Fast Grow ethnic hair growth enhancer

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  • Ideal for relaxed, damaged, or color treated hair
  • Specially formulated hair vitamins for ethnic hair types
  • Contains essential oils for moisturizing dry hair types
  • Essential black hair care product

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't Buy Save Your Money... and Your Hair!
    I bought this product after reading all the reviews it recieved. I took the pills and saw the growth BUT there were concequences. If you are the type to take pills forever for your hair growth, then this product is for you. But I'm not. When I stopped taking these pills, my hair started to fall out. Looking back on it my hair was shedding and breaking from the roots for about 8 months total (less and less each month). I stared using DAX and Optimum Oil Therapy Dry Hair Healer. I put the two in a container that I can use directly on my scalp and it's been great every since. Find out what your hair type you have and educate yourself on products or natural ingredients that really work for your own scalp.
    1 Corinthians 11:15
    But long hair is something for the woman to be proud of. Her hair has been given to her for a covering.
    God Bless
    ...more info
  • It's working for me
    Before buying this product, I read most of the reviews - pro and con. I'm glad I decided to take a chance. My natural hair has grown almost an inch in the same time it took to grow an eighth of an inch. I can tell because my hair was tinted just before I bought the product, and I'm watching the dark roots grow in. My hair is also fluffier and fuller. I will reorder....more info
  • try it!
    I started taking this product about 3 weeks ago and i seen a big difference!! Ive seen less breakage, and ive seen less hair in my comb when i combed it out. My hair has gotten thicker and I also noticed that it grew about an inch!! im not even kidding. I gave this one a try even though i was hesitant at first. I heard very good reviews about it. Now I ordered my second bottle!! I cant wait to see what happens after 45 days!...more info
  • simply amazing!!!
    This product is simply amazing,im so happy i found this product, especially since african americans have such a hard time growing their hair long, my hair has grown an inch in only three weeks, that's twice the rate it normally grows....more info
  • Cheesy name, great product!
    Have been using this for 6 months and my hair has grown from chin length to a little past my shoulders. Finally a product that does what it claims. It really did take 45 days to start working and works better if you take 1 morning, afternoon and night. Fast grow along with Profectiv products is the perfect duo for black hair care!...more info
  • Not sure if it's working ...
    Fast Grow ethnic hair growth enhancer

    well I've been taking it as religiously as possible only for about a month or so and i don't think that a good basis for review since most products require about 90days to take effect. i will not try it again, i don't think because it just doesn't seem legitimate enough and the dosage listed don't seem high enough. it's one more pill i have to swallow anyway..hehe... i can do without. I may try something different and something i can easily pick up at local health store. thanks...more info
  • WOW!!
    I wear my hair natural and since cutting my locs last year in the hope of growing it out long - I've been looking for a quality "hair" vitamin to help supplement my regular haircare routine. I purchased Fast Grow in March and after finishing my 1st bottle (taking them as instructed - 3x/day)....I was shocked to see how much my hair had grown when I decided to finally blow it out w/ the hair dryer.

    I'm presently wearing my hair in braids but I intend to continue taking this vitamin til the end of the year or up until my hair has reached shoulder length. I'd say at the rate it's growing - I'll definitely reach my goal length by early 2009!!

    Consider me a repeat buyer! ...more info
    I did alot of research before buying these pills and I must say I was very pleased. The only reason I gave it a 4 rating is because you have to take 3 pills a day and I tend to forget. I've used these pills for 30 days and probably within the first 2 weeks I saw noticable growth in my roots. 30 days later I have 2 inches of new growth (yes I measured)..and I have to keep cutting my nails cuz they are growing so long. My hair which is curly is alot softer, manageable and fuller since using these pills..people actually comment on the difference. I'm ordering my next bottle tonight!!...more info
  • Just got it "HOPEFULLY IT WORKS"
    Mar/30/2009 I've just received my Fast Grow Pills in the mail and I'm gonna give them a try ("HOPEFULLY THEY WORK")I've never really had any faith in pills that claimed to help grow out hair but after viewing the reviews for these pills I've decided to give them a chance i hope they don't prove me right by not working, but if so it's okay I'll just take the natural way and depend on my own hair growth rate besides i have a pretty good grade of hair anyway i just won't to cheat a Lil Bit I'll let everybody know in two months about my progress because I've ordered a two month supply but until then ("OVER & OUT")!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • This product really works
    I have been using fast grow for about a month now and my hair hair has grown out a lot since using it. I have to admit I thought the vitamins wouldn't work and that I would be wasting my money on another product that claims to grow black hair and doesn't but this product really does work. I starting using it after a bad and way too short haircut that was suppose to be just a little trim for split ends. My hair has not only grown back in a month but is longer than it was before. My nails are much longer also, and my hair looks and feels so much better. It looks healthy! I take the fast grow along with my daily vitamins and it works great. ...more info
  • So far satisfied customer. ;-)
    I have been taking this product for 13 days now. My hair has seems more healthy and I can feel my new growth in the back already. I already had long hair but it seems like my hair would not grow past a certain point. I already had a good grade of hair already but now it seems like my new growth is even wavier than before. I brought 2 bottles of this product because it said after 45 days you should see results (guaranteed or your money back), If I can already see a improvement after 13 days I can't wait to see it after 45 days. I promise to keep you all posted and come back to give you a update after a month or so....more info
  • Shiny healthy hair..
    Okay, I know I may sound silly, but this product really makes my hair shiny and healthy. Once my hair grows to a certain length, it usually starts to break. I have not had any breakage since using this product (almost 6 months now). Also, my stylist said she's notice a big difference in my hair. I really love this product. I just wish I could remember to take it as I should. Even when missing days, my hair still remains healthy. I am usually a skeptic, but this has worked for me. Remember, all things aren't for everyone, so if you try it and it doesn't work for you, don't knock the product... maybe it's just not for you!!!...more info
  • Awesome product!
    I started using this product and saw results in less than three weeks. My beautician noticed that my hair was growing as well. My mom started using it and she tried just about everything else to help her thinning hair but nothing worked. She even had shots in her head to help her hair grow. The vitamins were the only product that helped and she is a faithful customer.
    It aso helps your nails grow so forget getting the false nails! (laughing)While you are taking these vitamins make sure you drink plenty of water and eat right to get the full benefits....more info
  • best product ever
    my daughter has always longed to get beautiful long hair after 7 weeks her hair grew 6 inches. But because her hair is already long and natural not relaxed and she gets in all her fruits and vegetables and exercise speed up the process. And right now she is using pantene relaxed and natural which makes her her shiny, soft and beautiful.A few weeks later she relaxed her hair and its down to her waist.She's 13 years old too amazing product...more info
  • Waiting for results
    The jury is still out...

    This is my second bottle of Ethnic Grow hair supplements, and I have not seen enough credible growth to post an honest review. I want to give myself a minimum of 60 days to observe real 'changes'(if any )in growth. I will up date my comments when I have completed the final bottle....more info
  • 2 Months--No Results So Far!
    I used to take a hair/nail & skin vitamin i bought from the cheap-o discount store down the street--cost $1.99 & was a no-name brand. i kid thee not my hair was thicker & fuller within wks. i swore by those things until the store suddenly stopped selling them--i have no idea what the name was or where else to get them. been looking for a replacement ever since. came across Fast Growth, been taking them for almost 3 months now and have seen no results whatsoever in hair growth at all--wont be ordering again. Sometimes the cheap no-name stuff is just better. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I have been using this product for only a little while...less than two months! I have already seen new growth...more than two inches and it is amazing! I love it! Thanks exotic allure!...more info
  • No Change
    I have been using this product for a few weeks now. I have not noticed anything new. Still have slight breakage and no noticable growth. And yes, I am active, drinkin lots of wated and watching my diet ( since that seems to be advice that most get when the poduct isnt working) I will finish my bottle and just see if I notice anything by then. Not sayin its a good or bad product. Right now, I guess I'm still waiting for some results. ...more info
  • placebo vitamins
    I purchased four(4) bottles of this product to get an accurate assessment of its effectiveness. I might have well used 1-A-Day instead( Vitamins A+E aid in hair growth.) Following instructions, four months have produced no noticable effect. Perhaps its ingredients have varying effects between body chemistry types. ...more info
  • Not happy either
    I have been taking exotic allure for two months and my hair has not grown any. I have started taking hairfinity vitamins and I have noticed a difference in as little as a week. I would recommend these pills. ...more info
  • It actually works!
    This product truly works.

    I'm not the type of buyer that will lie.

    Fast Grow really does grow your hair fast. Of course, it's not going to make your hair grow down your back overnight, but I saw results after using this product a week and half.

    It works!!! I'm going to order another bottle.

    Once again: It really works! lol, I think every Black woman in America should use this product. I even told the company I am willing to work for them, to make sure that this product gets the exposure it needs....more info


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