Synovi G3 Granules, 960 Gram Container

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Product Description

A comprehensive nutritional supplement combining 900 mg Glucosamine HCI, 800 mg MSM, 500 mg Creatine Monohydrate, 300 mg Perna Canaliculus, 180 mg EPA, 120 mg DHA, 10 mg Vitamin C, 50 IU Vitamin E and fortified with carbohydrates, amino acids and minerals in every 8 gram scoop. Various ingredients provide specific nutrients for joint health and maintenance. Directions for Initial Administration (4 to 6 week period): 5 to 15 pounds - 1/4 scoop per day, 15 to 30 pounds - 1/2 scoop per day, 30 to 60 pounds - 1 scoop per day, 60 to 100 pounds - 2 scoops per day, over 100 pounds - 2 1/2 scoops per day. Directions: 5 to 30 pounds - reduce to every other day dosing, 30 to 60 pounds - 1/2 scoop per day, 60 to 100 pounds - 1 scoop per day, over 100 pounds - 1 1/2 scoops per day

  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Contains glucosamine and perna canaliculus to revitalize the joint matrix rebuild cartilage
  • Contains msm a naturally occurring nutrient that helps relieve the pain involved in arthritic joints
  • contains omega-3 fatty acids
  • truly complete geriatric supplement for dogs and cats

Customer Reviews:

  • It Works.
    I have a 12 year old Giant Dog (Bernese Mountain Dog).

    Without the synovi, she cannot even stand up. Her hips are that bad.

    With the synovi, she runs around, plays, acts like she did when she was much much younger. Literally, she *runs* with it, and can not even remain standing without it. She has been on Synovi for over 1 1/2 years, I started giving it to her the day she couldn't stand up on her own.

    I've tried others, they don't seem to work nearly as well.

    Your mileage may vary....more info
  • Lexy
    After my dog had an ACL operation and she's got a touch of arthritis, our doctor recommended this product. We give it to her every day, mixed with her food and she's responded perfectly. It works for us....more info
  • Sadie loves it!
    This product has dramatically helped my dog. She was limping and had a hard time getting up. Not anymore. Half the price the vet charges! I put one scoop on her food and mix hot water with it to make a gravy. She loves her soup!...more info
  • Safe pain relief at a great price
    I have been giving my precious old friend and secret favorite child, a big black & white, blue eyed Lab-Husky mix (I think) for about 5 years. I use the powder form because it mixes well into her food and seems to actually improve the flavor for her (she'll lick the dry powder if I let her). Most importantly, it has made a real difference in reducing the swelling and pain from her very arthritic joints. It is important to mention, as others have, that the product usually takes about 3 months to show its effects, so a bit of patience is called for. Also, the literature suggests that this type of supplement works for about 65% of dogs, so there is a chance it won't help, but certainly well worth a 3 month's worth investment at Amazon's price. This is actually the first time I'm purchasing this from Amazon, and I could kick myself for not checking here sooner since I shop here with some regularity. Forget the Vet. Although my vet first suggested Synovi (thank you very much), his price was $80, and that was 5 years ago! Fortunately a vet assistant suggested that I might find it less expensive online and when I did, that same day, I was able to return the overpriced purchase to the Vet's office. Since then I have been purchasing from another internet source at about $44 + shipping, per 960 gm tub, not bad at all, but not near Amazon's price. The bottom line is that this stuff works (and in spite of the literature I don't know any pooch for whom it hasn't worked as advertised) and you can't beat Amazon's price, even without free shipping. If your best friend suffers from arthritic pain and swelling, I highly recommend giving Synovi G3 a try, and get it here as long as the price is right....more info
  • Synovi G3 Granules enhance movement
    I have used this product on two geriatric dogs with arthritis and one adult dog with hip dsyplasia for a year, and I can attest to the fact that it works. It is not an instantaneous cure... it takes about two weeks to kick in, but once it does, it makes the difference between your dogs being able to walk versus not being able to get up. It also is not cheap, but I believe you get what you pay for (though I wouldn't mind a coupon once in a while). I use the granules, and at first you start with two scoops a day and put it right in their dog food with a little water, then once you start seeing results, you can cut back to one scoop a day. I know it works because a couple of times I ran out, and a few days later, my dogs were feeling it and showing it....more info
  • So far, so good.
    The dogs don't really seem to mind this supplement, it comes in a nice little bucket with a scooper, and it looks like coffee granules.They eat everything in their bowl. It's kinda hard to tell if it's working,but they are active and hopefully they will continue to be that way. ...more info
  • Tasty and effective!
    I have been giving either G3 or another Synovi product (MSM, which I think is an earlier version?) to my 15-year-old 60lb. mutt for almost 10 years (I started worrying early about her aging!). My vet, and everyone else who meets my pup cannot believe her age. Part of it is genetics, I'm sure (she's always been very agile and bendy), but my vet believes the supplement has played a role in her amazingly youthful appearance, energy level, and overall condition. I think it also makes her food more tasty....more info
  • Great Stuff for your dog
    I have been using this for my older dog's joints for a couple of years. It really makes a difference in how she feels. She has less pain and is able to get up and down easier. My vet was the one the suggested using it....more info
  • Hip displaysia remedy
    Our 6 year old Lab mix was recently diagnosed with hip displaysia by the vet. He recommed that we try a glucosomine/conchrotin supplement before considering surgery. Our dog would some times not be able to get up and could barely walk, but with noticable pain. We have been using Synovi G4 granules for about 2-3 months now and the dog has not had any recurring incidents. We also started giving it to our 4 year old registered Lab as a precautionary method. We would highly recommend this product.

    Wesley...more info
  • Great stuff!
    I'm not a vet, but I highly recommend Synovi G3 to anyone with a large breed older dog. It is a healthy alternative to anti-inflammation drugs like Rimadyl that can cause liver damage when used long term. It gets the job done as far as achy joints, but it's also good for their general well-being - full of omega-3, vitamins, etc. My boys (black labs) have shiny, beautiful coats......more info
  • Synovi Healing
    I have been using this product for 18 months now, and prior to finding Synovi my sweet Lab was almost crippled. Since I have had him on Synovi he has gone from painful joints and crippling arthritic pain to running, jumping and a loving temperment. I give this product a ten-out-of-ten. I recommend it to any pet owner for joint pain and swelling! I have found nothing else that works like this, certainly not Vet meds...the side effects can be just as debilitating as the problem. Kudos!!!...more info
  • Synovi G3 granules for dogs
    I am very pleased with Synovi. It saved my dog from getting surgery. She is a two year old Bloodhound that pulled a tendon in her knee and could not walk. My vet recommended Synovi before we tried surgery and she has recovered beautifully. It has been about two years since her injury and you can't even tell that anything ever happened to her. I use it as preventative maintanance for my other dogs now....more info
  • Synovi G3 Granules
    My dog has had one scoop a day for over three years now. At 10 he could no longer jump into the back of my car. He could barley get up off the floor. He would walk a little and then lay down. Now, at thirteen he jumps in the car with ease, takes walks and gets up and down smoothly. He has never minded the taste of it in his food. You have to be consistent and give it everyday and then stand back and watch the gradual change for the better. ...more info
  • Joint pain relief for dogs
    G3s Synovi has helped our 14 year old English setter regain his ability to do stairs in our home. He was not able to climb or be comfortable lying down. For two years now, he has been able to move with greater ease and has less pain from his aging hips. Steroids could not give him the relief he has now.

    If your dog is suffering from joint or inflammation problems, give it a good 3 month try. I believe you will see a substantial change.

    I paid twice the price at local vet supplies until I found the internet source....more info
  • Synovi G3 Granules
    I received this product extremely fast and am very happy with it.
    My dog is not stiff like before when getting up. She eats it right along
    with her kibble with no problems. Would recommend....more info