Honeywell HCM-630 QuietCare 3.0 Gallon Cool Moisture Humidifier

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Product Description

Quiet Care, 3 Gallon Cool Moisture Humidifier, Quiet Care Technology Is Up To 30% Quieter, Protec Cleaning Cartridge & Anti-Microbial Treated Filter Helps Provide Fresher, Cleaner Mist & Extend Filter Life, Independent Humidity Control, 3 Moisture Output Settings, Auto Shut Off At Desired Humidity Or When Tank Is Empty, Easy To Clean, Carry & Fill, Compact, Space Saving Design, For Medium To Large Rooms, 650 To 1050 SQFT, Runs 12 To 24 Hours Per Filling, 5 Year Limited Warranty, Replacement Filter Item #HAC-504AW True Value #661-793.

  • New Adjustable Controls
  • Adjustable Humidistat
  • 3 moisture settings
  • EZ Care system is easy to fill, carry and clean
  • ProTec Total Product Protection & Antimicrobial treated filter
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent product
    As quiet as advertised, and the quietest humidifier I have ever bought or prescribed for patients in 50 years. Highly recommended, especially for bedrooms. Sometimes we have to check to see if it is working!...more info
  • Worst humidifier ever
    I paid the price for buying an inexpensive humidifier. The filters are expensive, relative to the price of the humidifier, and they mold within a week or two, even with the cleaning cartridge installed (yet another thing to buy). The moldy smell makes it impossible to use - I'm allergic. I bought two replacement filters, when they are gone (this week since they don't last long), I'm trashing this thing. DO NOT BUY. GET A FILTER-LESS ONE....more info
  • Humidifier
    Easy to fill with water. Quiet operation. Efficiently moistens air in large
    master bedroom. ...more info
  • A worthwile product for the price
    The product is fine. I no longer wake up congested from the dry air in my apartment. It is a hassle to have to refill the tank and to wet the filter every night. I wouldn't say that it is quiet but it doesn't keep me up at night. I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. No major sinus ailments this winter season so far. ...more info
  • It stop working after two weeks
    I only get to use only for two weeks. It is no longer working anymore. i don't know what happen to it. i changed water everyday and i only use it for 3 hours a day. It just stop working. The fan do not work and the mist not coming out either. ...more info
    It is really quiet (you can still hear, if it is in the max. position). I live in colorado and it feels great, i have it in the bedroom and it reaches 36% humidity, since i have it i sleep a lot better....more info
  • Generally ok
    I live in S. Carolina in winter and this humidifier is fine for the light humidification I need. Recently purchased two more for my Illinois home for the fall needs. I was used to the noise of my console humidifiers and quite pleased to have no distracting noise at the low levels I use in my small apt. My only complaint is in the filling, that its curved top does not allow it to sit in the sink when I fill it. The upside is that it is small, compact, and looks good, and I have found a way round the awakward filling problem. Its tank is not as large as stated, buyers should be warned. I dont believe it is even 2 gallons, but I fill only twice, night and again in the morning, and it is less weight to tote. B.B...more info
  • There are better humidifiers
    The tank is smaller than similarly sized humidifiers, and the cap to the tank leaks, so you have to be careful turning over the tank when filling and replacing it. It does put a good amount of water in the air, and all three of the speeds are fairly quiet....more info
  • Horrible product
    Horrible product! Too noisy and way too cool mist. It gets moldy too fast and very hard to clean. Even though the filter gets changed, the smelly moldy fan is full of mold and you cannot clean it. This product is a total waste of money. Do not buy it....more info
  • Great humidifier
    Low noise factor, holds water for close to 24 hours, and turns off automatically when water is out. What more can you ask for? I live in phx, az in the dry heat and this humidifier has been great so far. I bought one for baby's room and one for my room....more info
  • Great product
    I bought one 6 months ago after going through a couple more expensive ones in the last five years. This is the easiest to work with and keeps the humidity up in a space larger than its designed for. Have bought two more for other family members....more info
  • It works well and is easy to use
    It works well and is easy to use - it's not that Quiet. I mean, it's not that obnoxious either, but I'm not sure that it deserves the name QuietCare. Works well though. Good product, nice price. ...more info
  • Short product life
    I purchased this humidifier last year. After only 1 year of use, the water tank developed a crack along the bottom seam. When I contacted the manufacturer regarding a warranty claim, I was told that after 1 year's use, it was considered a normal wear and tear issue not covered by the product's 5 year warranty! To purchase a replacement tank, the cost would be $20 + $6.95 s/h. Obviously, not worth it. Just go out and buy an entirely new unit. Otherwise, it's a good little humidifier - just realize that it's lifespan probably isn't more than one year!...more info
  • Works well and runs quietly
    This model is very quiet and will put a lot of moisture into the air, especially if you keep the filter moist by frequent turning and replace it when it hardens and becomes less absorbent....more info
  • WAY too loud
    Even on the lowest setting this humidifier is extremely noisy. I can hear it in the whole house. The water tank is hard to fill because the top (which becomes the surface it sits on during filling) is curved, so you can't just set it in the sink to fill it - you have to hold it. What I do like about it is that you don't see the mist coming out. I know it's working because the water level is going down. Despite this, it's just way too loud, so it's going back to the store....more info
  • Not Quiet Anymore!
    This humidifier was about as quiet as they come for the first few weeks. It abruptly started making a lot more noise. We've tried adjusting everything but the fan just sounds a lot louder now. I don't recommend buying it if the quiet aspect is your prime concern.
    The filter does need to be changed quite often as the other person mentioned....more info
  • Small humidifier
    Quiet, works well, needs to be refilled daily. Filter only lasted 6 weeks. My local Home Depot doesn't stock replacement filter. Must order online. Buy extras when ordering humidifier....more info