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With less drama and more slapstick than its predecessor, Disney's Mulan II continues the animated saga of the young Chinese heroine, Fa Mulan (voiced by Ming-Na Wen, sung by Lea Salonga). The story picks up one month after Mulan has saved her country through bravery and determination. Revered by all, she now returns to her village and becomes engaged to General Li Shang. Wedding plans must wait, however, when the Emperor assigns the couple to a secret mission to escort his three princess daughters across China where their arranged marriages to waiting princes will secure an alliance with a rival kingdom and save China from invasion. Meanwhile, Mulan's wise-cracking guardian dragon, Mushu (voiced by Mark Moseley), realizes that if Mulan's marriage takes place, he is out of a job and so he undertakes his "18-phase master plan" of relationship sabotage to breakup the happy couple. Most of the film's jokes come from Moseley's Mushu (as quick-witted as Eddie Murphy's earlier performance), while a trio of prankish soldiers provide additional comic relief. While the film's overall effort is not as sensational as the original, it offers solid family entertainment, healthy female role models, and a handful of catchy songs. (Ages 6 and older) --Lynn Gibson

Customer Reviews:

  • Mulan 11 is a hit!
    The movie was delivered promptly and in great condition and my grand daughters and I have enjoyed it very much....more info
  • UGH!
    I'm so angry! I LOVE the original Mulan, and I was hoping this would be half as good as the first. It wasn't even that.

    First of all, the music is awful and the animation lacks the romance, vision, and flow of the original. The original team worked hard with their concepts, which was obvious. Whoever made made this...did not.

    Second, the voice talent was severely lacking this time around. Even the characters who ended up with the same voice actors sounded a bit flat. Like the actors were rushed or as if they just didn't really care.

    Third, everyone seemed out of character! Not just their speech patterns, but in some cases their movements, manner, and ENTIRE PERSONALITIES were just...severely diminished or entirely changed. These are not the characters I fell in love with! At all!

    Fourth, everything was disgustingly predictable. Gee...Mulan's three male friends are looking for wives and just HAPPEN to help guard the three beautiful princesses? Golly...WHAT WILL HAPPEN? DUH. Can we say formula-written? The whole story was just...disappointing and derivative.

    Fifth, I found it insulting to ancient Chinese culture. Just because our modern Western culture does not think highly of or participate in arranged marriage doesn't mean it didn't happen, or that it wasn't accepted THERE. In fact, it is still widely practiced in many countries, and you know what? It often works out! It was a part of peoples culture, still IS a part of peoples culture, and ISN'T evil. I found this movies' villifying of arranged marriage and all who participate in it to be very insulting and typical "our USA way is the BEST way and the ONLY way, and everything else is WRONG". I hope they never showed this movie over in China, or else I'll be very embarassed for the USA.

    Sixth...ugh, nevermind. I don't even want to think about this awful movie anymore. They should have left the Mulan series as a single movie - the one that retold the original legend. But, being Disney, they just HAD to add a crappy sequel and capitalize on the wonderful original movie.

    The only reason this got 2 stars instead of one? Although the scene at the bridge has been done a million times over and is NOT original at all, it was well-done. Brought a tear to my eye, I admit. But it was a cheaply gained tear, because I've seen the same scene in 92752375 different movies.

    DO NOT see this movie if you love the original and don't want your vision of it tainted. This movie is crap. ...more info
  • Not a theatre release, but still a good sequel :)
    I found this dvd to be a worthy sequel to the first Mulan movie, with great animation, cute songs, and a cute story line. Sure I would have liked to see a scene of Mulan's wedding, or the three princess's get married to the three goofy soldiers, but other than that I was pleased. Sure the tiny dragon was annoying, but so was he in the first movie. I think people had way too high expectations for this release, and they need to accept it for what it is. Good Disney fun!...more info
  • Hmmm...
    Mulan seemed to be changing her whole personality. It seemed kind of girlish and dull that she have to act this way on the sequel. At least, she should be spunky. I can't really describe. The movie was good though. I wish it would go longer so it would complete the missing parts of the message....more info
  • disappointment. bad message.
    absolutely loved the original Mulan, memorized all the lines, being the only Disney movie in my house.
    Of course I was happy when the sequel came out, only to watch it and be utterly disgusted.

    First off, the characters are extremely out of character. Mulan is not herself at all, Shang is more mean, the Dad and the Mom really do not resemble chinese parents. Disney should've done some more research on chinese culture before throwing this sequel out. When I watched the movie I felt as if the characters were completely new. Not only that, but they really did not seem to have much character, they were stereotypicial. Mulan was all, follow my heart, blahblahblahish, when in the first movie she did her actions to save her father. The sequel has her depicted much more superficially. I also could not stand how much giggling there was between her and Shang, and they only got married after a month? O_o Way too much emphasis on infatuation. Mushu is extremely annoying in the sequel, and is really the only villian. there are no bad guys, which makes the plot boring and blah. The three princesses haven't much character, and annoyingly wish to "be like other girls".. what kind of morals are these?! They all succumb to their temptation to romantic relationships with the three guards (conveniently the three friends of mulan from the first movie). They also sound really seductive. Gross. I'm 16, and knowing that the intended audience is children made me very uncomfortable.

    I enjoyed poking fun of all the cheesy meant-to-be-lovey-dovey lines, and watching shang fall. that's about it.

    the sequel is basically this-- flirtation, flirtation, flirtation, cliche, cliche, a bad random plot, and cheesy lines. ...more info
  • Lacks Charm of the First Movie
    Grade: C+

    Average, lacking the charm and feminism (the ONE Disney movie), this movie focuses on opposistes and love and partnerships. The first scene in the field is inexplainably uncomfortable to watch, the lyrics make me cringe. It does have an element of Chinese values in it, but I wouldn't know.

    As far as Disney sequels go, a winner. But that's not too much....more info
  • Fun
    I am a huge fan of Disney's MULAN Special Edition DVD. The only thing that disappoined me was the DVD for MULAN II did NOT provide a "Mandarin/Chinese" audio track. Mulan did....more info
  • Great movie!
    It is really an excellent movie for all in the family. Mulan is the archetype of contrasting features such as tough but gentle, strong but terse. In this second movie, Mulan not only shows these characteristics but actually teaches them to little girls. The ending is the usual Hollywood ending, though....more info
  • Horrible....
    This sequel to 'Mulan' was poorly done. The songs became random and didn't really help the plot. The whole follow your heart stuff was not what Mulan did in the first movie, maybe just a little bit, but it didn't exactly help her.
    Mushu became selfish and they completely ruined him. I suggest that if you liked Mushu in the first movie you stay away from this one.
    Everything in this movie was completely predictable and expected. It had little suspense, if any. This sequel wasn't very funny and as mentioned in the beginning, the songs were horrible.
    I wish Disney could make sequels that don't ruin the first movies, oh well, I guess they're running out of ideas....more info
  • Incredibly cheesy
    This is the cheesiest sequel that I've ever seen. It was so cheesy that I was literally falling off my chair laughing. Every line is either so far out there that it makes no sense or feels completely out of place, and the characters are not developed well at all. It was a good laughing movie, but it isn't because it is funny. The movie is so ludacris that one can't help but laugh. Completely ridiculous. If you're in the mood to laugh at something stupid, I would highly recommend this film. It made my night....more info
  • I don't recommend it
    Mulan 2 is nothing like as good as the first one. It's shallow and silly. This was a huge disappointment because I loved the first one, but this was definately not theater material - the theater would have been vandalized. If you're still curious, I'd say rent before you buy....more info
  • Disgustingly repulsive
    When I watched this "Family Movie" with my younger sister and parents, I dicovered that it should be rated PG-13 for all the mushy love stuff, kissing, and whatnot. It had a bad plot, and was obnoxily sung by the three sisters over and over that they wanted to be like other girls. The songs were random (had nothing to do with the plot) and the bonus features were lame stuff like how Mulan was founded. All of the people in this movie are lacking character, Mushu has become nothing more than an anoying lizard. Mulan's voice has changed, and Shang is like a light switch (somtimes he is in love with Mulan, somtimes he isn't) Disney could have done much better....more info
  • Follows in the "Straight-to-Video" Disney Sequel Trend
    Mulan is my second favorite Disney film only to be bested by The Little Mermaid in terms of classic-ness. Its themes of independence, gender roles, and just the Chinese culture of suppression and filial piety touched home very much, enough to even make my own mother cry. So with that being said, maybe I had much too high expectations for a movie that I had and still do love.

    Despite those doubts, this movie (plain and simple) isn't that good. The jokes aren't funny and over-the-top in cheesiness which lack a sense of flow. The premise of the story seems ridiculous with nothing really to add to the greatness of the first movie. Mulan and Shang, just after preparing for their own marriage, are sent to escort three princesses to enter an arranged marriage with another country in hopes to cement an alliance through marriage and eventual blood bonds. This itself invokes much 'feminism' within Mulan as she believes that one's duty is to one's heart.

    The moral of the story itself is good but as we all know, it doesn't mean it directly correlates with how well it is executed. What made the first Mulan so memorable - themes, music/songs, characters, story - all seemed to have been lost and/or flawed in the sequel.

    Final Note: While nothing I say can stop any Mulan fan from watching the sequel (as just the mere fact that one was released is reason enough to watch it), I just hope that others' expectations will not be too high as mine where. I think while the filmmakers probably do not agree that this is a reason to watch the movie, I think that this movie does indirectly make one appreciate the original so much more - as has been done with The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, etc....more info
  • Good, but not great.
    As with most Disney sequels, the story is disconnected and carefree, the characters aren't as appealing as they were in the original movie, and the animation is degraded to a somewhat lesser degree. This leaves the film in pieces, making it a jigsaw puzzle for the viewer to put together. As is the case for "Mulan 2".

    After saving China, Mulan is overjoyed when Shang asks for her hand in marriage. But before they marry, however, they must escort three princesses to another city/villiage in China....where they (the princesses) will be married to three princes chosen for them ( arranged marriage). The only problem with this whole "Mulan and Shang getting hitched" thing is that, if they do get married, Mushu will lose his new job. I'm sure you can figure out what the rest of the story is about.

    The animation is good, but you can tell that it's lost some of it's original "flare" from the first film ("Mulan").

    The (voice) cast is so-so. Although I have to admit, Mark Moseley does a fantastic Mushu, in place of Eddie Murphy.

    In a nutshell, this movie will probably entertain younger kids, but will leave adults sitting in the back of the theater. It's got enough humor in it to make your little ones laugh, but corny enough to make it all seem quite..."unreal".
    There's also a couple of "in-jokes" that they "stole". As usual, Disney has to put at least one "Finding Nemo" phrase into their trashy sequels, and it seems like they're also "stealing" from the "big cash" movies, too: a pin-point observer will be able to point out the "Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers" joke they put in.
    I only watched this movie because my dad worked on it. Thankfully, he got credit for it, and I'm proud of my daddy. ...more info
  • Insults Chinese culture and values
    The original Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies. I wasn't sure what to expect with Mulan II, but I didn't expect it to make me angry! But it did. I am not Chinese, but I know and admire much about their culture, particularly the high value they place on honor and duty to others outside of yourself. This movie openly puts down and mocks those values, as well as the ancient tradition of arranged marriages which still exists today in many cultures. To me, this movie was a fine example of typical Western arrogance, thinking 'our' way is the only right way to live.

    In the original movie, Mulan takes great personal risk to save her father's life, and then to save her country. In the second movie, her philosophy seems to be just the opposite: fulfill yourself even if it endangers the country and others.

    Mushu was completely annoying with the miscommunications he caused between Mulan and Shang in his selfish attempt to break up their engagement so he could remain her guardian. These scenes were frustrating, not funny.

    The only redeeming features were the cute, catchy songs and some great humor. But to me, it's not worth giving the wrong message to your kids. American society already places too much importance on self-fulfillment over all else, and we don't need a kid's movie teaching our kids the message of 'self first' too!...more info
  • I liked it
    I probably like this one about the same as the first. If you like Cri-Kee, he is probably in this one more than the first. My only complaint would be that it is kind of short. I definitely see how they could have made it longer......more info
  • don't waste your money
    This movie was just no good. Mushu is being totally sneaky & trying to wreck Mulan's marriage, the acting/voiceovers are terrible & I'm not even sure that all of them are from the first movie, and the theme is really very adult...the differing roles in society of men and women. That aside, it's just boring. If you were expecting the humor, drama, and excitement of the first one, forget it. Skip this one & watch the first one again....more info
  • Horrible, nothing like the first. DO NOT BUY!
    Mulan II - saving china is just the beginning. (my foot!! they couldn't even finish the job of delivering three princesses, talk about a mission bigger than saving china!)

    I watched the movie three times and wrote this review according to the scenes in and orderly fashion. PLEASE READ and don't waste your money on this rip off.


    Cheap beginning, too fast and not flowing gracefully like the first.

    Animation is horrible, totally different than the first.

    Mulan doing chores in the field like a boy? she's even dressed too masculine and the fighting scene.
    She looks totally awful and her features and facial movements are totally off, it's like she's not even the same person!

    Teaching little girls how to fight, ha?

    Songs are totally awful and uncreative.

    It looks like the kids are at least 14 when she's teaching them and then when Shang shows up they're only just a handful.

    Shang has self esteem issues from the moment he appears in the movie, in the first one however he is brave and knows what he's doing. Ok.. even love can't make you that "stupid"
    He looks doubtful when she calls him "brave".

    Proposal scene is so dumb, she drags into the garden, sits down as if expecting him to propose yet she sounds surprised when he instantly kneels down in front of her, it's all too fast and lacks emotion.

    The characters facial expressions are so wacky!

    Mulan's manners changed a lot, the way she dared speak up at the emperor..

    Since when did Ling become such a joker??? The joke thing is just a bit out of control.

    Mulan and her first little chat with the princesses.. she sounds like she was just born yesterday and knows nothing about Chinese culture of anything the way she's questioning them.

    "DUTY to my heart" I don't get what she means by that when Shang and her ride side by side on horseback, what does she think she can do, and why all of a sudden it all sounds so strange to her when someone else is putting duty ahead of their personal feelings (just like what SHE DID in the first movie) .. sounds like she's trying to prevent everyone else from doing what she did.

    The princesses, I don't know what to say about them, falling in love with those guards so quickly, it's just so dumb and after they agreed to go through with their mission.

    Operation shang is a disaster, I get the tricks mushu played on him, but skunks, squirrels and bees, bears chasing him, exploding flames and burned chicken???? What was disney thinking!! this looks like lunie tunes or something.

    Next scene, why are mulan and shang both on horseback just standing there on a cliff watching the buggy roll down?? and the guards were pretty far away, anyone could have kidnapped those princesses, what kind of protection is that??

    mulan and shang just stand there until shang yells "they're heading for the cliff" right after YAW screams that out, as if shang and mulan couldn't make out what was happening.

    They all fly off the cliff and fall into the water, as soon as shang gets out of the water he questions mulan asking her what happened, how is she suppose to know, she was with HIM!!!!!!! Shang doesn't even go as far as asking the men what happened, he justs asks then to save the supplies...

    "who's the big boy?" says May, what kind of princessy thing is that to say to a guard?

    The whole argument about maps, guys and directions and women and maps, that's just too "today" and doesn't seem appropriate,.

    Once they make up, mulan walks off and they show mushu, then the scene shifts back to both of them and she hasn't totally walked off yet and his hand is still extended like the scene has been paused/frozen.

    Mushu is evil, selfish and mean and not fun at all like in the first Mulan.

    The princess's falling in love with the guards is just so tacky, first of all they're princesses and from what it looks like they've been locked away or something and then they just fall for the first "man" they meet, and may falling for yaw kind of forced the other girls to couple up with the other two which just doesn't make sense, to me it just looks like they had no personality really.

    "like other girls" .. it doesn't make sense, I don't know as much about Chinese culture as other reviewers, however did girls in those days really climb trees and be that "free"?? it sounds a lot like what girls do today, and it's only until the 20th century that even western girls became more free.

    Wait, sham po and his dream and the guards going to the village? ok the princesses agree but then they show them walking off coupled up holding hands, I would understand the two younger princesses but tingting looks pretty jolly holding ling's hand.. this all looks too cheesy.

    Shang and Mulan split up shortly after the princesses and guards partied in the near by town, shang understood that they were just too different and he went off on his horse.

    After mushu confesses of his hand in the plan to splitting them up, mulan asks him about the river incident and he denies it, it doesn't make since that had nothing to do with breaking them up and shang wasn't angry.

    Then mulan realizes that they aren't so different and all the problems were mushu's fault, so she sets off to make it all ok with shang, she says they aren't so different after all but she was the one who went to the village after the princesses and shang caught them in the act and he pointed out that she places her feelings above duty and other, so that was the problem and it had nothing to do with mushu except that mushu just woke shang up. The real problem lay with mulan's "duty to her heart" and not mushu's little tick behind the tent.

    Now she goes to a total extreme and says she will finish the mission by throwing herself at the emperor's feet offering herself to his son.
    She speaks up to him very rudely when she argues "and a marriage there will be"

    Meanwhile the princesses and the guards are disusing amongst themselves what mulan is doing at the kingdom and then shang for some odd reason seems to overhear them from such a far distance and he answers " by taking your place" .. what was he hiding behind a tree?

    All of a sudden shang seems to think mulan's philosophy is so "right" and no one should marry someone whom they don't love, like duty and honor should just go down the drain.

    Shang then speaks so rudely to the emperor as well once he "appears" on his horse to break up the marriage between Mulan and the emperor's eldest geeky son.

    And the rest is just ugly..

    ...more info
  • What happened?
    Between the first Mulan film and this one there seems to be some serious disconnects. Much of what made the original Mulan so charming is in this one too... but somehow the film just never seems to "click." Instead it just seems to plod along.

    Pity... the whole Yin and Yang thing had the potential to pull the whole thing together as a plot device but instead it was never allowed to be the central part of the story....more info
  • A disappointing sequel
    I loved the first Mulan, as did my daughter. Which made it particularly heart breaking that the second Mulan lacked beleivable characterization, decent animation, and a coherent ending.

    The characters and settings were not as expressive or richly drawn as in the original. The characters lost a great deal of the depth that we saw in the first movie. And the songs did not live up to the Disney name.

    On the plus side, my 2.5 year old daughter liked it fine, but it lacks the crossover appeal to adults that makes for good kids movies. I was quite happy I didn't buy this, and would only suggest renting this if you have a child that isn't looking for depth of animation or characters....more info
  • Almost perfect!
    I love how the message flows, but at some parts, it seemed like as if the movie is skipping some parts in some situation. It's going a little too fast...needs to be longer. I love the movie though!...more info
  • Granddaughter approved.
    My granddaughter has a zillion movies. This is her current favorite. She watches it every time she comes to my house. I am not getting tires of it either. It has a possitive message. ...more info
  • Definetely a Disney Sequal....
    As with most Disney sequals... the plots are pretty basic, and don't have much of anything to do with the first movie. And if you look at them from an adults point of view... seem very ridiculous compared to the first installment. However, for children, this movie is exciting, filled with true love, adventure, and many interesting character quirks. If you're a die hard Mulan fan, and you don't think any sequal could do it justice... Don't watch this. However, if you're open to meeting a few new characters, and seeing a few familiar faces in a slightly new light, by all means go for it. The music wasn't the best, like I said before... definetely a sequal, but there are songs that just happen to get stuck in your head... such as the continuation of "A Girl Worth Fighting For" and "I Wanna Be Like Other Girls". The animation was also not as well done, and it would have been better if Eddy Murphy had returned to do the voice of Mushu... but other then that, I enjoyed the movie and I do own it as well....more info
  • Mulan 2 ended up being a Fair Sequel
    I think this movie was okay and my daughter enjoyed it but not my son. I really like the first one more. I suppose its because the first had more action, humor and better songs. Mulan 2 had shown some heart and less humor. I think the directing and the wonderful script go a long way to make up for some of the animation quality and actually it's really only one scene in particular where the animation is only so-so. There are scenes that are breathtakingly beautiful like the images of rice paddies which look like beautiful pastel paintings. Mulan had grown from the first movie to this one. She seems to have learned life lessons and made choices in this film that show this growth. Yet she still remains the Mulan that we love who follows her heart. Sure, historically this movie is good but not the best.

    On the other side(or downer side), mixing all the present-day attitudes with Ancient China just can't work out well and besides, that entire ruckus about finding your Prince Charming is getting a little bit old. After Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast etc etc etc, the first Mulan was a nice change; it was different and something new. And now they just had to make a sequel that tells the same old story over again. Nice going. Like I mention earlier the music wasn't as good as the first Mulan, even though I liked the princesses' song: 3.... it was catchy.

    However, Mulan 2 did shows us the personality of the characters and it was such a sweet movie. I especially loved the part where Mulan was holding on to Shang and he falls down the mountain. Ming-Na did such an excellent job. If you're looking for something new and special like the first Mulan, don't watch Mulan II, it will disappoint you. But if you just want to see another one of those Disney movies we all love, give it a go.
    ...more info
  • Must evrything be ruined with lackluster sequels?
    It lives up to the low expectations that Disney viewers have come to expect from sequels, and little more. The Yin-Yang plot could have been carried out much more effectively, but instead just seemed to be a weakened plot device that drags on with no energy. The princesses are too flat, with an exception of Ting-Ting. But since when is Ling so bent on telling cheesy jokes? In the first movie, his main interests were purely of beauty. Mushy was simply selfish and cruel - not the fun, helpful sidekick he used to be. He was unbearable from his very first scene. And the princesses found the love of their lives within the first day-and-a-half of their journey? A little too cheesey..... And fireflies landing on the wicks of firecrackers and setting them off is endlessly annoying. Any true Mulan Fan would be disappointed.
    Young children would enjoy it for the endless cheap comedy scenes and cutesy little romances, but for older entertainment, it's best left as a rental. ...more info
  • Disturbing, just disturbing
    Being 12 years old, I've never LOVED any of these Disney princess movies; but the sequels are far worse than the originals. The original Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, etc., were a little dumb but cute. Continuing those stories 20 years later distorts, twists, and wrings the cuteness out. Especially since Walt Disney isn't here to supervise. Comercialism, money, and Keep-Your-Kid-Occupied! reasons have stepped in. They're not cute and well-made anymore, it's all about throwing some scenes together to intrigue your kid. I vaguely remember sitting in a movie-theater, devouring popcorn, and watching the original Mulan. Like I said, the originals were dumb enough but at least they were cute. And now, movies are innocently made to brainwash your child with all kinds of politically correct or disturbing ideas. Where are the morals? All replaced with, "love at first sight"; "follow your heart";
    and other selfish things like that. One thing unrealistic about these princess tales, is that the Prince is assumed to be "kind" and "loving" and "understanding". Ha! CRIMINALS, yes, CRIMINALS, may look handsome or act sweetly; but inside, they scheme and plan. What I would like to see in a princess story, is where the Princess dates/courts the Prince before marrying. Not just going out to dinner or balls, but talking and getting their parents' approval or blessing. But NOOOO, the media wouldn't dream of it. They'd rather have your child's role model be selfish and stupid. And I do say role model; these princesses have more influence on your girl than you could imagine. ...more info
  • Mulan II
    We bought Mulan II for our children (7 & 4) and it's great. It's definately not a cheap sequel with the voices of different actors. It's very true to the original story as a good sequel should be, using the same themes, actors and graphic artists. Excellent - and highly recommended....more info
  • We love Mulan 2!!!!!!!
    I read a lot of reviews saying this movie is bad, but I loved it. I was laughing out loud the first few times I watched it. My daughter loves the songs and sings along and dances everytime she watches it. I just bought Mulan for my daughter a couple months before Mulan 2 came out and the characters all sounded the same to me! Sequels are never as good as the first because they're not the same movie. Once people realize that then they will be able to enjoy them the way I've enjoyed this movie! ...more info
  • Not much of a good movie! It was 2 stars before I watched it twice!
    I don't like this movie! The story was funny though, it couldn't be compare with the original!
    Well, as a Chinese, I don't like this movie, even I can say I hate this! I've heard the tale of Mulan when I was a little girl, and I thought she was brave and I adored her. It was a traditional tale of a famous heroine of China, and it's still unforgettable to every Chinese. But this movie not only insulted the tale but also insulted Chinese culture!!! It made Mulan's tale so strange and exagerrated everything! At first, I thought this movie was not so bad, but after I thought about it over and over again, I began to feel uncomfortable and angry! Many of my friends don't like this movie either. The tableuas of the movie weren't as good as the original "Mulan". Every old character in "Mulan-2" was very different from how they used to be in the original! In other words, they looked rather ugly! Especially Shang, I could hardly believe that my favourite character in the original became such a strange and ugly person! To my surprise, but only a little, the new characters, the 3 princesses were cute, however, not very I think. What's more, they and the 3 soldiers were together! It was impossible in that dynasty! It felt so strange, I don't like this!!!
    But to my excitement, Lea Salonga returned to this continuation. Her voice was one of my favourites. The song "Lesson Number One" she performed was the greatest song in this movie, and the children chorus was wonderful too. Judy Kuhn, whose voice was as Pocahontas performed a song "Like Other Girls" in this movie, and it was good.
    However, this movie was not good, sometimes I think it's rather bad! Please don't watch this if the original gave you a good impression, and if you think Chinese culture was grand!...more info
  • This movie could've been so good . . . .
    Have you noticed that sequels, for the most part (Toy Story 2 is an exception) just don't feel the same as the original? The music is different, the animation is different, something. You just can't quite put your finger on it; the movie bothers you somehow.

    This movie does that. The story and characters were OK, but the plot could have been carried out so much better! Mushu was being selfish, although I admit the scenes when he tried to get Mulan and Shang apart made me laugh. And while the whole "duty to your heart" thing gets most people mad about this movie, I think it just wasn't done right. What I'm saying is, the movie has a decent plot but it was carried out weakly. Yeah, that's the word that describes this movie: weak.

    The beginning song is just bad. I agree with the person who said they felt the scene with Mulan teaching the girls to fight was uncomfortable. It was poorly done. As with most aspects of this film, it coul've been better. The song "lesson nuber one" or whatever is terrible; I was almost to the point of cringing. The "other" "Girl We're Fighting For" was OK. Not as good as the one in the original, but really, what can you expect? Not much. I don't think many people ahve high expectations foor sequels anymore. At least, I don't.

    The scenes between the princesses and warriors are funny, but too cute and quick. It could've been better. Wait, didn't I just say that?

    At the end how Mushu retends to be the golden dragon or whatever is funny, but it bothers me. I mean, that's how the problem was resolved? It would be okay if they had it once in the movie and the resolution was different, but Mulan, Shang, Mushu and the princesses got what they wanted by tricking a whole country. If the country were to find out the truth, all the protagonists would be in some serious trouble and that's an understatement. (If you're confused, you probably haven't seen the movie).

    I also agree with the person who said mixing modern stuff into the story was bad. It is OK for kids, but it's just too cheesy for adults.

    Like I said, the movie could have been better. It does NOT "capture the majic of the original" (as the back says); the tone is completely different.

    However, I must say that the scene when Shang falls into the river is done really well. It will either send chills down your spine or make you shed a few tears. I was not expecting that to be done well. The princesses' song was the best song in the whole movie. Oh, and the princesses themselves were all right characters. I like Ting-Ting the best; she seems serious but inside she's a joker. Her and Ling go great together. The other two couples go great together, too. And while Mushu's plans were practically evil, I have to admit they were funny.

    And speaking of Mushu, I personally didn't find Mushu that bad, just a little naughty. He was really selfish at first about his precious pedestal, but he eventually found out that if Mulan wasn't happy, then neither was he. However, I think that he shoudn't have gotten his pedestal back. I think it sends the wrong message; that you will eventually get what you want even if you do really evil things or something. Or maybe he shouldn't have gotten it back the way he did in the movie.Anyway, just like almost evryting else, it could've been done much better.

    To sum it up, the movie was poorly done. I don't even think Disney even tried to make it good. It could have been done better. I know I've said that a thousand times, but it's true.

    Kids will like this movie because I can grudgingly admit it's funny, but adults will probably find it poorly done. Some aspects send the wrong message to kids, like what I already said about Mushu and his epdestal. The "duty to your heart" is a great theme, but I think it was represented falsely.

    I own the movie. I suggest you rent it if you really want to see it. The back cover is wrong. It is not a "movie you want to see again and again"....more info
  • AWFUL.
    A true Disney 'cheapquel'not only does the animation look completly awful and flat but the charactors are even more flat. They have very different personalities. You have to wonder if anyone working on this movie even watched the original (they may have been the same people for all I know, I don't pay attention). Nobody I know likes both the original and the sequel. If you feel this is a movie you just have to see rent it. It should be cheap at most rental places by now... ...more info
  • Among the very best of Disney's DTV releases
    The heroine of China returns for another mission in Disney's 2005 direct-to-video release, "Mulan 2". This time, Mulan's excitement over her new engagement to General Shang is interrupted when the pair is summoned by the emperor to escort his three daughters across the country for an arranged triple marriage that will secure an alliance to discourage future Hun attacks. This weighs a bit on Mulan, as she believes people should marry for love rather than duty. It also weighs on the princesses, especially after they fall in love with the three soldiers brought along to guard them, China's other unlikely heroes, Yao, Ling, and Chien Po.

    However, the driving force of this second narrative is everyone's favorite dragon guardian, Mushu, who stows away on the mission with sidekick Cri-Kee the cricket, this time with a not so noble mission of his own. Rather than trying to help Mulan accomplish her goal, Mushu is concerned that he is soon to lose his position as the family hero of the spirit world and his pedestal among the ancestors once Mulan is married off. Therefore, he convinces himself that the yin and yang of Mulan and Shang's relationship really makes them incompatible and sets forth to prove it to them in a series of devious acts to make Mulan and Shang stop getting along so well with each other. Cri-Kee declares that he his coming along to protect Mulan from Mushu's misguided trickery.

    Now, being that this is a direct-to-video Disney feature, there is no shortage of harsh reviews out there for it. Reading over them on a variety of websites, I find many of them to be overly harsh. To bring up one example, some folks will call the animation here sub-par. This is outrageously incorrect. The animation is nearly as good as the original film, which is saying quite a lot! So, where such derogatory statements about this film's animation come from is anyone's guess. On top of that, you may find if you read some other reviews yourself that some folks sound as though they haven't even really watched the movie and are just posting an unspecific, negative review that could be (fallibly) stamped on any Disney direct-to-video sequel without watching it first.

    The fact is, "Mulan 2" is a very good film. Not perfect, not as excellent as the original, but very good, and I find that a lot of the negative reviews for it out there not only exaggerate, but sometimes even contradict themselves, and often also come from folks who didn't even like the first film (and never have anything nice to say about direct to video sequels).

    One of the best things about Mulan 2 is that the story is not a retread of the first by any means. This, along with the very good quality of the animation and overall visuals, is generally praised even by most folks who are hard on it. Though, some of those people will still complain that it doesn't have the cross-dressing warrior aspect and that we see too much of Mulan's feminine side in what is more of a romance story than a war-epic like the first film. So, there's one of those glaring contradictions. Folks are praising Mulan 2 for being original but complaining that it is not similar enough. Oy. Well, I LOVED the first film, but I also loved Mulan 2 (hence the full amount of stars, even though I credit the first as superior in many ways) and its boldness of showing how Mulan's strong character maintains even in a story that is the almost a polar opposite of the first. Some folks seem to want a caricature of Mulan now rather than Mulan as she really was (Mulan went to war because she felt she had no choice, not because she was a Xena wanna be). Maybe they need to rewatch the first film. Anyway, this new Mulan story is not as epic as the first, which is probably wise considering the budget was probably far less. But, with almost the entire original voice cast back for this one and with such high quality visuals and a still very enjoyable yet smaller scale story, it's not a big issue that we don't get war epic scenes here with grand mountain scopes. They're not needed for this story, and just because it's a Mulan story doesn't mean it has to be a war epic (very mild spoilers ahead). Mulan 2 is our chance to see Mulan being her post-war self, the woman warrior (yes, she does have a battle scene when the caravan is attacked by bandits) rather than the woman pretending to be a warrior (or warrior woman, as some folks seem to want her to be). And some have said that he character is too easily pushed to the side by focus on Mushu. Well, when I watched the film a second time, I found this to be untrue. Another great thing about the film is how no one really takes center stage. This film focuses equally on all the characters. It seems like it focuses on Mushu probably because his story kicks things off and rounds things out, he sort of saves the day in the end, and he's got that loudmouth personality. But I loved how this film was about not only Mushu's story and Mulan and Shang's story, but also Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po and their princesses. Su, the little one who ends up with Chien-Po, was too cute. And, incidentally, Mulan was looking more gorgeous than ever in this film too, I guess because you didn't have the whole cross-dressing thing to work with, allowing the artists to stick with and accentuate her more feminine design.

    Now, I'm not here to give nothing but praise to Mulan 2. Yes, as some may mention now and then, it is rather predictable once it gets going. You know who is going to end up with whom. Well, a lot of films are that way, even great ones. And who doesn't know how Cinderella or Snow White are going to turn out when they sit down to watch them? So, that's never the best complaint in the world. My biggest complaint (practically my only one) was with what felt like a loose end, and that's the whole thing about forming an alliance to discourage an impending Hun attack. I sort of felt the resolution of that issue was left too much to the viewer's imagination. Perhaps this is because, back when Mulan 2 was being made, word was that Mulan 3 was to go into production soon also. Since then, Disney direct-to-video sequels have been scrapped by the company and a lot of planned films were canceled, Mulan 3 as well I guess. Whether that third film would have tied up that loose end of this film is unknown, but it seems very plausible. If that's the case, and if the animation quality, writing strength, and cast could have been maintained one more time, it's a shame Mulan 3 was never made. Now, to play devil's advocate against my one complaint, I haven't read too many other reviews complaining about that alliance/Hun issue as a "loose end". Maybe I missed something, didn't take something the right way, or other folks just didn't see it as all that important. Regardless, this is not enough to ruin an otherwise wonderful direct-to-video feature that, in my opinion, does an excellent job of maintaining the characters of the first film and introducing fun and likable new ones. Which brings me to the songs. There are two new ones here, and "A Girl Worth Fighting For" is brought back. Frankly, I loved "A Girl Worth Fighting For" in the first film, though it is often the most dissed song from Mulan. It was brought back well here though, and some folks seem to like it more this time. "Lesson Number One" is a delightful musical sequence early in the film as Mulan teaches some warrior skills to a group of village children who want to be just like her. I only was disappointed in "Like Other Girls", because here was a fine opportunity that was cutely animated, but like many direct-to-video songs, the lack of almost any rhyming at all just made it displeasing to me as a song. Seems that most songs written for direct-to-video have that trouble of not rhyming or not having catchy tunes or something like that, making them overall unmemorable. So, okay, if I have two complaints about this film, that is the second, the first being what I felt was a loose end. Some may have an issue with Eddie Murphy not returning as Mushu (the only main character who doesn't return), but Mark Moseley does such a great job at voicing him that it is inconsequential. Incidentally, for Michelle Kwan fans, she has about two lines in the film as a marketplace shopkeeper who practically skates into the scene.

    So, I think and hope that's everything I wanted to say about "Mulan 2", a wonderful little direct-to-video sequel to an excellent feature film. I'm sorry for the folks who didn't like it, but I can't help but think they went into viewing it with the intention of not liking it to begin with or hoping to see the same kind of film as the original (or with the same kind of budget; though this film, as I've said, looks nearly as good aside from the epic scope). It's not perfect or as amazing as the original, but I enjoyed Mulan 2 more than Atlantis, which was a theatrical release and an original, and possibly even more than a few others. The currently dead phenomenon of Disney direct-to-video sequels was not always a bad thing, as this film exemplifies in my opinion, and while a lot of the films they made were poorly done and all-out mistakes, I would have been quite happy if they continued to make them at this quality level and hadn't made some of those really bad ones. For more GOOD Disney direct-to-video sequels, check out Bambi 2, Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch, the Lion King 1 1/2, An Extremely Goofy Movie, and even Tarzan 2 and Cinderella 3. Though, with Cinderella 3 you have to be willing to ignore it as continuity and just take it as a fun film, or else the ending will mess with your head. Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: Three Musketeers and Mickey's Once and Twice Upon a Christmas are also highly recommended, as is The Tinker Bell Movie, which thankfully will have some sequels of its own in the near future.

    As for the DVD of Mulan 2, I thought it had an adequate selection of bonus features compared to what I would have expected from a Disney release at the time. Included are 4 deleted scenes in animatic form, a music video for "Like Other Girls" as performed by Atomic Kitten (though the video is just clips from the film), a briefly diverting silhouette game, an educational experience called "The World of Mulan" that ends with a chart of Chinese year animals as a prize, and finally, a behind the scenes featurette on the voices of the film (not mentioning Mushu, of course) is also included. And, yes, this DVD is equipped with Disney's Fast Play. If you loved the first film but can handle Mulan in a very different kind of story, then I highly recommend picking up your own copy of "Mulan 2"....more info
  • Entertaining, lukewarm movie
    Mulan II was mildly entertaining but it wasn't as artful, well-written, or authentic as the original. I was disappointed b/c the original Mulan is my all-time favorite Disney movie. The plot wasn't really suspensful--there was no major villain, so the story line had no real focus or direction.

    The movie focused around the theme "your duty is to your heart", which is great. But I wish that theme was balanced with the importance of responsibility to others and honoring your commitments. I also wish that the writers paid attention to the cultural context in which the movie takes place. Because of the lack of balance & lack of cultural awareness,the movie seemed baised against arrannged marriages. In this politically correct era, this movie was dangerously close to offending cultures in which arranged marriage is widely accepted.

    Some of the characters did not seem like themselves & weren't as realistic. I admit that it's refreshing to see a favorite character reveal their inner feelings or a side of their personality you've never seen before. But, it can't be over the top. For instance, in the original, Shang was the strong, capable, silent type. He was stoic but showed just a hint of vulnerability & caring. Soo... why was he such a SPASTIC, INSECURE CORNBALL in the sequel???

    I always like to see romantic tension, courtship, & the gradual development of a relationship in a movie. I wish I could've seen the romance between Mulan & Shang build up in this sequel, since it couldn't be the focus in the original. Instead, Mulan II BEGINS w/ their engagement, which I think is anti-climatic. But that's only MY preference.

    Despite the big let-downs, I did get a couple of laughs & some entertainment from the movie. I liked the attempt at teaching the importance of opposites working together, & there were some new characters that I thought were endearing. The movie was OK for what it was, but I'm not compelled to watch it like the original. Little kids would probably love this movie, since they probably won't be looking at all of these technical details....more info
  • Not even close to the original, but not completely horrible
    I typically don't like sequels, but occasionally there is a good one, so I decided to give this one a chance. I found it to be ok.

    Animation: B - It's fine. Not as good as the original, but not bad either. One of the princesses looked like, when they started drawing her head, they started with a perfect circle.

    Music: D - The songs are not memorable like the songs in the first movie were. They sound like songs that were written quickly.

    Story: C - It's ok. It's not really very interesting. It is definitely made just for kids. I watched it with a kid, however, and she called it boring.

    Moral: D- - The moral of following your heart is dangerous. There is more to take into account than just following your heart. The princesses were willing to jeopardize the entire country of China just because they felt infatuated with some soldiers. They couldn't feel true love yet, since they only knew each other for 3 days. When people solely follow their heart, massive mistakes are made. I've known people who get in abusive relationships, who get divorced routinely, etc. because that is what their heart told them to do. Your heart is easily deceived. Many people are manipulated into terrible relationships because they think they feel love for someone (aka their heart tells them it's true love). There are dangers in this message. What I find strange in this movie is they never address the consequences of what might have happened. If Mushu hadn't faked the god, China could have been attacked and many people died, just because 6 people liked each other after 3 days. That's not a message I want sent to children....more info
  • Couldn't stop laughing.
    I didn't know what to expect in Mulan II. I loved the first movie and waited to be impressed. I fell off the couch laughing! Mushu was just so baaaad! I felt sorry for Shang. I just wish Mushu could have learned humility at the end of the movie, after all he came so close to losing it all. I loved all the songs, especially Lesson #1 and I wanna be like other girls. It's a lighthearted movie that you'll watch over and over again...more info
  • Great sequel!
    Mulan is one of my very favorite Disney movies, so I bought Mulan 2 for my children to enjoy. Although it is not the same quality animation as the first, it is still an enjoyable movie. Overall, I would recommend this movie over other Disney sequels. ...more info
  • Not worth fighting for...
    This was AWFUL!!! I loved the first Mulan and was looking forward to seeing the sequel. Now I feel totally ripped off.
    The first Mulan was wonderful; Mulan is a strong role model who joins the army for her aging father's sake. Mulan I had great, or at least memorable, songs and good animation. It was actually FUNNY.
    Mulan II has none of this. The whole message, "Follow your heart," no matter the consequences to your family or country, is dangerous and misleading. Near the beginning of the movie, the scenes where Mulan teaches the children to fight is pure feminist propaganda; as a young girl with plenty of Chinese blood in me, I was disgusted by the unrealistic scenes with Mulan teaching the young village girls how to fight, something real Chinese girls of that period would never dream of doing. Nor were her parents realistic Chinese parents. And the romance between the princesses and the soldiers was utterly ridiculous.
    In the sequel, Mulan is self-centered, Shang is aggressive and domineering, and Mushu is a selfish jerk. In fact, all the characters from the first movie have undergone personality changes, with the possible exception of Cri-Kee. In addition, the animation is noticeably worse, the songs not nearly as memorable, and the voices are totally different. Plus it's just not FUNNY. And unlike Mulan I, nobody dies, not even a minor character.
    In short, extremely disappointing compared to the first one. Don't see this if you loved the original Mulan. ...more info
  • Mulan Fan
    Mulan II is even better than the 1st one! Yep, all of the
    characters are back ( luckily, not Shan Yu ) and also
    " A Girl Worth Fighting For ". The song is still the same,
    but the lyrics are a bit different.
    If you are a huge mulan fan, this is the DVD for you!...more info
  • Bad Research, Bad Songs, Bad Movie
    Perhaps I may be more scrutinizing of this movie because of my Chinese roots, but there is more reason than that for me to get seriously upset over this movie. Sequels are usually bad; this one is terrible.

    First of all, the character's philosophies and mannerisms do not reflect a single Chinese element. Chinese men do not kneel down to ask a girl's hand, and Chinese princesses are not even able to run with their bound feet. Furthermore, the entire story is written from a purely western perspective on Chinese culture. I don't believe that western views are bad. In fact, they are often very good. However, it is still out of character for these Chinese characters to be exclaiming at their own traditions (e.g. arranged marriages and alliance marriages).

    The songs were bad. The composers attempted to write oriental tunes by using the pentatonic scale, but they did so at the cost of music. These songs sound so bad they don't deserve to be called songs.

    As if cultural errors and musical blunders were not enough, this movie built itself on a lousy screenplay. The quarrels between Shang and Mulan were rather forced into the script. The foreign king with an easily-wavered will was not realistic. And worst of all, the lead characters won their struggle not by upright character or by heroic feats but through deception by a puny "guardian." It teaches nothing good.

    The Disney animation is the only thing that saved the movie from being trash....more info
  • Cute
    I thought that the movie Mulan 2 was cute. The movie had parts that made me laugh. I did see a change in the personality of Mulan maybe because of her marriage to Shang. I didn't care for the music in the movie but I didn't care for the music in the first movie. I enjoyed watching this movie because I thought it was sweet watching the three soldiers get to know the princesses....more info
  • An Hour of my Life I will Never Get Back
    I consider myself a fun and reasonable person. I loved Mulan, and thought we couldn't go wrong with this movie. I couldn't even nap through the flick it was so distractingly horrendous!...more info
  • awesome!
    I practically worship Mulan. Ignore all of the dumb reviews
    that say it's stupid, dumb, or a waste of money. I want
    to answer the review that said, " Hope it will be good ".
    Shang doesn't die.
    I can memorize the songs and I even have a Mulan dress from
    Build-A-Bear Workshop. It's awesome! I got it the day
    it came out I was so excited!
    In the movie, Mulan becomes a rolemodel for little girls
    around China and teaches a Karate class. After a class,
    Shang proposes to Mulan and she says yes! After a party
    they get called to the emperor. He wants them to bring
    Ting-Ting, Mei, and Su. They are his daughters and also
    princesses. They take Ling, Chien Po, and Yao with them.
    I won't ruin the rest!...more info
  • mulan ii
    i enjoyed both mulans, this one is good but not as exciting as the first...more info
  • Excellent for a sequel, not as great as the original
    Being the father of a daughter, it's very important for me to find examples of strong women in real life and in art or anything else that she can see. The original Mulan is not perfect in this respect but is surprisingly amazing in comparison to so many other films without going overboard with it (sometimes, the attempt to create strong female characters ends up causing them to be caricatures who talk about how strong they are rather than just showing it...or making them so one-dimensional that it would be impossible to relate to them). I'm very weary of sequels, especially if they are straight to video years after the original release. It always seems like Disney has run out of ideas and so they make sequels far removed from the original films or rush to retell in a strange fashion a historical figure. It's often the case that it's uninspired and far from entertaining. Mulan II avoided that. It's been mentioned before, but I think it's important to say there are some tonal changes here. It's far more slapsticky than the original and plays to laughs more than drama. I don't think that's necessarily a negative. I was surprised, for example, not to be totally disappointed by the replacement of Eddie Murphy and to find the character of Mushu still very entertaining. On the other hand, I think the film's displacement of certain dramatic aspects makes it a little more one-dimensional than its predecessor. I know this is a kids' film and needs not overcomplicate its concepts of relationships or of duty, but I also think that Disney has in the past (and with the first film) really excelled at making films that are classics and not just genre pieces for children. This sequel certainly does not fail. It's entertaining. The songs were a delight to my daughter. The humor was well-done and well-suited to her. I think, though, that it will suffer over time in comparison to the first film. She's more likely to go back to it than the sequel. Does this make it a bad film? No, not at all. I would actually give it a 3.5 star rating. If not for the first film, it would probably be a 4....more info
  • Another disappointing sequel
    Unfortunately Mulan 2 joins the long list of Disney sequels that can be called nothing other than a piece of crap. Just a few things wrong with this movie:
    *Plot: This one is easy. The plot is STUPID. Whiny princesses must marry strangers to keep another country from invading China and slaughtering thousands of innocent people. Of course ever sappy feminist Mulan comes along (who I might add is just as whiny) fills their heads with propaganda such as "Follow your heart" and "Who cares if your people are massacred,true love should always come first." and "Women are only housewives b/c of an oppressive, male-dominated society." (she didn't actually say it but I can imagine her thinking it) The princesses convienently fall in love with the gang of three. The rest is just a jumble of yelling, slapstick comedy and dripping with sap sentiments. The only good part of the movie was when Shang fell off the bridge, at least that gave me a laugh. What ever happened to the exciting and pull-on-your-heart-strings story of the original?
    *Characters: Who are these people? They can't be the same characters that were in the original movie.
    *Mulan: This movie makes me want to hate her. She is whiny, ignorant, and over all repugnant. She sounds like a broken record "Listen to your heart...Listen to your heart) and has enough vomit inducing one liners to open a Hallmark store.
    *Mushu: He was funny in the first movie, unbearably annoying in this one. I kept hoping he would die but unfortunately he lived on to fill the movie with humor only a 4 year old could appreciate.
    *Shang: He's only in the movie to serve the role of the bumbling idiot who yells all the time. Getting chased by a skunk, charred by the campfire, a fish crawling down the name it. Absolutely ridiculous.
    I'm done with ranting now...I really wanted to like this movie, and hoped against hope that Disney would create a sequel worthy of the original...but alas, it was not meant to be. However, if you ever eat anything poisonous and need help throwing up...just thing of Mulan saying "Listen to your heart...Listen to your heart..."...more info


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