Blue's Clues - ABC's 123's and More Collection

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Product Description

Blue and her friends explore shapes, colors, music, school, and much more.
Genre: Children's Video
Rating: NR
Release Date: 26-OCT-2004
Media Type: DVD

Customer Reviews:

  • My 2 year old LOVES Blue Clues!!!
    My son, Reuben LOVES Blue Clues!! We just received this video collection in the mail. When Reuben saw it, he wanted to watch them right away. He was so excited so I let him. Reuben LOVES both Joe or Steve in Blue Clues. What's awesome about this collection is the educational value and entertainment for my son. I believe if a child watches educational videos, it's healthier for their development then watching TV with commercials. At least my son can focus on something longer than 3 hours.

    I highly recommend anything Blue Clues! Every child is different. If he or she doesn't like it now, maybe later. ...more info
  • My kids love this show
    My kids love this show and they learn alot too....more info
  • Great
    entertaining and educational at the same time. Had my 2 year old granddaughter's attention the WHOLE time....more info
  • Great Deal
    This is a great value if you haven't purchased any of the discs. I just couldn't stand by and let this combo have only a three star rating when it's such good material for children....more info
  • Great Product!
    My 22 month old son loves this DVD. He learns shapes and colors and also numbers from this DVD....more info
  • Wonderful
    My daughter is crazy for Blues Clues. We bought this set of videos a while ago and still watch them at least twice a week! I wish Blues Clues were still around, but these videos help with that....more info
  • Steve is on these DVDs!
    Each disc contains 4 episodes: 2 "main" episodes with Joe, and 2 "bonus" episodes with STEVE!!! Yes, the one and only Steve Burns, the original Blue's Clues host. You just have to use the DVD menu to get to the Episode Selection screen, and the Bonus Episodes are the ones with Steve.
    My daughter is 16 months old, and Blue's Clues is the only show she's interested in. She gets very excited when she knows that it's coming on, or when I put one of the DVDs in the player. She dances for the songs, especially the main Blue's Clues song, and this is the only show she'll actually watch (and want to watch). She doesn't seem to care if it's Steve or Joe, but my wife and I prefer Steve (nothing against Joe, but Steve just has this way about him that makes the show more entertaining, even for adults).
    All in all, this is a great collection, and not deserving of the low star rating it was getting. Blue's Clues is a fantastic, award-winning kids' show, that emphasizes fun learning and building self-confidence and encourages kids to think through things for themselves. This DVD set is no exception to that high level of quality....more info
  • Blues Collection
    I wish it would have been made clear that these DVDs featured Joe, and not Steve as I thought they did. My daughter is not as much of a fan of Joe. It is nice that are a few "bonus" episodes on each disc that do star Steve. Other than that they are informative and arrived in great condition ahead of time....more info
  • boring
    my 15 month old son loves the blues cues doll he received as a present, but the video doesn't hold his attention. it's slowpaced and was advertised as teaching abc's, but never seems to get to the point fast enough so that he's not pouring through his books or something else on the other side of the room.

    my son doesn't watch a lot of TV, but sesame street holds his attention and this just doesn't.

    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I would have to say I bought this Collection thinking that it had Steve Burns on the DVD's how very disappointing to get it and find out that Joe is on it instead. My daughter will not watch Joe for anything. They need to get more DVD's with Steve on them. There great video's if your kids like Joe but if not don't waste the money. ...more info
  • This is Nothing More Than a Discounted Repackaging
    Those who were hoping that perhaps the release of "Blue's Clues" box-sets might bring new special features, such as commentary or behind-the-scenes documentaries, are going to be disappointed. If you've been keeping up on your "Blue's Clues" DVD releases, then there is nothing here you haven't already seen. ABC's 123's and More Collection is nothing more than a repackaging of three previous DVDs: Blue Takes You to School, Shapes and Colors, and Blue's Big Band. If you don't have those, or haven't seen them before, this box-set might be worth checking out, since you get a lower price than you would purchasing all three separately. Otherwise, I recommend passing on this box-set....more info
  • Don't have the set, but each DVD
    I was hoping this boxed set would have Blue goes to school and also some more with letters and sounds, but we have all these in this set.
    HOWEVER, if you've never tried Blue's Clues with your child, they will probably be thoroughly engaged.
    These are great learning tools, memorization, etc, and the kids love them. My daughter LOVED shapes and colors and knew all of them by 18 months watching this, memorization I guess.
    I saw the parent of a 15 month old say her child wasn't interested, I think that's not suprising. Baby Einstein is the only thing I would expect a child so young to pay attention to.
    My son was the same, he also loved Blue's Clues, but would give anything a second glance until age 2. Daughter, yes, but girls tend to have a longer attention span sooner. Give this series a second chance when your baby gets up a little bigger, they are great!...more info


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