and it really was no comparison.

    The only reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5, is plain and simple cost. When you come down to it, its roughly the same amount of plastic, rubber, motor, etc as cheaper vacuums, but in my opinion you are paying for the name and research of Dyson....more info
  • If you have any pets at all, GET IT!
    I have had my Dyson for a year and I am still in love with it. I have a huge black Doberman and a dusty bird with a husband who enjoys a very clean house. This vacuum has helped keep the peace around here! I use it for nearly everything, especially now that I am pregnant and am trying to avoid a lot of chemicals. When the dog got into a box of Jello, we got even the tiniest specs of the colored powder out of the carpet easily. When the bird molted and had a hissy-fit with a whole spray of millet, the dyson was there to quickly clean up the mess. When our dog was in the middle of a particuarly bad shedding season (and I couldn't take it any more) he stood while I vacuumed the rest of the stray hairs out of his fur. Now that I am "nesting" I am finding it very gratifying to empty the gray-brown mess into the garage trash can, knowing my house is clean.

    The cherry on top was when we had our carpets cleaned and the guy, who loves to show his clients what he pulled out of the carpet, showed us our tube of debris. It looked to be about the same amount as two dyson bin-fuls of stuff after he did the WHOLE HOUSE. (Our dyson usually has to be emptied three times for a full house, closet & all-surfaces vacuuming job. It sounds like a lot but see doberman & bird above.) I love having the carpets cleaned, but it was great to see the shock on the CLEANER'S face when he checked the catch tube!

    In short, get this vacuum. You won't regret it. We LOVE it and I cannot live without it. Honestly, I took the vacuum with me when we evacuated for hurricane Rita. LOVE IT!...more info
  • Pros and Cons - Dyson DC 14 (Animal Upright Vacuum)
    I bought the Dyson DC 14 vacuum because I heard it doesn't lose suction, it's bagless, and that it's the best one on the market.
    I was a bit hesistant when I heard how much it cost. However, after doing some research on the product, I opted to give it a try. I bought mine at Kohl's and was able to save 15% for opening a charge card.

    Here's my quick summary:


    1. The vacuum is amazingly powerful in picking up dirt.
    2. The clear canister allows easy visibility, so you know when it's full.
    3. Just from a push of a button, the dirt is released from the bottom of the canister.
    4. The cord is extra long to allow you to go from room to room without having to unplug all the time.
    5. It makes the carpet look and feel fresh.
    6. It comes with multiple accessories (mini turbine, low reach floor tool, and Zorb carpet cleaner).
    7. It's relatively quiet.
    8. It blows out fresh air (HEPA filter).

    1. The switch from carpet to floor is inconveniently located on the bottom corner.
    2. The cord is too long that it gets in the way or tangled. Also, it would be especially nice if this was retractable.
    3. The telescope wand is a nice feature, but everytime I use it, the vacuum doesn't stay in place. It ends up hitting me in the back wherever I go. The instruction manual mentions that the hose extends up to 17 ft--it failed to mention that this only happens when it's in the "off" mode. When it's "on" the suction is so powerful, the vacuum ends up moving towards you.
    4. The extra tools that suppose to lock onto the vacuum are always loose.
    5. The vacuum is pretty heavy.
    6. It's cumbersome when you're using the upright vacuum and you want to switch to using the telescope wand. In order to do so, I have to place the vacuum in its position, turn the vacuum off, extend the telescope wand, stretch the hose, adjust the vacuum's position, and then turn the vacuum on before I can fully use the wand.
    7. The instructions aren't very clear in what the extra accessories do. What's the difference between the mini turbo tool and the mini turbine head?
    8. It would be nice to have a quick cheat sheet laminiated on the vacuum on how to clean the canister or HEPA filter. I can't always have the manual lying around everytime I need to reference it.
    9. The canister doesn't hold up a lot of dirt. The canister is relatively small.
    10. The vacuum is a bit on the pricey side.

    Overall, the vacuum is a nice product. It stands by the motto that it doesn't lose suction--this indeed is true. However, there's always room for improvement to make this a better vacuum. Perhaps the new DC 16?...more info
  • If this vacuum had a pulse, I'd marry it.
    I could care less about the price of this vacuum because it is the single greatest cleaning machine I have ever seen. As an impulse shopper, I'm completely ignorant to comparison shopping, consumer reporting and other such things, which probably makes me stupid but I don't care...the point is that I just let my girlfriend move into my relatively clean house with her super- hairy-shed-machine dog (further evidence of my stupidity I'm sure)...and the Dyson Animal could, has, and will time and again save this relationship. It sucks up colossal filth and debris that you couldn't possibly imagine you've been living in. I was completely and utterly shocked by it's sucking power. I'm not kidding, it's awesome. If you can get past the dichotomous (although quite humorous) nature of loving something that completely sucks, buy the Dyson Animal. ...more info
  • Great investment
    I used to hate vacuuming, and when I picked up two stray cats, I found myself doing this unpleasant chore twice a week. But I coughed up the money and bought this Dyson, hoping that it would give me a reprieve from the work. What I noticed after using it the first time was that it sucked up a lot more cat hair than my old vacuum. I couldn't believe how much I was missing before. I also found that the extra-long cord gave me enough length to reach throughout my entire apartment without having to change to a different outlet. I've had this cleaner for about 2 years now, and I love it. I actually like to do the vacuuming now. The only drawback is that the attachments connect to a rigid 2-foot long piece of plastic which can make getting into odd angles (like cleaning under the seats in your car) very difficult. But I still have to give this vacuum 5 stars because it is just that good....more info
  • whatta cylon!!!!!
    this vaccum sure is sucking up like a clyclon! i live in a dirty house with my brother and he has two dogs well one isn't his but it lives here so that counts LOL ;) anyways we got this vaccum because our mother was visiting and she hates to see the sight of a diry floor. it really works real good and we wopuld by another one if we ever had to because its great but we won't havwe to by another one because it is a real good quality. if you want a clean floor like me and my brother you can buy one of these cylons for your floor!...more info
  • Lives up to the name "Animal"
    Having recently purchased the DC14, I feel compelled to write about it. I've never felt eager about using a vacuum cleaner, but with my wife's severe allergies I needed to try something different than my current vacuum that just kept getting its paper filter clogged and was a total mess to clean.

    Initially, I was disappointed as the suction seemed quite low and I figured something was wrong with the unit. I basically followed the disassembly instructions to check for a clog and then re-assembled everything and checked again. The suction is amazing. It easily beats my other bagless upright (a well known brand that is also the name of a dam). I spent an hour cleaning my living room with my old vacuum and then ran the Dyson over the same area and promptly filled the canister. We have a very prolificly shedding long haired cat and we live in a very dusty area with a lot of tree pollen so I felt good to see all the stuff being pulled out of our carpet.

    Since my wife is asthmatic and does suffer from serious allergies I hope that time will prove this vacuum to be the help I hope it is. I did notice the air smelled a lot cleaner using the Dyson than the other vacuum.

    Another positive is how easy the thing is to take apart to clean and empty the canister. Everything snaps into place and while the fit is somewhat loose for some parts, when the vacuum is on, it pulls things together with the force of the vacuum.

    To me the manual is also a plus. Then again, I'm an engineer and I like short, sweet directions. Yes, it is terse and it shows illustrations to do things versus step-by-step instructions, but they worked fine for me.

    Now, onto the cons, and yes I noticed a couple. One is the hose/wand. The wand is stiff to extend from the hose and the hose itself doesn't stretch very easily. The cord is very long, and somewhat unwieldy, it would be nice to have an automatic cord winding system. Maneuvering is a bit difficult as well, but that's something the DC15 seems to have corrected using Dyson's uniball system from their wheelbarrow's from the UK.

    Overall, though, this is a five star vacuum. Is it worth 500 dollars? I paid well less than that at a local store, but if I had to answer that question, I would say yes, it is. The lifetime filter is a nice touch and the fact it keeps suction is also huge....more info
  • I'm sorry I waited so long to buy this vacuum
    I bought my Dyson Animal Vac from Sears, I was initally put off by the price, $500+ for a vacuum. We have 3 cats and the majority of our house is carpet, after numerous cleanings the carpets still looked dingy. I did research on several vacuums and the one that always had the highest rating was Dyson. Sears gave a $100 gift card so that's why I went there. I got it home and it looked kind of flimsy, it was super easy to put together and light compared to my Eureka. I used it in the bedroom first, I was horrified by the amount of dirt & hair the vacuum picked up. I love the turbine head, it's a piece of cake to clean the cat hair off my couch. My carpets look much brighter now that I have my Dyson. It's wonderful!!...more info
  • The Animal IS an Animal!
    Never in my LIFE have I ever seen any vacum like this Dyson clean! I have one long hair cat, two Golden Retrievers and a Newfoundland, unfortunely, I am a very clean person and and have been fighting dog and cat hair for the past 10 years. I have gone thru 4 vacum cleaners, buying into their promises of really picking up dirt and hair, which they do for about two weeks, and then it's all over....ususally the motor burns out.

    When I got my Dyson Animal I tried it out on my living floor, and I kept vacuming for one hour and it kept picking up the hair while I kept cleaning the cansiter!!! My living room is 13*14. My carpet almost looks like brand new, it raises the nap so well!. Now I can have it cleaned and the cleaning people won't complain about all the hair in the carpet!

    If you have a dog, cat, or even a hairy boyfriend. GET THIS DYSON!!!!!!! IT IS WELL WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!

    PS When you vacum your house, the air in yur house is also so much fresher!" ...more info
  • Excellent Machine
    We've got cats and a dog. We've never been able to get the pet hair up at all with the old upright, nor even with the small shop vac that my wife had. At $500, we were a little skeptical about actually trying the Dyson, but I'm glad we did.

    This machine does an excellent job of picking up the animal hair, dirt, and everything else that lands on the carpet. The collection cannister doesn't have a very large capacity (I have to empty it 2-3 times for just the living room) but it is quite painless to empty. The cord is longer than other machines I've used. The hose reaches a good distance, though not all the way up the stairs like they tell you. The attachments for the hose work well too.

    That's the pros. Now for the cons. The manual is terrible. The hose is heavy and stiff-- when I try to stretch it to reach something, the rest of the unit tries to roll along the floor to me. There doesn't appear to be an easy way to remove the beater bar for when it gets wrapped up with animal and human hair.

    Would I recommend this unit to people? You bet. I just recommended this to a friend about an hour ago. Is it worth the $500 price tag? It is to me. It really does the best job out of the units I've tried....more info
  • The best sucker ever!
    This is the best vacuum ever. I love the telescope handle. This vacuum is also easy to push and easy to use. I am more impressed with this animal every day. Even my Husband loves it. I vacuum every day and EVERY day it picks up a ton of stuff. It picks up so much cat hair it is amazing my cats still have hair. I can't wait to get the soft duster!! ...more info
  • it sucks
    We bought it today and it's going back tomorrow. For $550.00 we want a $550.00 vacuum. It has no power and it is build cheap. The wand is pain. It will be hard to replace the belt when we need to and the beater bar rattles (slips) if you look the wrong way. They are correct in their ads though. You never loose suction. Well, you need to have suction first in order to loose it. We buy a miele...more info
  • I'm in love with my vacuum
    I have two cats - one of them long-haired and between their regular shedding and playing - loose hair management is ridiculous. I bought this on a recommendation from a friend and did the test. First I vacummed with my old one, then tried the Dyson. I honestly didn't realize that my carpet was actually that covered with hair. Easy to clean out and plenty of fun attachments to try. Definately worth the price....more info
  • Short and to the point
    We researched virtually every vacuum cleaner that is currently in production. We printed off "specs" and "descriptions" plus pictures. We did not consider the price but the "value" for our dollar. We read review after review and even went out to various stores to look at vacuum's. So, as anyone can tell, we did not buy this vacuum just because it is a Dyson but because it appeared to be the superior one for our needs. To our delight, we were right with our choice.

    We are totally satisfied with our purchase of the DC14 Cyclone Animal Upright Vacuum. The first time we used it all we could say was "wow." We live on sandy soil and have both cats and dogs. This vacuum picked up pet hair and sand from what we thought was an adequetely vacuumed carpet.

    Initially we had a little bit of trouble using the attachments but with patience, and actually reading the directions, we now can use the attachments with ease.

    Granted, this vacuum is not inexpensive but for the way this vacuum performs it is worth the price. If you have pets this vacuum should be your immediate choice. We are totally and unequivicably satisfied and delighted with this vacuum. ...more info
  • Why didn't I buy A Dyson Animal before?
    I have just vacuumed by entire house and am amazed. I had a cleaning lady come once and she used her animal on my rugs and carpet. They had looked brand new. Well, finally talked my husband into buying one today. First I vacummed with my top of the line Kenmore. Then took the animal out of the box. Simple assembly, easy to figure out. Started vacuuming and guess what. Kenmore missed a ton of hair. Now I do have to say, I have four kids under nine and three large dogs that are in and out all day. We have dog hair and junk on the floors. We also have alot of hardwoods and tile and I loved it on there too. I just am amazed how much was still in my carpet that I thought was clean. This is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned. It is also the most expensive. I take that back. We have central vac in the house which was here when we purchased the home. That I hate. The hose is so long and bulky. Used it twice and no thanks. So my advice. Buy the Dyson and never look back!...more info
  • Dyson is the BEST for what's out there........
    I have tried many vacuum's over the years - thanks to Sears and their warranties - and was very excited finally to try the Dyson!! It recently came to Canada, and my 9th vacuum (mostly Kenmore - last one Bosch) broke down again over the period of 7yrs thanks to my wonderful long haired dogs - Samoyed, Great Pyr, and a very hairy cat - Now that's a lot of hair wouldn't you agree?!

    Some one told me that these write-ups here were too good to be true, but now have had the chance to test the vacuum for my self, and YES it's true! The Dyson is everything you expect a vacuum to be, but not everything is perfect....so I'll get to the point.

    * Suction is AMAZING!

    * Getting hair out from the brush bar - EASY!

    * No BAGS to deal with - every sales person I spoke to said if I had a lot of hair, that I couldn't go bagless. (NOT)

    * LIGHTER than some of the fancy vacuums out there.

    * Like everyone, the SWITCH for the floor/carpet could be higher for more convience.

    * The CORD is nice and long BUT it would be so much better if it would automatically rewind and be put it out of the way of the wand. When I only want to unwind the cord a little - there is no way I can use the wand because the cord is wrapped around the notch that is attached to the handle of the wand - Argh!

    * There is no LIGHT on the vacuum and it would be a nice asset -I really miss that feature.

    * Very annoying that the HEAD of the vacuum is so thick that you cannot reach under furniture. They have tried to solve this by giving you the low reach tool, but who carries that with you to each room, and then having to change that every time you need to get under a piece of furniture - Not practical!!

    Don't get me wrong - the Dyson is worth every cent for what's out there, but if they were able to improve the machine with these imperfections - we would then have a PERFECT machine!! Something to think about.....do you really need the "Animal" Dyson? If I'm not mistaken every machine has the same suction SO do you really need the extra tools for the $$? I did not find these tools as handy as I thought they would be, and are hardly used.
    ...more info
  • Definitely has it's UPS & DOWNS.
    The ups are obvious. Suction is good and all. BUT... there are several qualities in this vaccumm cleaner that I can't stand. It is very heavy and and hard to manuver. Also, I am very particular that everything get clean when I vaccumm (which is why I was willing to pay so much for a vaccumm cleaner in the first place.) In order to really get everything clean, The attachment needs to be used to clean hard to reach places. Usually a hard to reach place means you need a bendable wand to really get to it. The problem with Dysons is that there is about 3 feet of the wand that DOESN'T bend! It's very frustrating to use. Vaccumming stairs is very tiring and difficult, behind the furniture is impossible to do without pulling it away from the wall, below all low to the ground furniture is out of the question, etc.
    If I had it to do over, I would not buy this vaccumm....more info
  • If you have long haired animals, this is the machine!
    On the first sweep through my house with this machine, the canister was completely full of cat hair. No, it hasn't been a year since I vacuumed last, only two days. My old vac (barely a year old) died and I had seen the Dyson Animal when I bought the old one, but cost was a factor. Anyway, if I had splurged then, I probably wouldn't have had to buy a new one yesterday.

    The Dyson is quieter and certainly more powerful than any other I've used. I am not a fan of housework (duh!), but this machine made it a little easier - and comical given Dyson's penchant for oddly colored appliances!

    The wand and hose are a but fussy, but not so much as to deter me from using them.

    Good luck if you buy anything else 'cause you won't need it if you buy this one....more info
  • Worth the money!
    I bought a new vacuum about a year ago. It was a Bissell Bagless. I have two long haired siberian husky's inside/outside dogs whose shedding process seemingly never ends. The old vacuum worked great a first, but within a month it would NOT pick up the dog hair. I was so frustrated that I researched various different vacuums. I waited until I got new carpet to finally break down and buy a new machine. The one that I finally settled on was the Dyson Animal DC14. When I looked at it in the store I just couldn't believe that this purple hunk of plastic I was about to buy was worth $500+. Boy was I wrong. I took it home and it was amazingly easy to install. Snap three pieces together and you are ready to roll. It picked up so much dust, dirt and dog hair. I couldn't believe it AND we are talking new carpet here. It is nicely quiet too and moves easily. It has controls so it doesn't seem to suck up things it shouldn't like coins and other small things. In the last two years, prior to the Dyson I bought two vacuums (granted they didn't work properly after a month) but I spent roughly $300 on those. So if this one lasts then the price to me is not an issue. As for drawbacks, well it is heavy (20 lbs) so it does get quite tiring even though it is easy to push, the mini turbine is cumbersome and the upholstery tool doesn't move well due to the suction you are constantly holding down the fabric, the cord is long which is good but it does get in the way which is a pain. The color is ugly and the plastic looks cheap but hey all in all these quams are minor when considering the overall performance. I can finally have guests over and not worry that they will leave with tons of husky hair all over their black pants. This is a must buy for animal owners! Highly recommend....more info
  • Expensive, but well worth the investment
    We had new carpet installed in our new house about a year ago. We have two small (and messy kids) and a long haired cat that sheds quite a bit. We had been using a seven year old Hoover bag vacuum. I thought it did an okay job. Well, that Hoover died about a week ago. After doing some research, we decided to shell out the money for a Dyson. We purchased it at a major bed/bath retailer with a 20% coupon that they send in the mail each month. So, we ended up spending $468 after tax. Not bad...but still...quite a bit of money for a vacuum.

    And then there were the results...it made me sick to my stomach...

    I vacuumed the dining room, the study, the great room, a hallway, and four bedrooms with the Dyson on our 12 month old carpet. Now before I tell you how many times I emptied out the container because it was full, I want to remind you that I vacuumed once a week along with our cleaning lady once a week (with the Hoover). Okay...so after vacuuming twice a week with the Hoover over the course of 12 months, I had to empty out the Dyson's bagless container, 14 TIMES!!!

    Talk about disgusting. Here we thought we had really clean carpets because we were "vacuuming" twice a week. It really made my stomach turn. I would say about 40% of it was just cat hair? I am now to left wonder what that Hoover vacuum was picking up?

    I am now getting about 1/2 of a container full for the entire house each week...probably most of it coming from small pieces of food from underneath the kids' chairs on the hardwood floor.

    Would I recommend buying one? Without a hesitation...absolutely....more info
  • Great suction!! Light weight!!
    I tried my new Dyson for the first time today (what a great Mother's Day Present to myself!). We have a small one-story house (3 years old) with 2 dogs and a baby. We keep the place fairly clean... so I thought!

    On the first run through the house, we emptied the canister SEVEN times!! (How embarrassing!) On the second run through the house, we never needed to empty it a single time. Talk about suction!! Even our high traffic areas are fluffy again!

    Better yet, it was easier to push than my old vacuum. The center of gravity on the Dyson is lower than your average upright, so it's not constantly tipping over the way my old one did. The extra long cord allowed me to reach the entire house from one central outlet. Assembly was quick and easy, and I LOVE that most of the tubing is removable and washable. Way to go Dyson!...more info
  • Two years and counting!
    I was online ordering more stuff from amazon and went by to see the new dysons. I have had my ANIMAL for almost 2 years. This vacuum is fantastic. I have NEVER had a single problem with this unit. We have two dogs, two boys and a bird. This vac just keeps on sucking everything in its path. Great investment. ...more info
    I am not a person who normally writes a review but I just have to comment on this vacuum. I just received mine 3 days ago and I have never used one quite like this. I had been searching for a new vacuum for quite a few months when I came across this one and read all the reviews. Then I went to Sears where you can try them before you buy. By the way, Amazon was the best value in purchasing this vacuum.

    I have had many vacuums over the years and never was really happy with any. When I built my home I installed central vac thinking my dust and dirt problems would be a thing of the past. I was wrong. I liked the ease of the central vac, no cords and it was lightweight but living with a pug who sheds more than any two sheppards, it didn't clean up the dog hair very well.

    The reviews I read were correct. It is very embarrassing the first time you use this dyson. I decided to try the living room first with my central vac and then with the dyson. Well, I have a small living room and when I got done with the dyson it was 1/3 full with hidden dust and dog hair! I emptied it and started over doing the entire house. The canister was full! I would never of believed it. I can't believe the look of my wall to wall now that I have cleaned them with this vacuum.

    My biggest concern in buying this vacuum was the weight. Being used to the central vac, I was afraid it would be too heavy. I have not found that to be a problem, maybe because of the dirt I see coming out of the carpet! But a good test is to try one at a local Sears store. I actually think it is easier to use on my plush carpets than it was in the store with their flat ones. Don't try area rugs, the noise is terrible when it sucks them up! The other problem I have always had with a vacuum is that I have very long hair and it is always a problem to cut it off the roller of the vacuums. It isn't nearly as difficult on this one because the roller isn't round, more flat to be able to cut it out easier. The wand is easy to use and I like the fact that it is always at hand. I know this is a big investment but I feel it is worth every penny.

    As always, Amazon shipped quickly, they had free shipping and $25 off when I bought mine. I am also looking forward to receiving my free car cleaning accessories!

    ...more info
  • Sucks up dirt and the girlfriend's cat.
    I have sought the quintessential male appliances for a few years now a la "Tool Time" (more power). One of the best I have found is the Dyson DC14 Cyclone Animal. I first saw it demonstrated at a mega homecenter by a doe-eyed twenty something woman and her somewhat older male companion. When I asked her if the vacuum, which she described as able to suck up anything, would suck up my girlfriend's cat, she reacted in horror and denial. Her somewhat quicker male companion smiled and said, "I agree but it can be modified". The Dyson went home with me that afternoon.

    I am an allergy sufferer especially vulnerable to cats and ragweed. The Dyson leaves nothing in its path that is remotely allergenic.

    The vacuum is not without minor inconveniences. It does not have a motorized drive. The push and pull takes some strain. The new girlfriend (no cat) was a bit sore after using it. However, anyone with a bicep and a dress size over two can handle it.

    I recommend it highly....more info
  • Best Vacuum I've Ever Owned
    We own a VERY hairy Australian Shepard and a Papillon. When we empty the recepticle, there's a bigger pile of Aussie hair dumped into the trash than the little Papillon has on his whole body! We've had The Animal DC14 for over six months and have waited to post a review until we knew the machine well. It's definately worth the money. Any vacuum we used in the past, even before owning the dogs, would die in a year. This thing really sucks... and that's a GOOD thing! If you're hesitating because of the price, know that this machine WILL pay for itself and then some! The attachments are very well thought out, and we cannot seem to find any negatives at all. In fact, ladies, I'll give you a MAJOR reason to buy this vacuum... my husband loves it so much that I'm rarely the one pushing it! DEFINATELY worth it! ...more info
  • The Bane of Every Dust Mite and Dust Mote in Your Place
    It may seem funny to be writing a review for a vacuum cleaner, but this is something beyond your moma's old hoover. The most noticable thing about using this machine is that you never smell the dust. The Heppa filters are so good that even when picking up after I sheet-rocked some walls, it put no smell or dust back into the air.

    If you have a dog, like I do (he's a border collie mix), who sheds, this is a gdsend. There are certain areas in my house that develop their own static electricity and the doghairs can look like dust bunnies (or maybe they are dust bunnies). The Dyson picks them up to the last hair.

    You'll find that in high traffic areas, like at door sills, the machine will bring back the nap of the rug. When I finish my weekly sojourn around the condo, you can see the lower nap tracks if (not ever) I missed an area. It also does a great job on my kitchen and bathroom floors.

    Unless you have a living room like my mother, (into which no person or animal has ever entered, where the dust fears to tread, and God is only allowed in on special occasions, determined by her), whose carpet someday will be salvaged like marble from a ruined Greek or Roman temple, you need this machine or one of it's siblings....more info
  • DC14 Animal works as advertised
    With 9 cats, 2 people, and a matchbox sized 700 square foot house, animal hair is a real problem. Our floors are a mix of carpet and hard floors, with various sized throw rugs. Previous vacuum, Hoover Windtunnel, did a good job but the Hepa filter was always clogged with dirt. Denver is dry and dusty, lots of fine dirt particles dragged into the house.
    The Dyson has slightly less suction than the Hoover with Hepa filter washed or banged out, but the suction doesn't decrease as the Hoover's does. Other reviewers comment on the Dyson's weight, here is the deal. It is heavier than the 9 pound Oreck but lighter than the Hoover Windtunnel. Being 2 inches narrower than the Hoover it gets into places the Hoover can't.
    Good points: Easy to maneuver, picks up unbelieveable amounts of cat hair, good job on carpets and bare floors, fairly light (feels lighter than it is), air powered brush works better than I thought.
    Bad points: Cost, the wand is a pain at times (too long in my cramped house), attachments feel cheap and don't always stay on (same as with other vacuums), it looks like some parts will break easily, doesn't seem to pick up quite as much dust and dirt as the Hoover.
    I have had it a couple of months now, wouldn't go back to the Hoover. The air powered rotary brush is great for furniture and hard to get at places, best used without the wand.
    If you are a klutz this may not be the vacuum for you, lots of little plastic tabs to break off and I am not sure how this thing would hold up banging it into furniture and walls. If you are techno-savvy, and don't mind taking things apart to clean hair from brushes this thing works wonders. This is not a miracle vacuum, but it does work well.
    For me the best part is that it feels light and is so easy to use that I vacuum more often, and a cleaner house is the main goal, right?...more info
  • Simply amazing
    This is a vaccum that lives up to the hype and its price. It is the best vacuum I have ever owned and would recommend it to anyone with pets....more info
  • You need to try this to believe it!
    I tried the "test" another reviewer suggested. I vacuumed with my old vacuum first so that my house appeared "clean." Then I vacuumed again with my new Dyson to see what my old vacuum missed. We have a very furry labrador retriever who sheds year round so this is a "MUST" for our home. Once I saw what the Dyson picked up, I started wondering how I lived before without it and felt as though we must have been living in our own dirt! I vacuumed every week with my old vacuum but it just not have the suction and power that a Dyson has. Plus the Animal is more lightweight and makes less noise.

    I don't really use the Animal attachment much. I find the small attachment for stairs and floors cleans upholstry and under couches much easier. On my berber area rugs, I also have to set the vacuum to "bare floors" setting as our old berber rugs (which are starting to pull to begin with) tend to cause the vacuum to make that annoying "ratchet" noise. The berber rugs come just as clean on the "bare floors" setting.

    On our bathroom mat, which also has long stringy fibers, I just use the small attachment to prevent any pulling. I wouldn't have even attempted using our old vacuum on this bath mat. I would constantly be struggling to keep the vacuum from destroying the loop fibers.

    The telescoping handle is so easy and convenient to use. All the attachments remain locked into the upright unit so you won't need to search all the closets looking for attachments that have fallen off during storage. I was constantly doing this with my old vacuum because none of the pieces stayed secure and were always getting lost in the back of the closet.

    I will never buy another brand of vacuum again!!!!...more info
  • My dog does a better job
    The front of the vacuum is to high to clean under the cupboard overhang on the kitchen floor. And you just can't whip out the hose to get into that little space, you have to completely dismantle the vacuum. And the suction isn't the greatest. I ended up returning it....more info
    After only one day this vaccuum is so superior the other 2 (Hoover and Eureka) are loaded in the trunk for the Goodwill. We have 3 cats and after the first pass through the house I had to empty the can- and I keep an extremely clean place. This also comes with all the bells and whistles and tools and cleaners I could ever ask for- played with a few but know I will love them in the future. Right now the promotional for the free car cleaning kit (which I got) is a huge bonus. Bottom line- if you can afford this equipment go get it- if you can't afford it- get it anyway and charge it, you won't be sorry!...more info
  • Love at First Push
    I confess ... I'm in love with a vacuum! OK, I've only had it 24 hours, but I've already vacuumed the house three times and am disgusted at the amount of pet hair, dust and crap it has picked up. It pushes easily, seems quieter than my old vacuum and I love watching the dirt swirl around. I swear that my carpets LOOK cleaner after vacuuming - and I don't mean the perfect lines that all vacuums leave.
    I have yet to try all of the attachments or to try it on bare floors - we'll see how that goes.
    If my opinion changes over time, I will post back a follow-up review.
    (...)I highly recommend.
    Happy vacuuming!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Love this vacumn!
    Initially, I researched the Dyson for a friend who bought one and loves it. I was so impressed I got one.
    This is the best vacuum ever! I tell everyone to get my Dyson away from me you will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands!
    I have an active household with 3 dogs, 3 cats, a husband and kids. The floors are dirty in 24 hours (or less). This picks up dirt I didn't even know was there. The floors feel "just mopped" clean. It does a great job on upholstery, too. I vacuum 2 to 3 times a week; it takes maybe 30 minutes to do a good maintenance job. I am consistently amazed at just how much this vacuum picks up.
    I read all the reviews; I have experienced none of the problems I read about from others. This is the only brand of vacuum I will ever own!...more info
  • Definitely met my expectations!!
    I had extremely high expectations for the Dyson because of all the hype and all the reviews that I had read. My experience has been a positive one.

    My long-haired cat turned my black microfiber sofa into a gray one with her frequent sleeping (and shedding). My first area to tackle when I got the vacuum home was the couch. I have to admit, her fur was too long for the "mini-turbine head" that is supposed to be used to pick up cat fur. It basically moved the hair around. However, there was a different attachment (the mattress cleaning tool) that ATE UP all the fur in a matter of minutes! I filled the canister and emptied it before turning my attention to the carpets and hardwood floors. I was impressed (and disgusted) to fill three entire canisters with dust before retring the Dyson for the evening.

    The Dyson is quieter than I believed it would be, and not as heavy as I thought it would be. It worked very well on my hardwood floors and on my carpets. I was reluctant to spend this much money on my first "real" vacuum cleaner, but after using it I have no regrets. Treat yourself!...more info
  • My Housekeeper wanted one
    I did a lot of research before buying my new Dyson vacuum cleaner a couple years ago. I hated spending that much money but I have two sheddy dogs and I was tired of the dog hair. When babies visited my house they were covered in dog hair.

    I fell in love with my Dyson and would never own anything else from here on out. I have have zero problems with attachments (or anything else for that matter).

    The funny thing is, I hired a cleaning company to do the whole house before a large dinner party and the man who led the team asked me after, "What kind of vacuum cleaner is that and where did you get it? I want one." The Animal was fairly new at that point. It is expensive but worth it. ...more info
  • I'm loving it!
    I just bought this vacuum yesterday (the dc-14 animal)I had just returned a cyclonic hoover that I purchased 3 weeks ago- it set off the fire alarms at my house with the horrible burning smell with no source that I could locate. I had purchased the hoover because it looked like the dyson and claimed to have the same sucking power. It worked great for about 2 weeks and then the smell started. I was able to return the hoover for store credit. I should have just bought the Dyson to begin with -it works great! I have two beagles- they shed but not enough to make fur slippers or anything. I was very concerned when I read some of the negative reviews on AMazon so today I tried every attachment to make sure it works as I don't plan on replacing this vacuum for at least 10 years. I have not had a problem with any of them -I used the small spaces attachment with the spinning brush to clean the stairs and the brush never stopped turning (as was noted in other reviews) I also don't understand how anyone could think this was heavy! I thought it was lighter or equal in weight to my previous vacuums. My experience thus far has been positive. I will change this review if I have any difficulties. I hated to spend the money but I think this was worth it. Our entire house is either berber carpet, tile or wood flooring and I was able to vacuum all of them with no problems. It didn't chase the dirt away but sucked it up....more info
  • Good Vacuum but There are others Just as Good for A lot Less
    I have five cats, a dog and a husband, so a good vacuum is important to me. I had a perfectly good Windtunnel, but I was drawn in by the ads and finally bit the bullet and bought one. It works just fine but doesn't blow me away with some cleaning power that no other product has. I'd say get a Windtunnel and save your money....more info
  • Dyson's are great....don't listen to the negative comments...
    Ok, look....

    I sell dysons for a living, as I am a college student who works in the Sears vacuum department. Usually I ignore most ignorant reviews made by those who have tried them and do not like them. But this time, I decided to set the record straight for those who are looking to purchase one.

    1. Dyson's are a mixed blessing. They have tremendous suction, and no they do NOT typically lose it after a year. If they do, they have a absolutely full two year warrenty that covers even maintainence, something unheard of in vacuum cleaners under a $1000 (the closest other than dyson is a 1 year limited warrenty such as kenmore's); simply call up dyson and they should fix it for you. However, I have seen certain people complain that the suction is sometimes too strong. That is because a dyson depends more upon the power of its suction than its beater bar to pick up most things. Works great on bare floors and 90% of carpets, not as well on some, so there is a possiibility of you having problems.
    2. Few people have problems with the attachments, but occasionally it happens, mostly because those people tend to misuse the attachments for whatever reason. Consumers must understand the reason for purchasing a dyson. Dysons are great because they last longer than any other vacuum nowadays (and I stress nowadays, because they used to last longer); because they are easier to use (once you get used to it's unique design) than most other vacuums, and because of the fact that there are no running costs to operate it. If you look at the ratings on them by consumer reports, they will typically rate them around number 10 or so (mostly because CRs don't take into account how much longer a dyson will last you, or the running costs) but as far as straight suction goes, I would say they are only slightly above average.

    Dysons are great because they are an investment in a vaccum that you don't have to buy bags or filters all the time, and because of its life and ease of use...thats all. If someone tells you that it actually will suck better straight out of the box, they're either lying to sell you one, or they're mistaken. Still, they do work great, and are worth it if you can find one for a great price, around 400 or less.

    Last but not least, stay away from the ball (DC 15)its a nightmare...

    If anyone is in the area, they could come and see me at sears vacuums in Albany, Oregon...I'd be glad to show them all about the dysons...thank you for reading my extremely long review...Ryan (541) 967 3200 ...more info
  • Big Bucks - Little Bang
    We bought this vacuum because ours is old and we wanted something that was bagless. We also have a cat and a dog that shed year round, so we thought that this model would be perfect. In addition, most of our house is hardwood with area rugs. The description on this vacuum was that it was for both bare floors and rugs. Prior to this we owned a Dirt Devil Swivel Canister for about 5 years - which is still kicking.

    Since it was so expensive ($550 at Target), it was like bringing home a new toy. The first thing we did was vacuum the house. To our disappointment, it wouldn't vacuum our 12x10 area rug. The rug is thinner than most Oriental rugs, it quite delicate. It would make a horrible noise and the suction was so great that you couldn't push the vacuum forward - with either setting. It did fine on our other area rug.

    The other reason why we bought it was because we have friends that own it too who raved about it. They told us that the first time they used it they had to empty the canister three times. Well, we vacuumed the house from top to bottom, including the furniture, under the bed and in the closets... The canister was less than a quarter full (the last time I vacuumed before that was about a week prior). On top of it all, it was awkward to use the attachments and the vacuum itself is quite heavy. Needless to say, it was quite disappointing. Guess our $100+ Dirt Devil was doing just as good of a job. We'll be returning this for a less expensive brand. Maybe a bagless Dirt Devil.

    ...more info
  • The Animal
    This is a powerful vacuum that is capable of handling the heavy demand on it. With four dogs in the house and a lot of farm dirt out back that always seems to find a way in, this model has made cleaning a lot more manageable and less time consuming. I highly recommend this model for others who are in a situation similar to mine.It's great. I love it....more info
  • Dyson animal
    Dyson animal is the best vacuum I have ever had, it is worth every penny....more info
  • Dyson DC14 Animal is Awesome
    This is simply the best vacuum ever for picking up pet hair off of everything. The carpets, the furniture, the car. The first time we used it, was right after we had vacuumed with our old cannister machine, we could not believe how much more dirt and pet hair this machine was able to pick up. Simply awesome. Worth every cent....more info
  • Not that impressed
    I was amazed with the machine's initial performance. I have a cat and thought this machine would do a great job, and it did at first. After owning it for one year it does lose suction. I have kept the machine extremely clean and still it does not want to pick up everything from the carpet. My old bag vacuum still works on all particles in my carpet. I wouldn't buy another Dyson. ...more info
  • A great vacuum...
    The Dyson DC14 Cyclone Animal Upright vacuum is the best vacuum I have ever used. You see what it is picking up and when you need to empty the collection chamber. I like the semi sterile way of emptying the contents of the collection chamber as well. With the push of a button the bottom falls out. A quick and light flick of the wrist and it closes. It is truly a revolution in vacuum design.

    The few things I don't care for about the vacuum are the horrendous noise it makes when you go over an uplifted section of carpet and on rugs. Nor does it pick up very well when vacuuming over aggressively treaded rugs. Those are the only negatives that I can think of.

    To sum it up, it's a great vacuum with very minor issues. I love vacuuming now....more info
  • Amazing Pet Hair Pick Up!
    To me, the biggest compliment is when a "newbie" comes into my home and says "I would have never known you have animals, it's so clean ....." The truth is, I have 7 cats and 6 dogs in the house. I vacumn every day. I was AMAZED when I got my Dyson Animal at how much additional pet hair, dander and dirt this machine pulled out of the furniture and rugs. At first, I found it a tad bit bulky. I think rather than bulk, it's just a "different" feel from what I was accustomed to. I have now thrown out my $1500.00 Rainbow and my $99.00 Hoover. This vacumn does it all !...more info
  • After two years, I have mixed feelings...
    I've owned the Dyson animal for just over two years, and the suction is still incredible and it is incredibly easy to keep clean. Except for the beater bar which needs all the hair and string cut out of it frequently (and I'm the only long-haired person in my family) It has a bent wheel and the hose just developed a gaping hole. I need a second vacuum anyway so that I'm not hauling this one up and down stairs and I really don't know what I want to do because I can't bring myself to spend so much money on a new Dyson. The suction is great but the overall quality of the vacuum is poor and I really can't afford to spend $500 dollars on a vacuum every couple of years. I think I'll look around before choosing Dyson again......more info
    As the owner of two dogs and a cat, I was so excited by the prospect of the Dyson Animal. I will start off by saying that I have never had a machine with this much suction. On the areas where it works easily, it's awesome. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, this vacuum might be perfect for you. If you don't have a lot of furniture that you need to get under, this vacuum might be perfect for you. I have area rugs. Two of which are of a thick enough pile so as NOT to make the machine run amok. The others get caught up in the head and make a terrible sound. I have to use the power upholstery tool (which is about 5 inches wide) to clean several of my rugs, which is unpleasant. The under things tool doesn't have a beater, so it doesn't really get hair and dirt off of rugs. One of my dogs lays under the bed and I find the Dyson absolutely useless there. Also, if you use the extension hose, the suction is so great that it's difficult to use the entire hose without the machine flying across the room at you. And it's quite a heavy machine. When you are using the wand, BE CAREFUL!!! Anything you pass by can get sucked into it: curtains, tablecloths, quilts, socks, dog toys...you get the idea. Then it's a madcap fight to pull the thing out of the hose, which is not as easy as it sounds. Also, it is difficult for animal hair to get out of the chamber. I now have a shish kabob skewer that I use to get all of the hair out of it. Did I mention how heavy it is?? It's worth mentioning again. Especially if you have stairs. All in all, I am disappointed in this vacuum and am already looking for another one, which is apalling considering how expensive this thing was!!!...more info
  • Dog Owner Review for Dyson
    This is the best vacuum I have used from serveral standpoints. Firstly, the suction power is first rate and I don't have to breathe in the debris when I clean out the filter. Cleaning out the filter of the Hoover Windtunnel is another job unto itself and it is hard to avoid getting the dust in your face and on the floor again while cleaning it. Ugh! Also, the long wand on the Dyson enables one to vacuum the stairs from the landing below and you needn't carry the vacuum up the stairs to do so.

    Another important element is weight. It is noticeably lighter than the Hoover and I cannot understand the reviewer who said that the Dyson was heavy. It is not heavy and it is easy to manuver. It is also relatively quiet and does not torment my dogs with a blast of sound. Truly, I no longer hesitate to vacuum (the can it wait till tomorrow question) when I feel the floors need it. It simply has made the job easier and less complicated. Yes, it is pricey, but I am very glad I have one....more info
  • so far, so good
    Living in South Florida with 2 Siberian huskies that go in and out all day, our house gets quite sandy and furry to say the least. I have been using a Hoover bagless for 3 1/2 years which has worked 'ok'....acceptable at best. But it was getting old and the belt kept breaking, which prompted me to start looking for a different vacuum cleaner. The Dyson caught my attention because of the claims of amazing suction. It certainly has that! To the point that it is almost difficult to maneuver around...which is not really a complaint. But what I had not read prior to purchasing were the reviews that talked about the 'ratcheting' sound when trying to vacuum smaller area rugs. I even have problems with my larger area rug in the living room with it being sucked up into the vacuum causing the beater brush to stop which creates the most god-awful ratcheting sound I have ever heard. I understand that it is meant to protect you from burning out the belt, but I wish there was some kind of adjustment that would raise the beater brush up from the rug a bit so maybe it would not get sucked in. With my small area rugs in the kitchen I have to use the small beater brush attachment that came with the vacuum which works fairly well. The other attachments also work well. I find it easy to switch from the rug to bare floor setting; no you can't do it with the touch of your toe, but I don't mind getting a little bit of exercise either. All in all I am pleased with the vacuum but I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it as I don't know that it is actually worth that much. I would recommend saving yourself a couple hundred dollars and buy the factory-reconditioned model. It looks as good as new....more info
    This is the best vacuum I've ever owned (and I've owned many).
    I have had it for over 5 months now and it is as good as the day I bought it. It is expensive, but from what I've heard from others who own it, it will last for years to come. Not an eyesore either. I keep it out most of the time, because it isn't an ugly looking machine, and it's handy to use whenever I need to. We had a rug that we were going to throw out because it was so old looking and our pets (2 cats and a dog) had shed on it for years. Needless to say, we ran the Dyson over it and we no longer wish to throw it away. It could do with a shampoo, but all the hair and dirt has been taken out after just using Dyson once on it. I used to vacuum this thing repeatedly with my other vacuums and it never felt clean. If you have the money to invest, do it!...more info
  • There's more to life than suction
    I have owned this vacuum for three months and if I had it to do it over I would not have purchased it. We have 2 large dogs and 4 cats in the house which results in alot of hair. Because of the animals we replaced our carpeting with hardwood and tile floors. We have a few thick rugs over the floors and the vacuum does remove the hair from those rugs well. However, we have several runners where the Dyson is basically useless on either setting. If I use the carpet setting it makes that awful ratcheting noise that other reviewers have mentioned. If I use the floor setting, it doesn't pick up. Basically, I have to use my old Oreck to clean those rugs.

    I did not realize (until recently reading some reviews) that you need to clean the hair out of the brush almost everytime you use the machine; especially if you have long haired animals. I have never had to do this with other vacuums and I find this chore a real pain. There must be something Dyson can do to improve this dilemia.

    I am use to using Oreck vacuums which weigh 8 pounds and are very easy to manuever. Besides being heavy, the Dyson is very awkward to move and use. The wand is hard to get off and on and very awkward to use. It is a pain to have to bend over and change the settings from floor to carpet and it takes some muscle. It is also very difficult to use your foot to start the whole vacuuming process. When you empty the cannister dust flies everywhere and you breathe in all that hair you just picked up.

    I guess I too thought the Englishman with the nice voice could tell no lies as I did not even think to read some of these really good reviews before I made my purchase. I fault myself for that. It does have great suction but overall I am very disappointed in the overall versatility of the vacuum. If I could return it at this point in time, I would. Maybe if I had wall to wall carpeting, I would appreciate this vacuum more and therefore give it a higher rating.

    ...more info
    I vacumed 2 to 3 times a week with my old vacum because I have 2 dogs and I thought my house was clean.. I used the Dyson animal DC14 once and MY GOD the dog hair and stuff I sucked up within 5 minutes was GROSS... This Vacum does stuff my other vacum never could.. As for the clicking the guy below talks about because mine did it once. ..All it is, is a Clutch it's a safty feature it makes it so YOU never burn a belt.. If it keeps doing it then you have something in your brush string or something.. I got that info straight from Dyson...more info
  • Dyson DC14 Cyclone Animal Upright Vacuum
    I received the Dyson DC14 for Christmas. I opened the box and read the instructions on assembly and use. I am returning the machine unused. The weight of this machine is 25 LBS + to heavy to use effectivaly. You could easily tell that the extender tube would never return to original size after several uses. If you have any allergys do not use this machine, the instructions have special instructions for allergy sufferers that are useless. If you have hardwood, tile, low pile carpet and high pile carpet this machine will be a pain to use. You manually have to change settings or the suction will rip your low pile carpet. You also have to remembner to clean filters every 6 months, you will also have to clean the section where the dirt goes often since the machine is bagless. I can not coment on secution because I did not use it. I need a light machine that I can just turn on and push on any type of floor and then just change the bag, if that is what you need as well stay away from this machine....more info
  • A nice vacuum, but ...
    Before I wrote a review, I wanted to own this vacuum a few months so the initial "it's a new vacuum, so it's wonderful" glow wore off a little :) We have now had it for about six months or so. I am someone who paled a little at the price of this vaccuum ... but my husband loved the idea that it would never lose its suction (at least, according the very convincing man on TV who has the heavenly English accent) and I love a clean house, so I figured, this is an investment.

    All in all, this vacuum is nice. Ours picks up our Labrador's yellow hair just fine. But was it worth the big bucks? I would have to say: the jury is still out. We read the Consumer Reports review a few months after we bought it, and I have to say that now that I've owned it for a while, I agree with it. It rated the Hoover Wind Tunnel higher in some areas, and since I've owned both, I can understand that. We had a Wind Tunnel for about five years that also did an incredible job of picking up pet hair ... for the first three and half years we had it. Then it began to lose its oomph. If, after five years, our DC14 is still going very strong, then it may be worth the high price tag. But if I had to do it over again, I would probably get the much cheaper Wind Tunnel again and enjoy high-powered suckage for a few years before it began to lose steam. I think I'm just skeptical with the claim -- how can any vacuum not lose its oomph over the course of its entire life? It doesn't seem possible, but I may yet eat my words....more info
  • Dyson Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum for my daughter for Christmas and she is more than thrilled with it. I can't believe how much dirt this vacuum picks up! I vacuumed my rug and then used her new vacuum to do it again and I couldn't believe how much more dirt this Dyson vacuum picked up. Wish someone would get me one!! ...more info
  • Form and Function
    This vacuum is the best vacuum I have ever owned. This is going to sound a bit like the other reviews...

    I own two cats and the Animal has done a fantastic job of picking up the hair they shed. However, I will have to say that although this particular model is called "The Animal" the yellow model will do the exact same job. Although the two extra attachments that come with this model are neat in concept (mini turbine and low reach floor tool), I find that I rarely use them myself because, somehow, I never find the time to get on my hands and knees to vacuum under the couch or bed.

    This next part is going to sound frivolous, but I admire when appliances and electronics can combine both form and function. The Dyson DC14 does just that.

    The only negative thing I can think of is that emptying the vacuum is not as hypoallergenic as they would lead you to believe. Dust does tend to fly up, and closing the container after you are done almost garantees that dust gets on your fingers or hands. Also, like many appliances (pricey or not) maintenance is required. The brush does get long hairs wrapped around it, and needs to be cleaned regularly....more info
    I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this vacuum is. We have two long-haired dogs and carpet through almost all of the house. We debated on spending $550 on a vacuum but after spending $400 over the last four years on vacuums that we eventually had to throw away, we decided we would bite the bullet.
    It took us a few minutes to figure out how to use it but once we did we were blown away. It made our carpets look almost new. It sucks like crazy. The container empties very easily and the wand stretches to an amazing length. I used to loathe vacuuming but now I look forward to going home everyday just so I can vacuum. The attachments are great too by the way.
    If you are undecided on whether to purchase this or not, go for it! You will not regret your decision.
    HAPPY VACUUMING!!...more info
  • Love the DC14 Animal
    I have had the vacuum for about 3 weeks now and love it. It is such a powerful vacuum and I could not believe how much dirt it pulled out of the carpet, although I had just vacuumed with my bagless Bissell. It really does not give off the offense smell other vacuum's do and it really makes the air smell cleaner in the room I am vacuuming. I feel like the carpets are even cleaner and softer every time I vacuum. We do have two Lab's but that is not the only reason we got the Animal we wanted the best suction and something to protect against allergies because we have a baby on the way. I love this vacuum and it is totally worth the cost. I am so happy my husband surprised me with it:)...more info
  • This vacuum is PHENOMENAL
    After reading all of the reviews to my husband, he agreed we could get a Dyson Animal. Although it's the most expensive one, it has the strongest motor and we have a lab, whose wiry hair gets imbedded in everything. We just returned home with it and although I was extremely tired from holiday preparations, I ended up vacuuming my whole house because the amount of dirt and FILTH this vacuum picked up was DISGUSTING and I couldn't wait to get it out! I have a Kirby (which I paid $1200 for 9 years ago) which hasn't been sucking up squat for awhile. When I used the Dyson, the amount of dog hair and dust was so thick I had to empty the cannister after doing only half a room! AND I had just spent HOURS earlier today vacuuming and steaming cleaning, even SCRUBBING my carpets!! This vacuum is worth every penny! It is extremely well designed, easy to use, and I didn't have any issues with dirt falling out of some unknown second hole when emptying it. I LOVE THIS VACUUM!!...more info
  • Comparable To A Kirby(1,000 vacuum)
    We just got this vacuum and are more than impressed with it. The suction is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I had to vacuum all my floors right when we received it even though my husband wanted to watch his football game. :) I will have to disagree with the negative reviews about it being "loud"....so untrue. Also about it not being easy/convenient to use.. also untrue and must be the operator. Never looked at the instructions and figured it all out myself. I don't remember the last time I've been so thrilled about something we've bought... and what's funny, it's a VACUUM. I can now walk on my floor and KNOW they are clean! :) A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ...more info
  • Powerful Vacuum Cleaner, But...
    In my earlier working years I managed and then owned and operated a small appliance and motor repair shop. One of my primary services was the repair of vacuum cleaners. I came to know vacuums inside-out and quickly learned that probably the most important factor for top cleaning ability was unrestricted air flow through the machine. Full or cheap off-brand bags reduced air flow and thus prevented efficient cleaning. Years later when I began to learn of Dyson's innovations I knew my next cleaner would be from him. Earlier this year the time came and I purchased one with all the gadgets. I was pleased to see that Dyson's technology did a very good job to maintaining a high and consistent air flow as dirt accumulated in the machine. I was not disappointed in that respect.

    But a $400-$600 vacuum cleaner needs to do more than maintain suction caused by a high air flow. The unit that I purchased had the feature allowing one to turn off the rotating brush while vacuuming hard surfaces. This feature was so temperamental that, for unknown reasons, it would slip out and turn itself off while I was vacuuming carpet. Because of the noise it was only possible to know if the brush was turning by putting something under the brush head. This was dangerous and troublesome. I found that often I'd be vacuuming large areas of carpet without the aid of the rotating brush.

    I also found out that the rubber belt for the roller brush was not user replaceable. The fact that the rubber belt quickly stretches under use and thereby causes the belt to slip more and more as it ages, means that it should be regularly replaced for good cleaning results. This should be done several times a year. Although I could replace the belts myself, it would void the warranty. This was not satisfactory to me and added another strike against the machine.

    My wife has severe allergies and my decision to purchase the Dyson was aided by its HEPA filtration system. I had no complaints about the Dyson's ability to filter. But I had a major problem because of the design of the machine that vented the exhaust air out the lower front area. This cause the dust and dirt in front of the machine to be blown up into the air. This was the final strike.

    I used the machine for 30 days and gradually discovered these design problems along with the difficulty of using the attachments. Although it performs the tasks of an upright and canister vacuum cleaner well, the attachments are a struggle to use. I returned the Dyson back to the store and purchased a different machine for half the price. This one uses HEPA bags and filters which will cost me the difference over time, but at least the brushes turn when I want them to, I can replace the belts, and the exhaust air doesn't kick dirt into the air.

    Dyson accomplished his goal of not loosing suction as dirt was collected in the machine. But he needs to spend more time developing a good vacuum cleaner to put this technology into. He needs to know that when people spend that much money for a vacuum cleaner they expect little things too; like a lamp -- a little thing, but something that is missed and therefore disappoints.
    ...more info
  • Worth It!!
    My husband is a bit of a gadget guy, and had been reading about this is Popular Mechanics and other magazines. The price was kind of high compared to other vacuums at retail stores, but if a guy can get enthusiastic about a vacuum, I'm game!

    We bought it, and proceeded to vacuum our floor with our other vacuum first. The only thing that seemed to accomplish was to put wheel marks in the floor. We followed up with the Animal. I was frankly apalled to see all the dog hair come out of my carpet! We had a bagless, so could always see all the dust/hair previously, but the amount the Dyson picked up was unreal!

    We vacuumed over the floor a number of times just to see what else was picked up (obviously additional passes with any vacuum will pick up more!!). Now with regular vacuuming, there is very minimal hair picked up simply because we have a great vacuum and less hair on the floor. It is very easy to use, works great on hard floors, and the extension wand is great (the most suction I've ever seen in a wand!!).

    It seems like a lot of money for a vacuum, but when you consider a decent vacuum of the Hoover, etc. varieties costs $300 or more, a little more money is worth it!...more info
  • Best vacuum for animal owners ---UPDATED---
    Before we got this thing, the Hoover bag vacuum we owned was one major stinker. The house always stunk like concentrated dog odor, even with a fresh bag installed. All that ended with the purchase of this unit. 500 dollars is a lot of money for a vacuum, but here is where you get what you paid for. Time and again, the DC14 leaves our large area rugs free and clear of any animal hair. It also does well on bare floors when you change the setting so the brush stops running. I particularly like the way the telescoping hose attachment works also. The vacuum is light enough to carry along and vacuum the stairs with the attachments. We have high ( 11 foot ) ceilings and the hose telescopes high enough and freely enough to make getting the little webs very easy.

    We've had this thing for a year now and the only issue I can recall is that when we got it, and first turned it loose on our large area rugs that the vacuum made a very loud ratcheting noise. After 15 minutes of this, my wife called Dyson's 800 customer service line and the friendly lady at the other end asked if we were using the carpet on installed wall to wall or on area carpeting? The phone was handed to me and the customer service rep. led me through what turned out to be an easy procedure of removing a gasket on the belt cover which, when not installed, allows area rugs to not get sucked in so much. After the gasket removal ( such a tiny bead you would find it hard to believe that such a small item is even needed ) the vacuum works well on our area rugs and we only get the ratcheting noise if the thing sucks up the edge of the carpets. Overall, this thing makes routine carpet cleaning a breeze. I also must say that the Zorb carpet maintenance powder is a great addition. We use it on animal "spills" (our dogs and cats are well trained; only when they are sick do we have a problem ) and after the spill is removed with ordinary household products, Zorb leaves the carpet smelling good and even cleaner. We also use Zorb about once a month as just a nice conditioner and carpet de-odorizer. This is a good way to go about it, and you never wind up stinking up the house with the vacuum the way the old bag machines do.

    UPDATE --- You definitely will want to clean the filter on this every 6 months. I've also noticed "gunk" building up in the "cyclone" chamber". I try shaking all the gunk out of the chamber I can, then take the rubber grommets off it, and remove the clear plastic cylinder and put the plastic pieces (not the rubber grommets) into the dishwasher on the NO HEAT DRY wash setting. A couple hours later, the cyclone chambers and plastic are clean as a whistle again....more info
  • I've never vacuumed so much!
    I bought this online via a home improvement store. At first I found it to be a bit uncomfortable to use (physical limitations) but now I cannot stop vacuuming up behind 2 very hairy and heavily shedding canines that live inside the home. I found stuff in my carpet that I did not know existed since being here for 2.5 years! The first time I used it, I was bare-footed. My hardwood floors have NEVER been so clean! The machine is quiet, too. The only thing I don't like about it now: it doesn't have a light on the front of it like my old machine. Otherwise, I'd say don't worry about the cost. It's a lot less hassle to use than a Rainbow! Clean-up is a snap and it doesn't affect my allergies to dump the dirt, hair and dander. :) I will always own a Dyson!...more info
  • "Oh, my sweet feathery Jesus, I must be in heaven!"
    First off, let me say I have ALL the other reviewers beat. My wife and I live with 9 cats, 2 large dogs, 1 child and a Cockatiel that spreads more seed than an 80's rock band.

    While waiting for my Dyson to be delivered by Amazon, I developed performance anxiety. Would the Dyson live up to it's high Amazon rating and my heightened expectations? In a word, "YES". What used to take me 4-6 passes with my old vacuum, the Dyson achieved in only 1 or 2! The fine powdery dirt this Dyson picks up is kinda scary. I often worry if it's hyper-suction has reached some ancient burial grounds deep beneath my home. Smelly bag odors? Non-existent. It also handles well and is MUCH quieter than my old Sanyo canister.

    The accessories fit snuggly on the wand, but the mini-turbine head will continually work loose when attached to only the hose. No biggie, just hold accessory where it joins the hose. Perhaps in the future all Dyson upright model accessories will click lock like their canister models. A hassle? Yes, but no biggie.

    Is the Dyson DC14 Animal perfect? No, nothing in their world is. But I'm sure even Jesus would forgive it's few faults. Ergo, the 5 star rating. :)...more info
  • What a vacuum pro has to say about Dyson vacs
    I've had this vac for a year, and have had to take in for professional cleaning twice during that time. The vacuum is very prone to clogging and blockages, especially the extension hose/wand. I asked my local vac repair guy to give me the low-down on Dyson vacs and why they require such frequent maintenance. He walked me through the many design flaws, most of them related to the bagless feature and the fact that everything in the vac is plastic and--no surprise--plastic wears down quickly. In a word, he confirmed my experience that the Dyson isn't worth the high price.

    Don't be fooled by the marketing: it "never loses suction" but its suction is poor to begin with! I liked the vac for the first month or two until I caught onto its frustrating propensity to clog up badly with ordinary use. I wished I had invested the $500 bucks in a Miele or Royal or other brand that has withstood the test of time. ...more info
  • What A Disappointment
    I wish I could give this zero stars. I didn't buy it here. I bought it at a home improvement store with no payments or interest for a year so I still have to pay for this piece of junk. I've had it almost a year now and hate it. Where to start...1)The attachment for animal hair is driven by the suction, no belt, it stops turning as soon as you put it on the furniture, useless. 2)It is very noisey, the least little thing around the brush causes this awful ratcheting noise. 3) Corner cleaning is non-exsistent. 4)The suction is great, if you can keep all the holes aligned. 5) The hose and attachments are cumbersome and a pain to use. The suction is so great that it actually hurts my hand to use the attachments and try to extend the hose. 6) The cord (a piece of electrical wire) is always tangled. 7) Pieces of the vacuum keep falling off. The canister isn't even fitting snugly any more. (And I clean it constantly) I use to wonder how my mother got duped into buying that expensive Rainbow, now I know. Save your money, a Dyson IS NOT worth the price! I feel totally ripped off and I THINK THINGS SHOULD WORK RIGHT!...more info
  • I love all animals, including this one!!
    I would've never thought I would have an emotional attachment to one of my cleaning supplies...but I have been proven wrong by my Dyson Animal Vac! I love this vacuum. This vacuum not only sucks all the crap thats buried deep in my carpet, but it does it well, and it does it QUIETLY compared to my Eureka. It didn't even phase my dog or my lovebirds! The amount of crud that showed up in the barrel amazed me. I don't believe I was lying around on such a dusty carpet! The animal vac comes with a lot of accessories to boot--my one gripe is that it's a pain in the behind to switch them in and out. Also, some of the accessories don't attach to the vacuum--but to get my carpet that clean...wow, it's worth it....more info
  • Hard to Use, Inadequate Instructions
    I'm disappointed in the Dyson Animal, after all the good reviews I have read. It's hard to figure out, and the instructions are just pictures that don't look like the real thing.

    The two things I have trouble with, even after figuring out how to do them (I think) are getting the right angle to vacuum the floor, and using the tools on the hose. The instructions say to turn the vacuum on, put your foot on the power head, and pull back on the handle. If you do that, it won't pick up, because the brush roll isn't on the carpet. It keeps getting out of alignment, so you have to keep repositioning it. I hate that.

    The great instructions say to simply affix the tool to the end of the hose. The trouble is that if you apply any pressure, the tool just pops off. If there's a trick to it, they ought to tell you what it is.

    It doesn't pick up any better than other vacuums, as far as I can tell. For $500, I expected more. I thought it would be easier to use, but it is awkward and difficult. Maybe I'll get used to it, but right now, I don't like it. I'm not very mechanically inclined, so maybe it's just me. I'll still give it 4 stars, because it does work, but it doesn't make me hate vacuuming any less, as I had hoped....more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever used
    I have now had this vac for about three months, and I still marvel at how great it is.

    I bought it to replace my Kirby, which I had thought was a good vac.. until I brought the Dyson home and went over my floor. I was totally amazed at how fast the dirt was being collected from what I had thought was a clean floor!

    Having two large dogs and three cats, this vac has been a miracle at keeping up with the fur. The hand-held rotating brush has been great too for furnature. Without this vac, I used to previously have to use tape to lift fur off furniture because my vacuum lacked the ability.

    I just love the ease of quickly switching from the upright to pulling out the hose/wand and getting rid of a pesky cobweb. It is just too easy. I think I use this vac just about every single day, and am just constantly amazed at what it is sucking out of my floor. With my Kirby, I would vacuum my house numerous times without changing the bag. With this Dyson, I empty it after every room because it picks up SO much more dirt.

    Trust me, this thing is *very* worth the money, and you will be constantly amazed by it.
    ...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever owned - by far
    I'll make this quick since there are hundreds of other reviews to scroll through. I wanted the best I could get and was choosing between Oreck, Hoover, and Miele. I got lucky - This is the best, hands down.

    × Easy to assemble, great functionality
    × Very powerful suction - much better than the 75 cent car wash vacuums : )
    × Sucks up the stuff other vacuums can't: lint, hair, dust, fuzz...
    × Lightweight and easy to use floor sweeping
    × Simple to quickly discard of waste with no mess at all
    × Versatile: sweep floors, ceilings, cabinets, steps, blinds, vehicles, keyboard/computer, nearly every thing you own.

    I haven't had it clog yet. However, if it would, the entire airway disassembles (unsnapping - no tools) piece by piece at each curve so you can easily pull the dust blockage out. It's usually hard to tell when there is a blockage though, as you will not lose suction. Hope this helps, it's pretty pricy but the Dyson dc14 is definitely an impressive vacuum. ...more info
  • Dyson does loose suction!!!!!
    I bought the Dyson animal based on reviews here and it does not have the best suction of any vacuum I have had. IT ALSO LOST SUCTION ALOT. The seals are easily misaligned and then you don't have suction as an upright vacuum but if you use the attachments it will work as a really bulky canister vacuum and suck just fine. The seals once misaligned - will easily misalign again. Also, if you use it on a really dusty dirty area you fill up the filter (which I believe is billed as you wont have to replace it because you can wash it). This vacuum was a disappointment. When the vacuum lost suction I called dyson and they talk you through the repair - when the repair doesn't work you have to get nasty with them to get them to allow you activate the warranty. Then, of course, dyson states that the item is not covered. Overall, I WOULD HAVE TO SAY THIS VACUUM IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY. My hundred dollar Hoover windtunnel has better suction....more info
  • Decent, could be better
    This vacuum is a decent performer. In terms of dirt pickup ability I always thought it wasn't quite as good as my old Bissell bagless, and from reading a recent Consumer Reports article it appears that they agree. However, I still prefer the Dyson just because it's so much easier to deal with the collected dirt. The Bissell would make a mess when you emptied the dirt cup, and then on top of that you have to disassemble it every few weeks to wash the foam filters and internals. It's a messy job that scatters dust everywhere. With the Dyson I can just carry the container out to the trash and dump it there with a push of a button. The Dyson does have one filter you need to wash, but it's only every six months and it's a LOT less messy to do. On the Bissell the foam is the primary filter, so they get coated with thick dust...on the Dyson the foam filter is after the cyclones, so not as much gets on it.

    I find that the hose can sometimes be a bit difficult to extend or retract, but it usually comes out with some jiggling. Also, I was a little disappointed by the build of the Dyson...it's pretty much all plastic and a lot of things just feel cheap or flimsy. Nothing's broken yet, but for the price I expected better.

    In terms of the attachments, I'd recommend getting the cheaper model without them and saving your money. The low floor tool still isn't low enough to fit below my sofa or console, so I never use it. The power brush should be great, but in practice it doesn't work very well. The rotating brush isn't electric but is instead powered by the air being sucked through it (I'd assume by some sort of a little turbine). The problem with this is that if the airflow drops (as when you push the brush against a surface to clean it) the brush slows down or stops, so you really can't use it to effectively deep clean anything. To keep the brush spinning you have to use a very light touch which is fine for picking up loose cat hair, for example, but not for getting the dust out of furniture....more info
  • The BEST Vacuum Money Can Buy
    I purchased my Dyson All Floors at COSTCO for $439.00. I has an extra filter and a two year warranty. I can without hesitation say it is truly the best vacuum cleaner I have ever used. My wife is in total agreement. It is very easy to assemble, weighs less than my Hoover Windtunnel, and is quite easy to manuever. The amount of suction is remarkable. I vacuumed a freshly cleaned carpet and the amount of dust, dog hair, carpet fibre that was vacuumed up was incredible. The Hoover does not compare. I have read the reviews and the majority (around 10 - 1) are positive, and I have to agree with them. You will not find a better vacuum for pet hair. We have a very, very large short haired dog that is constantly shedding. The Hoover did a poor job picking up the dog hair (forget about picking it up if there was any dust or dirt in the collection bin). The Dyson picks up everything and DOES NOT LOSE SUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I read another review that stated several inconsistencies regarding the Dyson advertising and supposed propaganda. That guy was freaking nuts - a complete ahole. Dyson is the best, I can find no negatives. He seemed to be a negative, pessimistic, naysayer that probally finds fault at everything.
    Go with the Dyson - you will not regret it....more info
  • WOW!!!
    We just bought our Dyson.

    Our old one (a $250 Panasonic) worked very well, till it broke in half. For the last year, we've had the thing duct taped up to hold it together (no lie). Finally, the duct tape proved unsuccessful and we went vac shopping.

    We get the Dyson home after spending like $420 (for a $550 version). The sales guy recommended we vacuum really well with our old vac first (which we did twice to make sure it was clean). Then we even used a shop vac to try and get even more up. After all that vacuuming, we then tried out the Dyson on our living room carpet. I kid you not, the Dyson sucked up enough dirt and hair to construct an entirely NEW dog! All that crap was missed by our other vacuums!

    I asked the sales guy how many Dysons get returned and he said "not-a-one". After seeing how well the Dyson performed for us, I am not surprised! Best $400 I ever spent.

    Suction, suction and more suction
    Clear, easy to empty container
    No filters
    Long cord

    Awkward extension wand

    Happy vacuuming!

    ...more info
  • Awesome Vac - Worth Every Penny!!
    I finally gave in and purchased my Dyson Animal after a couple of months of research and "test driving" several different brands and models to be sure I got a good one. We previously had an Electrolux that never lived up to the hype and weighed a ton to boot, so I knew that a high price didn't always equate to a great product. I really liked the way the Dyson performed in the store, though, so I gave in and purchased it about a month ago. We have a Cairn Terrier (non shedding) and a cat who should be bald, he sheds so much, so I was looking forward to seeing how much cat hair this thing sucked up.

    I couldn't wait to get home and try it. It was easy to assemble (the wand was a bit tricky, but once I got my husband to actually read the directions, we were set). We had just vacuumed with the old cleaner and tried out the Dyson to see what it would pick up. Sure enough, the canister filled right up!! Yuck - it's hard to imagine we were living with all that gunk. I vacuumed everything - the carpet, the drapes, the furniture. The machine was easy to manuveur and the wand was great for me to reach high places (I'm 5'2"), although on the furniture it was easier just to remove it and hook the attachments directly to the hose. The one thing I had an issue with was having to use an attachment to clean under my side chairs - the vac's too bulky to slide under. It wasn't difficult to attach it though - much easier than the process I went through to get the hose on the Electrolux.

    I read the previous review (from Oct 18th) and had a couple of things I disagreed with. I'm not sure if his vacuum is like mine (it should be!) but here goes:

    1. The wand is not "hard mounted" to the hose. Mine comes off at the touch of a button and attachments fasten easily.

    2. The roller bar on the vacuum head switches from carpet to bare floor mode with a touch of my foot, no need to bend over.

    3. I had no trouble using the vacuum perpendicular to walls or furniture. The little brush on the head actually brushed out some dust next to my wall that I had never been able to get out before.

    I recommend this vacuum wholeheartedly and have chunked my Electrolux ball and chain into the garbage. The Animal is awesome!

    An additional benefit - it looks "cool" according to my 15 year old and she actually wants to vacuum. Huzzah!!!

    ...more info
  • Great if you are looking for an overpriced/underperforming vacuum
    Don't make the same $600 mistake I did. The vacuum works o.k. But just o.k. I ran my $300 Hoover with a bag full of dog hair over the living room floor, then did the same with the Dyson. The Dyson came up empty.

    In practical applications, the Dyson's performance is sub-par. The basic vacuum is so big, it can't fit in any spaces a normal vacuum works. Don't plan on getting close to the walls, either using it straight on or perpendicular to the wall, neither way worked as well as my $300 Hoover.

    Dyson's propaganda is full of "inaccuracies." Let's look at a few, shall we?

    "Unlike bag or bagless systems that often lose suction power from dust clogging the bag or filter, there is nothing to obstruct the airflow of this unit." No mention of the dust that accumulates around the hundreds of little holes on the portion of the vacuum visible through the canister. That can't be good for the (allegedly) mighty suction (notice I don't say "cleaning") power of the Dyson.

    "Its large, transparent collection cup is easy to check and is both hygienic and quick to empty--simply pop it off, hold it over a trash bin, and pull the trigger to release the dust without having to touch it." This simply ain't true. Maybe if your house has nothing but sand or flour to vacuum up, then I'm sure this would work, but I doubt it. Unlike cheaper bagless vacuums, the Dyson has a canister within a canister. So the space that traps all the dirt is only about an inch wide. The accumulated fluff / lint wraps around the canister, and you end up reaching in the canister and using your hands to pull stuff out. Disturbing. I don't have a long-haired dog by the way, so that isn't the issue.

    "With its automatic carpet-height adjustment feature, this upright vacuum maintains constant contact with the floor to maximize dust pickup, and its brush bar turns off at the touch of a button to protect rugs and delicate floors. The Dyson is ideal for bare floors and carpets, with suction channeled right to the edges of the cleaner head." What can I say here that hasn't already been said in other reviews...including some that were rather glowing! This vacuum is terrible at cleaning any type of area rugs - the alarming clattering sound should not be underestimated. It's something my $300 Hoover doesn't have a problem with. And my Hoover never ruined any area rugs that shouldn't have been thrown away a long time ago. Kind of a service my Hoover provided - when an area rug was overdue replacement, the Hoover finished the job for me.

    And the Dyson is great if your idea of cleaning a hardwood floor is to chase the dust around while the vacuum pushes it out of the way. "Touch of a button" to turn off the dust bar? Actually a large roller switch on the head of the vacuum that you have to bend over to manipulate. Or you can be like me and kick the thing.

    "17-foot quick-release hose..." is destined for America's funniest home videos. At first I thought it was a great idea - the vacuum won't tip over when the using the attachment. But bungee cord like hose at the base of the unit propels the Dyson directly toward you at alarming speed if you pull any further than about 4 or 5 feet. And the 4 foot straight extension is hard-mounted to the unit. No option to have just a flexible hose at the end, so cleaning under your car seats isn't practical at all.

    Here's another little joy you get if you sink your hard earned cash into a Dyson - anything larger than a dime gets caught at the base of the vacuum. You end up pulling off the entire hose assembly (quick release), and find nice little treats in there. Just like the canister emptying system, this thing isn't as hygienic as good old James Dyson would lead you to believe. While my Hoover would suck up stuff as large as business cards with aplomb, the delicate Dyson can't handle postage stamps. What does having half of the air passage blocked do for that mighty suction power James? I know, you are too busy looking down your nose at us, milking that British accent for all its worth.

    And another annoyance - there is a flip up lid with slots in it on top of the cleaning wand. It makes an annoying suction sound any time the vacuum is operating. That more than makes up for the Dyson's one redeeming quality - it is actually quieter than my other vacuum.

    "The Dyson Story
    In 1978, while vacuuming his home, James Dyson realized his bag vacuum cleaner was constantly losing suction power." This should scare you. Who has time to think about stuff like their vacuum losing power when the bag is full? And what kind of slob doesn't use a new bag when they vacuum? He claims that "Suction drops rapidly," but doesn't attach any numbers to that fact. But even more telling is the statement, "Five years and 5,127 prototypes later, the world's first cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner arrived." This guy was in an 0-for-5127 slump!!! What makes anyone think he got it right on his 5,128th try? Probably the same folks that thought the Bills had a shot when they went to the Superbowl the 4th time.

    Bottom line - This vacuum isn't better than my $300 Hoover. It doesn't work well in corners, close to furniture, or edges of walls. Attachments are terrible. Is the suction pretty strong? Sure. But that doesn't mean its better at cleaning.
    ...more info
  • I love it!
    When my husband and I got married several months ago, our combined households yielded 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 vacuums that weren't up to the job.

    I had high hopes for my new vacuum. So far, it has not disappointed. Our previous vacuum cleaners didn't have the capacity to pick up all the hair we accumulate in our house in just a few days. They become clogged and the beater bars get so full of dog hair, we would have to clean the vacuum and let it "rest" after every room. With theDyson, I can do the entire house without the vacuum getting clogged. Cleaning for the next use is easy.

    The accessories are great, easy to use and negate the need for my hand vac. Emptying the cannister is easy, and I actually look forward to getting the vacuum out every week.

    This vacuum is perfect for us, and has solved a problem I was worried we would struggle with for as long as we had our pets. ...more info
    I recently purchased the Dyson DC14. I LOVE it. Besides all of it's wonderful cleaning power, it is lightweight. I recently had back surgery and have alot of trouble lifting and pushing a sweeper. Amazingly, this sweeper is lightweight. The handle is positioned exactly in the right spot to reduce stress on your back. I am also extremely pleased with its power. I am in my late 40's and have owned many vacuum cleaners. This is the best money I have ever invested in a sweeper. It's performance is outstanding. Also, I have one indoor cat. I was shocked at the amount of pet hair and dirt this vacuum sucked out of my carpets. All of our carpets look and feel like new again; and the air seems much fresher in our house. TRUST ME, you WILL NOT be disappointed in this sweeper. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!...more info
  • Customer Service TOPS!!!
    I originally purchased this machine 6/2004 and I have never regretted it and LOVE my vacuum! That is, up until 1 week ago when the stair tool (one of the main attachments) broke. I thought, "Oh, wow, at least my old Kenmore and Hoover outlasted my use of them and now this is broke, yada, yada, yada..." But guess what!! I called Dyson after locating my receipt for my purchase as I figured I would need all the information and was prepared for a long ordeal of phone calls and mailings but all I did was tell the gal on the phone that a part broke. She immediately started asking the questions to find out what part, the serial number on my machine, my address, etc. When she was all done she said "We'll have that mailed to you in 4 to 5 days." WHAT????!!!! I couldn't believe it. I told her I was ready to prove my purchase was within the 2-year warranty period but she said that wasn't necessary. Now, it could be they have had problems with that part and are just sending it out automatically to keep happy customers but whatever the reason, I am VERY impressed and they have redeemed my loyalty to the Dyson vacuum!!! Tell me now, what company just says what's the part..... okay, we'll send it right out!! I can't say enough and I'm still in shock!!! ...more info
  • wonderful
    I love my Dyson. I first vacumed with my Kirby and then I used the Dyson and could not belive what the kirby had left behind. My husband even vacumes now. I wish I had gotten a dyson earlier. I recommend the Dyson to every one.
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    I read many good reviews about this vacuum online. When I went to Home Depot to look at one, I thought that the housing was made our of cheap, brittle plastic and was not impressed. However, I decided to try it out and want to tell you folks that this is a fantastic, well designed, solid, vacuum with a ton of sucking power. Even after vacuuming my carpets with my old vacuum, which 4 years ago cost me about 200.00, I was still able to vacuum 3 canisters of junk out of my carpets with the Dyson animal. I would highly recommend this vacuum for those that can afford it. It comes in a very sturding housing and initial assembly takes about 3 minutes....more info
  • It simply does what is advertised.
    I can't understand any of the negative reviews this vacuum received. Personally, I think they're crackpots who never even used the machine and get enjoyment out of badmouthing good products. We got ours today and we're absolutely amazed at what it could do. It looked like it pulled up enough dog hair to be able to make a new dog out of. We have three Collies and we really needed something that would pull up all the hair. The Dyson did just that. My only complaint is that I had to cut some of it out of the brush after I was done. It's a rather minor complaint though as our previous vacuum was the same way. Long haired dogs = hair wrapped around the brush ... I doubt there is any way around that. The Dyson is rather pricey, but in this case, I believe you get what you pay for....more info
  • God Bless Americans...
    I bought this item over with me from the UK (new) because for once it is cheaper over there. THe instructions are exactly the same (diagramatic and straight forward) and if you can not follow them then you should not be allowed to operate machinery. Some of the problems that people have mentioned in their reviews here are just because people are not able to follow simple instructions not because they machine is badly designed. The metal lining inside the hose that one person mentions is the wand that comes out when you press the button to help you use the atachments.
    It is a very good hoover and in a country that air conditions every room, essential for removing all the particals pollution that get pumped into every room and settle on floors and fabrics. No problem, just get out the dyson. The head cleans big areas in no time and the accessories clean around small areas quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. If you are complaining about not being able to move the dyson around smaller rooms because the head is to big- then why did you buy an upright cleaner. Chances are you live in a flea ridden pit of a house anyway and you can't be bothered to clean. The Dyson is good but it doesn't plug itself in and clean the whole house for you. it makes cleaning easier but you still have to get of your obease arse and actually push the hoover around!...more info
  • Ridiculously overpriced, underperforming vacuum
    BEWARE! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PIECE OF JUNK! It does not live up to its advertised ability to pick up animal hair on any surface and on hardwood floors it just blows the hair in the air and around the room more. The attachments are a joke -- they won't stay on when you try to use them. Getting the wand out to use the attachments is easy -- getting it back in correctly can take much of an afternoon.

    I wish I could get my money back so I could buy a real vacuum cleaner!

    Do not be fooled -- pass on this vacuum cleaner. It does not do what it is advertised to do on animal hair or any other material.

    ...more info
  • Amazing!
    This is the second Dyson in our family and both are excellent. I chose the DC14 Animal because of our two cats and it picks up far more hair and dust than I ever realized was around! ...more info
  • Wow! How did I ever live with this?
    Last year I bought a high-priced Kenmore vacuum cleaner and wasn't overly happy with it. My daughter bought this model and has raved over it. She took me to the store...and because my other one is not a good one...I spent the money..and bought this. And we do have a black lab... so the animal pick up abilities interested me. All I can say is WOW! I LOVE IT! Who could believe we have lived in such a dirty environment? Even tho I clean twice a week...the first time I used it I had to empty it 3 times. Twice a week and it is full each time. It's such fun that it does make cleaning Fun!(or as much as it can be)! It is very powerful and lives up to the hype over it! I am lending it for a trial to neighbors...and I know once they see what it does, they will buy it too!...more info
  • Dyson DC14 Vacuum --- A Must Have !
    This vacuum is well worth the money spent. I have two dogs and plenty of hair to sweep up every day. This Dyson works wonderful. The unit is very quiet, lightweight, easy to use and best of all it is easy to dump the dirt canister with no messes. This vacuum in hands down better than the bagless Hoover I had before. Everytime I used the Hoover the suction became less and less. With the Dyson you can tell by the way the carpet looks that loosing suction is not even a question. One other great feature is the lifetime HEPA filter, this will save tons of money in the long run. I had to replace the Hoover HEPA filter every six months and that cost $30 each time... not very cost effecient. This vaccum lives up to everything Dyson claims it will do!!...more info
  • Best Vacuum Cleaner EVER!!!
    It cleans absolutely everywhere with ease. It sucks up all the dust and pet hair so powerful. I never thought my house was that dusty. Our carpet looks new, thanks to Dyson....more info
  • Allergy Buster
    I bought my Dyson DC14 yesterday and am so impressed already. My husband suffers badly from nasal problems due to A/Cs, dust, etc. When I tried the Dyson I couldn't believe my eyes at the amount of dirt, dust and hair it managed to pick up. My daughter told me that she had already hoovered the floor that day. Amazing. Definitely a buy....more info
  • Piece of garbage
    I paid the extra money to get the accessories, but they don't stay on the hose, there is no locking mechanism to keep them on so they just fall off at the slightest touch. They call it the animal because it comes with all the additional accessories for easy cleaning drapes, stairs, ext. but it's just as good at picking up animal hair as the other dyson vacuums. There's nothing special about this one....more info
  • Dyson Animal
    I got one of these as I have a lot of pets, love purple and needed a new vacuum. I was skeptical about the claims but once I got it home and together I was amazed. I laughingly tell people I "could" be a vacuum cleaner salesperson. It works great, is easy to use and to empty. I also like the Zorb for refreshing the rugs. I was so thrilled I got another one (a cheaper version) for the upstairs. I don't use the beater much, but the basic vacuum and attachments are actually fun to use....more info
  • We were skeptics!
    We were skeptics but I finally decided to try the DC 14 "The Animal". It was VERY easy to assemble, less than five minutes. I vacuumed our carpet twice with my old vacuum before giving the Dyson it's trial run. I am a cleanaholic. Cannot stand pet hair and dander... "UNBELIEVABLE" was all my husband could utter after watching this machine perform!! The cannister was full of dog and cat hair AND DIRT (We have two dogs and two cats)... Our child has allergies and asthma so I have to keep the house clean ---- We highly recommend this vacuum for asthma and allergy sufferers!!!This vacuum gets our seal of approval hands down. It is well worth the dough. My pets are shedders so I lint roll the furniture daily. No more. The Dyson Animal upholstery attachment sucked the hair and the dust right out of the sofa. Again...unbelievable. It wasnt as noisy as I'd expected nor heavy. Awesome machine!...more info
  • Fun Wow
    Just got the Animal today. Thrilled with it's performance. When I first layed eyes on a Full Kit model at Sam's Club, I thought it looked a little chincy. Also nobody at the store didn't know the diff from a Dyson and a egg beater. Went by every ones reviews and a friends from work sister just got one and loved it so gave it a try. Glad I did. Amazing how much crap this thing picks up. All the atachments seem to work fine. Not sure why some reviewers complained about the small beater tool. The pull out wand worked perfectly on my 13 stairs too. The directions are not as bad as everyone says either. Just take your time. $549 "sucks" but it's worth it I think especially if the thing holds up for several years like they claim. Looks cool in purple. ...more info
  • DC-14 Dyson vac

    update: this design HAS Clutch problems 2 replaced since this reviw rating star goes down to 1....> should of bought "The Ball model"

    I read all the review's here and it did help on my model choice.
    The vacume does an excellent job!! on rugs and floors. Be prepared to put a few parts together, instructions supplied and take it slow, not hard to do.I would like to see it double boxed when shipped, my only compliant.Here's a little tip the little red button latch release's the dirt from the cyclinder,make sure you are over the container, mine went back on the rug( not in the rubbish), not a prob DC-14 animal growled and cleaned it back up in a snap. ...more info
  • Dyson definitley a different breed
    I have owned the dyson vacuum for the past 6 months. The vacuum by far out performs the hoover windtunnel and the eureka boss vacuums we have previously owned. This vacuum is comparable in size and weight. The vacuum is easy to push and the tornado effect of dirt spinning is constant it does not peter out after running it through more than one room. This vacuum finds dirt I never have seen. The emptying process is a simple process. I have had no seal leaks and dust storms like in the wind tunnel. One release and the dirt falls to the trash can. The canister attaches and clicks to lock in place.
    I do not love the attachement part however. The flexible hose is lined with an alluminum reinforcement tube which hinders the ease of use. This causes you to sometimes need three hands to vacuum the stairs. The suction is great on the attachements and they store easily in to the vacuum unit itself. I just cant seem to have enough hose the vacuum either tumbles over from the weight of the fully extended hose or the suction power is so great the hose does not stay fully extended forced back in place by the suction. I have kinked the hose three times thus far. The tubular alluminum part in the hose seems to hinder the ease of attachement use.
    The cord is plenty long enough for movement in various rooms without replugging. I do find that the vacuum seems to be just as noisy just a higher pitched noise than the hoover. All in all I found this vacuum to be a winner. I am satisfied at its performance as compared to the Hoover and Eureka counterparts. I plan to have this vacuum for a long time. The price was high but for quality and cleanliness a small price to pay not to mention you may need to vacuum less frequently. ...more info
  • very happy with this vacuum
    I purchased the dyson animal aprox 6 months ago, initially wasn't sure if i liked it. It was somewhat more confusing to use than other vacuums and had the problem with the racheting sound that others have complained about,(only when I used it on my large oriental rug). I didn't consider it that thin of a rug that should be getting sucked up and causing racheting-after talking to dyson customer service(whom I found to be very knowlebale)they suggested taking out a rubber gasket on the bottem of the machine to reduce the suction power-this worked very well and mostly eliminated the sound. After this i became more familiar with the machine-I love it-this works better than any vacuum I have ever owned-I own 2 dogs and 2 cats-so yes-alot of hair to get up-this vacuum replaced a Hoover wind tunnel that was less than a year old-that was constantly getting clogged with dog hair - and i was continually clearing hair out of opening in the bag - (I hated to vacuum with this) The dyson lives up their claim that they don't ever lose suction and it works great with the dog hair-I am not terribly impressed with the one attachment (the turbo tool) that seems to be not working currently-but I can use another attachment for stairs and furniture. ...more info
  • I love my Animal
    I did the research, (finally convinced my husband) and bought the Dyson DC14 Animal. I love it! He loves it! It picks up more dog hair and beach sand from our carpet than I ever thought possible. And to use it on our hard wood floors is a dream! It's super easy to empty and it's amazingly quiet compared to our old vacuum. I highly recommend...it is worth the money!...more info
  • love it
    I love this vacuum. I have owned other kinds, but nothing works as good as the Dyson. Not only is the Dyson a lot easier to push around, it does not make as much noise as other vacuums do. Dust and dirt are quickly picked up and my floors are left looking clean. Got rugs in the home? No matter, you don't have to adjust any floor settings, the Dyson handles it with no problems. I even clean my sofas and chairs with this vacuum and they come out looking brand new. I tackle every thing with this vacuum and I have found no complaints yet. Hate changing the bags in a vacuum? No problems here, there are no bags!. One click of a button and another simple pull of a knob and presto, it's empty. Your hands will not get dirty because the vacuum leaves nothing to dirty them with. Easy to navigate, easy to clean, what more can you ask for in a vacuum? ...more info
  • For this price, it had better be good.
    I made up my mind I needed a better vacuum, as my Kenmore just wasn't getting the job done on my berber carpet, so I came to Amazon to read some reviews. I have two dogs and two cats and after reading about the Dyson, I was convinced the DC14 Animal was the one for me. The price was, well, quite high, but I decided that if it worked as good as everyone said, then it would be worth it.

    I went ahead and got this one because it comes with most of the attachments, including the one for cleaning under furniture. Amazon shipped it to me in less than a week (for free, I might add!), and I was so excited for it to arrive that I put it together and vacuumed my den and dining room as soon as I got it.

    The directions are minimal, so don't expect too much there, but it was enough for me to get it working within a few minutes. I filled almost half the container with dirt and fur after cleaning just the den and dining room - and my carpet is only a year old and I have been vacuuming it weekly.

    I have had this Dyson for a week now and I have used it three times, each time sucking up noticeable amounts of dirt and fur. I actually almost like vacuuming now. The suction is strong; so strong, in fact, that when I vacuumed my kitchen linoleum, which we loose-laid for now, I could see it lifting it up a little. I had no trouble vacuuming my smaller rugs, but they are rather heavy, as long as I didn't get too close to any loose edges/fringe. I would be sure to switch to bare floor mode if you were vacuuming a lightweight rug.

    The pros: Fantastic suction; doesn't weigh too much; maneuvers well in standard upright mode; easy to empty debris container; simple to change attachments; did I mention the suction?; cool design.

    The cons: The attachments, especially the mini turbo head, comes off the hose/rod very easily; when vacuuming on bare floors, I noticed there is an air current that comes out from under the front and blows away light debris, such as fur or hair, so you end up kinda chasing it around the room, unless you use the hose and/or attachments; speaking of the hose, it is rather cumbersome to use the telescoping rod/hose, as it has a tendency to pull the vacuum along, but it is an ingenious idea and it may not be so bad after the hose loosens up a little.

    In general, after you use the hose/rod a few times, you can figure out a technique that makes for switching between the hose and the standard upright mode fairly quickly. I can almost switch with one hand now. I would have given the DC14 a 5-star rating, but there is still room for some improvements, mostly involving the attachments, and it would be nice if you didn't have to wrap the cord back up each time.

    I would recommend this vacuum to anyone with pets or anyone who just wants really clean carpet.
    ...more info
  • Wow--what a vacuum!
    I decided to try this vacuum with a new baby crawling around on the floor soon--I'd heard good things about it but was still a little skeptical about how much junk would come up out of my carpet with a vacuum. I was amazed! I even vacuumed the house the day before my dyson arrived (with my old dirt devil) just to see how much it missed. I filled up two whole containers (the one on the vacuum that you empty) after vacuuming with the Dyson! I actually sort of enjoy vacuuming just to see how much dirt comes out of my carpet. We don't wear shoes in the house, and have one short haired cat--so you'd think there wouldn't be too much dirt. Now when I vacuum on a weekly basis I fill half the container in the Dyson---imagine what we'd been living with! This is an amazing vacuum!...more info
  • Clumsy and Expensive
    -No cord management
    -Tips over and pulls easily when using hose
    -Too large and heavy for getting around furniture in bedroom, hose is needed

    However, the suction on our hardwood floors is amazing.
    Overall I'm regretting spending SO MUCH MONEY on something that doesn't make my life easier. ...more info
  • Seeing is believing
    hype hype blah blah... whatever. I just moved into a place with carpet after a few years of hard floor so I needed an upright. I have a little Oreck canister but that won't work on carpet. The last tenant has long curly brown hair. after vacuuming three times and repeatedly filling up the dirt bucket on the Dyson with her hair, carpet fuzz and old crud that her vac never picked up I'm pretty sold on this thing. I got it at Costco for $469 with the turbo head and floor tool. My only gripe is hair and some carpet fuzz wrapped around the beater bar and I had to pull it off, but that probably would have happened with anything else considering how much of it there was in the carpet. expensive but worth it....more info
  • Good...For the Most Part
    We just bought this machine today after much research and consideration. I have a 1 year old son, which is sort of like having a walking crumb dispenser, two cats, and two dogs, so we needed something that could take the mess. It did a good job on my living room carpets, picking up far more than I could have imagined it would. I had to empty the canister after just one room, and that's after having vaccumed with my old machine yesterday. When I tried to run the mini turbine attachment for upholstry however, it didn't work. Turns out my machine doesn't have enough suction to make the brushes spin. I'm sad to say that I have to take it back to the store tomorrow to have it exchanged, having had it for less than 24 hours. This is very disappointing given the fact that we paid so much money for it.

    Over all, I did find the machine to be light weight and easy to use. Assembly is a little bit tricky, but not too bad. It's mostly do to a not so helpful instruction manual. I'll try another model and see how it does. If it took that much out of my carpet with only moderate suction, I can't wait to see what one with full suction can do....more info
  • Hate It!!!!
    When my old vacuum died, I eagerly spent $500 on the Dyson about which I had heard so many wonderful things. What a waste of money. I hate the Dyson and am now shopping for a new vacuum. It has turned an already unpleasant task into a dreaded chore.

    The base of the vacuum is so tall that it doesn't fit under the overhang on my kitchen cabinets. I have to use one of the attachments just to clean along the base of my cabinets.

    It is so wide that I can't clean around toilets, pedestal sinks, large potted plants, etc. without using an attachment. It also won't fit between the legs of my dining room chairs. I have to pull each chair out to vacuum underneath of them.

    You can't push the vacuum directly up to a wall (perpendicular) and pick up any dirt along the wall. You have to run the edge of the vacuum horizontally along the wall to get the dirt. I have to turn myself into a contortionist just to get some areas clean.

    I have all ceramic tile and hardwood floors with area rugs throughout the house. The supposed self-adjusting height sensor does not recognize that my rugs are rugs, so the vacuuming brush does not turn on. The suction on the vacuum is not enough to get the rugs clean without the brush. A broom does a better job on the rugs than the Dyson does.

    The attachment wand that is supposed to be so easy to use is a total pain. It is not easy to remove. It doesn't stretch easily to 17 feet. Trying to use the wand with an attachment on my stairs is nearly impossible. Now, I sweep my stairs with a broom instead.

    In fact, I find that I am using the broom more now that I own a Dyson than I ever did before. The Dyson was supposed to make my life easier. All it has done is make things more difficult.

    The only thing I like about the Dyson is the really long power cord. ...more info
  • Thoroughly Impressed.
    Being the bread winner in our home, I was very skeptical about dropping five bills on a vacuum cleaner. However, the Eureeka we'd had for the last 4 years, was on it's last leg, and causing more problems than it was worth. So, I opted for the Dyson Animal, and thought "Well, if it's not all it's cracked up to be, I can return it within 30 days".

    First thing I did when I got it home, was vacuum the carpet with the Eureeka we'd had forever... Then I went over the same carpet with the Dyson. Let me tell you, after emptying the bin twice, I was completely sold. There was no turning back, and I knew I had entered the new millenia of vacuum cleaners.

    We have 2 long haired domestic cats, and a Golden Retriever. The amount of hair and pet dander in our home is unbelievable. Living in Michigan with horrible winters and humid summers, we don't get a ton of fresh air through the house. The dyson has made things much more pleasant for me, as I suffer from allergies. The pet dander is cut down marginally, and I can actually put my son on the floor now, without him inhaling a hair ball.

    The only drawback to the Animal model we purchased, has already been mentioned. The turbo attachment is pretty much useless when it comes into contact with carpet... However, I recently discovered that, if you put the attachment directly on the hose, and not the wand, you'll receive much more suction power. However, you have to continually maintain the seal on the hose, which can be bothersome. With this newfound method (lets face it, the instructions tell you NOTHING) I was able to vacuum the carpeted stairs, as well as my furniture in a timely, less grueling fashion. I'd still much rather a connector piece, or a better way to attach the Turbo head.

    All in all, it's been a great investment, and I'd advise (and have done so) anyone to get this vacuum cleaner. It will last, if you treat it with respect, and it will clean with a passion. I even enjoy using it... Imagine that!...more info
  • Impressive
    Can't give this a 5 star as there are some "things" that are less than ideal. Am amazed (and suspicious) that anyone could possibly rate this a 1 star though.

    Background- have a Boston Terrier/ Short, stiff hairs. Have been using a very high Consumer rated Eureka for the last couple years...which did a decent job. The house is 3 years old, 3200 sq ft, 1600 sq ft per floor.

    First, some have commented that the Dyson was heavy. Not sure what they had been using before....but it's MUCH lighter and certainly less bulky than our Eureka

    Second, cleaned the entire house -thoroughly with the Eureka, then used the Dyson.....in a word, WHOA! Yes, that's opinion, but having PRE-vacuumed the entire house, ended up with over a cup full of dirt and fluff using the Dyson immediately after, and again, the house is only 3 years old.

    Was also thrilled as this is the first vacuum that I could plug in once and can reach virtually the entire level (again, roughly 1600 sq ft per floor). Kind of a silly reason alone to buy a vacuum, but a welcomed feature.

    I'm also convinced that the nap of the carpet in general has been revived. That's not scientific, just feels and looks different. This coming from the person who has stared at this carpet once or twice a week for the last 3 years


    FWIW, we opted for a "special" DC14 that Dyson makes for Sears. Basically has additional attachments; Had the turbo attachment, floor attachment, mattress attachment and some others. Would NOT advise spending even the extra $20 for these. In fact, we've talked about if we even needed the "animal" tools AT ALL.
    The turbo head with beater bar proved to be virtually worthless. It stops moving with normal carpet nap (which since it's air driven it would). Found I was better off to use the regular fixed head -which I did on the stairs and was thrilled with the results)
    Have not tried the Turbo head on the cloth sofa yet....although I have my reservations

    Lastly, as stated in other reviews, when the beater bar locks up on a throw rug, it WILL scare the snot out of you. Makes a HORRIBLE ratcheting noise. Although we've found the hardwood floor setting seems to work just fine on our throw rugs...more info
  • Love it!
    I'm really happy with my purchase. I think it is definitely worth the money....more info
  • Believe the negative reviews
    I just purchased the Dyson 14 Animal after reading many, many reviews. It seemed that 9/10 favored the Dyson as it was much better than their previous vacuums. All I know is they must have been using a rake with broken tines to clean their carpets or Dyson is paying a lot of people to post 'personal' reviews. I AM NOT IMPRESSED WITH THE DYSON.

    My 7 y/o Hoover Windtunnel with a bag stuffed full of dog hair did a better job of cleaning the carpet. When using the Dyson on my hardwood floors, it would just blow the dog hair around and you'd have to chase after it to pick it up. The reviews that said the attachments for the Dyson are horrible are correct. They are worthless. You couldn't even tell I had cleaned the stairs after using them. On the Hoover, I can quickly pull out the hose to pick up larger items. On the Dyson, it takes several moves to get the hose out and make sure u have everything done properly or bye-bye suction (I have an undergrad engineering degree). I will give credit that the feature to empty the canister is nice (I did have to use my hands to get the dog hair out). But seeing that I empty the canister in the garage garbage can, it is not a feature that is important to me.

    I'm reading the return policy now for the large blue box retailer I purchased it at. I'll be taking it back and will continue to look for a new vacuum.

    I'm still shaking my head at the number of positive reviews.
    ...more info
  • Hook
    We recently put in new carpet. We had berber before which is like hard wood flooring and our vacuum worked fine. However, with the new carpet and new pad, even though it is low-lying carpet, our Hoover was very hard to push. We never really liked it because it is so heavy, especially up the stairs but it was free, a house-warming gift 6 years ago.
    I tried to research vacuums but there are so many brands and models and each model has sub models, that I found it hard to do so.
    We went to Moore sewing, vacuum, and ceiling fans. I actually took my Hoover to see if it could be repaired. The salesman said that my $200 Hoover is a cheap $65 vacuum good for apartments and rentals. He showed me Simplicity, which I've never heard of and pushed it so hard that we thought he must have been getting a pretty hefty kick back or commission. We asked about the Hoovers, Orecks, and Dysons. He said that they are all crappy machines. The only choice he would let us make was to buy the Simplicity. And the only one we could buy was the most expensive at $699. So we left, feeling like we needed a shower from his used car salesman techniques.
    I looked on the Internet when we got home and the only Simplicity dealer in Orange County was Moore and there was only one dealer in L.A. How good could they be if no one sells them and what happens if we move and need it serviced?
    I went to Costco and you can't really test them there.
    So I talked to friends and two swore by the Dyson. They both have the older version.
    I went to Sears knowing the sales techniques wouldn't be so hard because I have bought large appliances there before.
    I looked at a couple of Hoover Wind tunnels and they were really heavy 28-31 lbs. I looked at the Bissell Lift-Off Bagless Vacuum but couldn't see removing and carrying around the canister while I vacuumed the stairs.
    So I looked at the Dysons. The weight was light only 18.5 lbs. The suction seemed great. We vacuumed dirt off linoleum and low lying carpet, which any cheap vacuum could have done, but the hose had a lot of pressure and sucked my hand more than our current vacuum.
    I actually bought the Dyson DC14 Full Kit Upright, which I don't see on Amazon. I remember seeing it at Costco for $469 and Sears matched prices from $569 and had a 10% rebate if I applied for a credit card.
    Because I am a little strange, when I got home I vacuumed with my old Hoover and then with the Dyson to see if it would pick anything up. It did pick up 2 small dust bunnies worth of dirt. Then I vacuumed my stairs that have never been vacuumed (carpet was installed only 3 weeks ago) and the Dyson picked up more dirt. The carpet even feels different on my socked feet, a little softer after being vacuumed by the Dyson.
    ...more info
  • Dyson DC14 Animal :expensive but worth it
    At first I did not want to spend the money for this "animal" but now I am glad I broke down and brought it. I usually do not like to write reviews but having utilized other's reviews I felt I had to write a positive review....it seems that people who have negative experiences like to write more than those with positive experiences.
    I have a couple of teenage girls with long hair and 2 very furry dogs. I had brought a cheap vacuum last year....the Dirt Devil...what a pain to empty and shake out the filter every time... there was dust flying into the air after I just cleaned!
    The Dyson picks up so well that my 16 year old carpets look renewed. The Dyson is easy to use, once you see how everything works. It is so easy to empty and that is without dirt flying out all over the place.
    The mini turbo tool is a good feature, I especially like using it on my stairs. The long hose makes it possible for me to clean all the stairs, without trying to balance the vacuum.
    Before actually purchasing the Dyson DC14, I tried my friends' various vacuums. The Oreck, although light weight, smelled like dog hair...Ugh! ...and did not pick up well. I tried others too, but when I tried my neighbors Dyson DC07, I saw a difference....and the Dyson DC14Animal is even better.
    In a house full of people with allergies...and lots of dust, fur, and etc. the Dyson DC14 Animal WORKS TERRIFIC!
    ...more info
  • Well worth the money!
    As a pet owner and an asthmatic, I have to keep my house immaculate. I vacuum constantly, but could not help but notice my allergies still acting up. I decided to try this vacuum and figured that I would return it if it did not work. I had just vacuumed the day before it arrived. Very quick to assemble. I decided to test drive it. I could have knit another cat with the amount of pet hair I picked up off the carpets (just vacuumed the day before with my Eureka Whirlwind.) I vacuumed three more times and was grossed out by what was left on my apartment floor...there may have been traces from prior tenants in that dirt. Plus I can switch to bare floors and get up the pet food and litter...no more brooms or Swiffers for me. I had read that it is hard to push, but do not find that at all. There is not a headlight but sometimes that is just one more thing that can break. I love the hands off dirt dispenser. No mroe shaking dirt all over.

    If you have pets, this is an absolute must for the home. It is a worthwhile investment....more info
  • Not worth the money
    This vacuum is not what it is advertised to be. The first two weeks it worked great although it is heavy to push around and then it was impossible to push either forward or backward. I called Dyson and they had me remove two rubber strips from the bottom and it seems to work a little better now but I would never buy another one. The wand is a nightmare with hardly any suction at all and the accessories keep falling off if you bump anything even slightly... So not worth all the money for the name Dyson...My phantom that I have had for 13 years is a much better vacuum and still working great so I will go back to using that........more info
  • The Joys of Vacuuming
    It was my wife who purchased the yellow Dyson. This is something of a surprise because she would probably be described as a traditionalist. So buying a vacuum that looks like a post-modernist building is out of character. She brought it home and I took over assembling it. Then, I couldn't stop myself and started trying it out for the first time. Well, we have a dog with long black hair that is constantly shedding and two birds that think the most fun in the world is to throw birdseed all over the sun room. I was stunned at what this machine can do in terms of cleaning carpet, tile and hardwood floors.
    God help me, I beginning to think vacuuming is fun.
    It is a great product....more info
  • Love It!
    For over a year, I dreamed of having a Dyson DC14 Cyclone Animal Upright and for Valentine's Day, I got my wish! (Don't worry, a large bouquet of roses and dinner out was included.) Due to a broken foot, I was not able to use it right away, but as soon as I could, I was vacuuming up a storm.

    A SAHM with a cocker spaniel that sheds like crazy, a cat whose hair is everywhere, a three year old that drops popcorn and goldfish crumbs like he is Hansel, not to mention our fairly active outside lifestyle made a strong case for this purchase.

    Oh...and did I mention that my son and I have year round allergies that our animals and Tennessee living aggravate? The first time I used my new Dyson, I saw the difference. By the second or third time (the same week, maybe the same day, I'm not sure) I breathed the difference. It was as if the three years prior our carpet had not seen a vacuum. It was beyond gross.

    I vacuumed and vacuumed and vacuumed over the course of the week until I was satisfied that the carpets where clean. I still pull up lots of stuff when I vacuum, but it is not nearly as much as that first week. I am quite sure that the Dyson is helping me to truly keep my home clean. And, we have seen a marked difference in our allergies for the first time in several years.

    Is it perfect? No. I am not that impressed with the low reach tool. I wish it had a wider opening. I do like the fact that I can vacuum up my stairs without hurting myself or the vacuum, though the hose does not really stretch all 17 feet easily. It pulls the vacuum after 8 feet or so. I do like the other attachements. I know there have been a couple of other little things that I have thought, hmm....not a great design.

    But, overall, I do love my Dyson. It has performed exactly as promised. No vacuum or anything else is totally perfect. But, this is as close as it comes....more info
  • Your best friend, the worst nightmare for pet hair
    I still can not get over how well this vacuum works. I must admit my wife and I were very hesitant to spend over $550.00 for a vacuum. After using it for over a month, I can say that it was money well spent. This vacuum truly will not lose suction. I was amazed at how much dirt and pet hair our old vacuum was leaving behind and how much this vacuum will pick up. Before the Dyson, my wife would have to go over our loveseat with a lint brush after vacuuming to pick up the cat hair that our old vacuum would miss. Not anymore. If you have pets this is really the vacuum for you.

    The only complaint, and it is a minor one, is that if you are trying to use the hose and you try to walk a fair distance from the vacuum, the vacuum will follow behind you. Not sure if it is because the suction is powerful or what, but it can be a little troubling. Also this vacuum is not light, but again for me it is not a big deal. The racheting sound that the vacuum will make can scare the heck out of you, it is that loud, but at least you know that you will not damage the vacuum.

    Overall, this vacuum is well worth every penny. Is it a lot to spend for a vacuum? Yes it is. However when you consider how well the product works and the fact that there are no bags to buy, it is well worth the investment....more info
  • Believe the hype
    I have never met a product that actually exceded the marketing hype. This vacuum is everything the maker claims. My Hoover bagless bit the dust after a hair clog burned out the motor. I seen the ads on the Dyson and read the reviews and decided to give it a try. After only 3 days in between vacuums (I ordered my Dyson second day delivery after my Hoover dies) and the Dyson picked up dirt left behind. I already been through two fill ups, and can confirm that even when the container is full there is no lost suction.

    I bought the Animal version (Purple color) which comes with a low, wide attachment for under the bed stuff, and a suction powered brush attachment for stairs, couches and beds. It also came with a box of Zorb carpet cleaner and application tool.

    Aside from its amazing cleaning power, this vacuum is not absolutly perfect. Although hardly worth mentioning, there are some not so good things.

    1. The instructions are not entirely clear. To operate the hand tool, I thought the handle needed to be removed and reversed but that is not the case. There is a cap that flips up on the top of the handle that the tools fit.

    2. The handle must be fully extended regardless of what is cleaned as the hose will crimp loosing suction.

    3. The handle must be removed when using the vacuum powered brush attachment. It will not fit on the handle.

    4. The vacuum powered brush handle does not stay securely on the hose.

    5. More of a gripe than a complaint, for a 600 dollar vacuum I expected the seals around the vacuum head to be a bit more tight - but no suction is lost so no problems.

    6. The Zorb power doesn't work well at all. Smells nice though.

    There is plenty of good about the vacuum that makes it highly recommended:

    1. Nothing else to buy, ever. No filters, no bags, no belts

    2. The brush has a great feature, if something is caught the brush stops turning (making a scary ratchet sound) so no damage to the brush occurs. Remove the object and continue

    3. Emptying the container is way too cool - just pull a lever and the bottom opens up. No dust or dirt to touch. The bottom lid is spring loaded so it opens faster than the dirt drops out so no dust on the outside.

    4. As mentioned before, this has phenomenal suction. I vacuumed near our kitchen where carpet meets tile and it sucked up a carpet tack!

    All in all, this is a fantastic vacuum, probably the last one I will ever buy. Couple the fact that not belts, bags or filters are required, this is sure to be an overall best buy. Don't let the no filters thing fool you - it is HEPA certified. The filters are washable which is why no filters are required....more info
  • The best thing since I discovered the dishwasher :)
    Yes, this one is on the pricier side, but it is worth every single penny you¡¦ll spend on it. Before Dyson I would never even dream about spending more than $250 for a vacuum. After three vacuum cleaners, two decent brands (Kenmore, Dirt Devil), my vacuuming was still a nightmare. The last Kenmore I had was really bad- lost its suction the third time I used it. Anyways, to make the long story short, I threw the old vacuums away and got myself a Dyson.

    Assembling this machine is a piece of cake. A few clicks here and there and you¡¦re vacuuming in no time. Suction is great (like expected)! After 5 minutes of vacuuming my hall, the container was full of dust and hair 9even though I vacuumed it 2 days before).
    I LOVE the design, since it is so user friendly. The Telescopic reach is something Dyson should get the Nobel Prize for ļ. It makes my life a whole lot easier, and I love the fact that there is no hassle with the hose (it practically stores itself).
    It is also really easy to carry it around and to store it- it is a lot smaller than my previous vacuums.

    This not just a great vacuum for the homes with pets, but also for people who have allergies. If you¡¦re buying a vacuum, do yourself a favor and at least consider it. Go to your nearest Dyson seller and try it. You will fall in love with it immediately.
    ...more info
  • Dyson re-invented the mouse trap
    This is the best vacuum I have ever owned/used. Hands down it works as advertised. I have never seen so much dirt picked up that my former vacuum could not. The hair it has picked up that I couldn't even see is unreal. Excellent product and highly recommend. Worth every cent. ...more info
  • Dyson DC-14 Animal - one man's opinion
    WOW - this vacuum has SUPER suction! That being said, it is not all roses and it has several BIG thorns. This would be the perfect vacuum for a professional wrestler. It handles like a Mack Truck and weighs about the same. If you have very little furniture and don't need to use any of the attachments, it's not too bad. However, Dyson missed the boat on ease of use. The hose is neatly stored on the back of the machine, but it is TOO flexible and that flexibilty combined with the powerful suction, awkward (and too short) wand-assembly and weighty accessory heads, means that this beast will be following you very closely as you try to clean. If you have to get into a tight area it will be a Battle Royale to maintain control of the business end, as the machine has so much suction it's like there's a 3-year old kid hanging on the back of the wand. The machine will be pulling back on the hose with a vengence. There's a good reason the instructions tell you leave the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs when you try to vacuum them. If you left it at the top, it would come bouncing down upon you before you got to the 5th step! BUT it has great suction and doesn't loose it! If you are using the floor attachment and happen to get near a plastic bag with something in it that will not fit through the opening in the head, you will have to shut the machine off to pull the plastic bag back out of the wand. And stay away from delicate curtains with this thing. If you don't, you will probably need to buy new ones. I have been using my DC14 Animal for about two months. My previous machine (which I still use frequently) is an older model Electrolux. It doesn't have the intial suction of the Dyson and it does loose a little as the bag fills up, but it handles like a dream! One thing positive that I MUST say in support of the Dyson is that it really cleans the air. We have an older, short-haired, dog that sheds a lot. When we vacuum his bed with the DC-14 Animal attachment virtually all of the pet hair is removed in short order and there is absolutly no odor created in the room. All of the other vacuums that my wife and I have tried made the room smell like "old dog." The filter in the Dyson is amazing. Probably a great plus for those with allergies. Overall I am glad I have the Dyson, but it's rather pricy considering the awkwardness of the beast....more info
  • Great vacuum
    When I purchased this I was worried if the vacuum was worth the money. It is! I was a little slow in putting it together because it seemed just too simple. It handles great and really gives carpets and hardwoods a much better cleaning....more info
  • dyson vs hoover
    I was always a big hoover windtunnel fan. I have three vacuums for my house. one in the den one in the upstairs and one in the up up stairs our third floor. All these vacuums are hoover windtunnels all relatively new. Unfortunately my family has bad allergies and my son is allergic to cats which is something we just found out. And of course we have two long haired cats. So I decided to research vacuums even though I was a die hard hoover fan. I came across the dyson and tested it and decided to test it against my hoover. Well the dyson won and now I am a die hard dyson fan. The hoover does a great job but the dyson does a phenomenal job. I ran my newest hoover windtunnel bagless self propelled against the dyson. And they dyson pulled more out of my carpet than the hoover and it did not lose suction at all. I find the dyson to be a highly recommended vacuum.
    I really did not find anything that I did not like about it except it did not reach all the way up my stairs. It reached about 90% of the way, the hose just needs to be a little bit longer. I have used all the attachment and love them all.
    I tried the zorb that comes with the animal. It does work great but the smell make my allergies act up something terrible as soon as I started sprinkling it my sinuses started acting up something horrible so I had to put on a cleaning mask But this problem is just because of my allergies. But it did works great on the carpets it just is not right for me....more info
  • Husband's Gadget, Wife's worst nightmare
    I did the research. I read the reviews. I admit I was a bit taken in by the Dyson ads. But I felt it was a very good decision buying the Dyson. I liked the idea of buying a bagless machine and saving hundreds/thousands over 10-20 years not buying bags.

    But I didn't listen to my wife when she said she didn't want it. I talked her into the purchase because of how "technically" it was the best vacuum out there.

    Take my advice... No matter how amazing the suction on the Dyson is and how much better it is than those traditional bag vacuums like Miele and Electrolux, if your wife doesn't like it, it will not stay in the house.

    My wife has dreamed (probably since she was a little girl) of being like her mom, pushing an electrolux or similarly equipped, "25-year investment" machine. (By the way - we have a cleaning service come in every 2 weeks. My wife has better things to do -- with our 4 kids -- than pushing a vacuum around.) So when I talked her into the Dyson, I should have recognized that her acceptance (which she later denied) was very short-lived.

    Her #1 complaint was that the Dyson Animal was very heavy to push around compared with a canister.
    #2 - She really wanted a canister, not an upright (and no matter how I tried to convince her that the Dyson was better than most canisters, with all its attachments), she didn't go for it.
    #3) It looks like it belongs in a space-ship, not in the typicaly suburban home. There is NOTHING nostalgic about this machine that she can draw upon to make her accept it.
    #4) It is too technical and difficult to use the attachments, etc.
    #5) She actually LIKES knowing that she is removing the bag of dirt (in a traditional bag machine) and throwing it away, vs. emptying a bunch of dust and dog hair into the already full garbage can that will likely blow all over.

    It came home to me when she reminded me that it wasn't ME that would be using it, but HER. (Since then we purchased a $3,000 John Deere Garden Tractor to use mowing our lawn. I can't complain!)

    We later purchased a late model (new) Electrolux via eBay for about $750 and she has thanked me no less than 10 times since then about how much she loves her new machine.

    So I made the realization that sometimes you can be technically right, but dead wrong. (That seems to happen a lot in my married life!)

    I hope this helps some of you poor slobs (aka husbands) out there who put your brain before your wedding vows. Give her what she REALLY wants and don't buy a Dyson. We returned ours within two weeks of purchase.
    ...more info
  • a godsend for pet owners
    I am absolutely in love with my Dyson vacuum. I live in an apartment with my husband and our two cats (with one in particular who sheds like there's no tomorrow). It's not the perfect vacuum, but it's darn near perfect for me.

    Pet hair was the primary concern for me. I could vacuum everyday with my old Eureka, but hours after each cleaning session, I'd see new tufts of fur fluffing up on my carpet. Since using the Dyson, I could visibly see and feel the difference. I'm not the only one, either. Even my mother has remarked on how much nicer my carpet looks now. I *know* my old vacuum left a lot of things behind, because about 2-3 years ago, I used Carpet Fresh powder for a few months. I've stopped since then because I don't like the fragrance, but when I first used my Dyson early this year, I could see and smell Carpet Fresh powder when emptying the canister. (A friend of mine had a similar experience with her Dyson picking up carpet powder. She never uses carpet powder, though, so it was powder used by the previous tenant who lived in her apartment!) It also picked up heaven knows how much cat hair and dirt. Most people's reaction after using their Dyson for the first time is, "oh my goodness, how long have I been living in this?!"

    I'll admit it is a cumbersome unit, but it's nowhere as unwieldy as a Kirby. In fact, speaking of Kirbys, I've lent my Dyson to my friends who own Kirbys and most of them now have Dysons of their own.

    I don't have this exact model (I bought the Sears exclusive model), my Dyson is the exact same as this Animal one with just different attachments. Like this model, mine came with the mini-turbine head and low-reach floor tool, and I've used both attachments regularly. The mini-turbine tool has been especially useful for getting fur off my upholstery and curtains--for this reason, it gets used every day. The low-reach floor tool is terrific for getting under my couches, beds, and futons, but I still move my furniture every now and then to get the actual vacuum into those spots. The floor-tool works well for 'touch-up' cleaning. My friend who owns the Animal unit says she's had terrific experiences with the Zorb carpet cleaning kit.

    As for what a previous reviewer said about this model being a rip-off and suggesting consumers buy the basic, yellow model and buy the attachments as you need them, I highly disagree with this course of action. The mini-turbine head is 69.99 sold separately, the low-reach floor tool is 49.99, and the Zorb carpet cleaner kit is around 40.00, so accessories aren't by any means cheap for those of us on a modest budget.

    The best course of action for prospective Dyson-owners is to A) understand the purpose of each tool/accessory (this can be done at Dyson's web site), B) evaluate your individual needs to determine which tools would come in handy for your family, then C) find a model that includes an accessory package closest to what fits your needs. Each DC14 model boasts the exact same base vacuum unit. The yellow DC14 is the same vacuum as the purple DC14. What sets them apart are the accessories included with the package.

    Keep in mind that independent retailers, Best Buy, and Sears each boast a Dyson model that is exclusive to their respective stores. Again, all that's different is the accessory package, but finding the right package that offers the right set of accessories for your needs makes your cleaning job just that much easier. What I say is this: if you're already going to treat yourself to a Dyson, you might as well put a little more time and maybe money into getting the one that's just right for you.

    There are a lot of Dyson nay-sayers out there, but the fact remains that it *does* do an above-average job of vacuuming. People say Hoover's Windtunnel does a better job of sucking up dirt, according to some research or another. For me, though, the Dyson is a joy to use, the canister is easy to empty, it does what I want it to do quickly, and it's cool-looking and nice to look at. All this translates into the Dyson being a joy to use and it's easy to clean. After purchasing my Dyson, vacuuming suddenly became enjoyable and, dare I say, fun! I mean no disrespect to the makers of other vacuums, but just because it works doesn't mean it's enjoyable to use. Where Dyson has succeeded is that Dyson vacuums do a good job *and* it's fun to use, at least for me and all the people I've spoken to who own one. Brand A and Brand B may make a vacuum that vacuums better, but Dyson makes one I actually look forward to using. For another brand to work better, I actually have to whip it out and use it, and Dyson's got everybody else beat in the 'joy to use' category.

    The best compliment I can give Dyson vacuums is that I actually enjoy vacuuming now. This is significant because vacuuming was part of my chores as a little girl and a teenager living at home, and I absolutely abhored and detested it. However, I do, indeed, enjoy vacuuming now--but only with the Dyson....more info
  • Not another "THIS VACUUM SUCKS" joke ...
    ...well, ok, just one more... This vacuum sucks. But then again, so have most of the other ones I have used.

    My old Eureka MegaBOSS blew it's fan belt... AGAIN. Suction is close to zero. This is the 6th time since I bought it 5 years ago that it has done this. And I refuse to pay $95 for a service plan that covers everything, except... you guessed it.... fan belts.

    So, discouraged, I started doing some research on vacuums. My 79 year old aunt swears by an Oreck. I think it should be called O-Wreck. Won't buy that one. And forget another lousy Eureka. I had a dust devil when I had a studio apartment. Won't cut it for a 3 bedroom house... What's a cleaning gal to do...

    My husband, who used to be a royal butler back in England (really, I kid you not...) suggested the Dyson. According to him, it's the best on the market. Plus it's developed by another Englishman. My response was "Just because it's English, doesn't mean it's better!" (I slept on the couch that night). I started my on-line search, read every review on every site I could... and I decided that Dysons had about 95% positive reviews. So, I decided to take out a second mortgage, swallow my pride and follow my husband's advice.

    Well, I have had it 5 hours, and have already cleaned the house 4 times. It's like a brand new toy. And it works like a charm. It - yes, here I go again - SUCKS! Every nook and crany on our hardwood floors are finally clean. The cat litter granules in the bathroom are gone. The dog fur is gone. With 5 animals, we need a super suction vacuum. So far, this seems to be worth it.

    The vacuum is light, although not as light as other models. But I don't mind the weight at all, and it seems to be a good trade off for better suction.

    I have a few small gripes. First, the telescope reach actually does not go all the way up my stairs, but it does go 90%. Second, there is a little hole with a cover on the top of the hose/retractable/telescope reach part. You have to open it to open the telescope reach part. Works fine, but when you put it back together, and if the vacuum's still on, my sleeve keeps getting sucked in there! No, really, it does! But that's really my only complaint. So that's not bad at all. Finally, it is a little bit of a hassle to switch all the attachments. But that's because my old machine didn't have any. So, it's ok. I will adapt.

    Plus, I love the purple... makes me feel cool... better make me feel cool for this price! Hey! I want people to turn their heads as I walk down the street and whisper to one another "Hey, isn't that the cool chick who owns a funky purple Dyson?"

    My husband enjoyed it too. So, my feeling is that from now on, he can be the one to get all patriotic, get out the old English vacuum, and clean the house every week. Hey, why not? After all, he was the butler......more info
  • Good overall product.
    My wife and I were a little worried about the price BUT after making our purchase we did the "vacuum again" test. The animal Dyson vacuum did indeed pick up some hair when the other did not. Lots of attachments and the reversable wand are nice. I find that emptying it is not all that hard but then again I do this outside and directly into the trash can.
    Other points: My wife misses a light in front and I see the extra attachments that don't connect directly to the vacuum getting lost. Even though it's bag-less there still is a filer that needs cleaning from time to time.
    I think that overall I can deal with no light :) and find the attachments when needed.
    Thanks Target and Thank you very much Mr. Dyson!...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've Ever Owned
    I did a lot of research before taking the plunge and buying a Dyson. I'd never thought I'd spend that much on a vacuum. But it is completely worth it. I bought the Animal (because of three dogs) and it was incredible how much dirt it sucked up from carpets I thought were pretty clean.

    Had no problem assembling it or using the attachments. Unlike other reviewers, I don't think it's awkward to use at all. It comes with a very long electrical cord that sometimes gets under foot...the up-side is that I can do alot more vacuuming without having to unplug the cord and move it.

    Disposing of the dirt is a breeze. Much better than the old bag method on my Hoover. Also, you don't get that dusty smell when it's running that many vacs seem to have when the bag starts filling up.

    I'd recommend the Dyson to anyone....more info
  • This vacuum REALLY sucks!
    I never thought I would be one to get excited over a vacuum cleaner, but nowadays I cannot wait to get this one out of the closet to suck up a few specks of lint! Within 10 minutes of getting the Dyson out of the box, I knew this was money well spent. If you are hesitant to buy this vacuum b/c of price, you will not regret it! We just bought a new house & have an indoor yellow lab, and this model does an amazing job of sucking up new-carpet lint & pet hair & anything else that gets in its way! And when you are done, just hold the canister over your trash can, push the button, and that's it...with our old Hoover (bag model of some sort), the dog hair would just sit in the bag until it got full, and then every time you turn the vacuum on, it would stink up the whole house b/c of all that hair just sitting in the bag. The Dyson has solved all our problems! The cost is the only drawback, but it is so totally worth it. You will love it!...more info
  • Don't believe the advertising
    First, recall the vacuum is advertised as "No extra costs and lifetime filters that don't clog so there are no bags to buy". I guess their "no extra costs" claim is correct if you ignore the new motor you may have to install in your vacuum every year. Thankfully, I bought mine from Sears and put the extended warranty Sear's offers on it. Less than a year after purchase it began making a noise so loud you could not stay in the same room with it. I took it back to Sears and they said a bearing on the motor was out and installed a new motor (cost $92 if I had not had their warranty). Today, I'm taking it back to Sears for the second new motor. It is not quite a year after the last new motor!

    I clean and change the one filter that it is necessary to clean each week after cleaning my home on Friday afternoons. So the problem can not be caused by a dirty filter. And unlike Mr. Dyson, I do not live in a 32,000 square foot house that requires a lot of extra vacuuming! My home is a much more typical American home at just about 2000 square feet, and because of ceramic floors that are scrubbed, only a little over half of that square footage is vacuumed each week. I bought the purple 'Animal' vacuum because I have a couple of medium sized short haired pet dogs, so there is not a LOT of animal hair to deal with. Basically, there is no "extra" vacuuming load to cause the vacuum to fail.

    The second advertisement made for the vacuum is: "The first vacuum cleaner that doesn't lose suction". Again this is absolutely correct! If you don't add the minor caveat that this only happens when the motor is working properly when its bearings that are prone to go out annually are still in operating condition!

    I usually do not write reviews on products when they are good and operate correctly, as others usually offer enough for people who do research prior to a purchase to make a decision. But I find those who write reviews who have problems with the product most helpful, so when I have a problem with an expensive ticket item like this I usually write a review.

    I'm not a disgruntled purchaser who misses features from their old appliance. I simply have had major mechanical problems with the machine I purchased.

    The vacuum does a good job of vacuuming when it works. But when I spend over $500 for a vacuum, I kind of expect it to work a bit longer than a year before it needs a major heart transplant! My little $100 dirt devil from Wal-mart (which didn't do as good of a vacuuming job) lasted a lot longer than the $500 Dyson I bought to replace it. And if I had bought this item from some place that did not offer an extended guarantee, I'd be out some pretty expensive repair bills at this point!

    When I took it in for the first motor replacement a little after a year of ownership, I figured the appliance may have just gotten a bad motor. But taking it in today for its second motor replacement in a little less than two years makes the problem sound more like a real systemic problem the company needs to address!!!

    I usually expect a bit more dependability, servicability, and longevity from an high cost service item like this. I guess if you have lots of money, and don't mind having your vacuum in for expensive motor replacements annually, or you don't mind considering it a disposable item annually, then the Dyson brand is the one for you! (based upon my experience with my Dyson)
    ...more info
  • I wanted it to work
    Yes, it took away the animal hair I had in my house and for that, this machine is the best. BUT it is heavy and awkward to use. The attachments fall off easily and it seems I have lost two already. How did that happen I ask myself? I have no idea.

    I wanted this machine to work but I was very disappointed. I would not recommend it to anyone. They need to lower the weight and make it easier to work. I bought it because of the positive comments that were stated here. I wish I had read one like mine so I would not have wasted my money.
    ...more info
  • Incredible suction, easy to use, easy to asssemble...
    ...in fact the only hard thing I've found so far was all the waffling I did before plunking down the plastic to buy it. I wish I'd gotten this thing earlier!

    I opted for the DC14 after reading (all over the web) reviews and opinions of this versus the DC-7 Animal.

    I wanted the Animal because I am owned by three cats who shed an INCREDIBLE amount of hair (I cannot figure out why all three of them aren't bald yet....).

    I don't understand the reviewers here who say the unit is hard to figure out or hard to assemble. I confess I *did* look at the "quickstart" card included with the manual (I'm not a guy!) but other than thinking the wand went on backward, it was incredibly easy to "assemble". The included manual (in multiple languages) is clear, well-illustrated and to the point (which a good manual SHOULD be).

    Like some others, the first time I used it, I heard the loud racheting noise. I immediately called Dyson's helpline, and it was answered on the third ring by a REAL LIVE HUMAN (this is late Saturday afternoon), who had me turn it on so she could hear it. Just like with cars, when I had "the mechanic" there on the phone, it didn't make the noise. She told me it was almost certainly the (proper) reaction of the machine to having the airflow blocked. She told me this could happen on the initial startup (which it had), then told me to try taking a couple of passes on the carpet while she listened.... I had turned the machine off, and when I turned it on again...no noise. And not since then. She told me if I had *any* other questions, or thought I had a problem not to hesitate in calling them. Customer service certainly appears to be excellent.

    I've so far vacuumed two rooms and have been utterly astounded at the cat hair, dust and crud it sucked up. I've got a four year old high-end Hoover canister vacuum which I *thought* was doing a good job.... until this.

    Removing the dust/dirt container from the vacuum is simplicity itself, and it empties with one push of a button. Heeding some advice I read in online reviews, I had it *inside* a garbage bag when I did this, so there was almost no dust that got back into the air.

    The hose is still rather stiff, though I expect it'll loosen some with time and use. Still it was no problem at all in cleaning a couple sets of drapes in the living room. Attachments go on and off easily, and getting the wand out to use it is quick and simple.

    While the true test of any appliance is durability over time ALONG with performance, my initial reactions to the Dyson DC14 Animal are overwhelmingly positive....more info
  • good vacum sucks real hard
    Iv'e had a lot of vacum cleaners and this one is the best ive ever used. This one sucks incredibly hard, and has a lot of features. The long hose is real nice, and the bag is so easy to empty. I have a dog in the house that leaves hair everywhere and this one picks up everything. It's a little pricy, but I think it's worth it....more info
  • My new favorite new appliance!
    I bought this for myself for my birthday. I had done a lot of research before I decided to go with a Dyson. I have 2 kids under 3 and a chocolate lab and a cocker spaniel, so we do have lots of dog hair and crumbs. The day before I bought my Dyson, I had vacuumed and shampooed my carpets so I figured I wouldn't get too much dirt. All I have to say is YUCK!!! I had to empty the cannister after 2 rooms. I can't believe I've let my kids on that floor!
    I've read several of the reviews on amazon and am amazed people can't figure out how to make the accessories work. They are very easy to figure out, just a little common sense. This is definately well worth the money. I am recommending this little baby to everyone!...more info
  • Go for YELLOW, not purple - kill the animal.
    Go with the original yellow model. Purple Animal is overpriced and not worth it. Now, my boyfriend and I have no problem spending astronomical money on products that are worth it. We figure, you get what you pay for. However...

    We went to Target to get a Bissell that utilizes the same system as the Dyson (patent expired on the Dyson, so Bissell made one with the same technology...for much less!), but they were sold out. So we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, and caved and bought this one, thinking that with 2 cats who are champion shedders, this would be absolutely worth it.

    We got it home and we immediately impressed by the basic vacuuming it did on the rug (great!)...this is after we fumbled around figuring out what goes where, because the directions were absolutely no help at all (and neither was the website, I might add).

    I couldn't wait to get the mini turbine head on that baby... 'cause I wanted all of that cat hair off my couch! First of all...NO DIRECTIONS for how to attach it - there's nothing intuitive about how to attach it to the wand - looks like there's a place for it to click into something, but there's nothing to click it in to...so we figured it out (just push it on - friction-based - how low-tech is that)...and started to tackle a mound of cat hair on the top of the sofa. DIDN'T WORK! I could see that it was spinning, and I could hear and feel some suction, but as soon as the spinning brushes came in contact with the couch, with almost no pressure, the thing stopped spinning. We thought we were doing something wrong, until we read other reviews...it just doesn't work.

    We decided that we like the power of the Dyson, we just won't pay the extra $150 for a yellow one with crappy accessories that happens to be purple.

    So we're returning our Animal tomorrow and getting the original yellow one, and with the normal small brush attachment, it works great at getting the hairs off the couch.

    Bottom line: Go with yellow Dyson and buy extra attachments if you need them....more info
  • Now thats a Vacuum!!!!
    I purchased the Dyson DC14. When i went home i ran my hoover windtunnel over my carpet and then went over it again with my dyson. I was amazed at how much more it picked up than my hoover, right then and there i was sold. The dyson is easy to lift with the low reach handle. I have a 110 lb black labrador and white carpets, after using the dyson my carpets look white and new again. Thank you dyson for making such a wonderful product. Also, i would recommend picking up the dyzolv if you have stains on your carpets, that stain remover will take out anything. ...more info
  • I LOVE this vacuum!
    I love my Dyson vacuum! I had a Bissel Cleanview vacuum that had to be serviced after less than a year's use and it died a year after that. While researching the vacuum to buy to replace it, I borrowed one of my mom's Kirby vacuums (a Legacy II model).

    We ended up getting the Dyson Complete DC14 from Sears. Based on the reviews I've read, I knew that I wanted the DC14 model. The hard part came when trying to decide which model. Since the Complete case with two extra attachments (the mattress attachment and the low-reach attachment) than the Animal, we decided to go with that one.

    I have a Westie and a standard Schnauzer. Thankfully the Schnauzer doesn't shed. I also had two Himalayan cats who would consider it a challenge when they saw the carpet freshly vacuumed. (The cats just went to a new home due to my fiancé's allergies.) The only room in the house that doesn't have carpet is one of the bathrooms (well, and the basement). The stairs down to the basement and the kitchen have red carpet. Since my previous Bissell vacuum didn't have very good attachments, I didn't vacuum the steps. (And I didn't borrow the attachments for my mom's Kirby.) Bad, yes.

    Anyhow, the first time I vacuumed with the Dyson - I was amazed at the fur it picked up. Granted, it was two days after I had last vacuumed with the Kirby, so there was bound to be fur that the cats threw around. What really amazed me, though, was the dirt and dust it picked up! Yuck! I would have thought that the Kirby would have gotten that up.

    The biggest challenge that I have put the Dyson on is vacuuming the stairs to the basement. It WAS nasty to start with. Because the stairs were so bad, I ended up vacuuming the stairs three times. The first time was with just the hose and NO attachments - there was fur in the corners of each step and I wanted to get that up first. Then I used the flat attachment that snaps on the vacuum. It worked, but I almost had to scrub the carpet. The fur was really attached to the carpet. What REALLY worked was the mini-turbine attachment. WOW! Granted, once I realized that I was using it upside down, it worked even better. (Don't ask.) I'd tried to use the turbine on the sofa, but it didn't do much... but it worked great on the stairs. It seemed to work the best when I was pulling it towards me or sort of in a circular motion. Once I was done, I was VERY impressed. I did end up dumping the hair/dirt 3-4 times. Unbelievable!!

    The only con that I have with the vacuum is that it is kind of awkward to use the hose with the metal (or is it plastic?) end on objects up close. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and I find it hard to make them (my hands) maneuver correctly with objects that aren't flexible. When I was vacuuming the sofa cushions, I had to hold the hose still with one hand and move the cushion with the other hand. (What I haven't actually checked on yet is if I can use the hose without the metal (or plastic) telescoping piece attached at all - that would make it very easy.. I haven't remembered to try that yet.) One way that I did find it easier to use to hang the hose over my shoulder to help support the hose and then use my right hand to move the attachment. I guess that since I don't foresee my having to vacuum using the hose on things other than the stairs all too often, it isn't a BIG con.

    The vacuum works great! I like the bagless convenience AND the fact that it only has one filter that is supposed to last the vacuum's lifetime. (Thankfully we will be buying a house in the next few months and we BOTH agree that we don't want wall-to-wall carpet!) ...more info
  • Will not clean area rugs, poor quality and service.
    Warning! Not for area rugs at a minimum. We returned ours because it would not pick up anything (not even a tiny piece of thread). Poor quality and a non tolerant design makes for a failure of a product. Our unit made a noise when cleaning any area carpet area or any carpet; which support said was normal. The spinner stuck when it touched the carpets. Happened when we took it back to Sears and they tried thier test carpet. The fix was to use the floor setting; which when used would not pick up a piece of thread. Called support and they told me to get another one from Sears. They think the plate on the face of the spinner is misaligned...happens during shipping is the story. Called support 3 or 4 times they dont understand why this is happening and Sears told me that his works at home. As he turns ours off because it's making a racket...he suggested we get another brand.

    Horrible quality from Dyson and poor service from Sears. Not sure if the salesman was mad at me or Dyson.... off to Lowes to buy thier best but never a Dyson again....not worth it at $100....more info
  • 4-1/2 stars ... Believe the hype!
    My sister phoned me about this vacuum; she had seen it at our niece's home and could not believe what it picked up. My sister, who is very careful about what she buys (nothing is ever cheap enough; if something is on sale for $20 she wants it for $9.99, enough said), immediately went out and bought this vacuum. Trust me, I was shocked. She went on and on about it so I went online (to various web sites, not just Amazon)and checked out what others had to say. After reading lots of reviews, I was definitely curious.

    I have 3 Persian cats (if you don't know what they are, they have EXTREMELY long, thick fur which sticks to everything). I have a central vacuum system in our home and I am crazed about floors, be it carpet or hardwood or tile. I vacuum at least 3X a week and mop everyday; I have to with these cats. I thought the central vac was doing an OK job ... the canister in the garage was always full though I must admit the carpet never looked great a day after vacuuming. I figured par for the course.

    I decided yesterday to go to Best Buy because they listed several models in stock that I could check out plus one they have an exclusive on. Here's what you need to know if you decide to buy: The DC07 is an older model that they have upgraded to the DC14 line. The difference (besides about $150 in price)is the DC14's are (1)more energy efficient; (2)using the wand and hose is more cumbersome on the 07 because you must put it together to use and; (3)the 07 is taller and a little heavier - for guys, this is not an issue, but for women it will make a difference.

    The only differences in the DC14 line is what attachments you get which is determined by the model which determines the price; you cannot pick and choose the attachments though you can purchase them later from Dyson but it will end up costing you more, so think about what attchments you will really use. They ALL have the same WONDERFUL suction. I have had the DC14 Animal a day now and I cannot believe how much fur and dust and other very fine particulate it is finding imbedded in the carpet. I have used every tool that comes with it and I will probably purchase separately the flexible crevice tool (for my dryer lint screen and refrigerator coils) and an extra washable filter so I won't need to stop and clean and wait a day to use the vacuum. However, after vacuuming only the master bedroom, vanity area, hall, guest suite, 1 flight of stairs(of 2), living room and dining room, the filter still looks brand new. It is not even dusty and I have emptied the bin 4x!! The way this thing empties is a stroke of genius, but don't empty it inside, do it in the garage into a plastic bag to contain the dust ... amazing!

    From personal experience, the turbine head on stairs does not work as well as the little accessory head that attaches to the unit. I will probably just use the turbine on comforters and large areas of furniture. The low reach head for under furniture that adjusts for floors or carpets, is worthless on carpets and really, you cannot get that far under the bed to make a difference. It is fine for floors. The supplied crevice tool works well for light weight fabric that would otherwise get sucked into the machine from all the suction. It has air slots which does not inhibit suction; I used it on the bottom of my sofa where fur accumulates from the cats as they walk by ... with no effort of going over the areas twice, the fur was sucked up and gone. It is amazing at getting the long fur off of things. One thing that really drives me nuts, though, is the cord. It is long and gets in the way constantly. You just have to get used to shifting it around while you vacuum. I'm sure Dyson will address this in their next generation model. And for you ladies out there, the vacuum is heavy ... it's the suction! The machines seems light when turned off, but turn it on and that suction makes pushing that thing heavy. I work out everyday and after using this thing yesterday I woke up somewhat sore(upper body). Just be aware. Also, while it sounds quiet in the store, it's the height of their ceilings that takes away the noise. It is no quieter than most vacuums, incl. my central vac. Also, my carpets still look "just vacuumed" the next day. I can still see the lines the vacuum made and the it just looks better.

    Would I recommend this? ABSOLUTELY. It's not perfect, but darn near. Happy cleaning.

    ...more info
  • Dyson is a big help
    I went through and read all of the reviews that were posted on this site and did decide to buy a Dyson myself. I did come across some of the problems that were mentioned however there is a phone number on the vacuum that goes to a helpline that is offered by Dyson and they were a big help and walked me through many steps to make this a very easy machine to use. What I liked the most is that the customer service was open on a Sunday. I did not have to wait another day to call they, actually were there.
    I really cannot think of any cons against the machine. I did have a problem with a loud noise coming from the bottom of the machine. It turned out that there is a safety feature so that the belt does not break or melt. The customer service rep walked me through a few steps to get that noise to stop happening. Also I was excited to find out that I will not have to replace a belt after a couple of months. My other vacuum I was changing the belt many, many times a year. Kudos ...more info
  • WOW was all that hair and dirt always there?
    I really am suprised after vacuuming with my old vacuum then vacuuming with my new dyson I was able to fill the cup 3 times.
    I love a good vacuum. Who doesnt right?

    I would say go with the less expensive Scarlet and Purple low reach model instead of this one if you dont need the little hand tool with the beater bar on it. That is really the only plus to the purple one. The tool is 69.99 separately so if you end up really really wanting it you can get it later. But I dont see it being needed now that I splurged and got the Animal instead of the Low Reach. Otherwise they are the same machine at 100.00 price difference.

    I read some of the other reviews and I have to say that all the buttons and atatchments on mine are easy to use and work fine. I dont find it hard to vacuum with the machine at all and compared to the Eureka Bagless I have been using it is a breeze. Seems to glide over my rug. It raises the nap up as well. ...more info
  • Pro and Cons
    Overall, this is one amazing vacuum, and I compare it to my Rainbow and a bagless Bissel, among others. I have a Corgi who is in a constant state of blowing her coat, and a daughter with dust allergies. I am thrilled with the Dyson, and, with just a few minor caveats (plus I don't have stairs so can't speak to that issue), I give it my highest recommendation. The way it all fits together, and the thought that clearly went into the design and function of the Dyson just makes it a really cool vacuum whose effectiveness leaves others in the dust.

    - Amazing suction--can't say enough about this--unbelievable what it picks up, and carpets and floors look great afterward (actually pulls up the nap in your carpet). This thorough removal of dirt should lengthen the life of my carpets, since ground-in dirt grains cut the carpet fibers.
    - Fantastic at getting up dog hair--and I must vacuum at least every other day (wish I could just vacuum the dog).
    - Onboard hose, wand and attachments so covenient and easy to use, I am much more likely to quickly go over the baseboards, a/c vents and returns, fans, furniture etc. on a much more regular basis.
    - Lightweight, easy to pull around on large back wheels or grasp to carry from place-to-place with conveniently low carry handle--no bending or struggling.
    - Bagless, so you can see what you're getting (as I could with my Rainbow, but the Dyson picks up so much more!). It's easy to see when to empty clear plastic bin.

    - High profile keeps vacuum from reaching all the way under the toe-kicks in my kitchen and other low but open spaces; must sweep first or use attachments.
    - Cannot use on scatter rugs or small (3 x 5) area rugs, even fairly heavy ones, because the mighty suction causes the rugs to adhere to the bottom of the vacuum--I wish there were a "reduced suction" setting for these.
    - Obviously, it will suck up the fringe on Orientals, so steer clear.
    - Neither of the 2 "offboard" vacuum attachments (also meant for stairs and cars) will flatten out at the end of the wand quite enough to get completely under a queen or king-sized bed the way my old Rainbow could (which is too bad, because my Corgi sleeps under my daughter's bed). I wish the vacuum attachments would swivel just a bit flatter.
    - While it is easy to empty the bin in theory, I must do it outside in a cinched plastic garbage bag to keep the dust from flying all around, and sometimes the accumulated hair has to be manually "helped" out of the bin, which could be a problem if one were really allergic to dust. I tie up and dispose of the plastic bag to keep the dust/hair in, so I guess it's not a truly "bagless" vacuum.

    But even with these considerations, my house has never been cleaner--hair, dirt and dust-free!...more info
  • Slightly Disappointed by Dyson DC14 Animal
    I was so excited to get my new Dyson DC14 Animal because of all the wonderful reviews, but was a little disappointed by it. It's suction doesnt seem any better than my old Hoover, the extending hose is way over-rated - I've never been able to get it 17', the vacuum would tip over after about 5-7'. Also, long hair get tangled around the brush instead of being sucked up into the canister and has to be cut off after every use. I do like the way the canister empties, its very convenient. Overall, I would say its a good vacuum, but not worth the high price....more info
  • Suction power like no other...
    I finally made the decision to purchase the Dyson DC14 Animal. If you have pets or kids, this is the vacuum for you. This vacuum is worth every cent you pay. The things I love about this vacuum are: super great suction; cleverly designed; easy to handle; quiet (compared to most); and a lot of attachments (DC14). When friends and family come over, I can't help but give a demo and show it off. My carpets actually looked like they were professional cleaned, after I used the Dyson. An extraordinary machine! I used to think vacuuming was a chore, but now with the Dyson, I vacuum for the fun of it! Vacuuming with this appliance is smooth, easy and extremely rewarding... you will love this unit. Your kids, pets, and housekeeper will love you for it too!...more info
  • Amazing Vacuum Cleaner
    This is only day one, and I'm already impressed with the Dyson DC14 Animal! We have an old, yellow Labrador Retriever who sheds terribly, and I was just amazed at how much hair that the Dyson picks up! It's easy to empty the canister, although I think that one would have to be careful with some of the plastic parts - that they could easily break, but I plan to be very careful with this little jewel! I waited because of the price, but especially if I have no problems with it, it will be well-worth the money! ...more info
    I purchased this item after having the irobot vacuum, what a sham that was...We have a golden lab and boy does he shed. Nothing was getting all the hair up and I was wet mopping everyday and still had to vacuum at nite, what a drag. Got the Dyson and now I can actually just vacuum ONCE A DAY!!!! and wet mop every other day (old habits die hard). This vacuum is so lite and easy to use. No more pulling out the canister to empty, no more losing suction(the filter and suction actually sit above where the dirt enters the vacuum which means the vacuum does not lose suction because the dirt does not reach where the suction is!!!!!!!!) I love it, just push a button and the canister comes of the vacuum push another button and the canister opens from the bottom to allow the dirt to just DROP OUT!!!!! You never touch the dirt. No more hitting the canister on the side of the trash can to get the dirt to come loose and out. Expensive but sooooooooo much worth it!!!!!!!!!! A must buy for every home owner....more info
  • Amazing Vac!
    I am so far very happy with my purchase of this product. It is by far THE best vac I have had-and much better than the central vac in our home. It does an amazing job with our dog's hair removal from every inch of our home-you'd never guess we have a 75lb shedding beast living here...
    Thanks Dyson for delivering a product that actually DOES what you promised it would! Definately worth the price!!...more info
  • Easy Setup - No Sweat to Use
    Someone spent a great deal of time in probably SolidWorks 3D CAD creating this work of art. Every aspect is ergonomically designed to a useful precision. I don't care for the fluorescent color schemes. It's today's look, but too loud for my taste. I researched the DC14 carefully before proceeding. All the reviews were very positive on every feedback channel I could find. Most the thunder-struck users were bag users, and in comparison, it is awesome. I have two Fantom Fury's since their inception in 1995 and am familiar with wind tunnel technology. The DC14 is equivalent in my experience for pickup power, however the Fantom's beater bar is slightly more effective and I always had fuller canisters with the Fantom. But they are out of business, so I turned to the current champion of vacuum lore.

    I like all the bells and whistles in any purchase, so I opted for the best of the line, the "Animal" DC14. The DC07 is close, but the DC14 is a clear winner. The DC14 is a remake of the DC07 after customer feedback. Modified wind tunnel for more pickup power, a much easier wand attachment mechanism and a slightly shorter height for shorter people. Cost an extra $50 over the DC07, but it was probably worth it. I don't have animals, so I can't speak for that aspect. I do have a large house and I broke a good sweat pushing and tugging my Fantoms. The DC14 was reported by a couple reviews as cumbersome, but I found it light and easy to use. It glides across the floors effortlessly. Some people howled about the lack of a headlamp system on such an expensive vacuum. I do agree that lamps should have been part of the design, however, I sweep during the day with the drapes open. Not an issue for me. The turbo head is slightly useless. Like other systems I have used, the small beater bar depends on the force of the suction to rotate the brush. A little resistance against it ceases its rotation. You have to concentrate on lightly gliding the attachment over the surface to realize any rotation. Most every system I have used are designed this way. Unless an auxiliary motor is designed in the attachment with a power lead to the main motor, I guess this is what we have to live with.

    The big plus is it is quiet. Compared to any other vacuum I have used, it is very quiet. The neat thing about the power-down was when you reposition it into an upright position to turn off, the suction redirects to the wand attachment and as you turn it off, it sounds like air brakes on a bus. Cool mechanical noises are a guy thing... never mind.

    $550 is a lot to lay down for sucking dirt from the floor. My research lead me to use the Bed Bath and Beyond 20% postcard, saving me $110. After 6% sales tax, it totaled $466.39. These typically go for $450 as no-reserve auctions off ebay.com with $30 shipping. Hope this helps the penny wise and dollar smart.
    ...more info
  • Wow! Best Vacuum - great for pet hair - I would buy again!
    We purchased this Dyson DC14 Animal model and have been using it for several weeks now. The amount of stuff it vacuums is amazing. It works great on pet hair; several other vacuums got none of what the Dyson got up.

    It is very easy to operate and to empty out. Not having to deal with vacuum bags is great. We use all attachments and they all work fine; I especially like the ability to pull out the handle and extend it so far -- ours doesn't tip over when doing this.

    I was surprised how quiet the Dyson is. Our other vacuums were very loud. Our pets are not afraid of the Dyson and even come around when we use it; they ran from the old vacuum. You can hear it running, don't get me wrong, but not like the other vacuums I've owned and seen.

    Bottom line - I would buy another one again today knowing what I do about it....more info
  • Horrible
    Terrible, terrible design. Picks up great when it works (on cutpile carpet) but almost uselss on Berber. Constant loud grind from the clutch. Got a replacement when the first one did this, but the second does the same. A design flaw. Rue the day I bought it. Should be a one star rating....more info
  • Have pet hair = worth high price - otherwise probably not
    There does not seem to be much price difference no matter where you look for the newer DC14 model. That said, we found it at an E-Bay store for $479.00 brand new, shipping included, which is at least $50.00 less than anywhere else we looked.

    The machine is amazing, however. It sucks things out of the carpet and couch that are scary to imagine having been in there. The extension tool is a little clunky to get used to, but works very well, as does the mini turbine tool. It is quieter than expected, and also very smooth in how it rolls across the floor and bends, etc. If you have pet hair in your house, no other vacuum will come close to this one. We previously had the Hoover wind tunnel, which is not exactly a cheap piece of junk, but next to this Dyson it is in fact a cheap piece of junk.

    On the down side, obviously it is expensive. This one was a gift, and it seems a good and surprising gift idea. If you don't have a pet hair problem, I really can't see paying this much for a vacuum. It will still work wonders, but the pet hair just gets so ground in everything that it makes this machine so much more worthwhile. In addition, it was rather difficult to use the vacuum to clean the car. The extension handle is so long that it was difficult to operate in a sedan, and it seemed to lose suction if you took off the telescopic handle. All the tools work great inside, however, and it still did a decent job in the car. Just not overwhelming in the car.

    I would also imagine that in the near future there will start to be some DC14 models available refurbished, which we would have done if we went with the DC07. It might be worth waiting 6+ months to see....more info
  • Impressed
    Incredible!! without using the "suck" puns, it really is a great machine.

    Is it worth the price? Probably not. People have been getting buy with much less for a much longer period of time and not knowing it.

    Is it nice to own and use? Absolutely Yes! I personally don't care for the shocking color schemes, but when I use it, it is a joy.

    Would I buy it again despite the cost? Absolutely Yes! It is always nice to know an item is working how it was intended to work. Not like other vacuums that only work correctly when new, if that.

    Do you need the DC14 vs DC07? I'm sure the DC07 model is just as good, the big difference I found was the larger object sucking power and accesories included with the DC14.

    Happy Shopping!!
    as of 3-29-08, still works like a champ....more info
  • Best Vacuum I've Ever Owned!
    Bought this with a 20% off coupon at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I can't believe how much more suction it has than our old Kirby. I was afraid that without a bag or filter the vacuum would blow dust in the room, but not so.

    Buy it, You'll love it!...more info
  • Wow!
    After much research, I decided to replace my Hoover Wind Tunnel with the Dyson Animal DC14. I purchased it from Sears for 522.00 on sale along with a 5 year warranty that I paid round 100.00 for. One thing that was holding me back was the service. I couldn't find a vacuum shop that would service a Dyson and suspected I would have so mail it to Dyson and be without a vacuum for several weeks. Through Sears extended warranty, it can be serviced at any of the numerous Sears service stations.

    I frequently used my father's Royal vacuum. I was shocked to empty my Dyson 4 times!!! on the initial vacuum. Our home is less than 1800 square feet. Although the Royal seems to suction a little more than the Dyson, it was outstanding for pet hair. We have two 65 pound dogs with long hair and a 9 month old baby.

    The attachments are fantastic. I am still learning how to use the mini turbine animal tool but it seems to do a good job. I did use the crevice tool along the walls because the vacuum didn't pick everything up along the sides.

    The cons... why isn't this thing self propelled? Although it's light weight, I do miss that feature from my Hoover. Secondly, there isn't a light. The cord can get in the way and I wish there was a clip to better guide it away from the vacuum. Dyson has had trouble finding retailers to sell and service their product because of the lost revenue in replacement bags and repeat purchases. This makes servicing the vacuum a little tough. I am not sure how often I will need to take in the vacuum so maybe it won't even be an issue.
    I highly recommend this vacuum and look forward to using it every time. The attachments are what really sold me on this equipment and I was resold when I saw what this thing pulled out of my carpet. The cons listed are merely preferences to think about but nothing that would prevent me from purchasing this vacuum if I had to do over again. ...more info
  • Amazing vacuum!
    We finally broke down and purchased the DC 14 animal this December & I have to say, we don't regret it one bit.
    We immediately assembled the vacuum once we received it & starting vacuuuming all of the area rugs and two carpeted rooms. We pulled up (2) cannisters full of dog hair. I then assembled the attachments and starting vacuuming the wood blinds, baseboards, fans, crown molding, etc & the Dyson suction was as good w/the attachments as w/vauuming. Our house has never looked cleaner! I am a faithful Dyson customer for life now! Amazing!...more info
  • Animal Top of the Vaccum Chain
    About a year ago I decided to purchase a top-of-the-line Self-propelled Dirt Devil because I didn't see a need to shell out an extra $250 for a Dyson.

    A month ago, I purchased the Animal.

    All in all, I can't recommend this unit highly enough.

    - Significantly lighter than my old DD, but it is also far easier to push around and maneuver, even without the added feature of Self-propel.

    - Comparatively speaking this thing is nearly silent. The DD sounds like a hurricane.

    - Suction is amazing.

    - Wonderful to be able to empty the canister without touching anything. Especially nice for allergy sufferers.

    - DOES NOT lose suction due to a choked filter like other bagless vacs. My DD was rendered useless after one thorough carpet cleaning. Banging the crud out of the filter to clean it was an allergy nightmare.

    - The Mini turbo tool could use it's own motor. The suction is so powerful, it pulls the brush into the rug and stops the brush from rotating. (Hence, the 4 stars).

    - The wand is bit unwieldy on stairs, but I prefer to detach and use the hose for stairs anyway.

    - The extra attachments cannot be carried on the machine - Some people are bothered by this... Personally, I hated the fact that the attachments on my DD always fell off.

    The unit is very easy to use and superbly designed. The few complaints about design and user-friendlyness mentioned above I have found to be ridiculous... like someone who cannot be satisfied no matter what the product. Mechanically, it has been solid.

    I Wish I would have bought it a year ago instead of the Dirt Devil. The Animal (any Dyson) is worth the money. Period....more info
  • Wonderful but Expensive
    This does beat the other vacuums that I have owned in the past. However, this was quite expensive. All in all I would get this one over any others on the market...more info
  • not quite perfect
    like everyone else, i'm amazed, stunned, speechless at the amount of dirt this machine picks up. i got the animal because i have long-haired cats--any my current vacuum is nearly 30 years old.

    yes, the suction is amazing. but there are a few less than wonderful things about this machine.

    first, the instructions are a bit terse. and fail to mention the parts that need to be closed before there can be any suction, especially to the hose. i found those by accident, trying to get the thing to work.

    second, it's really cumbersome. i knew it wasn't a tiny machine, but i didn't expect it to be so extremely hard to manuver, especially with one hand (so i won't be vacuuming behind some of my curtains, since i can't lift them out of the way with one hand and move the vacuum with the other). i used the wand to vacuum the stairs and that was surprisingly heavy and awkward--which meant tiring.

    speaking of stairs, while the wand did a really good job of vacuuming, it didn't reach all the way up my perfectly normal staircase. the mini-turbine did pick up a lot of cat hair, but was the wrong shape and size to reach the full tread or the vertical portions. i had to go over the stairs a second time with the crevesse tool, and, if i'd wanted to be really thorough, i should have used a third tool to properly clean the vertical bits. which is, at least, inefficient.

    it's annoying that the tool for getting under furniture does not fit onto the machine. again, an inefficient and time wasting matter, especially for people with more than one storey to clean.

    all the buttons that need pressing are somewhat stiff. since i'm trying not to let my current manual problems develop into carpal tunnel syndrome, i wasn't too happy at the amount of effort it took to attach/detach tools and parts. there are enough people suffering from carpal tunnel that this should have been addressed.

    instead of advertisements on the machine parts, it would have been nice to put written or pictorial instructions. i know i won't always be carrying the instructions around while i vacuum, but i have to now.

    it would be nice if the control for the beater was either foot friendly or higher up the machine. as it is, i have to bend down and move it by hand every time i move from hardwood to carpet--which occurs in almost every room.

    lastly, the cord. i cannot believe someone couldn't fit a better cord storage/management device onto this machine. the cord is conveniently long, but that only makes dealing with it more important. my canister's cord can be automatically re-wound or partially played out, depending on where i'm working.

    one really wonderful thing about dyson: the customer help line is not only polite, but friendly, and also extremely helpful. dyson should start teaching other companies how to treat customers.

    i will probably finally decide the machine was worth the price (especially when i consider how much i've spent in vain trying to keep the stairs vacuumed). not having to track down bags will be nice. controlling the pet hair will be nice. but i hope in a few years dyson offers a machine with the capablilities of this one in a more manuverable and user-friendly frame....more info
  • Dyson Conquers Massive Quantities of Dog Hair
    I have three big hairy house dogs and go through vacuum cleaners like pantyhose. I think the Dyson is a keeper. It effortlessly sucks up huge quantities of dog hair, is lightweight and quiet compared to my other vacuums, and is super easy to empty. My only unfullfilled wish is that the stair attachment could be used without the stiff "pipe," rather, simply attaching to just the flexible hose. My arms get tired holding at the proper angle to do my stairs. Having said that, I can do *almost* my entire flight of stairs from one position, which is a big plus. I love to vacuum now. It's absolutely amazing how much hair and dirt this thing picks up every time--and I vacuum 1-2x week. I sudder to think how dirty my carpets were before I got my Dyson!...more info
  • WOW
    This is the first product I've ever purchased which performs even better than it's advertised claims. I thought my floors were clean since I vacuum daily with a Roomba and at least twice each week with an upright because of my asthma. However, the amount of stuff that that the DC14 Cyclone pulled out of my carpets and furniture can only be described as frightful. Congratulations to Dyson and company on a truly outstanding product!...more info
  • We were amazed
    We just recieved our Dyson DC-14 Animal today (11/30/04). It was simple to assemble and when we started using it was when the amazment really began. Just five (5) days ago our home was vacumed from top to bottom using our old Sears canister vac. Upon using the Dyson in just two (2) rooms we had approximatly 1/2 a canister full of dirt. Just couldn't believe our rugs were that dirty. The Dyson surely does what it says it will and easy to operate. My wife and I have at last found the vacum that we have been looking for. We are stuck on Dyson from now on. THANK YOU DYSON !!!!
    Dave & Thelma Thompson
    P.O. Box 626
    Nunda, New York 14517-0626...more info
  • Cat Hair and Cat Litter on Hard Floors
    I bought the Dyson Animal Upright Vacuum about a year ago from Amazon and LOVE IT! I am a vacuum cleaner nut and constantly am looking for the best vacuum. I don't have to look any longer. After a year I still LOVE MY DYSON...more info
  • Next best thing to Central Vac
    OK so I'm moving out of my parents house into my own place next week. I have a little dog that sheds like crazy twice a year. I needed a vaccuum, read the reviews and did reasearch for a few months and decided that the DC-14 Animal was the right choice for me.

    The set up was fairly easy although I would like to see some better descriptions from the instruction manual. Now that I have the hang of it it's no sweat.

    Here is where I gave it 4 stars. For the past 18 years I have been using my parents Nutone Central Vaccuum. I was curious to see if the Dyson would pick up anything the Nutone left behind. It only picked up a ball of dust the size of a small marble after it had been vacuumed with the Nutone so I gave it 4 stars because it's not 100% the best vacuum out there. But it is probably the best upright vacuum. So I guess I was expecting to be blown away by this thing but I wasn't having used a superior vacuum all my life. I will say that the suction is tons more powerful than the other uprights I've tried. Time will tell if it truly doesn't lose suction. From the design it doesn't seem like it would. My dad was an engineer and was impressed with how much it picked up.

    I did like the mini turbine. It has nice maneuverability on upholstery and does seem to have strong suction. My dog has short hair so I don't antcipate any problems with tangling. There are two settings to the head so those who found the suction to be weak should try the other setting.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the canister emptying feature. I do have allergies especially to dust and it's beautiful how easily I can empty the stuff into a bag and then close the bag up fast before any dust gets let back into the air. Central vac is still #1 for allergy sufferers but I'd say Dyson is the next best thing.

    Anyway, on first use I give the vacuum 4 stars. I will probably write another review after I have used it for a few months. ...more info
  • Fantastic!
    You'll never buy another vacuum. I cleaned my living room with my soon-to-be-former vacuum cleaner. Then, brought "animal" home and went right at the living room -- I couldn't believe how much it sucked up! It's powerful, versatile, easy to use. The accessories are mostly onboard. ...more info
  • You'll never buy another vacuum
    Next to a Kirby vacuum cleaner I bought many moons ago this is the most I've ever spent on a vacuum. I have 2 kids and 3 dogs. I have always settled for the way the other vacuums have cleaned. I got the Dyson just yesterday and wanted to test out it's claim to "the last vacuum cleaner you'll ever buy." I vacuumed my livingroom with my old vacuum cleaner, a not so old Bissel bagless 12 amp. I put together the Dyson (which is very simple to do) and ran the Dyson over where I had just cleaned with the old one. AMAZING!!! There was so much more in the carpet I couldn't believe it. Not just dog hair but tons on dust and dirt that my old one left behind. It glided seamlessly to my hardwood floors and picked up every last speck of dirt. I can't say enough about this vacuum cleaner. Check it out for youself. You wont be sorry....more info
  • Great vacuum, silly accessory kit.
    I love this vacuum. The brush is gentler than some on the carpets, but the suction is way stronger than most. It does a great job on my carpets and hard wood floors, but doesn't suck up everything near its path or larger objects well (snowplows a pretzel or goldfish cracker), which is good, because I'd rather pick up a small toy than have it get sucked into the vacuum, and it's a rare object that I end up having to pick up by hand. I was always sucking up stuff by accident with our old Kenmore Progressive and I just don't have that issue with the Dyson. It picks up only what it runs over.

    I had a problem on an area rug with the ratcheting noise mentioned by other reviewers. I called Dyson and they suggested 3 things. Either try to hold the rug down (difficult to do effectively), use the bare floor setting (can harldy move the vacuum on the rug in that setting), or remove 2 thin rubber gaskets under the sole plate and vacuum. They said this has solved the problem without any adverse effects, but I'd call Dyson and confirm which gaskets and confirm this is ok before trying it yourself. I didn't do this because I knew I might take the vacuum back, so I can't say how well it fixes the problem or if it reduces the vacuum's cleaning ability. I did find that starting at one end of the rug and dragging the machine backwards did work, it's just a PITB. This is not really a big problem for us, though, as we're getting rid of the rug anyway, and I find that few vacuums with good suction can handle our bathroom rugs wihtout eating them occasionally.

    The reason I only gave the Animal 3 stars in this review is that some of the tools and accessories the Animal comes with don't live up to the overall cost and name (animal) of the vacuum. The small turbine head is near useless on my stairs and cat tree. Just the weight of the wand presses it down enough to stop the rotating brush. If you've ever tried to get long, matted-down cat hair off a cat tree perch, you know that you need to apply a bit of pressure to the brush to rake the hair off. They should have made this tool self-powered like the Hoover Windtunnel's or Kenmore's higher end Progressive. Also, I couldn't believe the amount of stuff that was tightly wrapped around the rotating brush after very little use. Cleaning that out every time is more difficult than cleaning a slicker brush that I normally use to clean the cat tree.

    The stair tool (small attachment), which comes with all of the Dysons, is useless, btw. There's not enough suction when you use it. I think the shape of it causes this. It needs cupped edges. I used both the stair and mini rotating head tools on my stairs and when I went over them a third time with the vacuum itself, got up a whole bunch more stuff. I could hear lots of kitty litter the cats had tracked coming up that the attachments didn't get.

    The spray on carpet cleaner didn't work on a simple dirt spot (came up easily with another product I already had) and I haven't even opened the other dirt absorbing stuff cuz I'm just not impressed with this kit and am taking the whole thing back. Why does the absorbing stuff need a whole separate tool? I think you are paying for extra tools and accessories that offer very little benefit. It's a lot of extra money for extras that don't work well.

    I'm going to get the silver/ink/orange ("Full Access) Dyson D14 instead as it has accssories (like an extra filter and flexible crevice tool) that I think are more practical. I'm only a bit concerned about the "low access turbine head" with that kit, though, because I forsee it working as poorly as the mini turbine head. I think the regular low reach floor tool that comes with all the other models will work as well with less maintenance....more info
    Just got my new DC14 Animal yesterday and I have become OCD overnight. OMG! We have a beautiful blue merle Austrailian Shepherd and a Russian Blue cat. I love my house pets, but my beige carpet had become suspiciously grey. My 18 year old Kirby has seen better days and I thought I'd take a risk and buy one of these new fangled, see-thru, bagless vacuums.

    I got it home and quickly assembled it..myself..although I also agree that the instructions were a bit lacking. Pictures yes... but give me some verbs every so often. I plugged in the purple monster...and off we went.

    OMG! Every push pulled in the pet hair. There was probably less than 2 tablespoons of dirt in my entire night of vacuuming...so my Kirby was still sucking dirt; But I must have emptied 9 to 10 canisters filled with pet hair. Amazing job on my area rugs. They look brand new. And the carpet...it's beige again. And it just feels clean to walk on, sit on or lay on.

    I think I've just been pushing around the pet hair for the last several years and doubt that I'll ever these dramatic results again. I used the wand to dust the ceiling fans, wall corners and above door mouldings and picture frames. The suction is every bit as strong with the attachments. I saw cobwebs move before the brush attachment got there.

    The mini turbine head..didn't seem to be anything special. I guess I was thinking I would have to use it to get the pet hair,(that's why I bought the Animal) but it all came up with just the vacuum. I did take a peek at the beater bar, and there seems to be lots of hair collected in the bristles, so I'll need to clean it. The Zorb stuff is pretty cool. I had bought it and tried it before with the Kirby about a month ago. Didn't really see a difference...but more Zorb came up last night after I vacuumed. The hose seemed a bit tight to pull away and use the attachments, but it was easy to use.

    I'm sure the newer Kirby's are better than my old one. And as I said, mine had seen better days. But at a fraction of the cost, the cool onboard attachments, the super easy canister dump, and the visual satisfaction that you get...it's WAY worth it....more info
  • better than any other vacuum
    I bought the dyson animal a few months ago after reading the reviews in Amazon. I have 8 dogs--all with long hair so the shedding is unreal! The dyson really does a great job. The suction is incredible. The only problem I have is with the roller brush in the head of the vacuum. The long dog hair just causes it to stop moving in a fairly short time. I find that I have to clean out the brush at least once every time I vacuum. And the hose extension is a bit awkward to use but also quite powerful. However, this vacuum is a fantastic improvement over all the other vacuums I have owned over the years.

    ...more info
  • Definitly out-performs other vacuums we have owned
    We have had the DC14 Animal less than a week, but so far we are amazed at it's performance. With 2 teenage kids, 2 Newfoundland dogs, a cat, a parrot and a finch, the floors see their fair share of dirt, hair, crumbs and feathers. We have mostly carpet with some hardwood floors with runners. This machine does an equally great job on all. Its is easy to push around and the long cord allows you to cover a lot of area without having to find another outlet. The wand is easy to use and, judging by the reviews on the DC07, an improved design. Instead of having to disconnect it from the hose, turn it around and re-connect it as noted on earlier reviews on the DC07, you just release it from the handle and extend it.

    I don't put a lot of credit in the "sweep with old vacuum then sweep with new" to determine how much better the new unit is. I tried sweeping with the new unit and then swept again with the new unit and picked up more dirt. The test that convinced me that this does a better job is on an item that has never been succesfully cleaned with the old vacuum. We have a 2x4 dirt mat that is in front of the door between the garage and house. It is of a thick fiber material that catches and holds dirt and especially dog hair. Our old Hoover bagless has never been able to completely clean it. In order to remove the hair, we had to use a short stiff bristle brush and brush it out. The DC14 did the job. Did it do it in one swipe you ask? No. I had to sweep it good to get it clean but it did remove ALL the hair and dirt. I was definitly impressed.

    We have not used the tools enough to form any kind of opinion on them yet. We have used the turbo brush on the furniture and it seems to do a decent job but I would recommend that you remove the handle from the hose and fit the brush on the end of the hose. It makes it much easier to use.

    OK! That's the fluff. Now for the grit.
    I guess nothing in this world is perfect. This is the second DC14 we have had in a week. The first unit made an awful ratcheting noise when we used it on the runners on the hardwood floor. I had seen other reviews that commented on this along with statements that it is a design feature to prevent damage to the life-long brush drive belt. If a rug gets sucked up into the brush and tries to stall the brush, a clutch begines to slip rather than burn the belt up. I called Dyson and they confirmed this. Good plan in theory. However, we had tried both the DC07 and the DC14 display models at the store. The section of carpet was similar to a throw rug. I could see the rug being sucked up to the head and hear the brush bar flogging the snot out of it and neither one of those machines ratcheted. In my case, the brush bar was turning and didn't sound like it was trying to stall so, assuming maybe the tension on the clutch on my machine was not set properly, I took it back and exchanged it for another. No more ratcheting sounds. I think Dyson needs a little more "Quality Control" on their clutch. I might add there is a good example why some items might be better purchased from a local store. Much less hassle if you do experience a problem.

    All and all, we are very satisfied with the DC14. Only time will tell on it's durability. But in view of the fact it is an improved version of the DC07 and reviews have shown for the most part it holds up well, I expect this vacuum to last as long or longer than any other leading bagless vacuum currently on the market.

    If it wasn't for the fact of having to take the first unit back, I would have given it 5 stars. I recommend the DC14....more info
  • The most amazing vacuum we've ever owned....
    It was with great trepidation that we decided to plunk down over $500 for a vacuum cleaner. But with two golden retrievers, and 3 vacuums over the last half-dozen years that would never pick up the hair and lost suction quickly over the first months, we needed something better desperately. It's almost embharrasing to admit how excited I was over a vacuum cleaner after my first run through the house with it. But after picking up a tall kitchen bags worth of hair and dust from only about 1000 sq. ft. of recently vacuumed (with the old vacuum) carpet, I was truly amazed.

    While it's certainly too early to tell how this thing will hold up, so far, I'm incredibly impressed. It's met all the expectations that I had and more. The handle / tube assembly seems a tad shaky too me (although that is probably part of the design - I've never used a vacuum where the handle itself turns into a sucking / hose utensil), but otherwise, the thing seems fairly well built. It does seem a bit plasticky, but the plastic doesn't seem thin (like another review stated) - but sturdy and pretty indestructible.

    Since this is a new product, few reviews exist at this time. Unfortunately, one of the few current reviews was a one star due to the failure of a part. It's unfortunate that this occurred, but considering the incredibly positive reviews on the DC07 from Dyson, I would be willing to consider this a fluke. There will always be a defective unit here and there. The vacuum performs so well, it's worth the risk - and I hope (and expect) that this is a rare occurrence.

    I can't say enough positive things about this device. If it lasts 3 years, it would be worth it and I would buy another. ...more info
  • It'll suck the paint off the walls!
    I had my doubts about paying this much for a vacuum at first, but my mother bought one and asked me to try hers out. It was AMAZING and I had to have one.

    I put this machine to the test the first day I got it. First, I vacuumed a bedroom carpet with my beloved Hoover, then went over it again with the Dyson. The Animal produced a full container of dust, dirt and loose fiber that the Hoover missed.

    I then used an older version of a Rainbow vacuum (about a $1500 machine that I "inherited" from my grandmother) on the living room carpet. I had always though very highly of this machine and expected little to be left behind. But again, after using the Rainbow on the room followed up by the Dyson, I got another cannister full of dirt, dust and fiber.

    In short, this is probably the most powerful vacuum I've ever used, bar none. The hardwood attachment is a godsend (although the extension tube could be just a *little bit* longer. The air-driven pet hair removal tool is okay, but since it is not electrically driven, it doesn't have the adjitation I had anticipated - still, good for short pile area rugs and furniture.

    Possibly the greatest feature of this machine is emptying the bin. I've always dreaded this process with other vacuums, but with the Dyson, one simply holds the bin over a trashcan and push the release button. That's it! No mess, no bags, no touching the dirt and dust and other disgusting things you're likely to pick up with this powerful machine.

    The ONLY shortcoming of this machine that I can honestly point out is the documentation/instruction manual. It is very light on content and doesn't go into how to use the attachments properly (the hardwood floor tool has two settings and I'm certain that there must be an easier way to engage it than picking it up and using one's thumbs to click it in and out of place, but there's no mention of it in the user guide). This also makes assembling the machine for the first time only slightly challenging and not so intuitive, but these are minor gripes.

    I can honestly say that this is the most powerful, quiet, convenient and easy to use vacuum that I've encountered. It truly does not loose power, even when the collection bin is full, and does everything that it claims in the TV, magazine and web advertisements.

    Only time will tell if it is a long-lasting machine, but for now, I'm VERY satisfied with its performance and convenience....more info
  • Expensive piece of crap
    I had mine a whole 24 hours before it broke.

    The brush control that they hype over and over stopped working...so all I had was suction. Suction won't clean a carpet. And, yes, it does have good suction...but that is not all a vacuum needs.

    Tried calling their help line that they also hype in the literature that you get when you purchase the unit. They keep repeating "call the help line if you encounter a problem". Well...you only better encounter a problem during their normal business hours. This is like buying a Mercedes, breaking down, calling their roadside assistance and getting a recording to call back. Your breakdown is just not convenient for them at that particular time.

    So, I tried their online help. That was not working. Maybe it got so overloaded that the site crashed. Their website is geared for sales, nothing else.

    One thing I did notice while trying to get it to work...if you ever want to replace a belt (which is very straightforward on virtually all vacuums) you will have to take it in the shop.

    The instruction manual is very, very poor. Not much is really explained and when you unpack the unit you end up with many pieces of paper and small booklets. None of which seem to jive.

    The vacuum relies a lot on thin plastic (removable) pieces that seal with some gasketing material. Some of the gasketing material is very small and glued in place. When removing items some of the gasketing fell off.

    They also advertise washable HEPA filter. Well, I believe this to be sorta true. Yes, there is a filter that you can wash...but there is another filter under the canister that I could not see a way to access it. Looks like another trip to the shop for a filter replacement when it's time.

    Dyson also advertises the 17 foot retractable flexible hose. The only way you will get this hose to any close to 17' is if you bolt the vacuum to the floor. The vacuum will follow the hose after approx 8'.

    I know negative reviews just sound like someone bitching and that positive reviews are easier to believe....So, if you want to spend over $500 for a vacuum of questionable durability and virtually no customer support, then this vacuum is for you. Go for it. I hope your gamble pays off.

    ...more info