IQAir GC / GCX Series VOC Control Air Purifier

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Product Description

The GCX Series is IQAirs highest capacity air cleaner range with customized filters for specific gaseous contaminants and odors. Just like a professional gas mask, IQAir maximizes filter efficiency for different gases and odors by offering the right filter cartridge. And while gas and odor control are a particular strength of these systems, the GCX Series also offers excellent filtration efficiency for particles. brThe main difference between the GCX and its smaller sibling the GC is, that the GCX contains 25 lbs. of gas phase media while the GC Series contains 12 lbs. In addition the GCX Series features larger pre- and post-particle filters. As a result the maximum air delivery of the GCX is about 20% higher than that of the GC.brCleanroom quality air purification, for people with asthma, chemical sensitivities, and tobacco smoke control.brGCX VOC air cleaners specialize in gas phase control for Volatile Organic Compounds. brBRbrBR brApplications brBR-Chemical controlbrBR-Control of the following: Benzene, Butane, Carbon tetrachloride, Chlorine, Chloroform, Chloropicrin, Cyclohexane, 1.1 Dichloroethane, Ethylene oxide, Freon 11, Indole, Methyl chloride, Methyl chloroform, Methylene chloride, Nitrobenzene, Phosgene, Pyridine, Sulfuric acid, Toluene, XylenebrBRbrBRbrGeneralbrBRbrBR-Number of Selectable Fan Speeds: 5brBR-Maximum Coverage Area: 1200 sq ftbrBR-System Efficiency for Particles: 99% or more at 0.3 microns, 95 for smaller particlesbrBR-Power Requirement: 115 VAC 50-60 HzbrBR-Energy Consumption: 195 WbrBR-Standby Energy Consumption: 2.5 WbrBR-Dimensions: H 40 W 15 D 16brFILTERS AND AIR CLEANERS IQAir North America