Buddy Rinse Conditioner - Lavender & Mint Scented -19 oz
Buddy Rinse Conditioner - Lavender & Mint Scented -19 oz

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Product Description

Buddy Rinse is specially formulated with pure botanical extracts and natural oils to soften, shine, detangle and revitalize your pet's coat without using any harsh chemicals. Easily works into your pet's coat yet rinses completely. Buddy Rinse is not tested on animals and is safe for human use.

Customer Reviews:

  • Buddy Rinse
    I love this conditioner. It makes my dogs coat really soft and manageable (as manageable as a dogs coat can be!) plus it smells wonderful! ...more info
  • Buddy Wash
    This product is wonderful. The scent is nice and it works great on my dog, his fur is shinier and more healthy looking. When I used a cheap store brand my dogs hair was rough and dry but with Buddy Wash Shampoo and conditioner his fur is healthy and wonderful and on top of that it smells great!...more info
  • Love this stuff
    Used the Buddy products once and I was hooked. The smell really stays with your dog and keeps them fresh and clean. This rinse keeps the coat soft and rinses out the soap. Works great!...more info
  • Doggy Loved it!
    My dog LOVED Buddy Rinse (and Buddy Wash). And the fragrance lasted on her coat for several days...a pleasant surprise. Will purchase again....more info
  • Great conditioner
    This is probably my favorite conditioner for my dog. It leaves this soft and snuggable and best of all, its actually smells like lavander mint! The scent last longer than other condtioners I've used. Would trully recommend this product to my friends and family :)...more info
  • Two PAWS Way Up!
    This stuff is FANTASTIC! I have a little Yorkie with medium length hair - and I have tried half of the Shampoo's/Condtioner's on the market and this Cloud Star Buddy Rinse works the best BY FAR! It leaves the hair SUPER soft, SUPER silky, and VERY managable! Trust me, I've tried a TON - and the rest are just sitting under the cabinet not even being used. Buddy Rinse is THE BEST (yeah, and you GOTTA get the shampoo too!) We give it two PAWS up! ;) ...more info
  • Awesome
    I did a review for the shampoo, so I won't say much here. This is great stuff. Although I have never used the shampoo alone or the conditioner alone -- both together make the best combination dog shampoo and conditioner on the market. You won't be disappointed. People will rave about your dog constantly. ...more info
  • Simply the best!!!!
    Simply the best there is in my opinion and I've tried many products on our beloved Bichon Frise. A must have along with the shampoo and buddy splash. Made from natural herbs, botanicals, and essential oils leaving our pooch smelling great but not perfumey like other brands. I mix the conditioner in a spray bottle with water for spot treating mats during bath time. And, find it helps tremendously with tangles and mats on long haired dogs.
    I also love the fact that it's made from natural botanicals, herbs and essential oils too. No harsh chemicals to damage, strip, or irritate the skin and coat.

    ...more info
  • Nice product for doggies
    I had heard great reviews of this brand.
    I can't tell much about the shampoo but the conditioner makes
    a difference on my scottish terrier. It makes her hair look and feel
    silkier where it is usually kinda poofy and frizzy....more info


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