Missing Link Plus with Glucosamine (Canine) - 5 pounds

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Product Description

THE MISSING LINK is the original super-food supplement created by a Veterinarian to provide essential fatty acids, fiber and phytonutrients for optimum health. Formulated with all natural, human grade whole foods, The Missing Link reintroduces essential nutrients missing from commercial pet diets. The synergistic blend found exclusively in The Missing Link brings results like: Beautiful shiny coat, Decreased shedding, Healthy skin, Relief from hot spots, Reduced allergies, Improved digestion, Balanced energy levels, Reduced inflammation. Formulated with food, not synthetics, there is no risk of over-supplementation. All formulas are free of preservatives, fillers, gluten, cholesterol, artificial flavors and colors. Discover the miracle of The Missing Link for yourself today! The Plus formula adds glucosamine HCI to all-natural, human grade whole foods, carefully chosen for their nutrient profile and synergistic effects. Missing Link Plus provides all of the benefits of the original Missing Link, but with the added value of 500 mg of glucosamine HCI per dosage. Daily dosage: Up to 20 pounds - 1 teaspoon; 20 to 40 pounds - 2 teaspoons; 40 to 80 pounds - 3 teaspoons; 80 to 100 pounds - 4 teaspoons; over 100 pounds - 6 teaspoons. *Not recommended as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles. This product is intended for supplemental feeding only. 1 lb. is approximately a 2 month supply for an average size dog.

  • Formulated with highest quality, all-natural whole foods
  • Ingredients chosen for their nutrient profile and synergistic effects
  • Formula is rich in flaxseed, the richest vegetable source of Omega-3
  • Contains lignans, protein, and fiber
  • Delivers "living molecules" such as enzymes, friendly bacteria, and phytonutrients

Customer Reviews:

  • My dog waits for me to sprinkle the "magic dust" on his food
    I have a five year old Golden. He has had skin and fur troubles since he was 1 yr. old. I started giving him Missing Link Plus and he troubles disappeared. He sheds less. His fur is soft and cuddily. He scratches less.

    I also started giving it to my sister's 13 yr. old golden and he is more active and is able to climb the stairs agin. He feels and acts like a younger dog. He is not jumping off the dock into the water any more, but at least he is able to climb the stairs to get out of the water when he does go in.

    This is the second five pound bag I have bought. It lasted almost a year 'cause he does use / get as much in the winter. ...more info
  • Great product
    I give this to my younger performance dogs as well as my senior couch potatoes, to keep their bodies and joints healthy. It makes a visible difference in their coats and overall vitality....more info
  • Best supplement for dogs!
    I give this supplement to my 2 boxers every morning (and the feline formula to my Maine Coon cat - 5" long fur that SHINES!)and they love it! It makes their fur sleek and glossy, and helps the older dog's stiff joints. I've been giving it to them for years and it's worth every penny!...more info
  • Great for large dog breeds prone to joint/hip problems
    Been using it for years,have a Rottweiler. She's getting older now we'll see how she's holding up. She loves the stuff. It's human grade....more info
  • Excellent product and delivery!
    The product was delivered the next day and we have used this product for 3 years now with excellent results!...more info
  • great price, fast shipping
    This is great stuff for your dog. I have a large breed and I liked the fact it includes the glucosamine for his joints. The shipping was fast, free and a great price for the product. I will continue to buy from this vendor....more info
  • Excellent price for a wonderful product
    My dogs love this stuff, they will eat it right off the spoon. I have basset hounds and they both have hip and leg troubles, it just comes with the breed. I have noticed a marked difference in their joint pain since I have been using the Missing Link Plus. Also their coats seem to be shinier and their all around health is just better. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Missing Link Plus with Glucosamine (Canine) - 5 pounds
    Excellent product at a great price....more info
  • Super Supplement
    I love this product!! I have one older lab that has arthritis, and the glucosamine really helps her stiffness. Both of my dogs shed less, and have better coats when on their Missing Link. Our younger lab loves to swim in our pool in the summer, and this supplement keeps his skin from drying out. We will always give our dogs missing link!!...more info
  • Missing link plus review
    Quick and easy to order and received the product as promised. I am ordering again....more info
  • Missing Link plus
    Excellent product, my dogs hair and skeen have been great since the use of it....more info
  • Great Product, Price & Service
    The whole transaction went without a hitch. I got exactly what I wanted at an exceptional price with absolutely no issues. I highly recommend this vender as I have done business with them before. To date I have made 4 purchases from them and I've had a great experience every time. Kudos to Amazon and Entirely Pets!!! Thanks....more info
  • missing link plus
    have large breed dogs prone to allergies and hip problems. Have been using for 4years, and proud to say no health problems. Coats are luxurious and soft. No physical structural problems (hip displasia) evident thus far. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I have three dogs and see a big difference in their coats, they shed a lot less and have more energy (especially my 14 year old). This is a great product....more info
  • Just as promised
    The product arrived before the expected date of delivery and was exactly as it was advertised. It was a perfect transaction....more info
  • Missing Link = no more stiff joints for Molly
    Missing Link Plus with Glucosamine (Canine) - 5 pounds
    Molly, my wonderful golden retriever, has been receiving a tablespoon of Missing Link for about 18 months. She no longer has difficultly getting up in the morning or after her naps and runs at the park with the youngest of her buddies. She is now 8 years old. I buy the 5 pound bag, fill my original one pound pouch to keep in my refrigerator and the rest of the 5 pound bag goes in the freezer. I think it has reduced her shedding, but with a golden, shedding is just part of our life!...more info
  • Great Stuff!
    We've been giving this to our dog for several years now. Recently we're also giving her some of Natures Greens. The Glucosamine really makes a difference, she's 9 years old and still runs like a greyhound!...more info
  • Missing Link Plus w/Glucosamine
    We have purchased this product for over three years, but we paid too much at a pet supply store. Purchasing the 5# bag via the Internet was less than half the price we were paying, including the shipping! This is the way to go....more info
  • Missing Link Plus
    This product is fantastic. When we first tried it, our 14 year old chow was suffering from arthritis and was on pain meds. Within two weeks of taking this product, she was off the pain meds and only needs it two or three times a year. This product is terrific!...more info
  • Great for your dogs coat
    Have been using this product for years. I have two dogs, both rescued. One was rescued late in his life and was a mess. His coat has changed drastically. Everywhere we go, people make comments about their shiny and beautiful coats. They are both very healthy so hopefully it has been good for their insides as well....more info
  • Missing Link Canine Plus
    This is the best product we have found for all of our dogs. We now have 3 60lb. dogs and they all get it 3-5 times a week. We found our first dog and she was so emanciated and sick. She came back to life after a few weeks on this product. The other two we got from the humane shelter and they both needed tender loving care. Worked like a charm. One is a Queensland Blue Heeler and his coat is so beautiful and full. We also had 2 Boston Terriers when we first learned of this product. They had allergies to it seemed everything. This product helped them through out their entire life. We will use Missing Link as long as we have dogs. ...more info
  • Worth it!
    My dogs love this stuff and I have noticed less shedding as well as improvement in arthritic discomfort....more info


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