25 pregnancy test strips

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Product Description

HOW DOES IT WORK? Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone, produced by the developing placenta shortly after the conception and secreted into the urine. The pregnancy test contains antibodies which specifically react with this hormone. HOW TO READ THE RESULTS Negative (not pregnant): Only one color band appears, in the Control Zone. No apparent band on the Test Zone. This indicates that no pregnancy has been detected. Positive (pregnant): Distinct color bands appear in the Control and Test Zones. It indicates that you are pregnant. The color intensity of the test bands may vary since different stages of pregnancy have different concentrations of HCG hormone.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Great Bargain!
    I've used these a few times when I suspected I might be pregnant and the results were negative. It's a fantastic bargain if they work and I have no complaints yet....more info
  • Inexpensive & Easy
    This is a great product and is so much cheaper then the ones you buy in the store. ...more info
  • Accurate AND Cheap
    I wish I had known about these sooner! I have been TTC for a year and have purchased expensive tests at the drug store the entire time. But after suffering a miscarriage and knowing that I would start testing again, I found these! I received them right after my miscarriage and used them to check my beta levels to make sure they were dropping properly. I would rate these tests as extremely sensitive! I took a test after having my blood taken by the doctor and doing a urine test at the doctor's office. My HCG level was around 20 and the urine test at the doctor's office came up negative. But this test came up as a positive! It wasn't until my levels were below 20 did this test read negative! That's amazing. So I will be using them as we try again and will feel confident that they will give me a early result. Great product!
    The only trick with these is that they are not mid-stream tests. They are simply little test strips (they are the size of dipsticks that you test your urine with at the doctor's office for various things). So you must pee into a cup (I used the tiny throw-away bathroom sized "Solo" cups) and dip the stick up to a line that is marked on the strip. I saw results within minutes. Each strip is individually wrapped....more info
  • Worth it!
    Excellent! Worth it! Get it, follow the instructions and you are set. Don't spend a lot money in drug stores one. Good luck!...more info
    I loved the price on these tests, but the ones I got just plain didn't work. I kept testing and thinking that I wasn't pregnant, even though my period was late. Finally I said to myself 'perhaps it has something to do with the ghetto-cheap tests you bought on the internet.' Turns out, it did. I bought a couple tests at the store and they both showed positive. After several more days I tried these strips again and there was still no positive result. Save yourself the hassle....more info
  • OH YEH
  • No early detection here
    I have been taking these tests since about 7-8dpo and nothing. I also tried dollar tree brand because their detection is low too 25miu and nothing. Finally at 10.5DPO I use a First Response Early Result and there it is my BFP. That was yesterday. I take another one of these tests today and still a BFN.

    So while I wish I can say these cheap ones work, (I really really do for the price)they are not picking up what the expensive brand does. And if your like me you want to know early well these just aren't cutting it....more info
  • Productr great but shipping took forever!!!
    So, these work fine and I think they are a good value for the money. However, it took well over two weeks to receive them. Since they didn't arrive in time I had to buy some at Wal-Mart (another $12 down the drain), So, I would suggest that if you want to use these any time soon you order them now because they will take awhile to arrive. Also, they are much smaller and flimsy than over the counter sticks so buy some little dixie cups to use as a specimen holder. Otherwise you ruin the test or you make a mess. Either way, not good. ...more info
  • Accurate and affordable
    They work great and are just as accurate as the expensive brand-name early tests. Their level of sensitivity is down to 20mIU hCG, so you know you'll be able to test much sooner than usual and get results. It's fun to test once a day and see how the second "you're pregnant" line gets darker with time -- especially since they're so cheap!...more info
  • excellent
    I was very happy when the strips arrived and they work great, especially for the price. Also on the packing invoice there was a hand written note that said "good luck" with a smiley face! It may not sound like much but it really was nice that they spend the time for their customers and I would definitely order from them again!!...more info
  • Worth the money
    These strips worked great for me, as I too have irregular cycles...so, just to be sure when my cycles were so long I took at least one of these every week and came up positive (didn't think it would be)!! I took another, same result, then I bought the more expensive brand just to be sure...since my BFP a week ago, i've taken like 5 more of these and they have gotten darker each time! I still have plenty left too. They are definately worth it imo, rather than spending lots of $ on a bunch of store bought tests....more info
  • very accurate!
    I bought these and ovulation test strips when my husband and I were trying for our 2nd baby. I got a positive four days before my period was due. The first response digital that I bought as back up didn't register a positive for 2 more days....more info
  • Cheap and work great
    These test work great. We are on month 10 of trying to concive, so I have spent more than my fair share on pregnancy tests. I have never even gotten an evap line on these, which is very nice when you're obsessive about every "faint" line you see. I have yet to recive a postitive, but I am looking forward to that day!...more info
  • great and cheap!
    i am a poas addict and these feed my need each month. they work great however, i have gotten a few nasty evaps out of them... but 2 out of 50 isnt bad at all! i will def be buying this product again and again while on my mission to ttc......more info
  • 100% accurate & excellent seller, both reliable.
    Cant beat the price nor quality. 100% trustworthy. Will always use both product and seller. Thumbs up!...more info
  • Pretty easy, and accurate
    Have a stash of disposable cups at the ready, and be prepared to wait several minutes for results. A couple of times, we thought we saw a faint line, but I think we just wanted to see it that badly. By the time it really was positive, it showed up pretty boldly. Great tests for that incessant testing we do when we're "trying". Just be prepared to wait for the results. I would use them again....more info
  • Excellent bargain!!
    I bought these because the reviews are great and I was going to go bankrupt buying name brand tests. I read a lot that the line was kind of light, but when I used them (I've used 2 already)the line was just as dark as a store bought test. These are an excellent bargain for those who are trying to get pregnant and get a little over zealous with the tests. They are so cheap, I can justify using a couple in a month and not freak out. They took a little while to get here, but well worth the wait....more info
  • Great if you are TTC
    This product is great if you are having to test many times. The cost of the tests that you buy in a drugstore are way too expensive and these did the trick. I did buy a regular test to confirm the positive results that I got with these tests, but I really didn't need to. I highly recommend these tests to someone who is TTC and wants to test alot....more info
  • Used To Pay More...NEVER AGAIN!
    I was one of those people who used to get the most expensive pregnancy tests with all the fancy names and bells and whistles. I figured that would be SURE to get me the very best results. We had been trying for years and I can't even wager a guess as to how much money I dropped on those outrageously priced tests.

    A friend of mine had actually purchased both the ovulation predictors AND the pregnancy tests after trying to conceive for a significant amount of time. Both tests worked, and I was given her remaining tests. Admittedly I scoffed at them because they were these flimsy looking little things, but they were free and I figured "why not".

    I had very irregular periods so missing one was never a big deal, however another friend of mine insisted I HAD to be pregnant. I was sure I was not, mostly because I had stopped allowing myself to get my hopes up anymore. She persisted that I was and just to "shut her up" I told her I would take a test. There was NO WAY I was going to buy an expensive test just to "show her I was right" so I thought I'd whip out one of these tests.

    Lo and behold the first test came up with two lines. I thought "wow. these really are junk! Nice false positive! Psssh." So I take another. Then a third. They all came out positive. I called my friend and wept into the phone that she was right. She came by and we went to the doctor who confirmed the pregnancy.

    I am now five months pregnant and will never use another pregnancy test again! I was definitely taught a very "valuable" lesson!!! These things WORK!...more info
  • Accutech pg test strips, IC's
    I've bought tons of these over the past couple of years, and I've found them to be quite reliable. I have never had a false positive result, and actually got a BFP (positive) at only 7DPO. At that time, it only appeared as a pink smudge from the control line down to the test stick, but it stayed pink. Over the next few days, it was clear there were two pink lines. I've also never gotten an evaporation line on these, like I have with some store bought tests. I like them because they retain their results over a year later - I still have my positive tests from July 2006. This is a great product, and cheap too! ...more info
  • Why Pay More
    I ordered this item after spending alot of money on pregnancy tests not to mention the many trips to the drug store. So far,they results have been accurate and they are clear to read. The test line shows up right away, but after two minutes it become alot darker. They do not come with directions and can be messy because there is no cap to hold and leakage. Overall, I think they serve their purpose and save me money at the same time. Good luck to all the ladies trying to concieve!...more info
  • Test of Patience
    I don't think I would purchase these pregnancy test strips again. They may be cheap, but I got several false positives using these. They got my hopes up... only to find that I wasn't pregnant. I'd rather spend a little more money and get the straight facts....more info
  • Light line, but works!
    Ok, so I bought these tests a little too late! I found out I was pregnant BEFORE they arrived. Still, just for confirmation, I used a couple. Although the line was faint, it was definitely there. They're inexpensive and work just fine!...more info
  • I will never buy another pregnancy test from a drugstore again!
    These are more sensitive and WAY cheaper than the kind you buy at the store... and at about 1.00 a test why not??? most store brands measure hormones at 50 while these measure 20!! the most sensitive you can get! you can start testing way before your period is due... i belive 10dpo?? maybe even 8?? but dont quote me... if you are a pee on a stick addict these are for you!...more info
  • Why spend more?
    These worked great for me - I started testing early (you can waste these as they are so cheap) and the day I finally tested positive I used 5 just to be sure (and double-checked with a more expensive model). Definitely get these....more info