Self-Watering Probes - Vacation Plant Waterers - 5 Pack

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Product Description

Self Watering Probes are a simple and effective way of watering your plants while you are on vacation. Just soak them in water for a couple of minutes to prepare the tips, then insert the probes into the soil of your potted plants and place the hose ends in a water reservoir nearby. The water will be slowly emitted through the ceramic cones, automatically watering your plants without the need to set timers or worry about electronic devices being turned on while you are away.

  • Includes 5 self-watering probes (and hoses).
  • No electronics or complicated timers to set.
  • May use liquid fertilizer in water if desired.
  • Water reservoir not included.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Product!
    One of those truly great products that performs exactly as advertized and continues to perform, year after year. I have 25 of the self-watering probes and have used them several times over the past 4 years for up to 6 weeks at a time. For a 6" pot a 1/2 gallon reservoir is sufficient for a month. For a 12" pot, use a 1 1/2 gal. container. For 24" pots, I use two probes drawing from a 2 1/2 gal. container.
    Make sure to place the bottom of the container at about the same height as the soil line. Placing it higher or lower will somewhat increase or decrease the flow, respectively.
    When installing, cap the probes under water to prevent formation of an air bubble in the tube.
    Works flawlessly!!...more info
  • Like it, don't love it
    When they work, they're great. When they don't work, well...

    First you can't use them in a clear container. Two you can't use them when your watering container is higher or on the same level as the plant. Three the cord is short and is very obvious.

    IF you put the plant on a side table and the container on the floor, the cord can't reach the floor and there for can't reach the bottom of the container.

    If you put the plant on the table and the water container on the table, the water will be too high and will over water your plant.

    If you use a clear container it will grow algae and look gross, really, really quickly.

    So dark container below the plant but not too far below the plant. Probe must be thoroughly soaked and full of water before inserting into plant. Check every couple of days to make sure that probe took (easy enough, check if probe is still full of water). Repeat process if probe didn't take.

    Check regularly to see if probe is still working. If you accidentally let the water go below the end of the cord, you must redo initial process even if probe is currently full.

    I'm not saying they are horrible, but if you plan to use them they do require maintenance....more info
  • Just Great!
    A friend in Italy had recommended me this product. It is just great and very straight forward. I bought it this winter because I was going away for two weeks during Christmas. I decided to take the risk because I did not want my in laws to have the usual burden or my plants to get over watered or neglected by someone else who was not acquainted with them. I tried it for a week before I left to see how much water each plant would consume. I had collected many empty milk and water bottles, glass and plastic containers so I could try the size that was better for every plant. In some cases the hose was too short but I solved the problem by rising the water container next to the plant with a box or a small table. When I came back my indoor plants looked great! even if some had almost emptied their containers. I have decided to keep watering with this method since it seems that each plant consumes the right amount it needs. I will see how it works in the long term. However I did not try it with my orchids or my cactuses, because I am not sure the probe will work with their type of roots or potting media and anyway they prefer to stay in the dry side. The 5 pack is very convenient and good value for your money....more info
  • recommended
    i bought these to water my plants during an extended vacation. all but one of them they worked well. i adjusted the malfunctioning probe to see if it was at fault. since it started working i have to assume it was my technique. i recommend setting them up a few days before leaving to ensure they're delivering water....more info
  • Great Product
    I have used these only the past three weeks and they seem to be doing the job. I went away for a week and on my return the thirsty little plants emptied their water supply. Just ordered more for myself and for xmas gifts....more info
  • they did they were supposed to do.
    the product is good. they did what they were supposed to do. the water flow rate can be adjusted by the height of water level. i have not tested out how high is the appropriete water level for my plants yet, but it will take some time and work on my part. anyhow, i like them....more info
  • Self watering plant probes
    I tried these out before going on an extended vacation this summer. They appear to be working very well. The plants I tried them on are thriving and I have not watered them other than keeping the containers filled that the probes are drawing from. I plan to order a couple more sets before I go so that all of my houseplants can be "auto-watered" while I am away. It takes about 2 weeks for most of these plants to empty a container of approx. 1/2 quart of water....more info
  • Plants are healthiest ever
    Was looking for a way to water indoor habiscus plants while away. Chose this over timed pump waterer, plastic spike with bottle attached, wicking technique, etc. This product has made my plants so heathy, I will use it the whole winter (when plants are indoors). Before using this product, I was having a lot of trouble determining how much and how often to water. Just a little too much or too little and the leaves would begin to turn yellow and fall off. I couldn't find the happy middle ground. With this ceramic cone/spike technique, it just figures the right amount for me. By the way, for all of those people who have tried the wick technique and wondered why their plant suddenly seems to use so much water, the wick is most likely evaporating most of the water into the air....more info
  • I think it will work well after some tuning
    I am trying to use this system to water two relatively large plants in my house while I am traveling. Each of them needs about 1 gallon of water per week. To obtain a sufficient flow, the current experimental setup uses two watering units per plant and a 2-gallon water tank (bucket) at a height of 1-2 feet above the bottom of each pot. After one week, one of the buckets was almost empty, while the other one had lost less than 1 gallon. I think I will be able to optimize the system such that I can go away for about 2-3 weeks. However, the optimization procedure will take some time, and the water flow will change significantly with the falling water level in the bucket. It would be better to have an electronically controlled system that releases a well-defined amount of water at given time intervals....more info
  • Worked for me
    I was concerned about my plants while I was away on vacation for two weeks, but when I returned home my plants were in excellent shape. I've actually decided to just use the probes regularly. The probes are inexpensive and easy to use. I'm sure results may vary, but you can always start using the probes before you go away and monitor the results, so you will have a general idea of what to expect. ...more info
  • no need to bother the neighbors
    I bought a set of these. I thought they would work since my mom had once used her own homemade "cord in tube" version of this years ago and the plants did survive! I let my mom have at this new ceramic version and it was great. I put one end in large water gallon bottle. Mom added her touch and used a hot nail to poke hole in the bottle lid in order to close the bottle. The water lasted a month. I plan on getting more for all my potted plants. I think that you need to read the directions and soak the probe, then adjust how many per plant based on your environment and plant size. But they do work!...more info
  • Working as advertised so far
    I have 10 outdoor plants (6 Geraniums & 4 Ferns) that I was hoping to save over the winter. I've got the 10 probes sharing the water from 3 different one gallon buckets. After two months all are doing quite well & showing new growth. You can see that soil is moist without being drenched.

    The one suggestion I have is for larger plants to plan on buying two probes. My largest plant (which is still doing well) is the only one that appears a little on the dry side at times.

    This is actually recommended in the brochure that comes with the product, but would have been nice to know at the time of purchase....more info
  • Works well
    I purchased 1 pack of 5 probes. They work very well so far. I am using them to water my plants I am over-wintering in the greenhouse. I just put a couple of buckets of water about the floor and dropped the ends of the tubes in. I have to refill or top off the buckets every so often.

    Overall, I recommend the probes, they seem to do the trick....more info
  • just ok, not great
    I've been using these for a little over two weeks as a test run for when I travel for a month later in the summer, and they basically work like an IV for your plants. In that regard they do work as advertised. However, I have found that most houseplants do not do well on a continuous supply of water. I have a wide variety of houseplants, the only ones that seem to do well with these are the palms. Most of my other houseplants now have fruit flies hanging around them attacking the roots. 2 of my plants I had to actually throw out because the roots started rotting. I am letting my other plants dry out, hopefully I can save them.

    So these are not the answer to watering your plants when away on vacation, unless you are gone for a week or less. I would not recommend them for a 2 week or more period, unless they are palms. For many plants a drip feed timed system would be better so that the roots can dry out sufficiently so they don't rot. I'll consider this a lesson learned, but in the future I will only use these for plants that I know will do well with constantly moist soil....more info
  • could not get them to work
    I tested these before I left for vacation. They did not seem to work at all. I was using them on outside pots and unless I was doing something wrong no water came out of them from the water bowl...more info