PIONAIR AutoFresh, Pine Scent

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The AutoFresh Ionizer purifies the air in your car and freshens it with your choice of fragrance. This palm-sized ionizer combines ionization and low levels of ozone to safely and effectively eliminate pollutants, such as: Odors, Cigarette Smoke, Pollen & Pet Dander, Mold, Mildew, & Bacteria, and VOCs & Chemicals. The AutoFresh generates negative ions using needlepoint ionization, which produces a higher level of negative ions than any other method. Unlike most needlepoint ionizers, which are typically made from less durable materials and remain effective for only a few months, the AutoFresh uses stainless steel needlepoints, which will not corrode, and will continue to produce high ion levels for the life of the unit. In addition, the AutoFresh lightly scents the air with your chosen fragrance. The included 5-foot long cord and adhesive pads allow you to place the AutoFresh nearly anywhere in your vehicle. You can even leave the AutoFresh running all night long without draining your car's battery!

  • Treatment Area: 50 square feet.
  • Ozone Output: .01 to .04 ppm produced as byproduct of needlepoint ionization.
  • Negative Ion Output: 100,000 ions per cubic cm (at 25 cm distance), produced with Needlepoint ionization (highest ion-producing method available) using stainless steel electrodes (to prevent corrosion).
  • Electrical: Consumes 3 watts, using a 12 VDC adapter for vehicle cigarette lighter outlet, with a 5-foot cord.
  • Requires no maintenance, and has no replacement costs.