Chaney Instrument Oak Finished Weather Station
Chaney Instrument Oak Finished Weather Station

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Product Description

3 precision instruments to monitor humidity, temperature and barometric changes. Use the weather station in conjunction with your humidifier and air conditioner to maintain optimum home comfort level. Crafted to compliment any decor. Wall mount vertically

  • Weather station thermometer, barometer, hygrometer
  • Wood base with oak finish
  • Brass bezels with black bands
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scale
  • Hangs horizontal or vertical; measures 14 inches in length

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Product for the Price

    This is a good product for the price and looks nice hanging on the wall. The Thermometer and Hydrometer work good. The Barometer needed some adjusting by taking the plastic cover off and rotating the face 180 degrees. The Barometer now gives accurate readings that are close to the local weather station. Care is needed when making this adjuctment....more info
  • Barometer is the best!
    Although I found this instrument small, we hung it up and were pleasantly surprised to see how accurate it was and still is! We compared this to another we have and they were exact. Especially impressed with the barometer readings, it is on the money. ...more info
  • A Beautiful Weather Station
    We decided to order and place our Chaney Weather Station in our sun room. It is important to monitor the temperature inside the room in regard to running an AC/heating unit when we have guests over. The Weather Station is nicely designed, easy to read from a farther distance, and the finish on it is lovely. We would recommend this product to anyone wanting a good value weather station in their home....more info
  • oaky weather station
    The look of the weather station is nice. Not very fancy. However, I do not think that it is accurate at all. Ever since I hung it on the wall of my house the barometer section has not moved off of rain. ...more info
  • Chaney Weather Station
    Great purchase, thank you so much. Just what we were needing and did not have to pay a fortune for it. Thank you.
    Annita Sours...more info
  • Looks great, Works well
    This Barometer looks great in my family room, and seems to be pretty accurate. Real sharp looking, and at its price is a great value! I would definitely recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Handy to have around!!!
    We purchased this because we were wanting something with all 3 readings showing at one time (instead of a digital screen sitting in the windowsill. The design is pleasing to the eye and the instruments work as they are meant to. Overall a great product!...more info
  • Comparable To Expensive Weather Stations
    This is a nice item, especially for the price. It's not cheap looking and the basic style should fit in with almost any decor. I have it inside the house on an 'outside' wall.
    I've had the item for a few months (from summer heat and humidity to winter's below freezing temperatures), and I've found it to be accurate. The humidity and temperature reading matches with our other electronic weather gauge, and I've found that the barometric reading consistently matches the "Weather Channel". My one complaint/ suggestion is there are no feet on the backside of this item to keep it slightly away from the wall, so as to allow for better air circulation. This was easily remedied by going to a local Home Depot and purchasing stick-on "feet" for $1 (1/2 " diameter x 1/4" high).
    I've been unexpectedily pleased with this product and would recommend it without hesitation.
    ...more info
  • Very pleased
    Since this was a gift all I can write about is that it was here in a very quick amount of time. Its beautiful and my husband was thrilled to receive it as a gift. ...more info
  • Barometer didn't work
    I bought this item in May of 2007, but left it in its box, because I didn't have room for it in my house at the time. I have now moved and brought it out the other day, and discovered after several days, the barometer doesn't work.

    Unfortunately, it's too late to return this - so buyer beware!...more info
  • Good for the home of those interested in weather
    The base is real wood, not particle board, and the instruments all are functional and appear to be accurate. I would wish for slightly-larger instrument dials. A good value for the price, and looks nice hanging on the wall. This is for people who are casually interested in following weather changes as reflected by temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Suitable only for indoor use.

    Measures approximately 13-1/2" x 5" overall....more info
  • Acts like a movie model
    The gauges haven't moved for me in normal operation. Might as well be a prop.

    Its the summer, and I keep the temperature pretty much stable all day and
    night, but it is a few degrees lower than every other thermometer placed near it would read. It also stayed proportionately lower when moved out into the garage to test temp and humidity.

    The Hygrometer is also lazy, underreporting highs and overreporting lows.

    The Barometer must be broken because I have several digital barometers that show daily swings. This barometer hasn't budged even 0.01 millibarsbar. I'm thinking it might be physically stuck in some bad position, so since it was reading way too low a value (28.2 mb when everything else was reading 29.85) I adjust it, and though it was stiff, the needle moved. But since then I have had two cold fronts blow through each delivering several inches of rain between high pressure Texas clear sky 100 degree temps. No movement.

    Others reported favorable results, so I'm going to assume that this one didn't receive any quality control and was just chucked out the factory door like any other $30 home weather instrument made in China.

    Fortunately Amazon has the best customer support in the business, so I'll keep replacing it until I find one that wasn't made on a Friday afternoon....more info
  • Not Working
    When I received the weather station I could tell right away that the barometer was not working, as mentioned in some of the other reviews. It did not move the couple of days I had it before I returned it and was stuck in a very low reading. The other gauges worked fine. Disappointed that they ship these items that do not work. Do not buy this brand. ...more info
  • Elegant
    I recieved this and was pleasantly supprised. Far better looking than the picture. Doesn't look cheap, like some things you order and are disapointed with. Works just fine. I had to set the barometer for my local reading and with the clear instructions it was a breeze....more info
  • Not happy
    Barometer failed very soon after opening up. It was working correctly when opened - matched TV news reading. It went down as expected during the first bad weather event, and never came back up when it should have after the weather cleared. This is not the weather station for you; move along.
    ...more info


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